Why we study Alice Programming


Take a look at the Alice Site:

Alice is an modern 3D programming atmosphere that makes it simple to create an animation for telling a narrative, taking part in an interactive sport, or a video to share on the net. Alice is a educating instrument for introductory computing. It makes use of 3D graphics and a drag-and-drop interface to facilitate a extra participating, much less irritating first programming expertise.



We’re utilizing the brand new Alice 3.1 which may be downloaded from


Video assistance on making somebody stroll


Play Leapfrog


Make wheels flip

 Be taught Alice

1. Watch the Video at school  

You may also obtain this video in Quicktime format for offline viewing:
Alice Screencast #1 (87.4MB)
(Proper-click and choose “Save Link As…” from the submenu)

2. Follow the Tutorials inside Alice

3. Mess around in Alice


Follow Alice Step by Step utilizing the the information beneath


1. Learn the situation on the planning sheet

2. See how the questions are answered

3. Have a look at how the storyboards helped plan the undertaking

4. Observe the step-by-step path to make your individual Snowpeople



Alice Step-by-step.doc 


Video Tutorials on Shark Assault



Examples-with supply code


Pattern Motion pictures from Calvin Faculties Alice Programming Camp



An Total Web page of Alice Assist 5-12 graades





How one can make somebody stroll

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Alice Challenges We Do collectively



Problem 1-Experience’um Cowboy

What: Make a personality experience in or on one thing

How: Utilizing Alice and the Do collectively blcok

Why: Placing collectively easy constructs

Assets:Classroom demo




Problem 2 – Automobile race chase




What: Create a automobile race/chase Make it quick????
How: Utilizing Alice
Why: Introduction to a brand new program


  •  height= src= Automobile Sport Directions Useful resource
  •  height= src= Automobile Sport Template file



Problem 3- Alice Flight Simulator




What: Create a flight simulator
How: Utilizing occasions in Alice
Why: To study person interplay


  •  height= src= Flight Sim Directions PDF doc
  •  height= src= Flight Sim Template file
  •  height= src= Flight Sim (full) file


Project: Plan your individual Alice Film




A. Each Program Begins with an Concept




1. First write a short description or situation of the story you’ll inform. This needs to be a 1-2 paragraph essay.



The situation provides all essential particulars for establishing the preliminary scene after which planning a sequence of directions for the animation.




Take into consideration …


1. What story is to be informed?____________________



2. What objects/avatars are wanted?_____________




3.  Which objects will play main roles within the Story_________________________________ whereas different objects will probably be used to supply background surroundings.




4. What actions are to happen? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Remember the actions within the story will ultimately develop into the directions in this system.




B. Storyboard

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Obtain the doc beneath to create a Storyboard. That is the place you propose your program  body by body.


 border=story board.pdf 


C. Alice Program


1. Each Program must have 2-3 Characters-NO MORE

2. The Story Line should be G rated- no violence, nothing gross-something your grandmother want to see

3.Story ought to have a transparent starting center and finish.




Grades for Alice Unit


10 factors for studying the software program and doing the tutorials

10 factors Situation

10 factors Story Board Planning Sheet

25 factors for creating the Snowman scene we did collectively

25 factors for creating your unique Alice Program


Alice Rubric



5/4= Wonderful

3/2= Sufficient

1 = Substandard

0 = Not even shut

Adherence to requirements

Does it conform to requirements in programming?

No errors

Minor particulars of the requirements are violated, or poor selections are made the place the requirements are unclear.

Vital particulars of the requirements or the underlying program intent are violated, however this system nonetheless fulfills important capabilities.

Misses the purpose of the issue.

Breakdown (modular design)

Does it display good modular design?

Does the code comply with a logica sequence?

No errors

1-3 minor errors

Greater than three minor errors OR one main error

Multiple main error


Artistic with fascinating parts

Works for typical enter, however appears predictable

Fails for typical enter, for a minor motive.

Fails for typical enter, for a major motive.

Documentation, fashion and person interface

Is it clear and maintainable? Is the person interface designed fastidiously?

No errors

1-3 minor errors

Greater than three minor errors OR one main error

Multiple main error

Efficiency of code

Does it use the language options nicely?

No errors

1-3 minor errors

Greater than three minor errors OR one main error

Multiple main error














See also  Alice FAQ / Alice 2_4 FAQ




Take a look at some pattern applications



2008 SIGCSE Awards Introduced


Simply final week we found the names of the 2008 SIGCSE Awards, and I’m proud to be chair of the convention the place these awards will probably be introduced.


Randy's photoThe SIGCSE Award is introduced to the one that has made a considerable and lasting impression on computing training. Randy Pausch (picture left), a reputation most not too long ago posted right here on this Weblog, is the 2008 recipient for his contributions, particularly the Alice digital world atmosphere for introducing many potential computing college students to the fantastic world of programming. And in Alice, it may be as fantastic, wealthy, visible and musical a world because the creativity of the scholar can present.







Superior Alice




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