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Offended Birds Epic is Rovio’s fun-filled role-playing sport that includes your favourite chirpy characters. All characters from the Offended Birds franchise are in a completely new avatar. The hapless birds that would solely be launched utilizing a catapult can now wield a sword, solid magic spells, heal fellow birds simply to show these inexperienced oinks a lesson.

You may stage them up, change their headgear to reinforce their skills, and use their secondary skills on different birds to attain pleasant chicken combos. If you’re new to Offended Birds Epic and are discovering it tougher to defeat enemies or craft gadgets, comply with these primary ideas and methods to finish ranges.

Ideas and Methods

1. Use a chicken’s capacity on one other chicken. Faucet on a chicken and drag your finger to a different to “lend” him/her particular powers. For instance, Matilda’s secondary powers can be utilized to heal different birds. Crimson chicken lends a protecting protect to all birds.

These three blue birds take away enemy assault that inflicts additional harm for 3 turns. The yellow (wizard) chicken lets the adjoining chicken assault enemies. The Black Chicken boosts the assault energy of all birds by 25 p.c. The assault enhance lasts for 3 turns.

2. Get more powerful headgear (hats/helmets) from trainers to improve your bird’s abilities. For example, the Red Bird’s Samurai helmet deals massive damage to enemies, and its Defensive Formation ability ensures 50 percent less damage to the target bird and 40 percent less damage to others. (Tap on the red Bird to get the Defensive Formation ability on all birds in your team). Each helmet or “class” has its own unique abilities, so begin experimenting with them while fighting enemies.

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Additional Tip: Of all helmets/hats, I found Matilda’s Druid wig quite interesting. With her wig on, she can heal the target birds, deal max damage and extra damage to enemies for the next three turns. Of course, there may be more powerful ones, but this one heals fellow birds as well as deals extra damages for three turns unless the enemy is immune to them.


3. Sure primary Components like water, shiny sand, and many others. may be obtained from ranges round land areas, seas, seashores, desert, and many others. Shiny Sand may be discovered almost in all places, however are often discovered round seashores and desert.

Water may be obtained from ranges round seas. Seeds may be present in land areas, forests and golden fields. So the following time you might be searching for water, replay sea ranges and you’ll have the next probability of getting water while you spin the wheel for useful resource loot.


4. You will need resources to craft weapons and armor. Many such resources can be obtained in rocky areas, water areas, etc. Flotsam can be found on coastline and water areas. Seashell can be found on beaches and water areas. Stone can be found on Cliffs and in Rocky areas. Wood can be obtained from coastline and forests. Replay levels around these areas if you are in need of any of these resources for crafting purposes.

5. You can get resources and ingredients by completing a level and spinning the wheel. You can also get them by tapping on “Harvesting spots” which lie scattered around the vast island. Harvesting spots are in the form of giant tree stumps, giant seashells and big rocks. You will stumble on plenty more once you start exploring the island.

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6. Defeating mini-bosses may be fairly powerful. One of the simplest ways to take care of them is to go to “Class Trainers” and workshops scattered throughout the island. Tapping on a coach provides you with entry to new headgear and different tools.

Workshops give entry to blueprints of recent snazzy weapons and armor. You’ll need to spend Snoutlings (Offended Birds-speak for silver cash) to buy these blueprints. Subsequent, head straight to Magic Anvil, faucet on the blueprint acquired from the workshop. You’ll get an inventory of things required to make that weapon. When you have all gadgets, then faucet on the anvil icon to make it.

Ensure you full extra ranges or replay ranges to earn sufficient snoutlings so to spend them for highly effective gadgets at Trainers. (You’ll need to equip your birds with these newly-bought gadgets.)