Huge Golem

Well being factors

50 ( × 25)

Assault power

Regular: 2 (
Laborious: 3 (
Thrown block:
Simple: 3 (
Regular: 4 (
Laborious: 5 (

Simple: 2 ( Regular: 2 ( Laborious: 3 ( Thrown block:Simple: 3 ( Regular: 4 ( Laborious: 5 (


Mild degree of seven or much less on the floor of the Overworld.

First appearances

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Frequent drops

Any block(s) that shaped its physique

Uncommon drops

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Block connect




Entity ID


Huge golems are hostile mobs that may type themselves utilizing blocks.


Huge golems naturally spawn on the floor of the Overworld in gentle ranges of seven or much less. They don’t spawn underground.


A giant golem will drop the entire blocks it used to type its physique with, and both a block of diamond, block of emerald, block of gold, or block of iron when it dies, however provided that the golem explodes. The golem won’t drop something if they’re killed with a bow, killed too shortly, or if the mobGriefing gamerule is ready to false.


A giant golem will start to type its physique and put up its protect if the participant is inside a 16 block radius, and can stay passive if the participant stays out of its 16 block vary. Nevertheless, a giant golem can see the participant from farther than 16 blocks, and may throw blocks at you from fairly a distance.

When a giant golem notices the participant, it is going to begin to collect blocks within the close by surroundings. When the golem kinds itself with blocks, it first covers up its core, then it kinds its legs and arms. The golem can stroll round as quickly as its knees are shaped. Nevertheless, the participant can break the blocks off its legs after which it will likely be unable to maneuver. If sufficient blocks are eliminated, its core shall be uncovered. However getting a chance like this may show tough, as the massive golem will continually attempt to purchase alternative blocks.

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Each time a block is acquired, the massive golem is healed (the quantity of the therapeutic varies with the problem). If a giant golem reaches 20 ( × 10) well being factors or much less, its protect will flip orange, and ultimately crimson till it explodes.

As a giant golem suffers injury, it turns into extra harmful. A touch of the hazard degree of the golem is the aura surrounding it. When a giant golem kinds its physique, they are going to take any strong blocks from the encompassing panorama, which can lead to the destruction of your house or different buildings. Huge golems have a strong melee assault, and still have a ranged assault, the place the golem throws one of many blocks of its arms.

When passive, their core is blue with an aura surrounding the remainder of its physique. It’s going to flip yellow while you strategy it, and thus begins forming its physique. The aura will flip orange when the massive golem has sustained appreciable injury, and can change into crimson when its about to blow up.

Regardless of how a lot injury your weapon offers in direction of a golem, a giant golem’s injury cap is all the time set at 5 ().


Within the yellow and orange levels, it is going to choose blocks out of its environment. When a giant golem is attacked, there’s a probability to destroy considered one of its blocks. The prospect of destroying a block depends upon the problem. If the core of the massive golem is uncovered, it is going to undergo injury.

After the massive golem has taken enough injury and hasn’t been killed afterwards, it is aura will start to show crimson and ultimately, the massive golem explodes.

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Huge golems can solely be harmed with a melee weapon within the crimson stage. Generally nevertheless, when attacking, they are going to return to one of many earlier levels to get better its armor. Crimson can also be seen in a giant golem about to blow up.

 Historical past



– Improved huge golem throwing block accuracy.


– Mounted huge golem duplicate glitch.

– Mounted bug the place huge golems wouldn’t gather blocks on flat surfaces.

v6.1.0 DEVR1

– Mounted dupe exploit with huge golems.

– Mounted golems selecting up bedrock.

v6.0.0 DEV R5

– Mounted textures of blocks utilized by golems.

v6.0.0 DEV R2

– Mounted huge golem crash.


– Mounted huge golem not being added to CMS after world load.


– Mounted bolem block duping with set to false.

v5.2.0a DEV

– Added new golemDestroyBlocks choice which controls whether or not or not huge golems can break blocks.


– Golems will now respect the recreation rule.


– Huge golems spawn much less often.


Changes to the massive golems:

  • Added explosion FX. Huge golems will purchase blocks barely quicker and have extra well being. Huge golems may also use snow as a physique constructing block.
  • Huge golems will solely spawn on the floor. They’ll stay inactive until a participant will get near them (8 blocks). Solely two golems will spawn per chunk.


– Added golems.


  • The massive golem’s texture (discovered within the mod recordsdata) exhibits what blocks it could use to type its physique.
  • If huge golems are spawned with the summon command, they are going to spawn with blocks as an alternative of with out them when spawned naturally or with their spawn egg.
  • If the blocks round a golem cannot be utilized by it, they are going to float in direction of the golem, however as an alternative of the golem forming itself, the blocks will disappear, and a metallic “clang” sound shall be heard, much like an anvil putting sound.
  • Huge golems are thought of to the strongest mob in Mo’ Creatures. It is attainable for it to outlive in opposition to virtually each Minecraft and Mo’ Creatures mob.
    • Not a really perfect methodology, however you may summon a wither to kill a golem. Spawn the wither in as quickly because the golem begins to type. A fast getaway is important to not provoke the wither and to get pleasure from a mobs battle, the reward is a free ore block (not assured because the wither can destroy it) and a nether star.
  • Huge golems can take in bedrock into their physique, which can go away a gap within the void, although the bedrock does not seem on them, and as an alternative drops as an merchandise. This could can help you enter the void in survival mode.
  • When a golem collects blocks to type its physique, the blocks will injury different mobs round it and make them assault the massive golem. If two huge golems are forming close to one another, their blocks won’t injury one another.
  • Huge golems could drop blocks which may solely be obtained with the Silk Contact enchantment reminiscent of ice, glass, mycelium, and so on. if that they had them on their physique when killed.
  • Being close to a giant golem in artistic mode will nonetheless set off their aggressive state.
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