“True Crossplatform MMORPG”

— The tagline for the sport.

A re-envisioning of the unique AdventureQuest recreation in 3D. AQ3D is the fourth main MMO from Artix Leisure, and the primary one to be in 3D. It closely incorporates concepts from AdventureQuest Worlds. The sport prides itself on its Crossplatforming function, permitting permitting gamers to play concurrently on PC by Steam, and cell units (Android and Apple).

The sport follows the customized hero Participant Character, who awakens in Demise’s area after dying for unknown causes. Demise instantly provides a deal to the hero: Demise’s key to the Land of the Useless was stolen by Vane the Voidking, and it’s as much as the hero to retrieve it. To perform this job, Demise makes the hero his champion, granting them immortality… however they’re nonetheless vulnerable to being briefly incapacitated in fight.


The hero then confronts Vane, who reveals that he is aware of the hero already, as they had been a legendary hero that has since been forgotten throughout their earlier life. That, they usually’ve misplaced all of their earlier powers and abilities. A direct Curb-Stomp Battle ensues, ending with the hero being thrown all throughout Lore and into Dragonwatch Hold. The story then follows the hero’s exploits and rise to their former energy throughout Lore, all whereas retrieving runes to activate a location within the Journey Portal to retrieve a legendary weapon, and recruiting increasingly more allies to help within the battle towards Vane and his goons… aaaaand getting concerned within the typical Lampshade Hanging and Hurricane of Puns typical of Artix Leisure video games.

The gameplay is somewhat easy: There are a number of courses to select from, with 4 to begin with, however you possibly can unlock extra by each day quests (though some even have the extra prerequisite of getting one other class at rank 10). You may turn into any class at any time exterior of fight. Every class has 5 ability slots: three for regular abilities, one for a cross ability that can be utilized from different courses, and one final ability that expenses up and turns into accessible as you deal harm or present therapeutic, relying on the category.


The participant also can go to numerous NPC’s and collect supplies from numerous monsters, dungeons, and quests to craft different types of substances and cosmetics. Crafting makes use of a real-time timer earlier than the crafted merchandise will be obtained, however this time restrict will be bypassed utilizing Dragon Crystals.

The sport and its storyline are nonetheless extremely unfinished, having been in open beta for years. Nonetheless, the sport is open to all gamers, and it normally receives updates on a weekly foundation.

Journey Quest 3D supplies the next tropes:

  • 20 Bear Asses: Most story and facet quests forces the participant to kill quite a lot of mobs and collect quest objects.
  • Absurdly Spacious Sewer: There may be one beneath Yulgar’s inn, the place Blob Monsters spawn aplenty.
  • Adaptational Badass: Melodia was a Damsel in Misery in AdventureQuest Worlds, whereas right here she’s the licensed battle maid who as soon as punched a tavern visitor’s enamel out after being known as a “tavern wench”.
  • Adaptational Character Change: Galanoth. Within the different video games, whereas he’s obsessive about killing dragons, he nonetheless has time to crack jokes, cares for his troops, and even spares dragons who should not threats. Right here, he’s way more critical and much more obsessive about killing dragons. He additionally doesn’t waste time mourning deaths, being prioritizing the mission above all else.
  • Adaptational Distillation: Just about each NPC has a a lot much less distinguished backstory and characterization, as a result of way more restricted dialogue, cutscenes, and the actual fact they virtually all the time stand solitary in a single location.
  • Adaptation Species Change: Safiria has all the time been a vampire within the different Artix video games, usually the Queen of Vampires. Right here, she begins off as a standard human. Subverted when she later turns right into a vampire, particularly being the reincarnation of Safiria, the primary vampire.
  • Adaptation Dye-Job:
    • Robina usually has gentle brown chestnut hair, whereas right here, it is ginger pink.
    • Blizzy’s fur has gone from sky blue to bluish-grey.
  • Affably Evil:
    • Morgul the Necromancer in Darkovia. He serves evil however he is a fairly chill man to speak to and would not seem to want the participant any hurt.
    • Many of the necromancers on the Isle of the Useless and Tower of Necromancy. They go about their terrible jobs comparable to mass-murder and soul-stealing in a really informal and enterprise like trend with seemingly no sadistic intents. They’re additionally very chummy with the Hero and appear genuinely honest to him/her.
  • Allegedly Free Sport: The sport is most actually free to play, with nearly all of options accessible to all gamers. Nonetheless, the Guardian class and sure objects require membership or in-game purchases.
  • Wonderful Technicolor Inhabitants: Gamers can customise with any pores and skin tone.
  • Animate Inanimate Object:
    • Myx in Mystcroft is a speaking cauldron.
    • For the primary time, you get to craft your personal Doom Weapon, the Necrostaff of Doom and Speaking Weapon at that.
  • Archer Archetype:
    • Robina Hood, as per standard, who fights with a bow and arrow.
    • There’s additionally the Ranger class, which makes use of bows as their main weapon.
  • Artifact of Doom: The Necrostaff of Doom. After it was created, it tried to own the hero however the hero was capable of battle it off. The employees turned loyal to the hero after its defeat. Or possibly not…
  • Artwork Shift: The whole lot now rendered in 3D, the most important challenge Artix Leisure has ever undertaken.
  • Ascended Additional:
    • Melodia was a minor character in AdventureQuest Worlds throughout the “Throne of Darkness” Saga, right here she’s a battle maid in Yulgar’s Inn. Till Vane kills her throughout his assault on Outdated Battleon.
    • Jimmy the Eye performs his largest function in an Artix Leisure foremost recreation. That is the primary time Jimmy himself speaks and he serves as a quest giving NPC. That is additionally the primary recreation to elaborate on Jimmy the Eye’s backstory, the place it is defined Warlic unintentionally collapsed the dimension the place flying eyes are native, and in attempting to avoid wasting the flying eyes he encountered Jimmy, who helped seal up the dimension earlier than the harm may unfold.
  • Ax-Loopy: Evette within the Tower of Necromancy seventh flooring needs the Hero to stick with her and create undead experiments for eternity and tries to kill them after stating their intention to depart. Even the Doom Workers is freaked out by her.
  • Creator Avatar: As with all of the Artix Leisure video games, in-game Non-Participant Character variations of varied devs will be discovered all through the sport, essentially the most distinguished ones being Artix, Warlic, Cysero, Religion, Galanoth, and Dage.
  • Badass Military: Galanoth’s Order of DragonSlayers, devoted to eradicating Dragon variety.
  • Badass Boast:
    • Galanoth offers one when he hears the Nice Hearth Dragon will awaken.
      Galanoth: I’m a DRAGONSLAYER. NO dragon… irrespective of how highly effective… lives. I’ve been looking this beast for half my life. It will not escape once more. Prepared the troops. We assault Mount Ashfall at Dawn!
    • The Hero offers one when conversing with Morgul in Boog’s tavern.
      Morgul: You do not even know the horrors that lurk in Darkovia Forest.
      The Hero: The horrors in Darkovia forest ought to be extra nervous about me.
  • Dangerous Boss: Talyn the DragonLord treats his minions like expendable instruments. He would not bat a watch when his dragon accomplice will get killed, even thanking the The Dragonslayer who slew it, because it allowed him to discover a stronger dragon to bond with. He additionally treats one among his dragon generals like trash, even scoffing it when it prompt being a candidate for the DragonLord to bond with.
  • Badass in Cost: Galanoth, chief of the The Dragonslayers Order. He’s undoubtedly the best Dragon Slayer to have walked Lore, slaying numerous dragons in his days. His followers respect him for each his management and his bodily energy.
  • Baleful Polymorph: There is a horse within the guardian tower that is truly a guardian who’s caught within the type after an accident.
  • Bedsheet Ghost: You may have one as a pet. Some sweet trickster spawns in Mogloween is that this.
  • Behemoth Battle:
    • A core mechanic of the Breaking Benjamin battle live performance revolves round two angelic titans, Pulsarian and Eclipsion, preventing one another within the background. Throughout sure elements of every track, two portals will open and lead gamers to one of many titan’s essences that may be killed, giving a degree to the opposite titan and inflicting the opposite essence to despawn. The final word victor of this battle is the ultimate boss you’ll battle.
    • There’s additionally the ultimate boss of the World Tree storyline, which pits the now-gigantic hero towards the Void Knightmare.
  • The Berserker: The Berserker class, the place the decrease their well being, the stronger the harm they’ll deal.
  • Large Dangerous:
    • The Necroknight for the Doomwood maps.
    • Hallows Eve for Mogloween 2016.
    • The Yetun for Frostval 2016.
    • The Shrade for Friday the thirteenth occasions.
    • DragonLord Talyn and Akriloth for the Ashfall maps.
    • Exvidius for the Arcangrove maps.
    • Omen Tenebris for the revamped Heartwood maps.
    • ShadowSlayer W/Wolfwing for the Darkovia saga.
  • Black Market: Gaz the Sneevil runs one among these in Battleon.
  • Blob Monster: Lava Blobs and all of the blob monsters scattered all around the world.
  • Cold Carnage: The sport is darker than its predecessors, however this trope nonetheless applies within the first battle cutscene. The hero is stabbed, maimed, and crushed by a rock (and nonetheless lives due to a take care of dying) however not a single drop of blood is proven. Contemplating that is nonetheless a family-friendly recreation, it’s comprehensible why blood is not proven.
  • Booby Lure: Daitengu’s forest has quite a lot of spike traps scattered all around the map that offers an enormous quantity of harm and even kill gamers if tripped.
  • Boss Battle: Each map may have a minimum of one among these.
  • Boss Subtitles:
    • Used earlier than the Shadow Entities battle in Darkovia Fortress, in addition to the introduction for Silvan in Heartwood’s Guardian Tower.
    • Additionally used earlier than the battle with the Son of Braken.
  • Bribing Your Method to Victory: Principally averted, however you should buy some merchandise supplies wanted to craft some high-end gear. Lessons will be unlocked utilizing dragon cash, bypassing the grind to do the each day quest required to unlock it.
  • Cap: Presently stands at stage 35, and it will increase each story patch.
  • Captain Ersatz:
    • Robina Hood, a feminine model of Robin Hood.
    • Shrade is Jason Voorhees in all methods however title, full with a hockey masks, machete, and rising from a lake.
    • In the identical space, Fleshette is a gender-swapped Freddy Krueger expy. Her dungeon even includes escaping a nightmare, and the ultimate boss battle takes place in a boiler room.
    • DreadFool is basically Deadpool with a jester motif.
  • Superstar Star: Breaking Benjamin collaborated with the sport and have their very own story.
  • Cat Woman: With the gear, gamers can customise their characters into this.
  • The Chosen One: Persevering with the development, as soon as once more the Hero serves as one, this time being Demise’s Champion.
  • Continual Hero Syndrome: What units the Hero apart from the pessimistic Morgul, s/he won’t ever surrender on serving to another person irrespective of how nice the chance to their private security.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Little Dread believes Hooper to be one since he is fairly paranoid of a Lychimera within the forest.
  • Colossus Climb: Some Boss Battles permit a model of this, the place gamers can climb options within the atmosphere and assault the boss utilizing ranged spells (by way of the mage class), the place the boss cannot attain them. Nonetheless, this solely works if the boss is taking harm from gamers on the bottom, in any other case, the boss will immediately recuperate the harm.
  • Companion Dice: There are different inanimate objects the participant can have as a pet, like a crate or a seashore ball. The participant can actually have a stone as a pet.
  • Cowardly Boss:
    • Daitengu’s boss battle has you trying to find him in a forest of bamboo, and he teleports away as soon as his HP will get low. He later spawns a clone of himself and powers up throughout the remaining section.
    • The Cryptodirax in Heartwood, who repeatedly runs across the map whereas gamers farm supplies required to have the ability to even assault it. When it does grow to be weak to assaults, it’s solely a bit earlier than it runs away and must be baited once more. It additionally restores its HP whereas resting in between bouts of operating about.
  • Cult:
    • There may be one devoted to Nightlocke, with cult members guarding the Nightlocke tombs in Bone Cliffs.
    • There’s additionally the Crimson Circle, a gaggle of evil dragon worshippers that serve Talyn.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • Vane simply defeats The Hero the primary time they meet, smashing and flinging them after effortlessly exhibiting off his prowess.
    • Akriloth swats away Talyn like a fly in a rage after the latter boasts he’ll make Akriloth his slave.
  • Injury Over Time:
    • Rogues and Rangers are able to inflicting poison on enemies that saps well being over time. Sure monsters are additionally able to this as nicely.
    • Mages later gained the Ice Spear skill that additionally has this impact. In addition they have the cross-skill Injury Rune, which offers a considerable amount of harm over time.
    • Dragonslayers, Pirates, and Necromancers additionally inflict these kinds of debuffs as a part of their abilities.
  • Darker and Edgier: All Artix Video games aren’t shy in exhibiting violence however the first mission has the hero getting stabbed like a pincushion, crushed by a rock, and flailed throughout by the Large Dangerous, setting the tone of the sport.
  • Darkish Is Evil:
    • The Necroknight, an undead lich who resides in an Evil Tower of Ominousness and instructions an undead military.
    • Shrade, an undead Serial Killer who emerges each Friday the thirteenth.
  • Darkish World: Greenguard forest has a darkish world that’s accessible by an orb.
  • The Useless Can Dance: The Raveyard, which opens up each Mogloween. All skeletons groove to the beat and one of many bosses is known as after Daft Punk.
  • Demise Is a Slap on the Wrist: In-Universe instance. The hero cannot die as they’re lifeless at the beginning of the story, however is given immortality due to a take care of Demise. If the hero dies within the recreation, they will simply be punted again to the doorway, and in cutscenes, the hero can be again up after a couple of seconds.
  • Dem Bones:
    • The Necromancer class can summon skeletal minions to assist battle monsters.
    • Doomwood and all its dungeons are filled with skeletal monsters.
  • Do Not Taunt Cthulhu: Dragonlord Talyn learns this the arduous manner as soon as we awaken Akriloth with none tributes, smugly claiming to Akriloth’s face that he’ll grow to be his slave in taking on Lore. Akriloth would not take this too kindly and confirmed Talyn why he is a mere ant to his energy earlier than smacking Talyn over to the opposite facet of the volcano and falling on the lava, killing him.
  • Do not Worry the Reaper: Demise himself is a serious character that helps the participant, partly resulting from the truth that Vane snatched his key, and it’s the hero’s job to get it again.
  • Dracolich: The participant can get one as a pet. There is a large Dracolich platers can battle within the Underworld gate and Area of Souls.
  • Draconic Humanoid: Zakaru, the caretaker of the Dragon Graveyard, is one and a dragon necromancer in addition.
  • The Dragonslayer: Galanoth, as per standard. Alongside together with his order of DragonSlayers. The hero can be a part of the order and grow to be a dragonslayer as nicely.
  • Twin Wielding: The Berserker and Rogue courses can twin wield no matter weapons they’re holding. There are some weapons that lets participant do that even when they did not equip the talked about courses, largely weapons and sword/defend weapons.
  • Dungeon Crawling: The primary main Artix Leisure recreation to function dungeons, the place there are maps with monsters that do not respawn after being killed, and gamers needing to clear rooms to maneuver on. In earlier variations, they required dungeon keys to be accessed, however this was later eliminated.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Early appearances of 3D Dage had him as a long-haired human carrying a cranium masks. Later appearances have him extra in step with his basic look from AdventureQuest Worlds, a skeletal lich clad in armor.
  • Elemental Powers: The mage class can solid fireballs, ice, and lightning strikes.
  • Evil Is Burning Scorching: Talyn the DragonLord, the Nice Hearth Dragon, and their fireplace minions.
  • Expy: ShadowSlayer W is one to Vampire Slayer E from the unique AdventureQuest and Shadowslayer Z from AdventureQuest Worlds. In reality he could also be a Legacy Character to them.
  • Acquainted: Jimmy the Eye serves as this to Warlic.
  • Improbable Racism: Galanoth and the Order of DragonSlayers goal to kill each final dragon in Lore, not caring if the dragons are good or evil. They cease this objective as soon as Kord turns into the brand new Galanoth, specializing in defending individuals from evil dragons as an alternative.
  • Fantasy Kitchen Sink: Identical to the opposite two Journey Quest video games, the sport is usually medieval fantasy combined with different heroic fantasy genres. There are even some cyberpunk, mecha, futuristic, and lots of different genres combined within the recreation.
  • Fighter, Mage, Thief: As soon as once more, the starter courses are Warrior, Mage, and Rogue, with Guardian because the Membership class.
  • Ultimate Demise: The Son of Braken boss battle kicks out anybody who dies throughout the dungeon. And don’t even take into consideration ready for them to run again in, as a result of the room closes shortly after the primary section begins.
  • Fur Towards Fang: Like each different Artix Leisure recreation, vampires and lycans are at conflict with each other. Nonetheless that is the primary time you possibly can see the forces battle towards one another in real-time, the place NPC monsters battle each other within the streets of Darkhurst and you may take part to assault one of many sides. Nonetheless, it will nonetheless result in the opposite enemy attacking you as soon as one of many brawling enemies is defeated.
  • Style Savvy: The Hero, like most Artix Leisure protagonists, is kind of conscious of what sort of recreation they’re in. Greatest proven within the Tower of Necromancy arc once they sarcastically guessed what kind of boss is ready for them on high, leaving the employees speechless as it’s the actual boss ready on the high.
  • Ghost Ship: The wreck of the Vengeance seems as a dungeon throughout the Yokai Isle storyline, gamers can battle the captain’s ghost because the boss.
  • Large Squid: The Braken bosses are all examples of those. Within the Lolosia storyline, Captain Rhubarb’s ship is attacked by a Bracken as soon as.
  • Glass Cannon:
    • The Mage class is that this to a level. It is capable of fireplace off very robust ranged assaults like Fireball and Lightning, but it surely’s not very useful up shut, resulting from stated highly effective assaults having an extended cost time. This bought rectified with a patch that shortened the Fireball cost time, in addition to including the quick charging “Ice Spear” Injury Over Time skill and the Ending Transfer “Meteor Shower”.
    • Berserkers are additionally these in that they sacrifice their very own HP as a way to make their assaults a lot quicker and extra damaging. They do have a self-healing buff, nevertheless, however their HP nonetheless tends to waver in low percentages, in order that they typically die to hard-hitting assaults.
  • Visitor-Star Occasion Member: The participant character him/herself is one to the DragonSlayer Order.
  • Good Is Not Good: Galanoth is actually a hero, however will be fairly harsh and imply. With a heaping serving to of Revenge Earlier than Purpose.
  • Goggles Do Nothing: As a part of the 2017 April Fools occasion, Artix Leisure supplied free VR 2D goggles for gamers, which are purely beauty. No stats or talents by any means.
  • Halloween City:
    • Darkhurst, the city on the outskirts of Darkovia.
    • There’s additionally Mystcroft, which solely seems throughout Mogloween occasions.
  • Innocent Freezing: In Frostvale, there’s Rayray who’s solely clad in boxers in the midst of a freezing snowstorm. He turns to a block of ice if you happen to convey the objects he requested, and the hero has to get Holly’s assist to unfreeze him. He is tremendous when you unfreeze him. Gamers may even purchase a journey type that encases them in a block of ice.
  • Hate Sink: DragonLord Talyn is as despicable and unlikable as AE villains include no redeeming qualities by any means. He treats his personal dragon like an expendable slave and was glad when a DragonSlayer killed it in order that he may hunt down a extra highly effective dragon, plans on enslaving the Nice Hearth Dragon so he can lay waste to the world, tried to create a human farm to function a meals supply for stated dragon the place he handled people like livestock, and kills Essa for no cause simply because the heroes had been beginning to really feel some hope.
  • Headless Horseman: The Headless Horseman of Mystcroft is one, who has a burning pumpkin for a head.
  • Hellish Horse:
    • For lack of a greater trope, the sick unicorns in Arcangrove are aggressive and can assault anybody. The boss monsters Todd the Derpicorn and Herp the Derp evenas they’re some of the highly effective open world boss monsters.
    • The Legion Horse mount has barely any pores and skin on it, exhibiting off its bones and flesh. Its eyes and uncovered flesh additionally glow a sickly blue coloration in distinction to the standard regular fireplace.
  • Whats up, [Insert Name Here]: As with each Artix Leisure recreation.
  • Holy Halo: These are a complete subtype of purely beauty helmets, most of that are supplied by each day chests. There are a couple of exceptions: the Halo of Hue and its burnt variant, which is crafted from combining all of the each day chest haloes (sans the Halo of Steadiness) into one in Yulgar’s Inn, and the Lightning Halo is crafted from a whopping 2000 Tengu Feathers (when the boss, at most, solely drops about 8 a run) and the uncommon Lightning Cloud pet.
  • Home made Sweater from Hell: Blizzy sells one in Frostvale, and its merchandise description even lampshades this trope.
  • Human Sacrifice: One in all Talyn’s Evil Plans was enslaving all of the villagers of Brimston Village, then utilizing them as tributes to be fed to the Nice Hearth Dragon. To additional exemplify Talyn’s monstrousness, he supposed to breed the people to create extra offspring as dragon meals, treating them as livestock on a farm.
  • Hunter of Monsters:
    • Artix hunts the undead, as per standard.
    • ShadowSlayer W, who hunts vampires and werewolves.
    • Dread Hood and her order, who hunt werewolves.
  • Hurricane of Puns: As a staple of all Artix Leisure video games. However in contrast to the opposite video games, the hero would not do quite a lot of puns, however the recreation makes it up with merchandise and NPC names.
  • Inexplicably Similar People:
    • All of the male participant characters and feminine participant characters have the identical facial construction, with the one distinction being the pores and skin coloration and hair coloration/type. For some time, all gamers had blue eyes earlier than eye coloration customization was enabled, which was joked about in-game.
    • All Moglins (sans Zorbak) even have the identical primary design, with an equivalent ever smiling face, with the one distinction between them being their fur coloration.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Morgul. He would not appear to imply hurt, however all the time finally ends up saying hurtful issues regarding the nicely being of Anne’s household from Brutal Honesty to requests which are too quickly.
  • Interspecies Romance: Safiria, who’s human on this incarnation, and Vlad, who’s the vampire prince, is proven to be in love with one another. Sadly, King Drachus has different plans for Safiria.
  • Within the Again: Dragonlord Talyn kills Essa this fashion whereas after the participant character elements along with her.
  • Merchandise Crafting: Gamers can craft almost every thing as a way to create garments, weapons, or objects wanted for extra crafting.
  • Merchandise Farming: Takes after its predecessors, the place gamers endlessly kill monsters to drop objects to allow them to craft highly effective gear.
  • It is Private: The participant character says this about Talyn after he kills Essa in entrance of them.
  • Job System: Like the opposite video games, the participant can select and max out jobs they need. To unlock a brand new class, you may need to do a each day quest from the category coach, and it takes 1000 class tokens to unlock it.
  • Jungle Japes: The World Tree has components of this, and has inspirations from Mayincatec.
  • Killed Off for Actual:
    • Slifsgaard is killed whereas defending the hero whereas they’re touring within the dream realm. He stays behind as a ghost and is even tremendous together with his predicament.
    • Essa is unceremoniously killed by DragonLord Talyn by being impaled Within the Again together with his sword.
  • Kill It with Hearth:
    • The Guardian class can fireplace a flame stream, hitting a number of targets on the similar timw.
    • A number of fireplace monsters in Ashfall can carry out fireplace assaults as nicely.
    • The dragons, notably Akriloth, are keen on the hearth breath.
  • Knight of Cerebus: DragonLord Talyn, whose arrival completely plunges the sport right into a a lot darker tone. Previous to his look, there was little or no sense of urgency, with even his predecessor villain, the Necroknight, being hammy and Performed for Laughs. Nonetheless Talyn amps ups the stakes and adjustments the sport from “explore the land” to “save the world”.
  • Lava Pit: Ashfall options these. If gamers fall within the lava, it triggers an immediate respawn with out the participant truly dying.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: In Darkovia, when the Hero asks if a vampire chunk sufferer may very well be saved by a potion or spell, the next trade happens.
    Morgul: Get up! This is not a fantasy the place you are the hero. What are you going to do? Run round amassing elements to magically save the day?
    The Hero: Sure!
    Morgul: Sorry you are in Darkovia now.
  • Deadly Lava Land: Ashfall is situated close to an energetic volcano. Apparently, there’s even a village settlement close to the center of the volcano.
  • Stage Scaling: Sure dungeons and areas will scale all gamers to the identical stage to make it fairer in farming and looting.
  • Dwelling Battery: The Arcangrove mages disguise the key that every one of Lore is powered by an enormous legendary being. Tyrus Kel discovers this and deserts the order, and the participant is tasked by the mages to kill him. Tyrus has intentions to free the being, but it surely’s truly glad for use as a battery as a way to atone for its a part of destroying the world in an historic conflict.
  • Dwelling Legend: This model of Galanoth is alleged to be a famed legendary DragonSlayer, although Galanoth himself dismisses these claims. Following his dying, Kord takes up his armor, title, and identification to grow to be the brand new Galanoth.
  • Dwelling Statue:

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