‘I bow to: Breaking the limitations
of caste, faith, clan’

‘The ache of rain to alleviate
Mankind to raise’

‘The ability of youth proper
and the drive to unite’

‘To my father of the
celluloid world’

‘The reality to be informed
as occasions unfold’



Our household will quickly
have another addition

Goddess Shakthi Our household deity!

Ensure my youngsters and grandchildren are
hale and wholesome wherever they might be

– Which month? – third

‘She is barely anemic I am going to
prescribe some tablets’

She’s a distant
relative of mine

If dad and mom are blood
kin, % probability child

will likely be born with some
defect it appears?

Do not jinx it The
child is okay now

That is sufficient

Must not ever step inside
any hospital, Malar

Good meals is the
greatest medication

Eat nutritious meals

Be energetic, do loads of
family chores

Be pleased Pamper your thoughts

You may have a secure supply

Have you ever considered a reputation?

Ilavarasi Singamperumal
if it is a woman

Boy means Chakravarthy

At three months, he’ll flip over At
6 months, he’ll sit up

At 9 months run
1year, he’ll speak

– I did not deny this
– Do not butt in

At twenty one months pre-school
At 33 months LKG

I am going to guarantee he stands first in10th grade
twelfth grade he’ll obtain it by himself

Examine MBBS right here

Ship him overseas for
larger research

He’ll full his MS
at Oklahoma College

And discover a job there

I’ll get him married to a Tamil woman
who has studied there similar to him

She ought to speak
Tamil fluently

Each of them will land right here with a fats
checking account and the proud NRI tag

I’ll purchase a bit of
land within the suburbs

And construct a hospital
for them to-

Construct after which what?

As a substitute of letting a toddler
stroll, run or play freely

killing his creativity, contentment,
compassion as a humanE being

Elevate him like a robotic He’ll finish
up being depressed and kill-

Why be so pessimistic?

Do not stuff your desires into
our unborn child, Malar

That soul has a need, dream,
lifetime of his or her personal too

We ought to be a pillar of power
for our child, that is all

(nursery rhyme)

This is not for my ears!
The newborn ought to hear

‘It’s the th 7month now, why is it your
dad and mom have not come to take you?’

‘- So eager to pack me off!
– What was our pre-nuptial settlement?’

Oh sure!!

Do not tread so laborious

Gently like a mattress of roses

– Solely then the infant will likely be a garland!
– Is that this okay, expensive?

Right here, expensive

– Hello, akka – Did not go for a stroll?

Poor girl!

He’s torturing her

Do not react to all that

(telephone rings)

Drink up this natural
brew, expensive

‘Howdy, uncle How are you?’

Malar, your father
is on the road

I will not allow you to problem my spouse You
will be her father or whoever!

I’ll name you as soon as
the infant is born

Stand a mile away, look and
vanish into skinny air!

I do not need any of your clan
to return and see the infant

Labor of affection for years!

While you get up look
at God’s image

If you happen to’re bored take a look at me!

(loud scream of ache)

Do not be scared Push
just a little tougher

Take me to the hospital

They may reduce you open
and spoil your well being

Should not you lead a
wholesome regular life?


Step outdoors, son

What was our pre-nuptial

You agreed to pay for
the being pregnant

I do not need my spouse or child

I’ll run away someplace

What occurred? Why this delay?


What number of instances will you name me?

Are you delivering the infant?

– You are so perturbed
– In fact I will be

I’ve specified a time

My child ought to be born at
that specific time

Okay, wonderful

‘4 sufferers on the
identical time’

I do not care about that I need
my child delivered first

‘Uncle, inform me, what did we determine
concerning the pre-nuptial settlement?’

Simply hold up For God’s sake

I feel that is unsuitable However
it’s your name!

If something occurs
to my sister-

Get misplaced!

You will not be listening to
the tip of this!

You refuse to confess her in a hospital
with correct medical assist

You’re being so rattling cussed!

(new child child’s cry)

Come and see your son

Welcome, Dr Chakravarthy

‘Shakthi, our grandson ought to
inherit your good qualities’

What’s my grandson’s identify?

Our household deity’s identify

You do the honors

Vetri Easwaran

Everyone is taking
me for a experience

– What was our pre-nupt?
– Aiyay! Come on

‘Your father to foot
the bill-‘

Get his college admission
proper now

I am going to convey him over when
he’s 18 months

Boy child I am actually pleased

Ought to convey him as much as
love our society

‘How will I get Rs 20000,?’

Your people did not pay up
the hospital invoice

No less than they’ll pay
the varsity charges?

Aiyay! Give it to me

What was our pre-nupt settlement?

This man?

Maintain him

Hey! Come right here


You appear to be following me
for the previous months

On this identical T-shirt!

What was your pre-nuptial

You will not inform me?


Why do not you inform me?

Why go to a college to play?

My mom and you might be at
residence on a regular basis

I come residence after work Let
him play with us

I knew you’d say this

Do not I’ve the best to
select my son’s college?

100%, Malar

However why hassle a toddler to
tick your want listing?

Let him play until he
is 5-6 years outdated

Then he can go to the
college of your alternative

I studied 1st grade
solely once I was 6

No surprise you are like this!

My bloody destiny!

Listening to my father, I agreed to
marry you and I am caught for all times

Hey! What occurred?

‘So disgusting!’

– Should not individuals we all know respect me?
– These individuals are lazy bums!

They do not even take
care of their youngsters

So what?

I’ve to face them!
Not you, proper?

I’ve to speak to them

I’ve to cross their
paths each day

‘Should not I retain my
self respect?’

Aiyo! Malar

It is not self respect

It’s conceit

To maintain up with the Joneses, ought to we
lock our little one inside partitions?

What’s your ultimate resolution?

Rs 20000, is the charges

My son has to check there

Is it doable or not?

Not doable

– My expensive son? – What, ma?

Why do not you simply agree?

I’ve given in too
usually, ma

‘Do what you need’

‘- As you want!
– Began her tantrums once more’

‘Why do you break
all the things, expensive?’

‘You’ll solely help
your son’

I am going to get you toys
price Rs 25000

You possibly can play at
residence with me

‘Nobody respects me
on this home’

‘Hearken to me, my expensive’

‘Why ought to I stay?’

‘Aiyo! Dhayalaaa!’

‘Look what she has carried out
to herself?!’

‘What occurred?’

(little one crying)



We stay in a phenomenal world,
amidst good hearted individuals

The world exists
because of them

This world is god-awful

Don’t belief a single soul, they are going to
dig your grave when you’re awake

If you happen to take a look at anybody, smile and
settle for them as your pal

Only a smile and they’re going to dance
on high of your head!

While you eat, share your meals
with the individual subsequent to you

If anybody offers you meals
do not eat even a morsel

They may kidnap you, rob you of
your kidney and make you beg

Love everybody

In order to not prosper, huh?

Love simply your individual self

Your father’s recommendation
sounds good

His father is scaring us

Whom can we observe?

What’s your father’s recommendation?

If you happen to meet a very good
individual, smile

If you happen to see a nasty man,
preserve a good way

Why purchase hassle?

We should always stay with out being
seen in any respect, son

Ought to stay with out being
seen in any respect, pa

They’re complicated us!

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Chakkarai’s ma?

I imagine they need to make
a Taj Mahal mannequin

Noticed it in his diary

We should always not do their
undertaking work

Bhai could have it readymade in his
store, simply go and purchase it

My husband has gone
there now

How does Bhai learn about
the undertaking work?

Any hyperlink between the
store and faculty?

Cease nitpicking Go
and purchase it now

Vetri, include me

‘eighth grade undertaking work Is
the rocket prepared?’

‘- Sure, Bhai – Give
it to him’

‘Give me Rs 1000 ‘

‘Taj Mahal undertaking, huh?’

‘ Thermocol Cutter’

How are you?

‘ 1 pair of scissors’

Are you planning on doing it?

No, Bhai My son will do it

Will not be the identical as
what we are able to do

Mission work is for the
scholar, not you

Be sure you place it
proper within the center

– How?
– Proper within the center, pa

Do not be over enthusiastic

Okay, pa

(van honking)

Mustn’t draw consideration

– What must you not do?
– Not draw consideration

– Be the primary one to show it
– Okay, pa

– What are you holding?
– Taj Mahal

Did your father ask you to say so?

Thoughts your corporation, sir


See you

Bye, pa

Take your palms off my bag

– Do not bang in opposition to me –
Do not break my Taj Mahal

– Transfer apart – Driver
anna, go sluggish

– I did this all on my own
– Soooper!

Aiyaiyo! My Taj Mahal

That is why I informed you not
to be a Good Alec

You are such a Scrooge and
you made him do it

So humiliating!

‘How will I face
Chakkarai’s mom?’

Cash is not any large deal

My son is precedence

He ought to acquire confidence So
I needed him to do it

Why do not you perceive that?

He was humiliated in
entrance of everybody

Why do not you get that into
your thick cranium?

Did you inform them you made it?

I did, pa

Was it unsuitable what I did, pa?

Your college is at fault

Tomorrow is Dad and mom’ assembly
You possibly can go, I will not come

Research, sports activities, actions He is
unhealthy in the entire above

He’s additionally weak

Please look into this

(listing of complaints)

Good morning

His focus in research
has lessened, sir

He is very mischievous
at school

Is that so?

(groaning in ache)

Even his homework
is incomplete

Lazy bum!

Is that so? He’ll
enhance now

– I am going to take care – Okay

If you happen to give him just a little additional
care, I will be pleased

I am going to apologize on
his behalf

Come alongside

Vetri Easwaran

Let’s go

Your son is so playful
at school

He did not do a god job of
his undertaking both


Okay, madam

Vetri, please wait
outdoors for me

I feel he is the one one who did the
undertaking work you assigned rather well

Does not matter in case you
do not encourage him

You needn’t have humiliated
him at school

He stayed up until : am
and he did a nasty job!

Pupil who acquired it from the
Bhai’s store is sweet

One who acquired an artwork scholar
to assist, excellent

This undertaking work is
for whom, madam?

College students? Dad and mom?

Bhai’s store? Arts scholar?

Vetri’s father is soooper

Look over there Govindammal,
very, excellent

Contact your coronary heart and inform me You
assume that little woman did it?

Whom are you fooling?

College students?

Dad and mom?

He’s proper in
questioning them

Or are you fooling yourselves?

– Will you inform them head to head?
– Why purchase hassle, sir?

Greatest to be unnoticed

Then why are you even seated right here?

Depart now

Do you get pleasure in itemizing out
all of the faults of our youngsters?

They’re sitting right here with
the herd mentality!

In keeping with them greater than
their youngsters being pleased

they need to retain their sense
of status in entrance of others

Solely that issues to them

A toddler will play
That is pure

Why do you spotlight it as a fault?

You complained a
dime a dozen

Know what he’ll do to
his son at residence?

Do not run in Waaaait!

Do not, do not hit our son

That is how 90 % of the
dad and mom react

How will the youngsters like their
dad and mom or the varsity?

Should not he be keen to fulfill
the lecturers in class?

You’re scary
the kids

When will you let him be free?

When will he be pleased?

None of your concern, sir

It’s MY concern, madam
Who else will ask?

That is my son’s future

If he is in hassle my son ought to imagine
his father will bail him out

What number of dad and mom right here
give that assurance?

I’ve given %
confidence to my son

– Sure, pa – Come this aspect

Sir, come up

A dad or mum is creating
a ruckus

Opening your eyes to details
is making a ruckus?

Any downside, sir?

Every thing is a
downside, sir

My son has studied
right here for years

4v totally different lecturers to date

What do they learn about my son?

How can they monitor my son?

That is not your concern

For any query of his this
is their immediate reply!

Will you inform them so?

Why ought to we purchase
hassle, si-

Why do you say ‘we’?

You got here of your individual accord

You invited us, sir

You wait on the highway to seize us!

You erect a banner with
your st ranker’s face

Tom tom to the entire world he is
your scholar and a topper

You distribute fliers, promote
on TV and create an aura

You thrust a false status
within the minds of moms

And confuse everybody

They behave like mood
tantrum queens

Strive committing suicide

My spouse drank poison to
get her manner, sir

Unable to bear the torture at residence
many males give in and wind up right here

What number of of you got here right here of
your free will, inform me?

Go searching Not even 30 %

Bloody spineless individuals!

Why did I feel you
would help me?

Disgrace on you!

Are you a communist?

Or a naxalite?

You are garnering help?

Your son is expelled

Who’re you to expel my son?

This college shouldn’t be certified sufficient
for my son to check right here

– Vetri? – Pa

Do you want this college?

No, pa

Heard that?

Ask your little one too

Greater than 50% will endorse
Vetri’s assertion

Pa, even I don’t like
this college one bi-

Let’s go

Mr Dhaya

You are ruining your son’s future thanks
to your brief mood and ego

Son’s future shouldn’t be
with the varsity

It’s inside himself

“Mankind…your complete human race The place
are you heading…which place?”

“Why make a baby undergo and
handcuff her or him?”

“This world is theirs
to stay as they please

Allow them to select what
they really feel relaxed”

Why are you standing out?

She broke all the things, son

Nothing extra left to interrupt!!

Vetri, your mom has been possessed
by an avatar of Goddess Shakthi

She will likely be okay as soon as we sprinkle neem
leaves and water, wait on the market

‘Malar, what’s your
downside now?’

‘You’re the motive
he was expelled’

‘Ought to he sit at residence and I should be
answerable to random individuals?’

‘Take care of your son Random
individuals do not rely’

‘Straightforward so that you can say!’

‘I will be the one humiliated in
entrance of those individuals’

Who’re ‘these 4 individuals’?

‘What number of college students observe
their dad and mom’ desires?’

‘And roam jobless with their
desires dozing inside’

‘With no objective in life
Neither right here nor there’

‘My son mustn’t lead such a life
His desires ought to come true’

‘Get out of the home I
do not wish to see you’

‘I’ve had sufficient
of your tantrums’

From the start all of you
have been biased about him.

Hearken to me.

I will not imagine you one bit.

No matter it’s, your fault
to have walked out

It’s all your fault

I am struggling as a result of I
trusted your alternative ..

Solely due to me, you led
a very good life until now ..

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If you cannot stay with Dhaya
you’ll be able to by no means be pleased ..

He is the best
human being ever! …

I do know he’s a humanE being! …

I am positive of that …

He would not respect
his personal wife- …

I am going to break your tooth! …

(loud voices arguing) …

How dare you hit ‘akka’! …

You are all pleased
together with your lives …

I’m the one traumatized …

‘You have got come right here, proper? This
is the tip of our happiness’ …

‘Why are you each preventing?’ …

My entire life is in shambles …

What would you like now? …

I need my son …

Do not fall for her tantrums and
lose face together with her husband …

Your sister will change her
thoughts by the minute …

Good night, Bhaskar …

– How are you? – Fantastic, sir …

I wish to meet the
headmaster …

Vetri, wait right here I am going to
be again quickly …

Why are you sitting right here, bro?

– I wish to pee – You
might have informed me …

Anytime you wish to go to the
lavatory, name me without delay, okay? …

Okay, bro …

Vetri …

– Do you want this college?
– Very a lot, pa …

You understand my husband has
a balloon sized ego …

We’re shifting .
streets away …

Why? …

As a father it’s my obligation to offer
my son a peaceable surroundings …

– You? – Sure, I’ve to …

If my son befriends your son who’s
learning in a Govt college… …

…my son will turn out to be a
nation bumpkin! …

Is your father a complete whacko?

A bit bit! …

Dhaya, we’ve got no distinction
of opinion on inheritance …

We solely take a look at life
in a different way …

That is all …

Let’s preserve a distance …

Anytime you want me
you’ll be able to name me …

Dr Chakravarthy Singamperumal?

‘Appa…?’ …

Chakkarai…? …

‘So long’ …

‘You should not meet
him in any respect’ …

– Pa…? – Get in …

Okay, pa …

‘Go together with your mom’ …

‘We do not have to be neighbors simply
as a result of we’re colleagues’ …

‘Appa’ …

‘What, my expensive?’ …

My college would not have a van?

You’re free nation
chickens …

What about them? …

They’re caged
broiler chickens …

“Colourful flowers that blossomed immediately
when watered with love yesterday” …

“Together with the breeze each day
you must sing blithely” …

“Yesterday’s grief
and sorrow” …

“Don’t carry it to the morrow
Transfer on…float” …

“Many paths lie forward, assume straight Take
the ‘Infinity stroll’ do not hesitate” …

“Who can tie us down now to
the bottom someway?” …

“It is a small world in spite of everything Let’s
encircle it, strolling tall” …

“Who can lay down guidelines unfairly to
cease our enjoyable and frolic spree?” …

“Success…victory In our
palms as stock” …

“Win, to defeat” …

“It’s no mean feat” …

“The skies we are able to fly freely
Surrounds us infinitely” …

“Those that strangle our freedom
let’s tie them to the bottom” …

“Syllabus we observe each day Not
‘life’s classes’ actually” …

“Should we study?” …

“Come out, buddy” …

“Like a sparrow and the waterfall Let’s
swerve and dive, have a ball” …

“No mountains or shores to cross
No obstacles as an albatross” …

“And not using a fault or defect open
your thoughts and join” …

“No questions or solutions
to dissect” …

“Success story…victory In
our palms passable” …

“Win, to defeat It is
no imply feat” …

He’s lacking? …

Vetri…! The place did you disappear?

Is somebody right here? Gone
to hell or what? …

Malar, what occurred? …

Vetri is lacking it appears …

That man has misplaced my son …

My son is lacking …

Bro, let’s go and discover out …

You did not take heed to
me once I informed you …

I informed you to offer
the boy to us …

Now he’s lacking …

If something occurs
to our nephew- …

Why waste time speaking to him?

Nod your head I am going to
end him off ….

Each of you recognize
me inside out ….

Higher maintain on to the respect
I’ve for you! ….

Do not let this pipsqueak
reprimand me ….

Hey! Transfer apart ….

Making issues worse! ….

Dhaya sir ….

We do not have confidence
in your confidence ….

You searched in all places
on your son? ….

Did not discover him? Then
why this rattling ego? ….

Give an official
grievance, sir ….

They may search as a substitute ….

Sir, you begin looking out He
will register a grievance ….

Because the boy’s father he
ought to inform us, sir ….

If you happen to ask him he’ll say he
has religion in humanity ….

He’ll begin
preaching to us ….

– Do you at the least have a photograph?
– Sir, . minute ….

We’re already late, pal ….

Now we have nothing to lose
listening to them ….

Flash this in all
the stations ….

Will you inform us particulars of
your son at the least now? ….

What’s your son’s identify? ….

Vetri Easwaran ….

What was he carrying? ….

Pant and shirt ….

Shade? ….

Brown pant ….

Blue shirt ….

Was he carrying footwear? ….

– What shade footwear?
– Gentle crimson ….

Is he mentally disturbed? ….

– One thing like that?
– He is an actual sensible child ….

Very energetic ….

How outdated is he? ….

Chakkarai? ….

Come and eat ….

The place are you? ….

Do not cry He’ll come again ….

(telephone rings) ….

You inform him what you recognize ….

I am going to attend to this ….

Maintain speaking if it’s a
threatening name ….

Gandhi, observe that ….

Any beginning marks? ….

He has a slight- ….

‘Dhayaaaa…!’ ….

Vetri is secure ….

It is me, Dhaya ….

#14TH.., Senthamizh highway .sixth
Block, Neyveli ….

Can I speak to Vetri? ….

Vetri…my son? ….

How are you? Did you eat? ….

How might you do that to me?

Okay, she’s going to convey you Come
again secure and sound ….

Let me speak to her ….

I am going to wait right here Please
come quickly ….

Good friend…? ….

Sure, my pal ….

My religion in humanity
is unbroken, pal ….

I need my son with me ….

The boy has been discovered
You possibly can go away now ….

Let me see the boy ….

Oh! Reunion ….

‘APPA….!’ ….

Let go of the kid ….

Give him to me ….

Vetri, I’m right here for you ….

Shut your eyes ….

– Appa…!
– Let go of the boy ….

I am right here Do not be scared ….

How are you going to stand and watch them
hitting each father and son? ….

Seize them each ….

‘Make them disperse or it’s going to
blow out of proportion’ ….

‘He’s our sister’s son’ ….

Appa! ….

‘Let me go’ ….

‘He’ll spoil that
boy’s life’ ….

‘Do not assume you have
escaped’ ….

‘I understand how to get
your son again’ ….

Malar, take heed to me ….

You’re repeatedly taking
unsuitable choices ….

Your brothers have their
personal lives to steer ….

You may be on their own ….

How are you going to stay alone? You want
somebody to battle with! ….

Include me Now we have
to make it work ….

I do not need any rattling
factor with you ….

– What would you like?
– I need my son ….

Will not a mom know to
elevate her son? ….

These should not phrases of affection
However a bruised ego! ….

Our son cannot begin his life
on a unsuitable footing ….

Poor Vetri! Why spoil his life?

Let’s each elevate him ….

I understand how to get him
again from you ….

If you happen to stand right here I am going to
lose my mood ….

Do not you break that! ….

It was a part of my trousseau!

You heard her, proper? We’ll
meet you in court docket ….

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‘Do not I’ve any proper
in my very own home?’ ….

Vetri ….

Between us, no matter perhaps the
distinction of opinion… ….

…we are going to give and take ….

You’re part of each of us
We’ll do that on your sake ….

We will likely be collectively until
our final breath ….

We promise you this on
your umbilical wire ….

‘Do not be petrified of
appa Dr Chakkarai’ ….

Hey! Depart him alone ….

He will not strip ….

‘- Gawd! My father is right here
– Give me the bat’ ….

‘Chakkarai, run’ ….

‘Come, huh? Courageous coronary heart!’ ….

‘I really feel like smash-‘ ….

– Hey! Mayil – I am going to
smash his head ….

Let’s go ….

I’ve solely seen a
breathless sprinter ….

You are learning with
such deep breaths ….

You may make a very good physician ….

What, ma? ….

Holding the e book
the other way up ….

“I’m mesmerized by you completely
You may be my fiancée” ….

‘Maintain your tickets prepared
for checking’ ….

Take your ticket out ….

‘He hasn’t acquired a
ticket, sir’ ….

‘Make him stand proper
on the again’ ….

‘Hey! Include me’ ….

‘What are you looking out?
Present me your ticket’ ….

– What occurred?
– My ticket is lacking ….

Present me ….

Present me your ticket, bro ….

I purchased it Cannot
discover it now ….

What a lame excuse! ….

Are you a pickpocket? ….

‘Do not accuse me Take
your palms off’ ….

‘- Come down – I’ll
pay the wonderful’ ….

‘- Do not manhandle me
– Get down’ ….

Driver, halt ….

I felt actually unhappy
for her, pa ….

What if she had been humiliated!

Why do not individuals belief one another?

We should always keep on with
our values ….

Give me . tickets ….

2 tickets please ….

– Why did you try this?
– I took your recommendation ….

– ‘We should always keep on with our values’
– That is taking it too far! ….

Pa, once I see that woman my
limbs begin trembling ….

I can hear my very own heartbeat ….

Lub-dub, lub-dub it echoes ….

My abdomen somersaults, pa ….

Entire world is spinning, pa ….

Come near me, please ….

What? ….

What now? ….

I’ve this sudden
urge to pee ….

– 3 tickets – The place to? ….

– The place? – Hazard zone! ….

Hazard- ….

Why harmful? ….

Maintain the ticket
secure with you ….

– Appa…pa – What…? ….

Do not get flustered ….

Appa? ….

I must pee ….

I acquired a ticket ….

I acquired a ticket for you too ….

I’m his father ….

Come, sit right here ….

Do not be scared Sit with us ….

Come ….

Do not be tense ….

Calm down ….

What’s your identify? ….

Rashita Banu ….

The place does your father work?

He has a cell eatery
subsequent to the bus stand ….

Let’s get down proper now ….

Why get hyper? ….

Wait, son ….

Are you aware him? ….

I’ve seen him ….

Our home is close by ….

Will you are available in for
a cup of espresso?

Speak to one another ..

He is not saying a
phrase to me, uncle ..

Are you prepared to speak? ..

Yeah! ..

What does ‘yeah’ imply? ..

I got here as soon as to speak to you ..

You acted dear and
turned your face away ..

You need me to drool all
over you or what? ..

Why did not you say one thing?

Hahn? …

What does ‘hahn’ imply?! …

If you happen to keep in mind I began a
dialog as soon as with you …

You ignored me completely …

– When? – ..12 th
of final month …

Time 04:36. …

‘There was an empty seat I referred to as
you to sit down subsequent to me’ …

However you did not wish to …

I assumed you have been
evident at me …

I spoke with my eyes and also you
thought I glared at you! …

Why could not you speak, dumbo!

Then why say ‘eye-talk’
or ‘feet-walk’? …

My palms will speak if
you act over sensible …

My palms can speak too! …

I may also slap you …

Okay, uncle I am leaving now …

Thanks for trusting me and
coming right here once I invited you …

You possibly can go to us
anytime you want …

However together with your dad and mom’
data …

Bye, uncle …

– Bye, da – Bye! …

Vetri …

Appa? …

How is the ‘feeling’ now? …

Lub-dub Heartbeat? …

Soooper clear, pa …

A lady is… …

…the alternative intercourse
That is all …

They really feel and react like
the best way we do too …

Ought to by no means pollute
our minds …

If destructive ideas accumulate
the beast in you’ll erupt …

Make you resort to knife,
acid, violence …

5. minutes of exchanging ideas
you will be squeaky-clean …

You may be the most effective
human being …

– What? – I am very fortunate, pa …

I’m the fortunate one! …

Have you ever all completed? …

Sure, over …

– Acquire all of the papers
– Okay, ‘ka …

Give me your paper …

Give it to me …

Glory …

– Akka? – Distribute right here …

Move it on this aspect …

Right here …

Right one another’s papers however
be honest in your marking …

Rajesh …

Marvel who has my paper! …

Whose is that this? …

Do not know however an actual dumbass!

All unsuitable solutions Identify
Neelanandhini …

The woman within the
sandalwood costume …

You will be beneficiant with
your marks for her …

Right her solutions and
make her pleased! …

‘Now use this example
to your benefit’ …

Whoever it’s I all the time
mark it …100% …

However my paper will get marked .0/100.

All yours …

‘Acquire the papers in case you’ve
completed correcting’ …

Chakravarthy …

Thanks, ‘ka …

– Glory? – ‘Ka …

Thanks, ‘ka …

Mayilvahanam …

I am going to rip you to items …

You may get it
royally from me …

Right here …

Who the hell corrected mine? …

Uncle Scrooge! …


She’s questioning who
this King Pari is! …

Aiyaiyo! …

Not me …

Come quickly …

The woman’s thoughts is now
open for a chit-chat …

Locked up, it is a burden
Unloaded, it is heaven! …

I’m right here for you Be
courageous and speak …

Let me get down first …

Go …

‘Do not talk about teachers
Select another matter’ …

‘I do not assume he’ll say a
single phrase to her!’ …

‘Why purchase hassle? Would possibly as
nicely not get seen!’ …

‘Mayil?’ …

‘You will not utter a single
syllable for one more decade’ …

Hey Chakkarai! What’s
troubling you? …

What occurred? …

Pace breaker thoughts, huh? …

I understand how to deal with this …

I am going to strive it on you …

‘Speak to one another’ ….

Do not need to be so formal! ….

Sit down and speak ….

Vetri ….

Appa? ….

What’s occurring right here? ….

You understand how I acquired hassled? ….

He’s affected by the
identical downside, pa ….

He has been going round in
circles along with his cycle ….

How are you, Chakkarai? ….

Present, uncle ….

How is your father? ….

I simply enquired about
him, that is all ….

Why are your palms trembling now?

What occurred? ….

Dangerous upbringing, pa ….

Vetri!! ….

Did you supply them espresso? ….

Give him a paracetamol additionally ….

Go residence and take relaxation ….

– Ba-bag – Over there ….

Drink your espresso ….

Take care ….

Appears to be like like he’ll get pneumonia!

‘Ought to by no means pollute
our minds’ ….

‘I wish to pee’ ….

Sit down, expensive ….

The place do you keep? ….

Ambedkar nagar, sir ….

The place does your father work?

Father is…no extra, sir ….

Drink your espresso ….

Hello Nandhini Leaving, huh? ….

‘Thanks for trusting me and
accepting my invitation’ ….

‘You possibly can go to us
anytime y

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