Mo’ Creatures is a mod created by DrZhark. It was created on November 17, 2010. It offers many new animal and monster mobs, in addition to the power to tame and experience some. A hyperlink to the official thread could be discovered right here

You’ll be able to disable/allow spawning charges and energy going to ESC>International Mod Settings> Dr.Zharks mo’creatures and altering varied spawn charges and the like.

By default, vanilla mobs despawn.


Mo’ Creatures will solely work with texture packs that both use mcpatcher or if there are skins already.

New Mobs

Pleasant mobs




Horses don’t assault you, however they will nonetheless harm you.They may rear up and throw you off if they are not tamed, which can do a minimal quantity of harm to you. When killed, they drop leather-based. They may also be bred and tamed (examine breeding/taming particulars). They won’t despawn when tamed, and have well being, which they will get well by being fed. Additionally, the pegasus can fly.


There are 6 several types of chook: Dove, Crow, Blue Gross Beak, Cardinal, Canary and Parrot, every one with a unique sound. Proper-clicking a tamed chook will place it in your head. As soon as a chook is positioned in your head, you’ll not take fall harm. As a substitute you’ll “glide” to the bottom slowly.


Bunnies solely leap round aimlessly. Proper Clicking on them will place them in your head. Proper clicking them as soon as they’re in your head will make them leap off of you. Having a bunny in your head whereas using a horse will significantly velocity it up.


Dolphins are tameable and rideable and won’t assault you until you assault them. They drop uncooked fish when killed.

Small fish

They arrive in ten totally different colours (excluding piranhas). They drop uncooked fish and fish eggs.


Cats could be tamed and change into the participant’s pets. Litter packing containers and cat meals could be crafted for them. They hunt mice on sight.


Mice scurry about squeaking and spawn in the course of the day. They drop seeds when killed. They’re the cat’s prey.


Deer run away from you, and so they drop leather-based and uncooked meat when killed (which is extraordinarily troublesome). Enchantments like Fireplace Side or Flame are really helpful.


Geese are primarily simply retextured chickens. They drop feathers when killed and/or uncooked hen.


Goats wander round, consuming any dropped gadgets. They may comply with you if you’re holding something edible. Feminine goats could be milked, and male goats will combat amongst themselves or if provoked. Male goats can even assault if milked. Goats could be led on ropes. Nonetheless, if you happen to die close to a goat, the goat will eat your complete stock — even diamonds and different valuables.


Turtles are small mobs that spawn close to water. Wild turtles draw their head into their shells if you happen to come close to. Wild turtles could be flipped over by right-clicking; they’re solely weak to assault this manner. Turtles drop between 1 and a couple of turtle meat and/or a chest when killed.

Manta Rays

Manta rays are peaceable creatures that swim about within the water. They are often ridden by right-clicking on them.

Impartial mobs




At day, bears do not assault the participant until the participant harms the bear ( solely in straightforward issue or larger). Bears often choose looking different mobs, however they’ll hunt the participant at evening. They drop fur when killed.


Crocodiles spawn in swamps and in the event that they detect a sufferer, they’ll attempt to carry them into the water and carry out a dying roll. Generally, they continue to be static, however they are often able to assault. They drop Croc ribs, usable to craft “croc” armor, just like leather-based armor.


Boars have the identical mannequin as pigs, however the texture is totally different. It would assault the participant if attacked or if the participant will get too shut. It would assault smaller prey when they’re hungry. They deal about 2 hearts of harm. They drop porkchops when killed.


These won’t assault the participant until they’re harmed or whether it is evening. They drop leather-based when killed. These don’t exchange the wolves from vanilla Minecraft.


Foxes will solely assault mobs which can be smaller than them. They may solely assault you if you happen to assault them. Drop 1 piece of fur when killed.


Through the day, rats are impartial in direction of the participant, however at evening or in caves they’re aggressive and can assault on sight. Rats drop coal when killed.

Sting rays

Sting rays will poison you if you happen to get too shut, however won’t actively assault you. They do not drop something.


Jellyfish float about within the water and change into luminescent at evening. They may poison you if you happen to get too shut, however won’t chase you. They’re straightforward to kill and drop slimeballs.


Ostriches are mostly discovered within the desert. They may solely assault if you happen to take their eggs. Nonetheless, males will assault you if you happen to assault them. The females simply stick their heads within the sand.

Aggressive mobs




Sharks will kill something that falls on the water apart from squids. For breeding/taming particulars examine the mob web page. They’ve a ten% drop charge for Shark Eggs and a 60% drop charge for shark enamel when killed, which is used to craft chain armor. If you’re in a ship round sharks, it should bump the boat till it’s destroyed.

Huge cats

Huge Cats embody Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Snow Leopards, and Panthers. Male lions will assault the participant on sight and are extraordinarily harmful. Feminine lions will solely assault the participant if the participant assaults them or one other lion close by. They drop Huge Cat Claws and leather-based when killed. Might be tamed.

Polar Bears

Solely spawn in snowy biomes and can assault the participant on sight. They drop uncooked fish when killed.


These tiny fish will assault the participant on sight. They drop uncooked fish when killed. They’re fairly straightforward to identify, since they’re a vivid crimson.


Hellrats spawn within the Nether and are aggressive, attacking the participant on sight. Hellrats drop Redstone when killed.


There are 4 lessons of scorpions: brown, inexperienced, blue and crimson. Brown and inexperienced have an opportunity of poison you in one among their hits and spawn within the overworld, blue could make you slower and spawn in snow biomes and crimson can set you on hearth and spawn solely within the nether. All scorpions behave like spiders, impartial at day, hostile at evening, and so they even can climb partitions. Drops string, and there’s a likelihood it drops a smaller scorpion, which behave like regular ones, solely with loads much less HP.

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Can fly and can assault the participant on sight and set him on hearth. Drops gunpowder when killed.

Fireplace Wraith

Can fly and can throw fireballs on the participant if they’re too shut, it may be seen from distant due to the flames that engulf it is physique. It drops redstone when killed and solely spawns on the laborious issue. Fireplace Wraiths will spawn within the Nether in addition to the floor world.


Through the day the werewolf is in human kind and shouts, “Help me!”. When they’re hit, they yell or say “You’re hurting me, stop it!”. At evening, it transforms right into a humanoid wolf. They are often simply harmed with gold instruments as gold is substituted for silver. They’re virtually invulnerable to some other weapon. They’ve the power to dash whereas strolling on 4 legs. The human kind can drop picket sticks and instruments, the wolf can drop iron instruments and a golden apple. Additionally they are capable of transfer very quick upon chasing the participant onto ice. That is helpful if being pusued as a result of the werewolf will slide very distant, making them not a menace, so long as you’ll be able to shuffle round to keep away from them


Extraordinarily harmful and can assault on sight. They destroy blocks by smashing them with their massive palms. There are 3 varieties of ogres: Common, Fireplace, and Cave. Common Ogres destroy blocks like the opposite, the hearth ones can set the realm surronding him in hearth, and the cave one will solely spawn in darkish caves. Common ogres drop obsidian, hearth ogres drop hearth (merchandise) to craft a series armor and cave ogres drop diamonds!!!

Humanoid/Demon Mobs

Essentially the most darkish and harmful mobs of the mod, gamers should take excessive precautions when coping with them. Take Warning.


That is the primary mob in a mod, and minecraft, to have the ability to shapeshift into one other mob. Within the day the werewolf is seen as a homeless individual with torn garments who’s pleasant, and will not assault. At evening, nevertheless, the hobo modifications right into a werewolf who’s aggressive and laborious to kill with weapons apart from gold.

  • Homeless individual: Simple to kill as it’s not aggressive, however will not be well worth the time, as it might de-spawn or re-spawn earlier than evening, and drops solely picket instruments and sticks.
  • Werewolf: Tough to kill however can solely assault adjoining blocks, and never diagonal. This implies it’s potential to make use of blocks to lure the werewolf able the place it can not assault, however could be killed. Because the werewolf, like all aggressive mobs, will run in direction of the participant, it may also be killed with cactus blocks, which, offering there isn’t any method round them, will go away the participant to go about its enterprise whereas the werewolf repeatedly runs into the cactus. Werewolves are a dangerous kill, however well worth the worthwhile reward, as they’ve an opportunity to drop a golden apple when killed, though usually they drop stone or iron instruments.
  • It’s potential to look at the human model remodel at dusk, the place it flashes crimson as if taking harm, and sparkles between each mobs.


These are the one mobs that may destroy blocks. They smash with a stage of power that varies in response to every sort of ogre. The ogres are twice the scale of the participant, are very harmful and spawn on laborious issue.

  • Ogre: Most typical ogre. It drops Obsidian.These ogres are a deep shade of inexperienced with obsidian purple knee and elbow guards.
  • Fireplace Ogre: Have an even bigger space of impact and units the bottom on hearth when it stomps. Drops Fireplace so you may make Chainmail armor. These ogres are crimson in black just like the colours of a magma dice, with a demon sort crest on high of their heads. You could find these ogres at evening by setting your sight distance to far and standing on a excessive level as they glow with hearth.
  • Cave Ogre: Solely spawn underground and have the most important space of impact. They drop Diamonds.


  1. Squirrels: Dr. Zhark mentioned that he would come with them if Mo’ Creatures was profiled, or, no less than, talked about in PCGamer.

Added Crafting Recipes



Enter » Output


Horse Saddle

Leather-based + Iron (Ingot) OR Saddle + Iron (Ingot)

It is a totally different saddle from the Saddle that’s discovered within dungeons. The Dungeon saddle will solely allow you to experience pigs, whereas this saddle will solely allow you to experience horses.

Sugar Dice


A Sugar Dice is used to tame Horses or to revive 3 well being.

Pet Meals

Uncooked Porkchop + Uncooked Fish

Feed to pets.


Leather-based + Gold (Ingot)

Medallions are used to tame and rename animals.

Kitty Mattress

Picket Plank + Wool + Iron (Ingot)

Kitty Beds are by kitties to sleep, eat, and provides start. Pet Meals or Milk should be added for the Cat to make use of it for consuming. Completely different coloration wool offers totally different coloured beds. Choose up by Proper-Clicking whereas holding a Pickaxe. You’ll be able to transport a kitty mattress in your head by proper clicking on it with out holding a pickaxe.

Litter Field

Picket Planks + Sand

Cats will use Litter Packing containers after consuming. Afterwords, the Litter Field will change into “used”. Used Litter Packing containers entice monsters. Might be cleaned with Sand or by leaving it sit for some time. Choose up by Proper-Clicking whereas holding a Pickaxe. You’ll be able to transport a litter field in your head by proper clicking on it with out holding a pickaxe.

Coloured Kitty Mattress

Dyes + Kitty Mattress

Along with utilizing coloured wool to craft a Kitty Mattress, they are often coloured by dying them.


BigCat Claw + Leather-based + Iron (Ingot)

If a whip is used close to cats, they’ll sit and will not transfer. Proper-Clicking a cat whereas holding a whip will individually toggle sitting on and off.



Rope can be utilized to steer quite a few animals. Kitties will likely be tied up by the rope and carried by their ft.

Wool Ball


Holding causes close by Cats to comply with you. Cats given a wool ball will “play” with it by pushing and chasing it round.

Chain Helmet

Shark Enamel

Chain armor is as efficient as Gold Armor and is often unobtainable, attributable to being manufactured from hearth in vanilla Minecraft.

Chain Chestplate

Shark Enamel

Chain Leggings

Shark Enamel

Chain Boots

Shark Enamel

Croc Helmet

Croc Conceal

Croc armor is as efficient as Iron Armor.

Croc Plate

Croc Conceal

Croc Legs

Croc Conceal

Croc Boots

Croc Conceal

Fish Bowl


Used to catch fish

Essence Of Undead

Rotton Flesh+ Coronary heart Of Undead+ Glass bottle

Used to show reside horses into undead horses.

Essence Of Darkness

Ender Pearl+ Coronary heart Of Darkness+Glass Bottle

Used to show Zorses into Bat horses or pegasi into Darkish Pegasi

Essence of Fireplace

Blaze Powder/Fireplace+ Coronary heart Of Fireplace+ Glass Bottle

Used to show Zorses into Nightmares.

Essence of Gentle

Essence Of Undead+ Essence Of Darkness+ Essence Of Fireplace

Used to create Pegasi and Unicorns. Used on breeding Fairy Horses

Horse Armor

Iron (ingot)/Gold (ingot)/Diamond+ Wool

Used on horses to guard them.

(Photographs want fixing)

Crystal Horse Armor

Glass+ Diamond

Horse armor that may solely be used on uncommon horses.


All tamed animals won’t despawn and could be renamed, if nameable in any respect, by proper clicking with a medallion.


To tame a turtle, drop sugar cane or watermelon slices close by. As soon as tamed, turtles could be named, will comply with the participant, and develop slowly over time. Proper clicking a tame turtle with something however a pickaxe or medallion will put it in your head. If a turtle is injured and you’ve got sugarcane, put it onto your head and it’ll eat out of your stock.In case you have a turtle in your head and also you’re on a horse, the horse will go loads quicker.


Goats are very straightforward to tame. Merely proper click on on them with any edible merchandise (Cake, apples, fish, and so forth.). Tame goats could be lead round by ropes.Goats may also comply with the participant if he’s carrying meals.
Feminine goats are capable of be milked. If the participant tries to exploit a male goat, it should assault the participant. If holding wheat or quite a lot of sure gadgets, each genders of goats will assault the participant.


Ostritches are quite easy to tame. All it’s worthwhile to do is get an egg from them. However you should be carefull or the adults will assault you. To hatch the egg, proper click on while equiping it. Be sure you place them close to torches or they won’t hatch. Ostriches could be albino which may be very uncommon. It’s estimated that an albino ostrich will spawn 1 out of 9 or 10.


(This content material wants some adjustment).


Wild kitties will attempt to distance themselves from the participant when they’re inside sure proximity. You need to throw a cooked fish close to them and, as soon as they eat it, they will not run away. After the fish is thrown, you may give the kitty a Medallion, which can tame them and identify them. The identify and well being bar could be toggled on/off individually by proper clicking whereas holding a pickaxe or globally through the use of the in-game mod menu.
As soon as tamed, a kitty will seek for a mattress with meals or milk. As soon as a kitty eats, it should seek for a litter field, and “use” it. Then you could clear it.

After a kitty eats and makes use of a litter field, it should roam round till it turns into hungry or drained. They might additionally climb bushes, through which case you’ll need to assist it down.

If a kitty cannot discover meals or a litter field, they change into aggravated and sometimes harm the participant. Ultimately they’ll settle down.

Cats will comply with the participant whereas he/she is holding a wool ball. When you give a cat a wool ball, it should play with it for some time chasing it and pushing it, till the cat will get bored.
When you use a whip close to cats, they’ll sit and will not transfer. You’ll be able to proper click on on a cat whereas holding a whip to individually toggle sitting on/off.

You’ll be able to decide up cats in three other ways: if it’s a kitten, it should experience on high of your head. An grownup cat will go on the participant’s shoulders. When you decide up a cat whereas holding a rope, you’ll carry it by its legs. Cats do not wish to be carried that method and can take harm and be indignant with you when you drop them. Nonetheless when being carried by rope the cat will not take harm from being hit towards blocks when leaping, as is regular with the opposite two methods of carrying.

Cats can even get indignant if they do not get meals or if the participant assaults them. When the cat is indignant, it should chase the participant and sometimes claw him/her. After some time the cat mood will enhance. Feeding the cat fish can even assist calm its mood

Cats will show emoticons to offer you clues of what they’re considering. You’ll be able to flip emoticons off utilizing the in-game mod menu.


You’ll be able to breed cats by feeding them cake. The cat will search for one other cat that can also be within the temper (given cake). After some time one among them will change into breed and might want to discover a kitty mattress.

After a short time on the kitty mattress, the cat will give start to 1-3 kittens. Kittens will likely be very playful and can chase any gadgets (not solely wool balls), will play with the participant and can chase its mother.

If a kitten is attacked, its mother will defend it.

TIP: It’s simpler to breed cats in a closed house, as a result of the male cat tends to push cat distant whereas mating. Additionally be sure to aren’t close to water whereas breeding, as a result of one of many cats could possibly be pushed into the water and drown.

[Content Deleted]


You’ll be able to tame birds by giving them seeds by throwing them. (You could again away for them to eat it.) As soon as tamed they won’t run away from you and won’t despawn, and you may put them in your head by proper clicking them. You’ll be able to then glide with them.

In case you have a chook in your head and go underneath a block simply above your head, the chook will die.

When you’re using a pegasus with a chook in your head, the pegasus will fly quicker.


Breeding bunnies is a quite simple course of. Get two rabbits and preserve them in a small place, resembling a fenced in 3×3 space. After about 5 minutes, a noise is heard that appears like a popping noise. This noise signifies that there’s a child bunny.

The colour of the newborn bunny will depend on what color the dad and mom had been.


Taming horses is a posh course of. Earlier than you start taming, you could put a saddle on the horse by holding the saddle and proper clicking on the horse. Subsequent you could feed them to cut back their mood. Every sort of horse has an quantity of mood that should be eliminated earlier than it’s thought-about tame. Completely different meals will cut back mood by totally different quantities. Listed here are all meals that may at the moment (V2.7) be used to cut back mood. As soon as tamed a horse won’t despawn. It may be a number of enjoyable breeding however somtimes you’ll be able to mess up. to dismount press shift.


-25 mood (To a minimal of 25)

Sugar Lump
-50 mood (To a minimal of 25)

-100 mood (To a minimal of 25)

Immediately tames

To feed a horse maintain the meals you want to feed it then proper click on on the horse. As of V2.7 and earlier there’s a bug that causes you to eat a sugar lump when feeding it to a horse, utilizing 2 sugar cubes per proper click on. After decreasing mood to 25 or decrease the horse should be ridden to finish taming. A further feeding could also be essential while on the horse, giving the participant a immediate to call your pet. It’s endorsed that you just cut back mood as a lot as potential earlier than trying to experience a horse. To experience a horse proper click on it whereas not holding meals. Whereas being tamed, horses will buck you off, probably a number of instances, inflicting fall harm.

Varieties of Horse

There are at the moment (V2.7) 8 several types of horse with totally different speeds, hit factors totals, temperaments, and likelihood to spawn within the wild.

Coloration / Description
Hit Factors

Common Horse
Gentle brown

Brown Horse

Black Horse

White with horn

White with wings

Pack Horse
Pinkish brown with saddle luggage

Black with horn

Black Pegasus
Gray with horn and wings

Within the mod’s choices it’s potential to boost the spawn likelihood of Pegasus from 1% to 10%. This additionally lowers the prospect of different horses spawning.
Pack Horses, Nightmares, and Black Pegasus cannot be discovered within the wild and should be bred. When any horse spawns within the wild there’s a 20% likelihood will probably be a foal (child horse).


(There aren’t any graphic depictions or in any other case inappropriate materials when breeding horses. Horses may also not breed when in your line-of-sight)

To breed horses you’ll require:

  • 2 pumpkins/mushroom soup/cake
  • 2 non-sterile or Fertile horses (accepts pumpkins, mushroom soup or cake)
  • A spot the place they’re inside 4 squares of one another and eight squares minimal away from you and different horses
  • Not less than 5 minutes or half a Minecraft day

To breed horses it’s worthwhile to give every of the them a pumpkin or mushroom soup. One of many two that you just feed the pumpkin/soup to will change into sterile and never be capable of breed once more until “Easy Breeding” is on within the mod’s choices when the foal is born. Turning Simple Breeding on after a horse turns into sterile won’t enable it to breed.
After about 5 minutes there will likely be a 3rd horse. There’s a 1/3 likelihood of this horse being a uncommon breed until utilizing “Easy Breeding” in which there’s a 100% likelihood. The precise sort of uncommon breed is set by the entire genetic worth (TGV) of the mother or father horses.

Genetic Worth
TGV To Breed

Gentle horses

Brown horses

Darkish horses



Pack horse


Black Pegasus

Notice that the entire genetic worth should EQUAL these numbers. If the worth is 13 or larger it can not produce a Black Pegasus. If the TGV can not produce a uncommon breed you’ll get a random horse with genetic worth 1-5. Additionally two Packhorses, though their TGV is 12, doesn’t produce a Black Pegasus.

Earlier than you’ll be able to put a saddle on the brand new horse it should be absolutely grown. This occurs naturally over the course of a number of minutes. To hurry up the rising course of feed the horse (this may occasionally not rely in direction of decreasing their mood).

Uncommon Breeds

As defined earlier than, some horses can solely be obtained with breeding.

  • Packhorse : You may give this horse its personal stock by proper clicking it whereas holding a chest. To entry its stock proper click on it whereas holding a stone shovel or torches.
  • Nightmare : Fireproof and blazing quick, you’ll be able to activate their superpower by feeding them redstone, this may make them mild hearth wherever they step.
  • Black Pegasus : The very best of horses: fireproof, flying, tied for quickest velocity, and capable of have its personal stock. Actually a fearless steed.

Correct Storage And Care Of Your Horse

Horses generally tend to wander so if you wish to preserve monitor of them, it is vital that you just include them correctly. It is vital that there be no grass of their enclosure as predator mobs could spawn. Whereas horses usually require a 2×2 house to maneuver by way of, it is potential for them to glitch by way of smaller gaps so eliminating gaps of their pen is a should. In case your horse turns into injured merely feed it in the identical method as you tamed him to revive his well being.


New in 2.8 are Dolphins, the horse of the ocean. Dolphins could be tamed and bred equally to horses. At the moment (2.8) there is just one meals that may cut back their mood




-25 mood (To a minimal of 1)

Dolphins don’t require a saddle to be ridden.
Dolphins are fed and tamed in the identical method as horses

Varieties of Dolphin

There are at the moment (V2.8) 6 several types of dolphin with totally different speeds, temperaments, and likelihood to spawn within the wild.

All dolphins have 30 well being






























Dolphin breeding works quite in a different way than horse breeding.

To breed dolphins you’ll require:

  • 2 cooked fish
  • 2 dolphins
  • (assumed)A spot the place they’re inside 4 squares of one another and eight squares minimal away from you and different dolphins
  • (assumed)5 minutes or half a Minecraft day

To breed dolphins you could give every a cooked fish. In contrast to horses dolphins can not change into sterile and should breed indefinitely.After 5 minutes there will likely be a third dolphin.If the 2 dolphins are of the identical breed they’ll at all times have a child of that breed, in any other case their Complete Genetic Worth (TGV) determines each the prospect of getting a sure breed and which breed will likely be gotten.

If their TGV is lower than 5 and they’re of various breeds there’s a 1/3 likelihood of breeding a dolphin whose genetic worth is the same as the TGV. If TGV is 5 or 6 and they’re of various breeds there’s a 1/10 likelihood of breeding a dolphin whose genetic worth is the same as the TGV. If the breed will not be decided on this method will probably be dertermined as for spawning a wild dolphin.


Genetic Worth













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