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Offended Birds: Bubbles is a spin-off sport for the character Bubbles, that was launched on January 26, 2017. It was created by Rovio and Nevrade Leisure. It at present is free to obtain on the App Retailer and the Google Retailer. The follow-up sport is .


  • 1 Worlds
  • 2 The Ultimate Chapter
  • 3 Story
  • 4 Gameplay
  • 5 Birds Skills
  • 6 Trivia
  • 7 Gallery
  • 8 Music


There are at present 14 worlds in Offended Birds: Bubbles. (Excluding Ultimate Chapter Ranges)

  1. Coal Plains,
  2. Sweet World,
  3. Piggy Seashore,
  4. Pigstruction
  5. Pigs can Fly,
  6. Dreamland,
  7. Winter Wonderhog,
  8. Aquatic Poachers,
  9. Piggy Metropolis’s Polka,
  10. Pork Fortress,
  11. Coal Plains (Daybreak)
  12. No-Hog’s Area
  13. Pork Station
  14. The Decipiger

The Ultimate Chapter

The Ultimate Chapter Replace (4.0) contains a number of new worlds, every in a separate part than the principle sport. Every theme has three totally different sections.

  1. Sugary Clouds
  2. Frosted Waters
  3. Dreamy Towers
  4. Crystal Caverns
  5. Mysterious Island
  6. Pigstruction Citadel


The story is that Bubbles and Hal discover a sweet path positioned by the Dangerous Piggies. They adopted the path and so they have been captured and despatched to an island named All Terra, identified for its’ unusual and sometimes stunning landscapes, positioned close to Piggy Island. They discover a number of different birds locked and he breaks out of his cage and frees them as the degrees go by.

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As soon as many of the birds are freed, the flock discovers a plot to destroy Fowl Island by setting up an enormous laser above the planet’s ambiance, named the “Decipiger”, it would decimate something in its means.

The Flock are quickly capable of board the Decipiger and after combating the Piggy Mech, the battle station is destroyed. The birds have a victory celebration after this. After that cutscene, King Smoothcheeks is proven smiling within the darkness resulting in Offended Birds 3: The Ultimate Flocktier.

In the meantime, Supreme Ruler Cirrocumulus, or King Cumulus as he’s higher referred to as, breaks out of the Piggy Jail positioned in Pigstruction and wreaks havoc upon the pigs, inflicting King Pig to make a cope with King Cumulus that if he helps them steal the eggs, he’ll get his Kingdom again. King Cumulus agreed to this deal and helped steal the eggs. Bubbles’ Flock whereas on trip caught wind of this and tried to get the eggs again, though Bubbles’ Flock was capable of cripple the King’s forces it was not sufficient to get again the eggs. King Cumulus requests backup from the pig military and with the extra troops was capable of beat the flock and entrap them in Dreamland. The Flock in Dreamland are separated and don’t have any technique to regroup. Quickly they discover one another of their goals and are capable of destroy the King’s forces as soon as once more. King Cumulus then travels to the Mysterious Island and steals the Diamond Turtle. Bubbles and his flock go after him however are unable to retrieve the stolen objects.


The gameplay is targeted on sling taking pictures birds at buildings like its earlier video games. The sport is received by taking pictures birds on the inexperienced Dangerous Piggies and pop them. The gameplay is just like Offended Birds Pals and has very related sprites (Model 1.7 and earlier than). The brand new variations are extra like Offended Birds 2 or Offended Birds Messenger.

Stars are gained by the variety of popped piggies and the remaining hen’s rating. One star is common, two stars are glorious, and three stars is skilled.

Cash are earned by popping piggies and could be purchased with actual cash. The cash are used for getting spells and power-ups.

Spells can be utilized to assist the birds to destroy the pigs and (or) ranges. They are often purchased or purchased with cash. These spells embrace Rubber Ducky, Chilly Pepper, Pigquake!, and Pig Mover.

The Rubber Ducky spell is just like the Rubber Ducky in Offended Birds 2. It (when activated) rains rubber duckies on the constructions.

The Chilly Pepper spell is just like the Chilly Pepper Spell in Offended Birds 2. When activated, the spell throws a pepper randomly at a pig and makes it explode.

The Pigquake! spell is just like the Birdquake! power-up in Offended Birds.

The Pig Mover spell is just like the power-up in Offended Birds Messenger, named,Pig Swap, which switches pigs.

Additionally, in sure ranges there’s a boss battle just like Offended Birds Area’s bosses. Each three worlds there’s a trio of bosses, beginning in Coal Plains, the subsequent boss battles might be in Pigstruction and so forth. These bosses are Iggy, Piggy, and Zach. The ultimate boss is the Piggy Mech, which is fought on the Decipiger.

Birds Skills

The birds included within the sport are Bubbles, Hal, Gummi, Logan, Holly, Hallow, in addition to Callahan.

Hal is the one hen that could be a returning character and has the identical capability, not like Bubbles. Bubbles’ capability is to inflate right into a small ball a number of occasions. Hal’s capability is to come back again like a boomerang. They’re best towards wooden, ice, and glass.

Logan is the primary new hen to be launched. His capability is to slash in entrance of him. He’s best towards wooden.

Gummi is the subsequent hen added. Gummi’s capability is to “sick up” blocks of any sort and destroy surrounding supplies. He’s best towards sweet blocks.

Holly could be in comparison with the Blues in a means, as her capability is to interrupt glass in a big 360 space. She is barely efficient towards glass and a few wooden.

Callahan is the subsequent hen, and he’s a pelican and his capability is to dive in a detrimental 45-degree angle and destroy no matter’s in his means as he dives. He’s best towards stone and glass.

The Darkish Knight was added after, and her talents are to throw an arrow at totally different areas. She will not be a part of the flock and is barely serving to to guard herself. She is absolutely efficient towards supplies like wooden.

The subsequent hen is robust Final Turkey. This hen is extraordinarily highly effective and might end ranges for you. He’s efficient towards every thing.

The opposite returning hen is Purple. He has the identical capability as in Offended Birds 2 and could be very helpful in ranges with towers. Purple is best at taking down buildings along with his war-cry.

The latest returning hen is the Blues, they’ve the identical talents as Offended Birds, wherein they cut up into three birds and trigger main harm to ice constructions. They’re finest at breaking ice and glass.

The final returning hen is Silver. She has the identical capability from her debut, which she loops up and comes crashing down. She is efficient at breaking stone, though different supplies could be damaged as properly.

The present ultimate hen is Hallow, he’s similar to the Jar-Jar Binks hen from Offended Birds Star Wars II. He makes use of his beak to seize on to a ledge and swing in a path. The primary distinction is that Hallow is stronger and might break stone simply. He’s efficient at breaking stone, however could be very weak at smashing by means of glass and ice.


  • Offended Birds: Bubbles is among the solely Offended Birds video games with Hal having a serious position.
  • It’s the fourth Offended Birds sport utilizing Offended Birds Toon-like sprites, the primary is Offended Birds Rio (Rio 2) the second is Offended Birds 2, and the third is Offended Birds Fb Messenger.
  • Gummi mentions a “blue metal turtle”, referencing a medallion that seems in Offended Birds 3: The Ultimate Flocktier, which additionally seems on this sport.
  • A fox banner could be seen within the background of the ultimate stage. That is more than likely foreshadowing for Offended Birds: A Silver Lining.



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