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The Unhealthy Piggies (often known as Pigs or Inexperienced Pigs) are the primary antagonists of the sequence and the primary protagonists of the 2012 spin-off sport with the identical title, the rivals of The Flock, who plan on stealing their three unhatched eggs, wanting to cook dinner them and feed them to their king. As a way to stop the Birds from taking again their eggs, the King Pig instructions his military of pigs to assemble many buildings and buildings to maintain the birds from reaching him.

The entire pigs are gentle inexperienced in colour and are available a number of variations. First, there’s the essential Minion Pig that is available in three sizes, small, medium, and enormous. There’s a militaristic pig that wears a helmet, known as Corporal Pig, the second in command pig with a mustache known as the Foreman Pig, and at last, the ultimate boss, the King Pig.

Ranging from the fourth episode, , the pigs will start to put on completely different hats and/or equipment, together with laborious hats, pumpkin hats, pumpkins, ghost sheets, winter gear, Christmas hats, cowboy hats, sombreros, and bows. Regardless of these hats being positioned on the pigs, the pigs nonetheless stay the identical species, as they are often hit with out the hat being destroyed, or vice versa.

Each pig knocked down within the sport awards 5,000 factors, however barely extra if the accent it’s sporting can be destroyed within the course of if any is current.

They’re solely playable characters within the King Pig Degree or sure Pig Days episodes.

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On September 4, 2012, Rovio launched a new sport that includes the pigs.


As acknowledged by Rovio, the pigs have little or no intelligence, simply mistaking a bubble for an egg [1]. The pigs normally are centered on the subject of meals and consuming. Nevertheless, their constructing expertise present enchancment as the sport progresses.

Identified sorts

Species in crossover titles

King Pig Degree species

  • Medium Pig: Does a battle cry (Takes the function of Pink, the Pink Chicken)
  • Small Pigs (3): Splits into three (Takes the function of Jay, Jake, and Jim, the Blue Birds)
  • Jetpack Pig: Quickens (Takes the function of Chuck, the Yellow Chicken)
  • Helmet Pig: Explodes (Takes the function of Bomb, the Black Chicken)
  • Bowling Ball Pig: Drops an exploding bowling ball (Takes the function of Matilda, the White Chicken)
  • Boomerang Pig: Boomerangs again (Takes the function of Hal, the Inexperienced Chicken)
  • Globe Pig: Inflates (Takes the function of Bubbles, the Orange Chicken)
  • Feminine Pig: Makes cleaning soap bubbles (Takes the function of Stella, the Pink Chicken)
  • Fats Pig: Heaviness (Takes the function of Terence, the Massive Brother Chicken)

Ultrabook Journey species

  • Intel Small Pig
  • Intel Medium Pig
  • Intel Giant Pig
  • Intel Helmet Pig
  • Intel Mustache Pig
  • Intel King Pig

Offended Birds Evolution Pigs

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  • Curiously, there are pig hoofprints on the bottom throughout the cutscenes and the cinematic trailer when the pigs steal the eggs [2], despite the fact that they haven’t any hooves, not to mention any legs. Very hardly ever, however not within the sport, gamers can see a Pig hand, hanging in mid-air. They’ll see it in the cinematic trailer when King Pig holds knives and forks within the air imagining himself having the eggs.
  • The design for the pigs adjustments in the Google Chrome model of Offended Birds.
  • Male pigs are very keen on females as seen within the Offended Birds Bing Episode 4 [3] and different events.
  • In , they present extra complicated feelings and expressions. For instance, if a Chicken is about to hit a pig, it can have a scared expression. If the chicken fails to defeat it, the pig will sigh in reduction or giggle. If the chicken efficiently defeats it, the pig might be heard grunting or squealing. Moreover, the pigs will snore and faux to go to sleep in an try and taunt the participant.
    • Within the World and Degree choice screens in Offended Birds House, pigs inside bubbles might be tapped, which pops the bubble, freezing the pig, inflicting it to blow up. This has no specific profit, however slightly, is supposed to supply comedian reduction.
  • Offended Birds House is the primary cell app model of Offended Birds through which the Pigs are given the Google Chrome Design, as a substitute of the conventional design proven in cell variations of Offended Birds Video games.
  • The Pigs look like frightened of Terence proven in some video animations.
  • In , lots of the pigs’ snorts have been offered by an ACTUAL pig.
  • In response to Rovio, the true purpose why the entire villains of this sport are portrayed as pigs is that whereas the sport was nonetheless in improvement, a number of reviews in regards to the outbreak of the swine flu epidemic began to indicate up in varied information media. Therefore, they ended up making the villains pigs. The swine flu can be the explanation why Rovio determined to make the pigs inexperienced, for the reason that first indicators of the flu have been inexperienced spots everywhere in the our bodies of real-life pigs. [4]
  • The Offended Birds Seasons episode Go Inexperienced, Get Fortunate is the primary episode that makes use of the Google Chrome Designs of the Pigs in cutscenes, together with King Pig.
  • Corporal Pig is the one pig who’s plush is proven to be harm and to haven’t any ears. Nevertheless, in areas reminiscent of Korea, there’s an official Corporal Pig plush that also has one crack however he does not look like injured. It will also be seen in some footage.
  • In Offended Birds Seasons, the previous pig designs nonetheless seem.
  • The best way the pigs like to eat is a reference to real-life pigs, that are proven to eat something.
  • The pigs like to eat Tofu Sizzling-Canines, ham, sausage and different forms of faux meat.
  • It appears that evidently older and greater pigs have spots, in distinction, Minion Pigs have none (However very hardly ever).
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