Fowl Flu

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Episode No. 45
Air Date January nineteenth, 2014
Directed by Thomas Lepeska and Carl Upsdell
Written by Glenn Dakin
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Title Etymology

The title is a reference to a illness known as , a broad group of viruses resembling H5N1 chargeable for influenza outbreaks that may have an effect on pigs, birds, and people, which is referenced on this episode.

Toons.TV Description

The birds are all sick with the flu! It is an awesome likelihood for the pigs to seize the eggs if they will make it out with out getting sick themselves!


  • Matilda
  • Jay, Jake, and Jim
  • Pink
  • King Pig
  • Corporal Pig
  • Minion Pigs
  • The Eggs
  • Artist Pig (


Matilda is taking good care of the Eggs when all of a sudden the Blues fall from a close-by tree. They appeared very sick with purple spots throughout their our bodies. She screams as Pink comes by to examine on her. Matilda quicky takes the Blues for an emergency support, however finally ends up getting contaminated, in addition to Pink.

In the meantime, King Pig is seen outdoors wanting by his telescope, till he sees the Eggs and the sneezing Pink on guard. He turns into shocked and sents Corporal Pig and some Minion Pigs to steal the Eggs. When the Pigs arrived close to the eggs, one Minion Pig was out making an attempt to grab the eggs. Pink spots the Pig and tries to launch an assault, however sneezes and will get drained within the course of, inflicting him to put on the bottom. Corporal Pig lastly grabs the Eggs and returns to Pig Metropolis. Again to Matilda and the Blues, she was making an antidote for the flu to get better herself and the Blues collectively. They arrive again to the Eggs till they understand the Pigs stole them because of Pink’s illness and defeat. 

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In the meantime, in Pig Metropolis, King Pig was ready for Corporal Pig and his henchmen to reach. Though they did return, they seem to have caught the flu, and so they faint. All of the Pigs gasp naturally besides King Pig who wished to proceed the celebration. He snatches the Eggs and prepare to eat them. As King Pig was about to eat, all of the Pigs get the flu of the identical form, by which King Pig ignores. Out of the blue, the Birds, in hazmat fits, arrive. Pink rushes out to avoid wasting the Eggs and succeeds in doing so barely. Because the Birds go away the fortress, Jim blows a raspberry at King Pig earlier than leaving. In the long run, King Pig additionally catches the flu.

Because the credit roll, King Pig may be heard sneezing on account of the flu, but additionally laughs within the course of.


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