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AMD Ryzen Grasp, Aida64 and HWInfo64 temp studying not the identical

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Aug 29, 2005

No matter my web protocol reveals I suppose O.o

System Specs
System Title Lynni The Dragon (Upkeep)
Processor Intel Core i7-11700K “Rocket Lake”
Motherboard Gigabyte Z590 Imaginative and prescient D
Cooling Fractal Design Celsius S24
Reminiscence Geil Dragon 4x8GB@3000mhz 15-17-17-35 (GWW416GB3000C15DC)
Video Card(s) AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT 16GB Ref | Sapphire Radeon RX 590 Nitro+ Particular Version 8GB
Storage OS/Video games:Samsung 970 EVO 1TB|Sabrent Rocket 2TB|Knowledge: 850EVO 1TB, 2xWD 4TB, 1xWD 10TB & WD 1TB
Show(s) Asus ROG Strix XG27UQ 4K@144hz | LG 55UK6100PLB IPS 4K HDR
Case Fractal Design Meshify 2 Tempered Glass White/Black
Audio Machine(s) Steelseries Arctis Professional Wi-fi
Energy Provide Seasonic Prime 1200 watt 80Plus Platinum
Mouse Logitech G305 Lightspeedy Wi-fi
Keyboard Razer Blackwidow Chroma X UK
VR HMD No not gonna promote myself to FB!i!i!
Software program Win10 Professional UK x64 (20H2)
Benchmark Scores Time Spy: https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/33868867?

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After i put my AMD Ryzen 9 3900X system collectively I can see that temp studying are actually completely different for the three packages I examined which is:

AMD Ryzen Grasp v2.0.21271 (The latest model I may discover)
Aida64 Engineer v6.00.5100
HWiNFO64 v6.10-3880

AMD Ryzen Grasp reads 83.1C because the lowest software program report whereas HWiNFO reads 84.8C and Aida64 is studying the most well liked at 87C that is roughly round 4C distinction.

I do not know which one to belief a 100% right here even I believe I must belief the AMD Ryzen Grasp as a result of it is developed by AMD and must be the one most accurated and in addition controls the temp restrict.


Lionheart, TheoneandonlyMrK and HD64G


Workers member
Oct 6, 2004


System Specs
System Title Rainbow Sparkles
Processor Ryzen R7 5800X
Motherboard Asus x570 Gaming-F
Cooling EK 240mm RGB AIO | Customized 280mm EK loop
Reminiscence 64GB DDR4 3600 Corsair Vengeance RGB @ 3800 C16
Video Card(s) Galax RTX 3090 SG 24GB (0.8v 1.8GHz) – EK Quantum ARGB block w/ lively backplate
Storage 1TB Sasmsung 970 Professional NVME + 500GB 850 Evo
Show(s) Gigabyte G32QC + Phillips 328m6fjrmb (32″ 1440p 165Hz/144Hz curved )
Case Fractal Design R6
Audio Machine(s) Razer Leviathan + Corsair Void professional RGB, Blue Yeti mic
Energy Provide Corsair HX 750i (Platinum, fan off til 300W)
Mouse Logitech G Professional wi-fi + Steelseries Prisma XL
Keyboard Razer Huntsman TE
VR HMD Oculus Rift S
Software program Home windows 10 professional x64 (all methods)
Benchmark Scores A number of RGB, so you recognize it is quick.

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they measure at barely completely different occasions and should effectively measure completely different cores (they’re meant to indicate the temp from the most well liked core, at time of measuring… which might be as little as each 1ms)

Lionheart, biffzinker, TheLostSwede and a couple of others


Jul 18, 2016
System Specs
System Title Gaming PC / I7 XEON
Processor I7 4790K @inventory / XEON W3680 @ inventory
Cooling X61 Kraken / X61 Kraken
Reminiscence 32gb Vengeance 2133 Mhz / 24b Corsair XMS3 1600 Mhz
Video Card(s) Gainward GLH 1080 / MSI Gaming X Radeon RX480 8 GB
Storage Samsung EVO 850 500gb ,3 tb seagate, 2 samsung 1tb in raid 0 / Kingdian 240 gb, megaraid SAS 9341-8
Show(s) 2 BENQ 27″ GL2706PQ / Dell UP2716D LCD Monitor 27 “
Case Corsair Graphite Collection 780T / Corsair Obsidian 750 D
Audio Machine(s) ON BOARD / ON BOARD
Energy Provide Sapphire Pure 950w / Corsair RMI 750w
Mouse Steelseries Sesnsei / Steelseries Sensei uncooked
Keyboard Razer BlackWidow Chroma / Razer BlackWidow Chroma
Software program Home windows 1064bit PRO / Home windows 1064bit PRO

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ryzen grasp accomplished by amd must be your alternative


Jul 25, 2006

Nebraska, USA

System Specs
System Title Brightworks Techniques BWS-6 E-IV
Processor Intel Core i5-6600 @ 3.9GHz
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3 Rev 1.0
Cooling High quality case, 2 x Fractal Design 140mm followers, inventory CPU HSF
Reminiscence 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3000 Corsair Vengeance
Video Card(s) EVGA GEForce GTX 1050Ti 4Gb GDDR5
Storage Samsung 850 Professional 256GB SSD, Samsung 860 Evo 500GB SSD
Show(s) Samsung S24E650BW LED x 2
Case Fractal Design Outline R4
Energy Provide EVGA Supernova 550W G2 Gold
Mouse Microsoft Wi-fi 5000
Keyboard Microsoft Wi-fi Consolation 5050
Software program W10 Professional 64-bit

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Mussels stated:
they measure at barely completely different occasions and should effectively measure completely different cores


You will need to keep in mind the temperature of a processor can bounce from cool to over-heated in only a few clock cycles. And in that processor, there are over 4 billion cycles in only one second!

Measuring temps is NOT something high-tech. The sensors merely report a quantity that represents a thermal worth. These thermal values are broadly revealed by the sensor maker and accessible to the monitoring software program builders.

The software program simply takes that worth and converts it to a temperature based mostly on these revealed specs. If the CPU core is sitting at 50°C, for instance, at that particular cut-off date, then 50°C is 50°C regardless which program experiences it. So no magic or proprietary formulation or algorithms are required or used. So long as the monitoring program can accurately establish the sensor (not a troublesome activity), it can report 50°C.

Additionally, each monitoring program has completely different “sample rates”. That’s, the variety of occasions they pattern (or “look at” or “poll”) the sensor per second, minute, hour, and many others. It might be as soon as per second or as soon as each 5 seconds or one thing else. Core Temp, for instance, by default samples each 1000ms (1 second intervals). Rather a lot can occur in a single second.

Final, their pattern occasions will likely be completely different too. It is because it’s unimaginable so that you can begin every of these monitoring packages so their first samples are taken on the very same CPU clock cycle.

Another final thing – these sensors are very low-tech too. That’s, they’re NOT essentially the most exact measuring gadgets. To incorporate essentially the most correct accessible would improve prices. And that degree of precision is simply not wanted. For those who “need” that degree of precision to forestall crossing thermal security thresholds, you could have different, extra important points to take care of first – like higher case cooling.

It’s kinda like rest room scales. When it comes to your well being, it actually doesn’t matter it reads 162 while you actually weigh 160. What issues is that it reads 162 each time a 160 pound weight is placed on the scales. Its all about consistency first, accuracy second (so long as the accuracy is within the ball park).

Okay, I promise, that is the very last thing – sadly there are not any business requirements for sensor placement throughout the processor, sensor accuracy, and even sensor use. So one-on-one comparisons between 2 completely different CPUs (even throughout the similar model of CPU) is close to unimaginable exterior of knowledgeable precision measuring laboratory.

So IMO, your 4°C unfold is nothing to fret about. If one monitoring program stated 62.3°C, one other stated 65°C and one other stated 97.7°C, then I might dismiss the third.

PerfectWave stated:
ryzen grasp accomplished by amd must be your alternative

I do not agree. I’m NOT saying Ryzen Grasp is a nasty alternative. What I’m saying is there is no such thing as a cause to imagine it will be extra correct or constant, due to this fact I’m saying it is best to simply choose the monitoring program you want, and keep it up.




Mar 10, 2010

Manchester uk

System Specs
System Title RyzenGtEvo/ Asus strix scar II
Processor Amd R7 3800X@4.350/525/ Intel 8750H
Motherboard Crosshair hero7 @bios 2703/?
Cooling 360EK excessive rad+ 360$EK slim all push, cpu Monoblock Gpu full cowl all EK
Reminiscence Corsair Vengeance Rgb professional 3600cas14 32Gb in 4 sticks./16Gb
Video Card(s) Sapphire refference Rx vega 64 EK waterblocked/Rtx 2060
Storage Silicon energy qlc nvmex3 in raid 0/8Tb exterior/1Tb samsung Evo nvme 2Tb sata ssd
Show(s) Samsung UAE28″850R 4k freesync.
Case Lianli p0-11 dynamic
Audio Machine(s) Xfi inventive 7.1 on board ,Yamaha dts av setup, corsair void professional headset
Energy Provide corsair 1200Hxi
Mouse Roccat Kova/ Logitech G wi-fi
Keyboard Roccat Aimo 120
VR HMD Oculus rift
Software program Win 10 Professional
Benchmark Scores 8726 vega 3dmark timespy/ laptop computer Timespy 6506

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