In my final weblog I mentioned how Ahsoka Tano exemplified what it ought to have meant to be a Jedi. How, though she left the Jedi Order, she nonetheless adopted its floor ideas of staying true to at least one’s convictions and changing into a servant of guardianship and peace…not warfare.

In this essay I’ll try and dig deeper into why Ahsoka stayed true to herself, when clearly it could have been straightforward to fall into the militaristic methods of the present controlling Jedi Council or be part of the darkish facet. Additionally, what made the opposite Jedi fall so removed from grace, and a important thought as to why Dave Filoni wrote her the best way he did.

A comparative of Ahsoka and Anakin

Anakin Skywalker, the new headed Jedi. He had a nasty mood and infrequently couldn’t management it or selected to not. He executed a village of sand folks (Tusken raiders) for kidnapping and killing his mom (debatable). So, let’s have a look at him as a personality:

  1. He was discovered by Jedi grasp, Qui-Gon-Jinn.
  2. His mom died in his arms.
  3. He had visions of his spouse dying throughout baby beginning.
  4. Just a few members of the Jedi Excessive Council didn’t belief him.
  5. He misplaced religion within the Jedi Order.

All of this result in him turning to the darkish facet with only a slight nudge from Palpatine. I didn’t embrace Padme’s dying as a result of he had already turned at that time.

Ahsoka Tano, the exhausting headed Jedi Padawan to Anakin Skywalker. Admit it, to start with she was cussed till she realized her lesson on Christophsis. She was form, caring, and felt the nice in beings when nobody else may. Ahsoka was not afraid of a combat however knew when to not interact.

  1. She was discovered by Jedi grasp Plo Koon as a baby.
  2. There was no household to talk of.
  3. Her folks had been enslaved.
  4. Her buddy, Barriss Offee betrayed her and framed her for homicide.
  5. The republic put her on trial, which carried a dying sentence.
  6. The Jedi Order misplaced religion in her as quickly as she grew to become suspect.
  7. Her grasp turned to the darkish facet and tried to kill her.
  8. The clones she fought alongside for therefore lengthy turned towards her.
  9. Each Jedi she was raised round was both killed or in exile.

None of this turned Ahsoka to the darkish facet. In reality, she appears to have change into extra in bedded within the gentle facet of the Power.

What Does it All Imply?

Ahsoka had gone by loads. She was raised across the Jedi till she was round 16 years previous. They had been all she knew. Nonetheless, in any case of this, she determined to depart the Jedi order and discover her personal means as a Power consumer. She used her skills for good and to assist those that couldn’t assist themselves. She tried to cover her skills after Order 66 however discovered it troublesome as she wished to do every little thing she may to assist.

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Anakin Skywalker went by about half the trauma that Ahsoka went by. He was additionally raised across the Jedi and the order. Nonetheless, he was very conceited and self centered. He selected the straightforward path…the darkish facet. He even killed youngsters and his personal spouse (debatable) and ultimately killed his finest buddy.

Why Did They Not Observe the Identical Path?

Ultimately, they selected totally different paths. The entire time we see Ahsoka in The Clone Wars animated collection and in Rebels, you don’t see her do something for private achieve. She isn’t egocentric and she or he listened to her teachings. By the point we see her in Rebels, Ahsoka is sensible and stronger with the Power. She continues to be serving to others.

Every little thing we’ve got seen of Anakin reveals his darkish nature. He felt he was higher than his grasp, and even Grasp Yoda, when he was nonetheless a Padawan. He was very egocentric and thought he deserved extra…extra energy…extra rank…MORE!

Ahsoka was Anakin’s stability, in a means. To coach her meant that he must educate her the fitting technique to do every little thing. He must follow the Jedi teachings. He was answerable for her life, her coaching, and her as a Jedi. When Ahsoka left the order, Anakin misplaced that grounding. He gave in a bit of extra to his darkish facet temptations. Ahsoka was the a part of Anakin that didn’t exist…compassion.

Anakin Skywalker taught Ahsoka effectively. Despite the fact that he lacked compassion, he taught it to her by the ebook. He taught her army techniques and methods to respect her forces and achieve their respect in return. He taught her that typically, she must bend the foundations of the Jedi Council to get the outcomes mandatory…however solely when it wouldn’t hurt these near her. Anakin was the a part of Ahsoka that was lacking…however she realized effectively methods to be entire.

Ahsoka as a Literary Determine

Dave Filoni was tasked with writing a 14 yr previous feminine character. One thing not many males may pull off. Nonetheless, he did it. Ahsoka began as an annoying character however shortly grew to become a fan favourite to lots of us. She is definitely my favourite gentle facet Power consumer.

George Lucas may have simply left the sunshine and darkish stability between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. That might have been adequate. As an alternative, he gave us a job reversal. We acquired to see how Anakin would educate a learner. How he could be if he understood what it was prefer to be answerable for somebody and hold them secure whereas educating them to be robust.

As literature, Ahsoka grew to become the factor Obi-Wan couldn’t. She began because the ward of Anakin Skywalker however quickly grew to become his higher half. We felt the bond between them on the finish of the Battle of Christophsis and that bond acquired stronger and stronger. She grew to become one of many folks Anakin didn’t wish to lose nor let go of. Ahsoka grew to become one other attachment to Anakin Skywalker and it harm him deeply to lose her.

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We Cared About Ahsoka

At the least I did, okay I nonetheless do. She grew to become a really sympathetic character. Ahsoka was form and beneficiant. She cared deeply for these round her, particularly Anakin. If Ahsoka had any flaws, it was that she believed in him a bit of an excessive amount of however that’s what occurs when somebody has protected you, taught you, and been there for you thru every little thing. He proved her innocence within the trial of the Jedi Temple bombing and caught by her facet when the remainder of the Jedi Order deserted her…together with Obi-Wan Kenobi.

I shed a tear when she advised Anakin she couldn’t rejoin the Jedi order. It broke my coronary heart much more when she walked away. I waited for nearly 2 years hoping to see Ahsoka return after her combat with Darth Vader in Rebels Season 2. It harm me deeply to suppose Dave Filoni may simply kill her off with no regards to MY emotions. Does that make me like Anakin Skywalker within the regard that I would like Ahsoka in Star Wars?

Ahsoka was, arguably, the very best character to come back out of the Clone Wars. That’s saying loads as a result of we actually acquired some characters fleshed out and a few good again tales for different characters, all whereas new characters had been developed absolutely. I imply, have a look at Maul, Dooku, Ventress, and Cad Bane! Simply to call a couple of. They had been all nice characters however I didn’t really feel for them once they had been harm. Two characters got here shut although, Maul and Ventress (learn Darkish Disciple and Son of Dathomir) however that’s for an additional video. Sure, I’m extra of a darkish facet sympathizer however Ahsoka has the traits of what a real Jedi ought to have been!

To Make clear

I’m solely evaluating Ahsoka to the Jedi of her time. The one Jedi I feel could be a match for her as a “true Jedi” could be Qui-Gon Jinn. He knew when he needed to defy the doctrine and dogma of the Jedi council. He helped folks above all else and caught to his convictions. Like he mentioned, “I can only protect you, I can’t fight a war for you.” I want we may have seen extra of him however he was minimize down as quickly as we started to essentially know him. Once more, I’ll save him for an additional video.

I don’t examine Ahsoka to Luke’s Jedi Order from the previous EU as a result of she wasn’t part of it. Had she been, I might perhaps really feel in a different way. I additionally don’t examine her to the Jedi of the Republic simply earlier than Palpatine took management of the Senate. Why? As a result of I examine her to what the Jedi round her had been educating her as they grew to become one thing utterly totally different.

The Jedi of Ahsoka’s time grew to become inflexible and virtually appeared uncaring. sure, they wished the Clone Struggle to finish however they had been main the cost with protecting it going by changing into army leaders. They’d change into servants of the Republic, slightly than guardians of peace. They had been doing every little thing they might to win the warfare and weren’t defending the harmless beings who weren’t concerned within the warfare.


These are My Ideas

I do know all of that is my very own opinion. I don’t even know if anybody will learn this however that’s okay. My Viewpoint works effectively for me. Once I write a couple of character, I have a tendency to write down a number of items about that character. I don’t really feel there may be sufficient time, nor area, to elaborate every little thing I wish to say. On this case, I’ll shut out Ahsoka with this one. That’s, till The Clone Wars Season 7 ends…or she joins one other present…or she will get her personal present. How will we make that occur?

There have been only a few characters to the touch my coronary heart. Okay, I lied…Star Wars is filled with characters I sympathize with. Nonetheless, Ahsoka is a personality I’ve watched develop. She’s made me giggle, cray and she or he’s made me indignant. I all the time wish to see extra.

Some followers don’t really feel the identical as I do and that’s okay. Some really feel she was the nail within the coffin as to why Anakin turned. That’s simply absurd. Anakin was answerable for his actions. He had the selection to depart the Jedi Order however stayed. He had the selection of every little thing he did however he selected the darkish path out of egocentric causes. Ahsoka took accountability for herself and left every little thing she beloved as a result of it was now not figuring out for her.

In Conclusion

Ahsoka pulled at our hearts. We felt the betrayal of the Jedi Order. We Noticed what they had been changing into and though we had been unhappy when Ahsoka walked away, we understood why. All it took was one particular person near her to set her up and the Jedi Council forged her out and allowed a trial that might determine her life or dying. Anakin was her mentor and father determine however she needed to go away him as a result of the Jedi Order was now not educating peace.

After she left, her beliefs didn’t change. She caught to who she was deep down…a guardian of peace. Even when she wasn’t a Jedi by identify, her legacy is that of what the Jedi Order may have been. She was extra of a real Jedi than those referred to as “Jedi.”

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