Indignant Birds Area

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Developer(s) Rovio Cellular
Writer(s) Rovio Cellular
Stage Depend 622 ranges (Android/iOS)

623 ranges (Android -Samsung Gadgets)

Launch Date March 22, 2012
Platforms Android
Home windows Telephone 8
Age Ranking ESRB: E


Style Puzzle
Present Model 2.2.12

Indignant Birds Area is the fourth installment within the collection. The discharge date was on March 22, 2012. It was first introduced on the Indignant Birds Area web page. As of 2020, the sport has been discontinued, and now not out there on App Retailer.


  • 1 Area theme
  • 2 Pre-release
    • 2.1 Press launch
      • 2.1.1 Sport description
    • 2.2 FAQ
  • 3 The Each day – Birds in Area
  • 5 Story
  • 6 Gameplay
    • 6.1 Characters
    • 6.2 Episodes
      • 6.2.1 Story episodes
      • 6.2.2 Particular episodes
  • 7 Winnable objects
  • 8 Episodes
  • 9 Energy-Ups
  • 10 Nationwide Geographic Books
  • 11 Trivia
  • 12 Gallery
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  • 13 Samsung Galaxy Observe
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Area theme


The primary posters earlier than the Press Launch first appeared on February 17, 2012. The very first poster featured a full-sized web page of the Tremendous Pink Fowl with phrases on the backside saying ‘TOP SECRET’ together with the primary video on the sixteenth. After the trailer, they launched the second trailer on the twenty third exhibiting two astronauts on a slingshot. Then on the twenty fourth with the third trailer appeared exhibiting the Lazer Fowl. Then on March third, it reveals a spaced out pig for the primary time.

Press launch

On March 8, 2012, Rovio posted a press launch[1] concerning the recreation with additional data:

Sport description

After an enormous claw kidnaps their eggs, the Indignant Birds chase it right into a wormhole and discover themselves floating in a wierd galaxy surrounded by area pigs! Fortunately, the Indignant Birds have superpowers of their very own…

Indignant Birds Area options 270 interstellar ranges (or 386 (387 in Android) ranges, in case you rely the Hazard Zone, Eggsteroids, the Area Egg bonus ranges, and the brand new Area Eagle bonus ranges) on planets and in zero gravity, leading to spectacular gameplay starting from slow-motion puzzles to lightspeed destruction. With common free updates, new in-app purchases, model new birds, model new superpowers, and an entire galaxy to discover, the sky is now not the restrict!


  • 270 interstellar ranges and counting!
  • Common free updates!
  • Model new birds! (Ice Fowl and Area Egg)
  • Model new pigs! (Fats Pig, Astronaut Pig, Alien Pig and Hektor Porko)
  • Model new superpowers!
  • Zero-gravity area adventures!
  • Trick pictures utilizing planets’ gravity, volcanoes, and water.
  • New in-app purchases for iOS!
  • Hidden bonus ranges!
  • Superbly detailed backgrounds!
  • Boss Battles! (1-30, 2-30, 4-30, 5-30, 6-30, 7-30, 8-208-40, 9-30, 11-40)
  • Energy Ups and Free Each day Rewards. (Each day Rewards function is now not out there since Beak Impression replace.)


Q: What’s Indignant Birds Area?

A: Indignant Birds Area is a model new recreation by Rovio, creator of the worldwide phenomenon Indignant Birds.

Q: Is that this an replace, or a brand new recreation?

A: Indignant Birds Area is a totally new recreation with progressive new gameplay. From floating via area to utilizing the gravity of close by planets to arrange spectacular trick pictures, the distinctive background takes conventional gameplay to a completely new stage. As well as, the Indignant Birds have new superpowers and eight new characters.

Q: When is it popping out?

A: On March twenty second we are going to launch concurrently in cell gaming, animation, retail, and publishing. Not solely is that this the primary massive launch for us as an built-in leisure firm, however it’s the first time this has been finished for a cell recreation!

Mark your calendar and keep tuned for the largest recreation launch for the reason that authentic Indignant Birds!

Q: When is the official announcement?

A: The official announcement was on-line on March eighth at 10 am EST/3 pm GMT at [1]. The announcement was actually out of this world, with Flight Engineer Don Pettit introducing the sport from the Worldwide Area Station.

Q: The place can I play the Indignant Birds Area recreation?

A: Indignant Birds Area is accessible on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC on March twenty second. Info on different platforms will likely be out there later.

Q: I’m intrigued! How do I get extra data?

A: We will be releasing extra data via, so make certain to examine again often. It’s also possible to examine Fb, Twitter or the Rovio Weblog for updates.

The Each day – Birds in Area

On March 14, 2012, The Each day uploaded a free app that acts as an official companion to the sport. The information accommodates detailed data on the creation of the sport, new characters, and different data.

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March 14, 2012, additionally noticed the press launch of a brand new collaboration between MTV’s A THIN LINE anti-cyber-bullying marketing campaign and Indignant Birds Area. As soon as the sport is launched on March 22, 2012, gamers who put up a optimistic message to the Draw Your Line app will obtain a touch as to the place to get a code that opens a secret golden egg stage. Moreover, an anti-cyber-bullying PSA that includes the Birds will likely be launched that day. [2]


From The Each day – Birds in Area information, a tough overview of the story was revealed:

Someday, the birds had been caring for the eggs when a mechanical claw grabs the Birds‘ eggs they usually comply with it via a wormhole to reach on this planet of Area. There, some acquire new powers or tools. They meet Ice Fowl, satisfied he can assist them get residence, however Ice Fowl is barely involved about saving his world from the Area Pigs and retrieving the Eggsteroid.

Area Pigs are the Dangerous Piggies, outfitted with new tools permitting them to outlive in Area and brandishing new challenges to the Flock, together with the Area King’s UFO (which homes the aforementioned claw) and the large Fats Pig.


The sport includes a new Gravitational Area that alters the Fowl’s path when shot, making the sport harder. Nonetheless, there are small “dots” protruding from the Fowl on the slingshot exhibiting which path the Fowl will go relying on the altitude and energy of the shot.



Characters Description Unlocked at
Red bird space.png

Tremendous Pink

Fowl: Pink

Similar capacity because the Basic model of Pink the Pink Fowl, the one distinction is shockwaves have been added. Stronger and larger.

Template:Area Episodes Stage:1-1
Blue birds.png

Lightning Blues

Birds: The Blues

Similar capacity because the Basic model of the Blue Fowl Trio of Jake, Jay, and Jim.

Template:Area Episodes Stage 1-8
Bomb bird.png


Fowl: Bomb

Similar capacity because the Basic model of Bomb the Black Fowl. Besides that the warmth shockwave he produces causes barely extra harm

Template:Area Episodes Stage 1-14
Lazer bird.png

Lazer Chuck

Fowl: Chuck

Means much like the Basic model of Chuck the Yellow Fowl, besides goes to the place you goal in several pace from the Basic Model.

Template:Area Episodes Stage 1-20
Ice bird.png

Ice Fowl

Has the power to freeze pigs and obstacles, however may also produce an enormous ice ball while you launch the Ice Fowl within the Pig Dipper’s water surfaces. Freeze explosion may also set off explosive gadgets (Instance: TNT Crates). Template:Area Episodes Stage 2-4 (Rescuable within the earlier stage)
Big green bird.png

The Unimaginable Terence

Fowl: Terence

Also referred to as the Monster Fowl, Causes nice destruction, particularly making pigs soar along with his shockwave.

Template:Area Episodes Stage 2-16
Orange bird space.png

Atomic Bubbles

Fowl: Bubbles

Similar capacity because the Basic model of Bubbles the Orange Fowl. His blowup time is shorter and he does not trigger any harm when deflating

Template:Area Episodes Stage 3-11
Egg space.png

Area Egg

Fowl: Egg

Has the power to supply a vortex that drags obstacles in several instructions. (Free regular use on Area Egg Bonus ranges, however restricted use as a power-up)

Template:Area Episodes Stage S-1 (Playable)
Space eagle SPEED.png

Area Eagle

Fowl: Mighty Eagle

Just like Mighty Eagle, the Area Eagle can come from a wormhole from behind the fortress to trigger large destruction. Nonetheless, the Eagle don’t clear all of the pigs. (Sardine Cans are free within the Area Eagle Bonus Ranges)

Participant Alternative
Angry Birds Space Mighty Buzzard Transparent.png

Mighty Buzzard

Fowl: Mighty Eagle

Area Eagle in Beak Impression Ranges

Participant Alternative in Beak Impression
Imageedit 1 2025129217.png


Fowl: Terence as Wingman

Just like his regular counterpart, with the exception that he does not make comedian expressions however can create a small gravity discipline round him that draws issues

Participant Alternative


  • Observe: Every episode (together with Hazard Zone and excluding Eggsteroids) has a set of Particular Merchandise Bubbles , one for getting 3 stars on all the degrees of an episode (together with the Area Egg Bonus Ranges) and the opposite for getting all of the Feathers in all the degrees in an episode (together with the brand new Sardine Can “Area Eagle Bonus Ranges (see new data beneath)). These Particular Merchandise Bubbles type of resemble the Particular Flying Objects you earn in Indignant Birds Basic and in Indignant Birds Seasons.

Story episodes

  1. Template:Area Episodes  – 34 Ranges (Particular Merchandise Bubbles: All 99 Stars=White Plant with 3 Stars; All 31 Feathers= OLD Merchandise: 3 Feathers with a Inexperienced-Coloured Glowing Background; NEW Merchandise: White Plant with a Feather)
  2. Template:Area Episodes  – 34 Ranges (Particular Merchandise Bubbles: All 99 Stars= Crystal Mushroom With 3 Stars; OLD: All 31 Feathers= 3 Feathers with a Turquoise-Coloured Glowing Background; NEW: Crystal Mushroom with a Feather)
  3. Template:Area Episodes  – 12 Ranges (All 33 Stars= The Area Egg with 3 Stars; All 11 Feathers= OLD Merchandise:3 Feathers with a Blue-Coloured Glowing Background; NEW Merchandise: The Area Egg with a Feather)
  4. Template:Area Episodes – Presently 60 Ranges (Particular Merchandise Bubbles: All 90 Stars= One of many Small Area Mines from the Menu Screens with 3 Stars; All 60 Feathers= OLD Merchandise: 3 Feathers with a Pink-Coloured Glowing Background; NEW Merchandise: One of many Small Area Mines from the Menus Screens with a Feather)
  5. Template:Area Episodes – 34 Ranges (All 99 Stars= Lollipop with 3 Stars; All 31 feathers= OLD Merchandise: 3 Feathers with a Pink-Coloured Glowing Background; NEW Merchandise: Lollipop with a Feather)
  6. Template:Area Episodes – 34 Ranges (Particular Merchandise Bubbles: All 99 Stars= Blue Crystals with 3 Stars; All 31 Feathers= Blue Crystals with a Feather)
  7. Template:Area Episodes – (Initially referred to as Water Galaxy) – 34 Ranges (Particular Merchandise Bubbles: All 99 Stars= Pink Oyster with 3 Stars; All 31 Feathers= Pink Oyster with a Feather.)
  8. Template:Area Episodes – 34 Ranges (Particular Merchandise Bubbles: All 99 Stars= Gold Diamond/Violet Gem with 3 Stars; All 31 Feathers= Gold Diamond/Violet Gem with a Feather.)
  9. Template:Area Episodes – 46 Ranges (Components ranges in two planets with 23 ranges every.)
  10. Template:Area Episodes – 30 Ranges
  11. Template:Area Episodes – 15 Ranges (Two bonus ranges and likewise 5 tidbits about all planets within the Photo voltaic System together with the Moon, Asteroid Belt, Europa, Comet, Pluto, ISS and New Horizons)
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Particular episodes

  • Template:Area Episodes – 18 Ranges

Winnable objects

There are winnable objects in each episode in Indignant Birds Area aside from Eggsteroids. These are earned by getting 3 stars on all the degrees, together with the Area Egg bonus ranges (Observe that the Hazard Zone has no Area Egg bonus stage), and by getting feathers on all the degrees utilizing the Area Eagle, together with the Area Eagle bonus ranges (V 1.3.1 Onward). Nonetheless, there isn’t any reward for getting all the three Stars within the Mirror World ranges.

  1. Pig Bang: White Raddish (offers you just one,000 factors)
  2. Chilly Cuts: Ice Mushroom
  3. Fry Me to the Moon: Area Egg
  4. Hazard Zone: Area Mine
  5. Utopia: Lollipop
  6. Pink Planet: Blue Crystal
  7. Pig Dipper: Pink Oyster
  8. Cosmic Crystals: Gold Diamond/Purple Gem
  9. Beak Impression: Onerous Hat
  10. Brass Hogs: None
  11. Photo voltaic System: New Horizons


Click on the extent you wish to see extra details about it. Go to the part you wish to see the decided data.


Energy-Ups have arrived in Indignant Birds Area within the Pig Dipper Replace on January tenth, 2013. Here is what we’ve at our disposal now, moreover Area Eagles, in fact.

Flock of Birds: Allows the fowl on the slingshot to separate right into a flock of 5 birds for a “Flock of Destruction”!. The unique fowl will likely be regular dimension whereas the opposite 4 copies will likely be smaller in dimension. This resembles The Blues‘ capacity however the present fowl splits into 5 birds when launched. For optimum harm. Use The Lightning Birds with this power-up then break up them into 3. It will make a complete of 15 birds launched!

Area Egg: With the Area Egg Energy-Up, now you can use the Area Egg within the authentic ranges. Use the Area Egg’s Black Gap from the Area Egg Bonus Ranges that can assist you out with these powerful ranges.

Pig Puffer: This causes elements of the construction of the fortresses to interrupt or transfer if the Inflated Pigs is simply too massive to suit. In water ranges like Pig Dipper, the inflated pigs will rise to the floor.

Observe: Identical to the Energy-Ups in Indignant Birds Basic, Indignant Birds Rio, and the Fb model of Indignant Birds Star Wars, the Energy-Ups in Area have restricted use, so use very correctly, except you wish to increase your Energy-Up rating (Energy Up scores are counted in Area). To get extra power-ups, go to the brand new store icon within the Pause menu or Title Menu and it will inform how a lot every pack of power-ups price. With the power-ups arriving in Area, you possibly can by no means obtain solely Area Eagles each day, anymore. As an alternative, everytime you go to Indignant Birds Area every day and press the play button or eradicating an commercial, you may obtain a random each day reward in an opportunity recreation that may be described as, “The Wheel of Space Power-Ups”. You may earn, 1 King Sling, 1  Flock of Birds, 1  Area Egg, 1 Pig Puffer, 1 Area Eagle, or in case you’re actually fortunate, 5 Area Eagles. However watch out of while you use your power-ups and save them correctly, particularly the Area Eagles since you’ll want them to get 100% complete destruction on all the degrees to unlock the Area Eagle Bonus Stage and Particular Merchandise Bubble with the Feather.

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Tip!: To make “The “Wheel of Area Energy-Ups” cease rapidly, press the button with the quick ahead (double right-pointing triangles) icon.

Nationwide Geographic Books

On March 8, 2012, Nationwide Geographic up to date their Website[3] to supply the official companion guide to the sport of their e-store.

Later, they up to date their website with an Indignant Birds Area Q&A.

Moreover, a second upcoming guide was posted to to be supplied on September 25, 2012[4]


  • The pigs have their Google Chrome sprites, with just a few added frames.
  • In Indignant Birds Pals, one golden egg is predicated on Indignant Birds Area.
  • Indignant Birds Area and Indignant Birds Star Wars are the one Indignant Birds video games to have a couple of interactive display. In each the menu and the title display, you’ve the choice to pop pigs, and different objects corresponding to ice balls.
  • The Birds are based mostly on DC and Marvel superheroes.
    • Area Pink’s masks resemble these of Wolverine.
    • The Lightning Birds’ helmets resemble that of The Flash.
    • Firebomb’s coat, pores and skin colours, and powers resemble Firestorm.
    • The Unimaginable Terence’s new pores and skin shade and enormous dimension resembles the Hulk, together with that his noise capacity has a roaring noise like Hulk.
    • Lazer Fowl’s goggles resemble these of Cyclops.
    • Atomic Fowl’s costume resembles that of Firestorm, much like Bomb’s costume within the recreation.
    • Ice Fowl’s powers resemble these of Iceman.
  • In Indignant Birds Area, the sport builders enhanced the Pigs to turn out to be extra attentive to sure reactions, defeat and close to experiences corresponding to: performing frightened when falling blocks or a fowl comes close to, an consuming animation (added in Utopia replace), and sleeping together with the opposite pigs, yawning when the birds do not strategy the Dangerous Piggies. This even occurs while you first begin a stage (and occasional guffawing can occur).
    • This was later applied on Indignant Birds Star Wars.
  • In Indignant Birds Area v1.2.2, the backgrounds of the degrees have been modified a bit. It occurred once more in v1.3.2.
  • When the Bubbles made his solution to Indignant Birds Area, he has new sprites when he inflates and through time inflated, check with the sprites in Area Characters and the Basic Orange Fowl’s wiki web page.
  • Should you pause the sport at simply the time when the Bubbles inflates, you may see he has an additional sprite earlier than his coat is stretched and his mouth is open. Consult with the sprite in Area Characters.
  • Lazer Fowl used to have a cape throughout cutscenes, animations and trailers, and the loading display, however does not have it and has a lightning bolt-shaped tail throughout gameplay and on the title display. That was modified in v1.3.2 as a result of, in that model, the Lazer Fowl lastly receives his cape and loses his lightning bolt-shaped tail throughout gameplay. Now individuals can use the Lazer Fowl’s newer sprite, the one along with his cape.
  • With Indignant Birds Star Wars launched, Indignant Birds Area turns into the first recreation to have ranges happen in area, with the second being Indignant Birds Star Wars. Indignant Birds Star Wars II is the third recreation to have ranges in area.
  • That is the primary recreation to not function Hal, Stella, Silver, and Matilda.
  • With the Energy-Ups in Area within the Pig Dipper Replace, the Area Eagle Button obtained a change within the button shade, from inexperienced to purple. The attention image stays the identical, besides it displays gentle. Additionally, the Area Eagles are now not only one buy, they are going to be out there on the store. Additionally, notably, the variety of Area Eagles to purchase and costs have modified: 80 Eagles has been decreased to 50 ($2.99 modified to $4.99). 280 Eagles have been decreased to 110 ($7.99 modified to $9.99), and 980 Eagles have been drastically decreased to 225 ($19.99 stays the identical).
  • On March 7, 2013, Indignant Birds Area was up to date with an unique new theme music made by Slash.
  • The Mighty Buzzard takes the place of the Area Eagle throughout Beak Impression. It barely resembles NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin, one of many first two astronauts to land on the moon.
  • That is the primary recreation to not have the feminine birds in any respect.
    • There’s a comedian in Indignant Birds: Monsters and Mistletoe, the place Matilda seems as Queen Matilda of the Spaceways, which presumably implies how she would appear to be on Indignant Birds Area. In

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