This information is particular to Atlantica World, when gamers first rush into it; this can turn out to be outdated after the primary 3 or so months into World.
The ‘rankings’ we’ll be going by aren’t how highly effective or helpful the mercenaries are, alone; it’s closely influenced by the restricted scope of alternative (4 mercs) that you’ve. Some gamers will deal with PVE, some PVP (FL), and a few with a little bit of each, so I’ll give a quantity/rating based mostly on such.
Rating 1 (Finest) – to – 6 (Worst). A reminder that you’ll have a complete of 4 decisions/these summon orbs.
1: You in all probability actually wish to get this merc.
2: Almost definitely going to get them in some unspecified time in the future.
3: Wouldn’t advocate selecting them, however not a nasty alternative.
4: Are you certain you wish to decide this one? There’s higher decisions.
5: You’re actually memeing at this level.
6: No.

  • Khun Phaen – Warlord (PVE/1-PVP/3) – YA BOI WARLORD is what virtually everybody says to choose proper off the bat. Why? As a result of his summon is actually non-existant and his books too. That being stated, his abilities price 1/2 the Atlas Ore in comparison with abilities for Class A mercs on this checklist and have extra utility/use than most of them. Moreover, he’s your important buffer towards mid/late recreation. Simply decide him up should you’re going to focus in your important in any respect.
  • Rin – Puppeteer (PVE/1-PVP/3) – Fairly helpful, particularly due to her AP ability, which supplies a full flip over with 50~150 AP in PVE. Can be helpful in PVP for area of interest/clutch functions. Tremendous vital mid-to-late recreation, as some mains will depend on her to do a ton of harm, by simply recycling AP.
  • Kim Yoo Shin – Hwarang (PVE/6-PVP/6) – His summon is among the first from this marble that’s out there through a quest. Moreover, his books received’t be too exhausting to return by.
  • Guan Yu – Basic (PVE/2-PVP/3) – He’s one of many mercenaries that’s out there a bit later than most of those mercs within the checklist. That being stated, his books might be acquired from Three Kingdoms’ Skirmishes/TBS’ (130~150). Summon is from a quest that will likely be pretty costly to begin out with, so maybe is an efficient third or 4th decide.
  • Gigas – Automaton (PVE/3-PVP/4) – To make clear, he is an efficient mercenary, and the raid from Titan is very easy for him. Nevertheless, he’s not as versatile because the Folklorist in help functions and cannons for bodily harm functions are form of lame (vary that may’t hit flyers). Personally would advocate Grimm Brothers over this man, merely as a result of they’re extra versatile.
  • Roro Kidul – Goddess (PVE/4-PVP/2) – She’s the costlier Monk (can have two Monks), so maybe higher to simply decide him. That being stated, she might be clearly highly effective in PVP. Her summon orb is tremendous uncommon to return by, oddly as a result of the drop charge on one of many quest gadgets is ridiculously low. Her books can even be costly, initially, however over time, not too dangerous.
  • Mwindo – Sorceress (PVE/3-PVP/3) – One other in style PVP/META merc that can presumably be used early on in World. Her drawback will likely be her books are solely accessible at round 140~150, in order that’ll be tough. Her summon/books will get less expensive over time.
  • Grimm Brothers – Folklorist (PVE/2-PVP/3) – His dungeon isn’t out there till Lv 155, so his summon will keep actually costly for some time. His abilities will likely be at the same case, however more than likely, individuals will likely be farming a ton of books earlier than the summons drop alot.
  • Riva Faust – Necromancer (PVE/4-PVP/2) – She’ll be an early PVP/META merc form of like Mwindo. Books will likely be actually exhausting to return by, nevertheless. The summon can also be practically inconceivable to get with out IM, so an choice for these PVPers.
  • Morrighan – Valkyrie (PVE/5-PVP/4) – She might be closely helpful, however her abilities/summon will likely be simply accessible a bit earlier than mid-game (Lv100~120).
  • Leonidas – Spartan (PVE/4-PVP/5) – Identical story as Valkyrie. Helpful, but in addition simply accessible when Nation Dungeons come round for the playerbase.
  • Anne Bonny – Pirate (PVE/2-PVP/4) – She is a distinct case than the previous two, as her summon orb goes to seemingly be very exhausting to return by, principally as a result of the Davy Jones’ Coronary heart not often ever drops from the boss within the Ghost Ship ND, which a ton of individuals will likely be looking for. Her books, nevertheless, ought to be very easy to return by, as soon as the ND is ran sufficient.
  • Hassan – Janissary (PVE/5-PVP/5) – He’s not fully horrible, however his package is very missing and closely area of interest. Not a good selection.

  • Naruk – Druid (PVE/5-PVP/4) – He’s going to be exhausting to ability up, because the Squad Dungeon’s drop charge for his books are fairly dangerous. Moreover, his package is simply unhappy with solely 2 abilities that many different mercs can substitute him for.

  • Odysseus – Champion (PVE/4-PVP/5) – He’s form of a distinct segment merc, that pairs significantly with the extra sword mercs you’ve got in your kind. Doing that, nevertheless, form of provides much less flexibility, however nonetheless a great merc. His books/summon can be found in 120~140 TBS’, so not likely a good selection, as his stuff will likely be farmed fairly fast.

  • Chironia – Centaur Archer (PVE/3-PVP/4) – Expertise can be found from a Raid in Titan, which is a bit powerful, however manageable with the appropriate setup. Not but scaled for magic harm; her package relies off of principally proc-damage in PVE. Possibly some sniping/DoT use in CL, however not nice in FL.

  • Paganini – Minstrel (PVE/5-PVP/3) – She’ll have some use in early PVP, however will in all probability die out after the primary month or two. In order that being stated, it’s in all probability not good to leap on her summon from right here. Would advocate doing her quest as a substitute.

  • Frank Reade – Punisher (PVE/5-PVP/5) – Simply do his quest when you may get round to it. There’s higher decisions.

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Extra Notes/Suggestions:

An added edit (to the beneath remark/picture)–Dragon’s Treasure Chest can even be out there in mentor/mentee quest rewards.

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