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        Cigarette Smoking Man,   

        Carl Gerhard Bush Spender,[1] generally known as the Cigarette Smoking Man or just Smoking Man, is the first antagonist in tv collection.

        A strong but mysterious operative with top-level entry to each the FBI and the Pentagon, the Cigarette Smoking Man labored with the Syndicate to cover sure truths from the American public.

        FBI Particular Agent Fox Mulder‘s makes an attempt to find the reality behind the existence of extraterrestrial life on earth, in addition to the destiny of his sister, are ceaselessly thwarted by the , with Mulder typically being positioned in harmful conditions.

        He’s in search of to wipe out the human race, except for a selected few, utilizing an alien virus.


        A lot of the Cigarette-Smoking Man’s historical past is unknown, attributable to presumed efforts by each himself and the conspiracy to hide the reality. One idea found by the Lone Gunmen, allies to Mulder and Scully, suggests that he’s an orphan of a Communist spy executed by the US authorities. Shedding his mom to lung most cancers, he turned a ward of the state, ultimately enlisting within the US Military, and turning into a specialist in black operations throughout the early years of the Chilly Conflict.

        Work with the State Division

        The Cigarette Smoking Man in 1953.

        On August 19, 1953, the CSM was a member of a gaggle of Washington officers despatched to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii to recuperate data from a survivor of the , a submarine whose captain had been contaminated with the black oil. — ()

        In July 1969, CSM noticed the faking of the Apollo 11 Moon Touchdown. He later watched the screening along with his spouse Cassandra and their son Jeffrey, who had been amazed on the touchdown, unaware of it being a faux. — ()

        On October 13, 1973, the CSM was among the many State Division officers current on the first assembly with the alien colonists. The State Division members voted and determined to kind the “Syndicate” and initiated makes an attempt to create a vaccine to cease the deliberate alien colonization. They knowledgeable the colonists of their plan to organize for the colonization in alternate for suspending it for a time frame, in addition to offering them with an alien fetus. The colonists agreed, taking their household as collateral, together with the CSM’s spouse, Cassandra Spender. — ()


        The CSM had a penchant for smoking Morley model cigarettes, typically on authorities property. — ()

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        He had smoked since at the least 1953 () and would smoke up till his obvious dying in 2002 — (). In 2016 he was proven to proceed smoking, though principally did it via a tracheotomy in his throat. — ()

        His smoking was used to confirm his presence on numerous events, reminiscent of in Krycek’s automotive in August 1994 (), in Skinner’s workplace in November 1994 (), within the 2400 Courtroom Motel in Might 1996 (), and in Diana Fowley’s condo in early 1999 — (). As well as, Agent Scully smelled smoke on Diana Fowley in October 1999. — ()

        Continual smoking is usually related to nervousness, which might be seen as a symbolism for heavy regret – or at the least second ideas – about all of the chilly, merciless choices the CSM made given his accountability to and place within the Syndicate. This behavior gave him most cancers (), which may once more be seen as a metaphor for this guilt always burning him from the within.

        His signature chain smoking can also be symbolic of his alliance with the colonizing aliens. Most cancers is a recurring factor related to the aliens. Their experiments typically depart abductees with aggressive types of most cancers, the Black Oil, which is their “life essence”, may cause most cancers. Even the virus that they intend to wipe out humanity with is proven to be a type of most cancers. CSM’s cigarette use reveals his willingness to knowingly put most cancers in his physique.



        In the summertime of 1996, the CSM discovered from Jeremiah Smith that he had lung most cancers. At first, he did not imagine Smith. Nevertheless, he quickly realized that Smith have to be appropriate. — ()

        After mind surgical procedure with Fox Mulder in October 1999, the CSM discovered that he had cerebral irritation, and wasn’t anticipated to reside lengthy. — ()

        This illness was seen immediately by Agent Scully when he visited her in early 2000. — ()

        The Cigarette Smoking Man confined to a wheelchair and attended to by Greta.

        The irritation had expanded by June 2000, when the CSM was confined to a wheelchair and couldn’t breathe on his personal. A nurse named Greta consequently lived with him and attended to his wants. At this level, Krycek tried to kill the CSM and benefit from his weakened state. — ()

        When the CSM lived with the Native Individuals in New Mexico, his sickness seemingly died down, and he turned a lot more healthy. — ()

        Regardless of his earlier diseases and being hit and burned by a missile in 2002, the Smoking Man was nonetheless working in 2016 and regardless of having prosthetics to cowl his disfigurements he was cellular and seemingly more healthy. — ()


        The CSM glided by many names all through his profession. Those that labored with him, referred to him with monikers or nicknames.

        These nicknames included:

        • “Cancer Man” (by Fox Mulder in November 1995) — ()
        • “Smoking Man” (by Fox Mulder in 1996) — ()
        • “Cigarette Man” (by Fox Mulder in 1997) — ()
        • “Smokey” or “Old Smokey” (by Fox Mulder in Might 1998) — ()
        • “Cigarette Smoking Man” (by Dana Scully in early 1999) — ()

        In November 1996, Melvin Frohike believed that the CSM had used the of Raul Bloodworth. Primarily based on the works of Bloodworth, Frohike additionally believed the CSM had used the title “Hunt” briefly whereas serving underneath Basic Francis. — ()

        C.G.B. Spender

        Within the Nineteen Sixties, the CSM used the title “C.G.B. Spender” on numerous paperwork together with a file pertaining to his son, Jeffrey — (). When Particular Agent Fox Mulder confronted him with this data, the CSM appeared stunned.

        In 1973, the CSM initialed the studies that known as off the Samantha Mulder investigation with “C.G.B.S.” — ()

        In early 1999, Brokers Mulder and Scully found that the CSM went underneath the moniker “C.G.B. Spender”. Scully investigated it and found its connection to many scientists and high authorities officers, together with Invoice Mulder. — ()

        Within the spring of 2000, the CSM had his workplace labeled with the title “C.G.B. Spender”. — ()


        In 1968, a person working underneath the nom de plume Raul Bloodworth wrote the novel . He despatched it to Montgomery & Glick Publishing, however the writer, Albert Godwinkle would not publish, citing how horrible it “stunk” and that it needs to be burned.

        In 1996, Bloodworth wrote a follow-up novel and despatched it to Pivotal Publications. It was serialized by Walden Roth within the Roman à clef journal.


        The Cigarette Smoking Man spies on Fox Mulder, Dana Scully and The Lone Gunmen in 1996

        Shortly afterward, Melvin Frohike found these two publications and believed them to be written by the CSM. Extracting data from Jack Colquitt in these novels, Frohike knowledgeable Mulder and Scully of the occasions he believed corresponded to the CSM’s “autobiography.” The CSM was apparently intrigued by these occasions, as he secretly listened in, and was about to assassinate Frohike, however determined towards it — ().

        Formative years

        In response to Frohike, the CSM was born on August 20, 1940 (which doesn’t make a lot sense contemplating his obvious age as portrayed in 1953 in Pearl Harbor questioning the crewman) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His father was a Communist activist executed as a spy, and his mom died of lung most cancers. This all occurred whereas the CSM was nonetheless fairly younger, throughout World Conflict II, and he was raised in numerous orphanages all through the Midwest.

        Profession with the US Military


        The Cigarette Smoking Man on October 30, 1962.

        The CSM turned a Captain within the US Military and served in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, with fellow captain, William Mulder. He was not a fan of films, loved studying novels and by no means smoked. He had secretively served in a number of clandestine operations, together with the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, the Bay of Pigs incident and the assassination of Rafael Trujilo.

        On October 30, 1962, he reported to Basic Francis, who instructed him to assassinate the president, John F. Kennedy. He accepted the project with out query, and was faraway from the Military with all report of his service stricken with a purpose to fulfill his new duties.

        Work with Basic Francis


        The Cigarette Smoking Man assassinating President Kennedy in 1963.

        It took over a yr for the CSM’s plan to unfold. On November 22, 1963, the plan was set in movement to assassinate President Kennedy. The CSM went underneath the alias of Mr. Hunt, and he was utilizing Lee Harvey Oswald as a patsy. He dressed as a employee of the Metropolis of Dallas Public Works and arrange on the Trinity River Outlet. He assassinated President Kennedy from that sewer opening. He later went to the Texas Theater and noticed Oswald’s seize when Oswald was looking for him. The CSM determined to remain and watch the film and smoked considered one of Oswald’s Morleys. The assassination is referenced in One Breath, when the CSM responds to Mulder extorting data from him at gun-point with “Don’t try to threaten me, Mulder. I’ve seen presidents die.”

        The CSM continued to work with Basic Francis and write his novel. He was a fan of Martin Luther King, Jr. and was considerably saddened when, in dialogue with J. Edgar Hoover and different high officers, the CSM determined that King needed to be eradicated. He determined to work with one other patsy.

        On April 3, 1968, the CSM arrived in Memphis, Tennessee to meet his responsibility, carrying an image of a younger Fox Mulder. He used the title Raul along with his patsy, James Earl Ray, and so they arrived throughout from the Lorraine Motel. On April 4, he efficiently assassinated Dr. King and pinned it on Ray.

        Quickly afterward, he lastly completed his novel, , and was deeply saddened when it was not accepted for publication. He started to focus extra on his work afterwards, together with Robert F. Kennedy, implying he was additionally killed by the key authorities.

        Work with Ronald

        Within the intervening a long time, the CSM had grown to having very close to full management over each secret operation in america. He was accountable for occasions involving Anita Hill, the Rodney King trial, the Bosnia and Herzegovina elections, the Tremendous Bowl, and the 1980 Olympics. He spoke to dignitaries reminiscent of Saddam Hussein, and was disenchanted when he found that Mikhail Gorbachev had resigned.


        The Cigarette Smoking Man with his colleague, Ronald (Deep Throat)

        On December 24, 1991, the CSM was introduced in after a downed UFO was found with an extraterrestrial organic entity. He needed to review the E.B.E. alive, however his colleague Ronald, also called Deep Throat, adopted Safety Council Decision 10.13 and destroyed the E.B.E., even if it will have helped Invoice Mulder’s mission.

        In March 1992, the CSM selected Scully to work on the X-Recordsdata based mostly on her senior thesis, , which handled numerous operations reminiscent of Majestic 12. He used surveillance methods to observe Scully and Mulder’s first assembly, and was fairly glad at Mulder with the ability to inform why Scully had been assigned to the X-Recordsdata.

        In 1996, the CSM was overjoyed when he found that his second novel, , had been accepted to be revealed. When CSM found he would lose some artistic management, he was let down however nonetheless optimistic. He wrote out his resignation letter in preparation of his work’s publication.

        When his work hit newstands on November 12, the CSM was angered at the truth that they modified the ending to his story, and determined afterward to maintain up his work and never resign from his place.



        CSM in 1992.

        In 1974, Cassandra Spender was returned and started for use by the CSM in his hybridization initiatives. — ()

        Additionally in 1974, Samantha Mulder was returned from the aliens. Hybridization experiments started on her in April Air Drive Base, California. — ()


        The Cigarette Smoking Man in an unlimited retailer room throughout the Pentagon.

        In March 1992, the CSM was current on the assembly with FBI Part Chief Scott Blevins which assigned Particular Agent Dana Scully to debunk the X-Recordsdata. After Brokers Mulder and Scully investigated their first X-file in Oregon, the CSM was current with Blevins at Billy Mileshypnosis classes with Physician Heitz Werber. Afterward, he positioned proof from abductee Ray Soames right into a secret file within the Pentagon, the place many different containers containing proof may be discovered — ().


        The Cigarette Smoking Man making an attempt to interrogate John Barnett in 1994.

        In 1994, the CIA Agent tried to interrogate John Barnett. Nevertheless, Barnett died earlier than any data was given. — ()

        Later that yr, he was current with Assistant Director Walter Skinner when Skinner reprimanded Agent Scully for her unconventional studies and investigations into the X-Recordsdata. He was additionally current when Skinner reprimanded each Brokers Mulder and Scully for presumably injuring Eugene Victor Tooms. When Mulder and Scully completed their investigation and despatched file X 129202 to Skinner, the CSM advised Skinner that he believed the file to be appropriate. — ()

        In Might of that yr, the CSM positioned an alien fetus within the secret Pentagon recordsdata. — ()

        In July, the CSM labored with AD Skinner in making an attempt to determine the whereabouts of Particular Agent Mulder, who had gone lacking. After Mulder was found and reported again to Skinner’s workplace, the CSM tried to goad Skinner into inserting Mulder on censure, switch, suspension, and probation, a “four bagger”, however when Skinner found that Mulder’s cellphone had been wiretapped, he pressured the CSM to depart his workplace. — ()

        Quickly afterward, the CSM despatched Agent Alex Krycek to work towards and spy on Mulder. — ()

        The CSM was current at a gathering, following Agent Scully’s disappearance and doable abduction, which tried to determine Duane Barry‘s whereabouts. He intently noticed Brokers Krycek and Mulder. Later that day, Krycek contacted the CSM with a purpose to

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