An earlier recreation from the group that made Some Some Comfort Retailer, this can be a portal fantasy story primarily based on a e book of some kind. I feel the Korean equal for a light-weight novel.

It’s principally the identical thought as Some Some. You run a Snack Store and date a heroine. The aim is to make sufficient cash to unlock an ending whereas additionally advancing by way of the women story line so you are able to do her ending on the finish of the sport’s calendar. Has some saucy artwork and the cgs are totally on the hornier aspect with out being excessive. Stylish ecchi?

Story sensible, it’s a portal fantasy. For many who don’t acknowledge that time period, suppose isekai however you possibly can travel at will. Although it’s not the protagonist that goes backwards and forwards, however the Queen of a Nation that makes use of salt to solid magic. She finally ends up getting sick of being Queen for a lot of causes, and goes by way of a portal in her room that’s simply been there. She finally ends up at Miracle Snack Store, a spot our run down MC is at present working do to some main debt points and this being one of many few decisions he had.

At first they’ll’t talk in any respect, however she is hungry so our man makes her some shaved ice. After consuming that, she’s hooked and decides to go to as soon as per week for a snack and to see this new world.

There’s additionally one other heroine, named Mira, that reveals up. She is certainly a sub heroine of kinds although. Her plot is small scale in comparison with the Queen’s, and is simply kinda there. The 2 solely work together as soon as really. In actual fact, I don’t suppose the Queen interacts with anybody different then the MC until the dlc and as soon as with Mira. Mira no less than has 1 NPC present up in her content material, twice. That’s the reason I really feel Some Some is best then Snack Store, the whole lack of a supporting solid makes the story much less participating. The work obsessed MC can solely carry the interactions with the heroines up to now, and with out anybody else there’s simply not as a lot chemistry to the interactions as Some Some has.

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Like Some Some, the characters will not be excessive schoolers. The man is no less than 25 since he simply bought out of enforced navy service, and the primary woman is 27-29. Word that she nonetheless acts like a chuuni child since her world doesn’t have electrical energy and all the opposite regular what’s these items.

Similar to Some Some, you handle two stats of kinds to generate profits, although right here it’s a lot simpler. You improve your cooking talent by making(spending cash to make) new shaved ice, which go in some fascinating instructions. There are restricted by time and story progress. Then you’ve fame, which is simply throwing cash at commercial. These two stats resolve how a lot you make every week. Heroine occasions usually take a bit of cash right here and there. The true aim of the cash making is for 2 endings. Mira’s true ending requires 1 million, and the solo wealthy ending additionally requires 1 million, whereas Queen’s is only a thousand. So mainly you do each different ending to get the ending bonuses to get wealthy sufficient to get these two in a single run.

The sport does current quests, however all these are is be taught this recipe for a bio. Which I feel is only a checklist of references to different characters from Taleshop’s(the creator’s) video games. You actually solely do the quests since you possibly can solely have one, and I feel new recipes are generally locked behind getting quests.

Ecchi is a bit weaker then Some Some, principally owing to the character designs. The Queen really tries to put on full physique clothes, since she comes from a frigid local weather, whereas Mira has a barely pervy tackle an workplace woman as her design. Cg’s have cleavage and a few ass, however nothing actually graphic past the fade to blacks cgs aka those the place they’re about to have intercourse. It’s a cultured tackle ecchi the place the pictures don’t actually really feel misplaced, it’s the heroines proportions and the coloring that makes them attractive.

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Save for Miracle Snack Store

Has all cgs, recipes, vip bios, and all of the story scenes rewatchable from the gallery. Aka, you possibly can rad the whole lot with out the sport getting in the best way if uou don’t need it to. You actually solely miss out on the foolish commercial scenes, which get actually excessive within the dlc.

Save 1 is with out dlc, save 2 is with.

Gameplay: 2/10 Eroticness: 5/10 Story: 6/10

Completion: What it took-

4 full runs is what it took. One I failed, one I bought Mira with low cash, then Queen, then each 1 million endings. Studying the story the sport takes about 3-4 hours, skipping about 1.

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