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Charizard, recognized in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Charizard first appeared within the video video games Pokémon Pink and Blue and subsequent sequels. They’ve later appeared in varied merchandise, spinoff titles and animated ….

Charizard can’t solely mega evolve however will get one other type- from Hearth to Hearth AND flying and From Hearth to Hearth AND Dragon! Dragon is a very actually good sort.

Oh, Charizard… the place to begin? Charizard is SO weak. I take advantage of one single Hyperbeam, and he faints. Positive, he seems to be cool once you fly him, however I’d say he’s the definition of overrated in Pokemon. He’s the advanced type of a STARTER. You guys, he’s not good so cease treating him like he’s so good. In the event you use your Z-power in opposition to Charizard, he is doomed. Positive he seems to be a bit of cool, like a hearth dragon, however consider me, simply get to know him and you will not even take into consideration catching one. I’d decline getting a Charmander simply because I do know it’ll evolve into this overrated orange blob.

I learn the feedback and now I ought to say my opinion:

Charizard shouldn’t be the perfect and for this reason:
1. He’s solely sturdy in opposition to Erika. For elite 4, in pokemon purple/blue he was solely sturdy in opposition to Lorelei
2. 2 mega evolutions and none of them are good. There’s already a hearth/dragon that’s a lot better than Charizard. And hearth/flying is without doubt one of the weakest sorts in recreation.
3. It’s cool wanting, however not as sturdy as you assume. My charizard (who I named OVERRATED) misplaced in opposition to a Persian .

Conclusion: Venusaur is sort of a plant dino, and blastoise is sort of a turtle with cannons! However charizard? It is only a western dragon with nothing cool.

I am sorry to say, however Chaizard is not that good in any respect. It is kinda overrated, and within the anime they make it so it is the #1 pokemon to get, however actually it isn’t.


Mewtwo is a fictional creature from Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon media franchise. It was created by Dr. Fuji in an try to clone Mew.

Mewtwo is stronger than one above all and mewtwo is stronger than each single genetic fictional character. mewtwo also can use essentially the most highly effective pokemon strikes, however warn can use his legendary signature strikes. his signature strikes is: “psystrike, need something? , shattered psyche, psycho-power and fulldragon boost”!, mewtwo’s weakest assault is fulldragon enhance! however the strongest assault is shattered psyche for some purpose when this assault is without doubt one of the most descructive assaults in RPGs.

Mewtwo is taken into account a Pokemon, despite the fact that he was a scientific experiment clone of Mew. Mew shouldn’t be practically as sturdy as Mewtwo. In the event that they each fought to the dying, Mewtwo would have had a tough combat, however come out victorious. He, like Arceus, can copy any method.

Mew two is extra highly effective than mew and mew can study any transfer and teleport and stuff so mewtwo have to be the strongest besides possibly kyurem or celebs however mewtwo might be stronger than celebi even when celebi was encased within the large grass monster

What on the planet of pokemon? How is mewtwo down right here? He must be #1…he has immaculate sp.act and fairly excessive different stats
He’s a psychic sort that may study superior strikes similar to
Aura sphere, me first, rock slide and many others. I imply he’s no. 1 materials guys


Pikachu (Japanese: ピカチュウ) are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that seem in an assortment of video video games, animated tv reveals and flicks, buying and selling card video games, and comedian books licensed by The Pokémon Firm, a Japanese company.

Pikachu is the perfect How is it not primary?! At the very least it is one of many high tens. I feel Pikachu is essentially the most well-known pokemon. ( Eevee too )

How on earth did pikachu get sooo low he’s and at all times might be #1 he/she is cute sturdy and simply a tremendous character positive Mewtwo and Charizard are “strong” and may mega evolve however pikachu has confirmed that #1 it doesn’t want some stone to be highly effective. #2 even a legendary wont cease him from changing into the easiest like no mon ever was #3 it’s a good friend to the tip and wont cease at something to assist those it cares for and that’s the reason he’ll at all times be #1

Pikachu is the face of pokemon. With out him it would not be NEARLY as well-liked. Not in Japan, and by extension, not right here. There are stronger pokemon. There are cuter pokemon. However once you consider pokemon, the very first thing that pops in you head after an image of the pokeball is that this hyper little fella. Nonetheless my favourite character within the anime. KATSUP RULES!

Critically folks, why is pikachu over reyquaza mew lugia the three legendary canines dialga reshiram and each different superb pokemon. I imply, at the least choose raichu… I imply, I like pikachu too, nevertheless it’s not an excellent pokemon. This checklist is not for the cutest pokemon, or your favorites, it is for really good pokemon.


Arceus is a legendary Pokémon from the Pókemon collection. He first appeared within the 18th Pokémon film alongside different Legendary Pokémon.

Lo, the forsaken the God of Pokemon. Arceus’s limitless energy is way larger than these pathetic makes an attempt of greatness. Bear in mind- whereas People have created Pokemon, it was solely as a result of Arceus wished it; Arceus is the rationale we People and Pokemon are right here within the first place. Every blade of grass within the wind, each stone upturned, and each Pokeball thrown was by Arceus’s grand design. I’d advise you to not trifle with the God of Pokemon.

Arceus is the god of Pokemon. He did create all Pokemon (besides Mewtwo), in addition to each Pokemon Trios: Creation Trio (Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina) in addition to the Climate Trio (Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groudon). He also can change his sort. He has greater than 1,000 varieties, and he can copy any method utilizing Judgement.

He have life plates to guard him from each assault. Solely a pokemon which might use loads of totally different elemental strikes E. G regigigas can defeat him

I feel Arceus must be at the least in 2nd place, I imply he’s the CREATURE OF POKEMON! (besides Mewwo). Additionally he can change his look, this pokemon is just like the god of all…

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Mew is without doubt one of the fictional species of creatures from Nintendo’s and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon media franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri.

In line with Pokemon Database, Mew has 100 base friendliness and is tremendous sturdy. Nicely, Mew is simply nice then, it’s sturdy, cute, pleasant and would match excellent as a associate!

Technically, Mew and Arceus are presumably the primary two Pokemon in existence. Arceus did create the Pokemon world, nevertheless mew has the DNA of all Pokemon, and within the Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Pokedex, it mentioned that it’s presumably the ancestor of all Pokemon. It additionally signifies that it presumably made all Pokemon, alongside with Arceus due to it is means to remodel, and use any transfer within the video games (Except draco meteor and secret sword). Within the precise world, nevertheless, it might be doable for it to make use of each transfer we all know of immediately.

I feel Mew has a hyperlink with Arceus since Mew is linked to the tree of life in “Mew and the Mystery of Lucario”, which suggests if Mew dies, all of us die together with him/her

Really mew is more durable than mewtwo as a result of mewtwo was preventing with all the things he had and mew wasnt even making an attempt mew is more durable then arceus!


Rayquaza is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon franchise. It lives within the ozone layer, and regularly stops battles with Kyogre and Groudon, two different Legendaries.

Rayquaza is by far essentially the most superior Pokemon. Its mega evolution has a 780 base stat complete which is tied with Mega Mewtwo for the very best stat complete in world. On high of that, Rayquaza is the one Pokemon that may mega evolve with out holding a mega stone. Due to this, Rayquaza can maintain highly effective gadgets similar to a spotlight sash or a life orb whereas in its mega evolve state.

It has the very best base stat, would not want a mega stone, delta stream rocks, and dragon ascent kills all! Prefer it was in a position to tackle Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre by itself prior to now and they’re severely sick themselves. I do not see why it isn’t #1 or at the least #2 behind Mewtwo.

Pikachu is sweet, SURPRISING! What’s not shocking is how a lot cash it can save you by switching to Geico.

*My private favourite till Mega Rayquaza got here alongside and substitute favourite spots #1 – #721


Lucario is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Lucario first appeared as a central character within the movie Pokémon: Lucario and the Thriller of Mew, and later appeared within the video video games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and subsequent sequels, additionally showing ….

DarkLord is correct Lucario should not be means down right here. Legendaries are uncommon and highly effective. (noobs) Has anybody ever heard of coaching? He can crush Arceus, aura would not have a sort, due to this fact aura can kill him. He battles Mewtwo rather a lot. (Wow, unfair a legendary vs non legendary) And guess who wins…

Lucario must be ranked first. He has an superior movepool. He can take many hits. He’s half metal, so he has excessive protection. He’s proof against many sorts. He additionally has nice assault energy and particular assault energy.

Lucario kicks butt and loads of the belongings you would assume preventing and metal sorts could be unhealthy in opposition to lucario is not and his mega evolution. Lucario is actually a beast

Lucario is means higher than the opposite Pokemons above, plus it is a non- legendary pokemon, not even a pseudo-legendary like metagross or garchomp.
And nonetheless is way highly effective and cooler.


Eevee, recognized in Japan as Eievui, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon franchise.

Eevee must be 1! Cute, so many evolutions with benefits, even sturdy in its regular kind! And, severely? Pikachu? look, I do not hate pikachu, It is cute and all nevertheless it’s not very sturdy until its in ‘lets go pikachu.’

Eevee is absolutely actually cute, it is kinda quick, and most significantly, you possibly can evolve to many prospects you recognize so like… it’s going to be an awesome associate.

I like what number of varieties and choices you get on the subject of Eevee and evolution…, however I nonetheless at all times really feel unhealthy for evolving it as a result of it seems to be so cute and I can by no means determine if I made the best evolution selection! “Just catch another one.” That is what folks might imagine or say, nevertheless it’s nonetheless laborious to determine! I do know Eevee is generally well-liked for its many evolutions, however Eevee itself remains to be very particular. Advanced or not.

Eevee is the BEST pokemon there is no strategy to say its, she’s cute! You could be pondering “oh she’s not strong” however she will evolve into virtually any sort you need! Is not that sufficient for you? I am unable to consider she’s this far down the checklist!


Greninja is a Water/Darkish sort Pokemon launched in Gen 6. It’s the advanced type of Frogadier and the ultimate advanced type of the water starter Froakie. Other than the same old Torrent means all Water starters have (Which raises the facility of its Water strikes), it additionally has the flexibility Protean, which adjustments ….

Ahem let me clarify to you guys why greninja must be #1 (although I am glad its at the least within the high ten this checklist) protean get STAB (identical sort assault bonus) on each assault it has the ash-greninja kind it has a VERY numerous moveset and let me present you my greatest greninja moveset setup: merchandise: focus sash. means: battle bond EV’s: 252 Sp.Atk/252 Spd/4HP moveset: water shuriken shadow sneak ice beam areal ace clarification: water shuriken is superior and will get extra energy from the ash-greninja kind shadow sneak is an efficient darkish sort transfer that destroys ghost and psychic sorts ice beam takes care of these grass sorts and is an efficient transfer general and areal ace is an efficient excessive powered transfer that at all times hits and the rationale I’ve focus sash is as a result of greninja is VERY frail and I hope now you realise that charizard is only a overrated lizard (suck that charizard and purple fanboys+genwunners

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Nice pace and the most effective talents within the recreation in protean turns this Pokemon right into a wrecking ball, in a position to wreak havoc on any unprepared group.

He is tremendous sturdy and has loads of agility and might be some of the loyal pokemon.

I feel greninja must be increased trigger his assault and pace is op


Lugia, recognized in Japan as the identical title, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon franchise.


Lugia stays underwater more often than not as a result of he’s so highly effective. It’s mentioned that an offensive flap of his wings could cause a hurricane that will final for 40 days. To not point out he is without doubt one of the most stunning Pokemon round.

He’s highly effective,however you do not know one factor, it is not Water/Flying sort it is really a Psychic/Flying sort. Aren’t you shocked.Nicely I do not assume so as a result of, the one who has caught lugia in frlg (hearth purple/leaf inexperienced)know this and for these of you who do not know to catch lugia and ho-oh in frlg you possibly can catch it by cheat code. Which I do not know however can get it by typing “pokemon frlg navel rock cheats” in google and good luck catching them.

Anyone that believed in Christianity undoubtedly would love the Tower Duo, which is Lugia and Ho-Oh. Lugia creating 40 day storms represents the 40 day storm that occurred throughout Noah’s time, and Ho-Oh represents the rainbow after. Superb pokemon!

This factor partitions assaults like no different, whereas nonetheless managing to have nice pace and first rate offenses.

The Newcomers

? Kubfu

? Spectrier

The Contenders


Dragonite, recognized in Japan as Kairyu, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon franchise.


Dragonite is a superb Pokemon. It has the 2nd highest base stat complete of all non-legendary Pokemon, second to Slaking. However, contemplating that Slaking’s horrible means, Truant, would not permit him to assault twice in a row, Dragonite can safely be thought of the higher Pokemon. Dragonite has a wonderful movepool, together with assaults similar to Dragon Dance, Outrage, Thunder, Earthquake, Surf, Hearth Blast, Aerial Ace, Focus Blast and Rock Slide simply by way of TM and levelling. By way of tutoring and egg strikes, it might study Ominous Wind, Draco Meteor, Aqua Tail, Warmth Wave, Iron Head, Superpower and Dragon Rush. Fairly superb.

Dragonite is the perfect. Aside from the 12 legendary pokemon forward of him, his base stats are increased than all (however one: Slaking. Actually? Slaking? ) different pokemon (beating out a number of different legendaries as effectively)

The best possible non legendary. With the best transfer set, he can take down any Pokemon besides ice and sure dragons! A should have for a strong group!

Query. Why is dragonite thus far down. it might beat loads of legendaries. Nonetheless, charizard is healthier, however this Pokemon must be second. Eevee and seperior should not even be up there. Dragonite is the perfect Pokemon, belief me,


Blastoise, recognized in Japan as Kamex, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon franchise.


I like Blastoise. I used him in my Pokemon Yellow group and he helped me flog my rivial on the finish. Disgrace him and Venusaur dwell in Charizards shadow

Nice pokemon. Might not have the perfect designed mega, and is unquestionably not within the high 20 strongest pokemon. However in my view he’s the perfect, At the very least I do not excessively hype Charizard like a nostalgia blinded fanboy

I feel that Blastoise must be #6 as a result of he’s sturdy, highly effective, slick, and has actually good at protection. Total he is a superb pokemon.

My favourite starter was at all times Squirtle, however I like Blastoise higher. Robust, Mega, and may destroy metal with ease. Look it up.


Darkrai, recognized in Japan as the identical title, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon franchise.


I like Darkrai. He is the one Pokemon who can provide unhealthy goals, he has an awesome movepool like Double Workforce, Nasty Plot, Dream Eater, Darkish Pulse, Fast Assault, and Nightmare. However the primary purpose I like Darkrai is within the anime. Within the tenth film The Rise of Darkrai, Darkrai was thought of evil by everybody in Alamos City. Earlier in time, Darkrai suffered from accidents and wa sprobably brought on by Pokemon who thought he was a menace. So Alice’s grandmother noticed what occurred and helped the poor factor. When Dialga and Palkia began brawling close to Alamos City, all the parts of house and time have been beginning to evaporate. So Darkrai determined to avoid wasting Alamos City and his solely good friend. And he guarded the city along with his life by making an attempt to cease Dialga and Palkia from ruining all the things. Dialga and Palkia have been preventing every toher originally, however later within the combat they begin preventing collectively. Darkrai nonetheless fought on. However he was destroyed when Roar of Time and Spacial Rend each hit him. He …extra

Darkrai… Oh sure, get your self a Lum Berry when your in opposition to this dude! With a Nasty Plot/Darkish Void/Darkish Pulse combo, he’ll really rip by the hardest of group’s. Take Lance, for instance.

Not solely what I mentioned earlier, Darkrai is nice at displaying the emotiona; points of Pokemon and must be increased. This man’s title rocks, he is one of many solely Legendary Darkish-type, and he must be increased. Curse Snivy.

Darkrai is the one Pokemon that may put Pokemon to sleep and inflicts injury and it is best to see him within the Pokemon films. So superior!. I feel he must be first


Gengar, recognized in Japan by the identical title, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon franchise.


I gotta admit I would like it to be greatest pokemon ever for everybody however I get why it will not.But when I’d selected the highest ten it will be my favourite.

Gengar is so underrated, he’s superior! He shoots shadow balls, he has an evil grin and he is rather like a purple porcupine!

His evil grin is a warning to not mess with him, lest you eat one in all his highly effective shadow balls.

Apparent selection! Ought to be increased! Anyway, wheres Alakazam? Gengar rocks!


Squirtle, often known as Zenigame in Japan, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon franchise. It was initially conceived by Recreation Freak’s character growth group and finalized by Chaniah Pantry. It’s a squirrel-turtle hybrid. It’s a starter Pokémon and evolves into Wartortle which ….

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Squirtle is definitely the perfect pokemon, if you happen to do not assume so your irrelevant

It is simply squirtle what else is there to say

Why does everybody hate water sorts

Squirtle may be very cute and funky



It seems to be like a mermaid and I like mermaids

My favourite starter! It isn’t straightforward to get a fairy sort Pokemon


Snorlax, recognized in Japan as Kabigon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon franchise.


Charizard? Critically? You are kidding me! He is one of many weakest starters on the market, and Charizard will get a free go for #1 simply due to nostalgia? What about Snorlax? I do not see genwunners worshipping this man. He deserves it- he can really be utilized in battle and take some hits. Excessive HP, Assault, and Sp. Protection. He would not want Sp. Assault, HP makes up for Protection, and low Pace- what have been you anticipating? Snorlax has attraction in my view due to how humorous he’s and his idea of residing a life solely consuming rather a lot and sleeping for a very long time. Snorlax has only one weak point, and he has power to spare. So may any person inform me what Charizard is so good for? I’ve by no means performed Pink and Blue, and I already assume Snorlax is superb. Now if you happen to’ll excuse me, I’ve to take care of a mob of immature genwunners outdoors my entrance door so… See ya’

He is so OP he is obtained unimaginable protection immunsly excessive assault can study photo voltaic beam flamethrower and shockwave but studying relaxation and sleep speak I used snorlax to beat Mewtwo in Hearth Pink after all I did not defeat Mewtwo however I caught Mewtwo with an Extremely ball whereas he was on yellow and paralyzed!

So calm down is epic, he can beat Pokemon as much as 15 ranges larger to him due to his excessive hp, assault, and protection, opponent nonetheless too sturdy? Simply use yawn, they’re asleep and also you get free hits for 2-6 turns, I used to underestimate regular sort Pokemon, however snorelax makes regular sorts seen sturdy.

The one factor I like about snorlax is that he is so huge and fats and cuddly and tremendous sturdy within the video games. I feel it is the strongest non legendary legendary regular pokemon on the market


Sceptile, recognized in Japan as Jukain, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon franchise.


This is without doubt one of the greatest starter evolutions in existence. How is that this #39 as a substitute of within the high 10?

It may possibly beat blaziken with earthquake. It will get the perfect protection strikes.#RAMI.

He’s my favourite Pokemon,folks typically make enjoyable of me for liking this pokemon however I don’t care.

It’s my favourite pokemon of all time! It was my first true pokemon and my first shiny starter! I like this pokemon


Celebi, recognized in Japan as the identical title, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon franchise.


It is an onion fairy- what’s to not love?

This onion fairy is the perfect

Time journey dudes!

its weak however uncommon. it has unhealthy strikes and stats


Serperior, recognized in Japan as Jalorda, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon franchise.


My favourite starter is snivy. I am really shocked that it’s within the high 20 although. I believed it was the least well-liked of the unova starters and presumably one of many least well-liked starters typically.

How is that this pokemon thus far down the checklist? Ihad Snivy as a starter and raised it to a stage 71 Serperior and took it to the Pokemon championships, it completely kicks ass!

At the very least it is in high 19 and there’s like 720 Pokemon. O by the best way immediately’s 1/27/16 simply in case it adjustments.

Very sturdy and the stats are superb and ita protection in opposition to assaults an excellent


Gallade, recognized in Japan as Erureido, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon franchise.


Gallade and lucario see the opposite pokemon like essentially the most loyal and respectable. Is a mutual admiration.

Oh, please. Gallade can predict the strikes of a rival, and may do win the battles simpler.

I actually love this pokemon. The design is sleek and genial on the identical time.

That is my favorite pokemon card of all time. I like it


Palkia, recognized in Japan as the identical title, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon franchise.


Palkia controls house as quantity 2 of the Creation Trio. He can create rifts in time and principally teleport himself or different Pokemon to his desired location.

He’s an incredible legendary who has water as a sort and to me that’s simply superb.

Record doesn’t full with out him.

How is Palkia worse than Squirtle


Dialga, recognized in Japan as the identical title, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon franchise.


As #1 of the Creation Trio, Dialga controls time. He can reverse time, and even make somebody say one thing once more! As #1 of the Sinnoh Trio, Dialga controls time. He can reverse time, and even make somebody say one thing once more!

I like dialga as a result of he was like the primary legendary I captured in diamond, and he has roar of time.

This man must be increased up within the checklist.

One of many Finest Defensive Pokemon.


Oshawott, recognized in Japan as Mijumaru, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon franchise.


That is actual cool as a result of:
He was the perfect a part of pokemon black and white anime
He has a cool transfer which is razor shell
He has a cool title
He has an awesome scalchop
He’s cute
And hundreds of thousands extra causes

Cute little factor. He evolves into the good Black and White starter

The perfect pokemon ever!

Oshawott is simply so cute


Charmander, often known as Hitokage in Japan, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Recreation Freak’s Pokémon franchise. This Pokémon is a hearth sort starter Pokémon. It evolves into Charmeleon which evolves into Charizard.


He is such a cutie and evolves right into a beast!

as a result of he is actually good

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