When Counter-Strike: International Offensive was introduced to be going free-to-play, it was additionally introduced that it might function a brand new battle royale mode known as “Danger Zone.” My social timeline was populated with numerous folks complaining that the title going free-to-play would damage the expertise, however not many individuals gave the impression to be speaking in regards to the new recreation mode. Being considerably of a fan of the battle royale style (regardless of it being a bit tedious), I used to be excited to leap in and discover out precisely what it was like.

Being a Counter-Strike: International Offensive participant for a few years now, I used to be form of shocked to search out that Hazard Zone was, actually, a Battle Royale mode. So now I assume we will add but one other online game to the rising listing of video games with a battle royale mode. The market is perhaps overflowing with all of those large-scale battle royale video games, however Hazard Zone shakes issues up by making the mode smaller, sooner, and retains CS: GO‘s arcadey shooter feeling intact.

Danger Zone

shakes things up by making the mode smaller, faster, and keeps CS: GO‘s arcadey shooter feeling intact.”

The usual format most games tend to opt for when attempting battle royale is tweaked in Danger Zone, with only 16 players taking to a single map instead of the usual 100 players. The smaller map still drives players closer together as time passes by using a really nice looking desaturated-red-edged area that closes in. Because the scale of the map and speed of the game are vastly different to the big boys of battle royale, I didn’t really feel the identical rush and depth you get when operating from the storm in Fortnite. 

As a substitute, I see the Hazard Zone closing in, widen my eyes, and utter an “Oh gosh!” to myself as I flip round and wander off. It’s not intimidating sufficient.

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There’s additionally no free-fall, one thing most video games with the mode make the most of to start out a match. As a substitute, you begin by choosing your insertion space by marking it on a map earlier than another person picks it. As soon as everybody has chosen their factors, you’re all all of the sudden above your chosen level and parachuting in. It’s a special approach of doing issues, nevertheless it additionally works by permitting you preparation time, eliminating the chance of being killed immediately by touchdown in the identical space as another person.

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Because the scale of the map and speed of the game are vastly different to the big boys of battle royale, I didn’t feel the same rush and intensity you get when running from the storm in Fortnite.“

Interestingly, Danger Zone lets you collect money either scattered around the map, or stacks of it can be found in money bags. Money allows you to purchase some better weapons, ammo, armor, and more. The best thing? Those purchased items are delivered by freaking drones! Drones that appear to get a bit flustered on their way to you in typical clumsy Valve robotic style, but still drones nonetheless.

Drone delivery, as cool as it is, can be a possible suicide risk as other players get to see your drone heading in your direction, which of course gives away your position. If it’s you tracking the drone though, you’ll be able to chase after it and eliminate the enemy while they punch their delivered crate open. Crates can also be found around the world with some being easily broken apart, some requiring the use of tools, and some being locked behind gates that require sweet moolah to unlock.

While having to organize your finances while on the battleground might sound a touch odd, it’s actually a rather nifty system that’s implemented really nicely in  It not only keeps the feeling of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive intact, but it’s so intuitive that whipping the tablet out to order some gear and then go back to shooting oncoming enemies with ease is something I adore.

“…whipping the tablet out to order some gear and then go back to shooting oncoming enemies with ease is something I adore.”

Whereas I’m speaking in regards to the pill, in addition to the acquisition display, the map is seen by this gadget too. Moderately than going for a static satellite tv for pc view, Hazard Zone as an alternative makes use of hexagonal tiles atop a black-and-white map that permits you to see your place, observe enemies, drones, the purple zone, and extra. The pill may be upgraded to carry out these totally different capabilities, and it definitely modifications the way in which you assess the battlefield. There are additionally particular targets you may choose up which supplies you one other aim —corresponding to discovering a hostage— to deal with relatively than simply staying alive. These targets, when accomplished will reward you with a money prize permitting you to buy extra gear from the pill’s purchase menu.

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In fact, whereas dropping in with all this tech feels good and fewer such as you’ve simply been dumped in a PvP location by some torturous overlord, you continue to have the overall looting system in play. However given the dimensions of the map, it’s toned down so much in comparison with different battle royale video games. You’ll be discovering pistols, rifles, SMG’s, shotguns, melee weapons, grenades, flashbangs, and even Molotovs scattered across the space. Most of those you’ll in all probability simply find yourself ordering in any approach as you discover more cash.

It turns into clear after a couple of rounds that the arsenal in Hazard Zone isn’t as in-depth as say,  and looks like the choice is chosen as a result of measurement of the map. The shortage of a giant vary of weapons does depart it feeling naked, however not having attachments means much less time spent micromanaging your gear, and extra time planning your subsequent transfer, one thing I felt made the sport extra fulfilling as a fast-paced battle royale.

My major gripe with Hazard Zone is that as a result of it makes use of ’s motion system, it feels such as you’re gliding throughout the map. I discovered myself ignoring tactical maneuvers and simply opting to hurry in, unload {a magazine} and hope for the most effective — much like how I play within the Arms Race mode. Though the great thing about that is that the sport can really feel extra intense and fewer like it’s good to dedicate your time to it, I nonetheless miss the heavy headbobbing and sluggish sprinting from different battle royale titles, although. There’s no vaulting system both, so it’s a must to bear in mind again to the time the place you needed to soar and crouch on the similar time to clear objects.

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“The lack of a large range of weapons does leave it feeling bare, but not having attachments means less time micromanaging your gear and more time planning your next move…”

The nice feeling about Hazard Zone is that as a result of measurement of the map, there’s potential to launch new maps with out the builders having to fret about making an attempt to include them into an present large-scale map. After a number of hours with the brand new mode, Hazard Zone is actually a bite-sized battle royale that has a big inhabitants of gamers from CS: GO, which is now rising much more with the latest free-to-play transfer.

Hazard Zone feels nice primarily due to how easy it feels to play, how easy it’s, and the way compact the map is. It doesn’t really feel prefer it’s going to be the subsequent massive battle royale revelation like Fortnite, PUBG, or Name of Responsibility: Black Ops 4‘s Blackout, nevertheless it definitely feels good for followers of Counter-Strike: International Offensive or for people who might battle to dive into different time-demanding battle royale video games.

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