Temporal vary:

Late Cretaceous


An artist’s illustration of Carnotaurus sastrei.

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Bonaparte, 1985


Binomial title

Bonaparte, 1985

(that means “meat eating bull”) was an extinct genus of huge theropod dinosaur which lived in South America in the course of the Late Cretaceous Interval. It’s a relative of different theropod dinosaurs comparable to , , , and . lived in Patagonia, Argentina about 80 million years in the past, and was found by José F. Bonaparte, who has found many different South American dinosaurs.


was a big theropod and one of many largest abelisaurs, about 7-9 meters in size, and between 2-3 tons in weight. Abelisaurids have odd options of their heads, as had two giant forehead horns over its eyes, whereas its smaller relative had extremely weird trying knob on its head. The Ceratosaurus had just a few horns on its head additionally. It’s most likely the quickest operating theropod, reaching a velocity of as much as 40 mph.

Entrance limbs morphology

Abelisaurids even have very diminished forelimbs with 4 or 5 fingers. Specifically, the arms of , when in comparison with their physique dimension, had been far smaller than even than these of and had been utterly ineffective, and probably the smallest forelimbs in entire animal kingdom in comparison with physique mass. Fingers of this creature had 4 very small fingers, and solely two of them truly had bones.


The one identified cranium measures 59.6 cm (23.5 in) in size, and was proportionally shorter and deeper than what’s seen in another carnivorous dinosaur. The snout was considerably broad, and never as tapering as seen in additional basal theropods like , and the jaws had been curved upwards. A distinguished pair of horns fashioned by the frontal bones, protruded obliquely above the eyes. These horns had been thick and cone-shaped, internally strong, considerably vertically flattened in cross-section, and measured 15 cm (5.9 in) in size. Bonaparte, in 1990, recommended that these horns would most likely have fashioned the bony cores of for much longer keratinous sheaths. Mauricio Cerroni and colleagues, in 2020, agreed that the horns supported keratinous sheaths, however argued that these sheaths wouldn’t have been significantly longer than the bony cores.

In different dinosaurs, the cranium was perforated by six main cranium openings on both sides. The frontmost of those openings, the exterior naris (bony nostril), was subrectangular and directed sidewards and forwards, however was not sloping in aspect view as in another ceratosaurs comparable to . This opening was fashioned by the nasal and premaxilla solely, whereas in some associated ceratosaurs the maxilla additionally contributed to this opening.

had a really massive postorbital space of cranium, permitting him to chew very sturdy. In line with paleontologist Robert Bakker, so-called “rottweiler effect” makes an animal’s chew highly effective. The “rottweiler effect” is very giant again a part of the cranium (postorbitlal space) the place jaw muscular tissues are positioned. The larger the postorbital space – the stronger the chew drive. Additionally, enamel are very distinctive design – they had been very broad, and comparatively blunt, resembling the railroad spike. These enamel are very appropriate for crushing bone, making this carnivore’s chew enormously deadly.

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Doable preserved pores and skin

A single almost full skeleton has been described, together with a big pores and skin print on the correct aspect of the specimen, masking the pinnacle, arms, torso and legs, exhibiting us a lot about its pores and skin. It reveals us that it was lined in round non overlapping scales, with osteoderms operating down the size of the again. The ”pores and skin” on the pinnacle is extra prone to have been matrix rock at this level, since The one proof is a photograph that re-surfaced on-line in 2019.


The sort species is the one identified species, positioned in Carnotaurini Tribe together with Aucasaurus.

It is usually one of many best-understood Genera of Abelisauridae. The Abelisaurids had been the dominant predators within the Late Cretaceous of Gondwana, changing the carcharodontosaurids and occupying the ecological area of interest crammed by the tyrannosaurids within the northern continents.


The one skeleton (holotype MACN-CH 894) was unearthed in 1984 by an expedition led by Argentinian paleontologist José Bonaparte. This expedition additionally recovered the peculiar spiny sauropod . It was the eighth expedition inside the venture named “Jurassic and Cretaceous Terrestrial Vertebrates of South America”, which began in 1976 and was sponsored by the Nationwide Geographic Society. The skeleton is well-preserved and articulated (nonetheless linked collectively), with solely the posterior two thirds of the tail, a lot of the decrease leg, and the hind ft being destroyed by weathering.

Age of paleoecology

The Carnotaurus lived in the course of the Late Cretaceous interval, in South America. It was most likely one of many extra predatory dinosaurs dwelling in its land, and should have traveled in pairs. The cranium form, and the ahead dealing with eyes of the Carnotaurus would’ve given it a bonus in looking down quick prey as properly, so some sources embrace that the Carnotaurus might have even been an ambush predator.


Horns and horn perform

The horns had been massive bony bumps on the frontal bone. It is not solely clear what the usage of these horns had been, a number of interpretations have revolved round use in combating conspecifics or in killing prey. Although a use in show for courtship or recognition of members of the identical species can also be potential as properly.

Gerardo Mazzetta and colleagues (1998) recommended that used its horns in a method just like rams. They calculated that the neck musculature was sturdy sufficient to soak up the drive of two people colliding with their heads frontally at a velocity of 5.7 m/s every. Gregory Paul (1988) proposed that the horns had been butting weapons and that the small orbita would have minimized the potential of hurting the eyes whereas combating. Fernando Novas (2009) interpreted a number of skeletal options as variations for delivering blows with the pinnacle. He recommended that the shortness of the cranium may need made head actions faster by decreasing the second of inertia, whereas the muscular neck would have allowed sturdy head blows. He additionally famous an enhanced rigidity and energy of the spinal column that will have advanced to face up to shocks carried out by the pinnacle and neck.

Gerardo Mazzetta and colleagues (1998) proposed that the horns may also have been used to injure/kill small prey, although horn cores are blunt, they might have had an analogous type to trendy bovid horns if there was a keratinous masking. Nevertheless, this might be the one reported instance of horns getting used as looking weapons in animals.

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Operate of the jaws

Some analyses of the Carnotaurus jaw by Mazzetta and colleagues, in 1998, 2004, and 2009, recommend that the animal was able to fast, not sturdy bites. Fast bites are extra necessary then sturdy bites when catching smaller prey, which was noticed in research on trendy crocs. The researchers additionally famous a excessive diploma of kinesis (jaw flexibility) inside the cranium notably the decrease jaws, barely just like snakes. The elasticity of the jaw would have allowed to swallow small prey objects entire. As well as, the dentary of the decrease jaw was hinged, and thus in a position to transfer up and down. When pressed downwards, the enamel would have projected ahead, permitting to spike small prey objects; when the enamel had been curved upwards, the now backward projecting enamel would have hindered the caught prey from escaping. Mazzetta and colleagues additionally discovered that the cranium was in a position to stand up to forces that seem when tugging on giant prey objects. might subsequently have fed primarily on comparatively small prey, but additionally was in a position to hunt giant dinosaurs. Additionally in 2009, Mazzetta and colleagues estimated a chew drive of round 3,341 newtons.

This interpretation was questioned by François Therrien and colleagues in 2005, who discovered that the biting drive of was twice that of the American alligator, which can have the strongest chew of any dwelling tetrapod. These researchers additionally famous analogies with trendy Komodo dragons: the flexural energy of the decrease jaw decreases in direction of the tip linearly, indicating that the jaws weren’t suited to excessive precision catching of small prey however for delivering slashing wounds to weaken massive prey. As a consequence, in accordance with this research, should have primarily preyed upon giant animals, probably by ambush. Cerroni and colleagues, in 2020, argued that flexibility was restricted to the decrease jaw, whereas the thickened cranium roof and the ossification of a number of cranial joints recommend that the cranium had no or solely little kinesis.

  • appeared within the novel by Michael Crichton (1995) as it’s considerably of a color-changing, chameleon-like dinosaur, however this potential is only speculative. It additionally appeared in a degree of the online game adaptation of the movie.
  • was set to make an look within the film because the dinosaur approaching the characters as they seek for a cellphone inside large heaps of dung. Nevertheless this was modified to a .
  • A  seems within the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom official trailer, earlier than showing within the movie itself. These clones regarded a bit totally different from their real-life counterparts. They had been barely outsized, had a broader snout, had pronated wrists like all of InGen’s cloned theropods, claws on all 4 fingers reasonably than simply three of the 4 of the originals, and the velocity was diminished.
  • At Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, friends who journey “Dinosaur” (an attraction very loosely primarily based on the Disney 2000

function movie, ) are menaced by a big Audio Animatronic “”, amongst different creatures.

  • Within the Capcom recreation a Carnotaur pair will get brutally murdered by a savage, gigantic, black , appearing like a comeback after the grizzly demise by a in Capcom’s Dino Disaster 2.
  •  seems in a free  DLC for , primarily based on the Fallen Kingdom dinosaur.
  • Genetic materials of  was in InGen’s possession by 2014 and was used within the creation of the genetic hybrid  within the movie, Jurassic World.
  •  seems in , primarily based on the Fallen Kingdom dinosaur.
  • It may be created from DNA in .
  • It seems within the science fiction film because the predator of the Raptors.
  • additionally seems within the 2011 collection as a predator of people.
  • was made widespread by the 2000 Walt Disney film , the place two of the theropods (doubtless female and male) named Crimson Brute & Thick Brute had been the principle antagonists as they hunted down the principle protagonists whereas they journeyed to the Nesting Grounds. (Initially, this was purported to have been , however on the final minute they had been changed by , who had been additionally inaccurately proven to have been -sized). seems in , the place they discuss how unusual this theropod regarded.
  • A Carnotaurus named Ace appeared within the anime collection Dinosaur King.
  • A seems in the place it’s inaccurately proven as a predator of (which lived in North Ameria) and .
  • It may be a playable dinosaur within the on-line recreation .
  • additionally has a foremost position within the animated movie .
  • stars within the 2013 Asylum movie filling an analogous position for the Raptors of .
  • seems in The Land Earlier than Time XIV: Journey of the Courageous, the place one is seen chasing the characters right into a cave earlier than they escape. It’s seen once more later within the movie when the rescue social gathering disguise from it.
  •  will be created in . It’s a restricted version dinosaur. It shares the , , , and  animation. But it surely has giant 3 fingered arms, however in actuality, it had tiny 4 fingered arms.
  • It may be created from DNA in as a uncommon dinosaur. It makes use of the identical animations and sound results of the , Majungasaurus, AllosaurusMegalosaurus, , , Giganotosaurus, , , and , however not like most, it has an correct variety of fingers: 4.
  • Carnotaurus was seen in Stage 7 on Dinosaur Searching (XBOX), the place two Carnotaurus grew to become the principle targets to be tranquilized and rescued.
  • can also be featured within the open-world survival recreation , the place it’s the first giant carnivore gamers can tame and journey.
  • is likely one of the interactive creatures featured in ; one incorporates a video specializing in it whereas telling enjoyable information, and one other exhibiting it falling prey to a pack of s.
  • Carnotaurus is a playable dinosaur within the ROBLOX recreation “Era of Terror” it is likely one of the most precisely depicted animals within the recreation, it even has the actual animal’s broad flip radius. It is not within the recreation’s remake “Era of Terror: Remastered”, as a substitute being changed by its relative Majungasaurus.
  • A younger Carnotaurus named Blade seems within the Chinese language-Korean-American movie, Dino King 2: Journey to Hearth Mountain.
  • A Carnotaurus named Toro seems in Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.
  • made an look within the Roblox video games referred to as “Dinosaur Simulator” and later in 2020 “Dinosaur World Mobile”.
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