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Hello! I’m Dixie. GRADE 4 I’m Pixie! We’re twins! Draw an image of your self.Title:Class:

Professor Vassen NAËCK – Head Curriculum Implementation, Textbook Growth and Analysis THE ENGLISH PANEL MAURITIUS INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION Ms Hélina HOOKOOMSING – Panel Coordinator, Lecturer Mrs Mangala JAWAHEER – Panel member, Lecturer MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND HUMAN RESOURCES, TERTIARY EDUCATION AND SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH Mr Jagdish KORLAPU-BUNGAREE – Deputy Head Grasp Mrs Marie Françoise CONSTANCE – Deputy Head Grasp Mrs Anne-Marie CASELIN – Deputy Head Grasp Acknowledgements VETTING TEAM MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND HUMAN RESOURCES, TERTIARY EDUCATION AND SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH Mrs Taramatee NATHOO – Senior College Inspector Mrs Dineshwaree RUCHCHAN – College Inspector Mr Dahmiasdeho GOWRY – College Inspector Mr Krishnaduth OOCHIT – College Inspector Mr Doomanlall MOHANGOO – College Inspector Mr Rajkumar BEEDASSY – College Inspector Illustration and format GRAPHIC DESIGNER Ms Gaëlle LI TO LUN ISBN : 978-99949-44-28-6 © Mauritius Institute of Schooling (2017)ii

ForewordWe have the pleasure to give you a model new assortment of textbooks as from 2016. Thesetextbooks have been written by a group of consultants and supported by skilled Educators,suggested by Inspectors, Mentors and Deputy Head Masters. We have now performed our greatest to ensurethat youngsters endure a pleasing studying expertise.We have now taken care to align the textbooks with very clearly outlined studying outcomes andobjectives set for the topic. This current textbook offers clear indications of the diverseskills that youngsters ought to grasp at every stage. We’d request lecturers to make use of thetechniques and pedagogical approaches advised within the trainer’s handbook in order that childrenmake optimum use of the textbook and supplies offered.We’re extraordinarily grateful to all those that have offered us with constructive suggestions,thereby enabling us to make this curriculum growth endeavour come to fruition. We arealso grateful to the artists who carried out the illustrations, and to our graphic artists, who havetried their finest to create the best format for the books. The authors and the curriculum group,below the steering of Professor Vassen Naeck, additionally deserve our thanks.We hope that you simply take pleasure in this materials and need you plenty of success.Dr O. Nath VarmaDirectorMauritius Institute of Schooling. iii

Preface The Grade 4 Let’s Be taught English textbook relies on the reviewed Nationwide Curriculum Framework 2015. It goals at additional offering pupils with ample alternatives to actively have interaction in using the English language and develop their listening, talking, studying, and writing abilities in a gradual and built-in method. The actions within the textbook allow pupils to be taught and practise the language in a contextualized and significant method, specializing in key areas of language and literacy growth, with an emphasis on the event of oral abilities. Moreover, a cross-curricular method has been adopted which permits hyperlinks to be made with different topic areas like Science, Historical past and Geography, The Arts, and ICT. The textbook constitutes 8 models with completely different, however interrelated, themes which are straight or not directly associated to learners’ lives or curiosity. The models include the next sub-sections: Oral –The listening and talking actions in every unit encourage pupils to construct their confidence in a enjoyable and casual method. These actions are interspersed all through every unit and so they present some key vocabulary associated to every theme; Studying comprehension – The studying actions introduce the primary theme and a few theme-based vocabulary of a unit. The textual content is adopted by post-reading actions to develop the studying abilities of pupils and to assist gauge their understanding; Vocabulary – Every unit consists of theme-based vocabulary actions to assist pupils prolong their repertoire of phrases. For the studying comprehension, a field of key phrases is discovered beneath every passage. Although it’s in no way exhaustive, the field of key phrases is indicative of particular vocabulary gadgets to be pre-taught. It will naturally rely upon the wants of the learners. Particular oral and written actions in numerous models hyperlink to the vocabulary gadgets and additional encourage pupils to grasp the phrases in context and in addition use new phrases and expressions; Grammar – The vary of grammar actions present alternatives for pupils to revise some important grammar factors and in addition to introduce new grammatical options, thus extending pupils’ important notions of English grammar for correct language manufacturing each orally and in writing; Writing – These actions allow pupils to provide various kinds of texts of various lengths with or with out the assist of a writing body or mannequin; Phonics – A particular part for phonics actions assist to additional construct and reinforce pupils’ phonological and phonemic consciousness in an specific method to develop their spelling, phrase recognition, and decoding abilities; therefore, steadily main them to learn and write with confidence; Finish of Unit – This part consists of quite a lot of actions to judge pupils’ studying, writing, grammatical, phonics, and vocabulary accuracy. Every unit is accompanied by a brief literacy story which enhances the theme. The literacy tales are introduced as a separate assortment to encourage pupils to take pleasure in studying in English, allow them to develop their very own private library, and encourage them to start studying with some independence; albeit with continued help and assist from the trainer as wanted. Whereas the main focus is totally on creating literacy abilities in English, ideas from different areas resembling Historical past, Geography, Values and Citizenship Schooling, are additionally built-in.iv

We hope that the Educators and pupils will take pleasure in with this new textbook.The writing group To the teacherTextbooks are important instruments within the classroom however their effectiveness in making studying experiencessuccessful relies upon largely on the way in which by which they’re carried out and the lecturers who willhave to facilitate studying; and complement the textbook with explanations, additional sources, andadditional actions as per the completely different profiles and desires of the pupils of their class. A lot effort hasgone into grading the content material of the Grade 4 Let’s Be taught English textbook and to incorporate as manyvisuals as doable to assist studying. Moreover, Instructor’s Notes are interspersed all through theTeacher’s Ebook to supply particular tips and provide extra detailed details about activitieswhere required. These notes shouldn’t be thought-about as prescriptive. Academics have the scope andflexibility to adapt all actions within the textbook to go well with the degrees and desires of their learners.The sections beneath present extra complete data on numerous elements of the textbookto higher assist the instructing and studying course of. However, you will need to emphasize thatthese are some common solutions for conducting actions, and that lecturers should carefullyconsider their learners’ wants concerning selection of instructing methods within the classroom.ReadingThe growth of studying abilities takes place by way of conventional studying comprehension textsentitled ‘I read a short story’ and the Let’s Learn literacy assortment, which is meant to be learn forpleasure, appreciation, and dialogue.Pre-reading phaseEngage in a listening and talking exercise or brainstorming earlier than focusing on the textual content directlyto construct upon pupils’ prior information and encourage them to narrate the theme to themselves.Wherever doable, present alternatives for pupils to indulge within the video games, songs, poems, andrhymes that contain motion as this may make studying extra pleasing and motivating. Makeuse of the illustrations and footage within the textbook to stimulate dialogue and assist studying.Encourage pupil participation in English and supply ample assist to regularly lead pupilsto specific themselves utilizing easy sentences in English. This part needs to be used to reinforcerelevant vocabulary that has been beforehand realized and to pre-teach key vocabulary that willfacilitate understanding of the studying passage that follows. Use instructing aids and visible resourceswhenever doable, particularly for vocabulary acquisition.Whereas studying phaseRead the textual content aloud a primary time for pupils to pay attention and to familiarise them with the theme and content material.The usage of methods like demonstration, enacting/miming, and ranging the studying intonation andtone will assist to retain pupils’ curiosity and promote understanding of the textual content. Scaffold learningand encourage pupils to learn the textual content aloud extra independently. Fluctuate the selection of while-readingstrategies so the textual content is rendered extra pleasing and for a greater understanding of the content material. Forexample, mix the studying exercise with using inventive drama methods resembling selectingdifferent pupils to learn as narrator and as assorted characters, together with motion or mime.

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PrefacePost studying phaseThe publish studying actions develop understanding of the specific content material of the comprehension aswell as main pupils to start creating inferential abilities, which is a crucial side of studying.Perform the post-reading actions orally first to test pupils’ understanding; then scaffold learningand assist them to finish the written workouts. On condition that the vocabulary varies within the differentunits, create a phrase wall within the classroom in order that pupils are uncovered to new phrases in a sustainedmanner at some stage in the unit. Draw pupils’ consideration to those phrases commonly to consolidatevocabulary acquisition.PhonicsExplicit phonics instruction offers pupils with the alternatives to additional develop their talking,studying, and writing abilities. Phonics instruction is a method that teaches learners to attach letterswith sounds, phase (break) phrases into sounds, and mix sounds into phrases. These are all essentialdecoding abilities; learners then use this data to turn out to be extra assured readers and writers.Frequent publicity and apply are essential to develop these abilities and, like vocabulary acquisition,phonics should be taught in a sustained method. It’s essential to transcend the actions providedin the textbook and assist studying by supplementing with extra workouts to attract pupils’consideration to the sounds, letter-sound associations in phrases, and the best way to mix and phase soundsand syllables in phrases.Observe may be made partaking and pleasing by encouraging pupils to create nonsense phrases,utterances and sentences.GrammarThe emphasis of the grammar actions within the textbook is on grammar utilization and creating anawareness of the grammar factors; although explanations have been included wherever deemednecessary, the main focus is just not on the memorization of guidelines. Perform the actions orally first to engagepupils with use of the grammar level in context and to test pupils’ understanding; then assist themto full the written workouts. Although an introduction and a few clarification to the grammarpoints have been included, it might be needed to increase explanations relying on the profileand wants of pupils. Scaffold studying, and use anecdotes and examples associated to the pupils to makegrammar studying significant.Taking into account that it’s not doable to tailor textbooks to particular pupils or school rooms, the Let’sLearn English textbook has been structured in a method that permits the trainer to make use of it in a flexiblemanner. Models 1 and a pair of serve to consolidate ideas and language acquired throughout Grade 3. Models 3to 7 introduce and train language and ideas to be acquired at Grade 4 degree and these are thenreinforced in Unit 8. The trainer can thus adapt the actions on this textbook, and the tempo at whichthey progress by way of it, as per the wants of their pupils.It’s hoped that the trainer will absolutely exploit all of the sections and actions in view of enhancing theteaching and studying of English language and literacy in Grade 4.

Phonetics chart

Phonetics chart

Content material pagesPages 1- 17 19 – 37 39 – 58 59 – 78 Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4Theme My Our capital metropolis The seaside RodriguesOral neighbourhood – Poem : – Tongue tornado – Poem: Rodrigues – Track : The My capital metropolis. – Communication: my stunning island individuals in your Image description neighbourhood – Communication: I speak about my neighbourhood /e/Phonics A form neighbour Uncle Ted visits A day in Grand Bay Consonant culsutersReading Port -Louis <str> and <spr> An invite to go on holidayWriting E mail Truth Sheet Quick story Postcard – Widespread nouns and correct nouns – Prepositions – Countable and – Interrogative (towards, from, to) uncountable nouns kind – Private pronouns – Plural types (s, – Quantifiers – Punctuation: as object es, ies) referring to query mark countable and – Adjectives of form, – Easy previous tense uncountable nouns – Interrogative color, texture (which, how, why)Grammar – Adjectives – Irregular plural – Detrimental (is/are of age, dimension, types – Adverbs of not, do/doesn’t) temperature method – Prepositions – Current tense – Article ‘the’ (above, beneath) – Comparative and superlative types – Prepositions (earlier than, after, between)Literacy A Useful Neighbour Dippy visits The Mermaid within the A Go to to Rodriguessession Port Louis Shell

My neighbourhood Unit 1My neighbourhood 1 Unit one 1

Unit 1 My neighbourhood Oral Exercise 1 – I describe my neighbourhood. We have now simply moved to a brand new neighbourhood. A neighbourhood is an space inside your city or metropolis the place you reside. 1. The place do you reside? 2. What color is your home/condominium? 3. Who’s your neighbour? 4. What locations can you discover in your neighbourhood? 5. What two issues do you want about your neighbourhood? 2

My neighbourhood Unit 1 ReadingActivity 2 – I learn a brief story. A form neighbourPixie and Dixie are very excited. They’ve simply moved to their new neighbourhood and theyare very comfortable as they’ve some pleasant neighbours.Their favorite neighbour is Mrs Ringo. She is a sort, outdated girl who lives together with her son Tony.They’ve two large canine known as Milo and Tilou. They reside in the home subsequent door. Mrs Ringo hasa stunning backyard filled with pink, yellow and pink flowers. She additionally has an enormous lychee tree.When Pixie and Dixie go to highschool, she waves to them and says with a smile:“Good morning Pixie. Good morning Dixie. Have a good day at school.”When Mrs Ringo bakes scrumptious muffins, she sends a chunk of cake for the youngsters. In summer time,she offers Pixie and Dixie ripe, candy lychees.Yearly, Mrs Ringo and her son go on vacation to go to her daughter Sara in Australia. Whenthey are away, Pixie and Dixie take care of their two canine. Their mom cooks dinner for Milo andTilou and their father offers the meals to the canine. Pixie and Dixie like to play with them.When Mrs Ringo and Tony return, they at all times convey a memento of Australia for Pixie and Dixie.Pixie and Dixie like Mrs Ringo very a lot and so they really feel fortunate to have such an exquisite neighbour.Key phrases: fortunate great subsequent door souvenirkind ripe hugeholiday pleasant scrumptious 3

Unit 1 My neighbourhood Exercise 2(a) – I shade the right field if the reply is true or false. 1. Mrs Ringo is a sort, outdated girl. T F 2. Mrs Ringo doesn’t reside subsequent door to Pixie and Dixie. T F F 3. Mrs Ringo and Tony go on vacation to Australia each month. T F F 4. Pixie and Dixie play with the 2 canine when Mrs Ringo is on vacation. T 5. Pixie and Dixie don’t like their neighbour. T Exercise 2(b) – I select the right phrases to finish the sentences. 1. Mrs Ringo has ________________ canine. (two/three) 2. Mrs Ringo has a ________________ lychee tree. (small/enormous) 3. The ripe lychees are ________________ (bitter/candy) 4. Mrs Ringo and Tony go to a special ______________ for his or her vacation. (nation/city) Exercise 2(c) – I reply the questions beneath in easy sentences. 1. What can Pixie and Dixie see in Mrs Ringo’s backyard? _______________________________________________________________________… 2. By which season do we’ve ripe lychees? _______________________________________________________________________ 3. Why do Pixie and Dixie like Mrs Ringo? _______________________________________________________________________4

My neighbourhood Unit 1Activity 3 – I select and write the right preposition. Grammar earlier than after between(a) I’ve dessert ____________ dinner.(b) The letter ‘e’ is discovered ____________ the letter ‘g’(c) The little boy stands ____________ his dad and mom. Mrs Ringo’s lychee tree is discovered between her home and my home.OralActivity 4 – I take heed to and skim a poem. The individuals in your neighbourhood Who’re the individuals in your neighbourhood? Who’re the individuals in your neighbourhood? A good friend subsequent door is an individual in your neighbourhood, In your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood. A good friend subsequent door is an individual in your neighbourhood, Part of your group! Who’re the individuals in your neighbourhood? Who’re the individuals in your neighbourhood? The postman is an individual in your neighbourhood, In your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood. The postman is an individual in your neighbourhood, Part of your group! 5

Unit 1 My neighbourhood Writing Exercise 5 – I full the e-mail beneath. Pixie and Dixie are sending an electronic mail to Tony to ask him to their birthday celebration. Are you able to assist them full their electronic mail? Hello __________________, We’re sending you this _____________(electronic mail/letter) to ask you to our birthday celebration which can happen on _____________(day) _____________(date) at _____________ (time). We have now invited many buddies. Mom will put together plenty of scrumptious ________________ ____________________to eat and ___________________________to drink. After reducing our _________________ cake, we’re going to play completely different video games, resembling _____________________________________________________________________. Afterwards, we will ______________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________. Please verify should you _______________________ (are coming, should not coming). We hope to _______________________ (sea you, see you). Your mates, _____________ and _____________6

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My neighbourhood Unit 1 honicsˆActivity 6 – I learn a rhyme. I underline the phrases with the / / sound.On Sunday, Pixie and Dixie go to their native English Membership. They meet their good friend Bucky. He ispractising a humorous rhyme. The solar goes up Up, up, up! The solar goes up. Us, us, us! Give us a cup. Bug, bug, bug! It jumps right into a jug! Slug, slug, slug! It rubs on the rug! Bus, bus, bus! All of us run! Mud, mud, mud! That is enjoyable! Crumb, crumb, crumb! I feed the duck! Thumb, thumb, thumb! Want uncle luck! Thunder, thunder, thunder! Disguise within the hut! Beneath, below, below! The umbrella is shut! 7

Unit 1 My neighbourhood Now, Pixie, Dixie and Bucky are studying new phrases with their buddies on the English Membership. Exercise 7(a) – I say the phrases aloud. alien tray rain eight rake steak Exercise 7(b) – I write the phrases within the appropriate columns beneath. Learn the phrases within the field fastidiously. Write every phrase within the appropriate column. One has been performed for you! age, clay, spray, paid, afraid, eighteen, alien, weigh, bake, grape, chase, airplane, courageous, nice, break, ape, right now, neighbour, snail a ay ai a_e ei ea age8

My neighbourhood Unit 1GrammarActivity 8 – I be taught: Correct and customary nouns.Correct nouns are phrases to call particular gadgets resembling individuals and locations. They at all times startwith a capital letter.Pixie and Dixie are going to look at a movie at Bagatelle.What movie are we going to look at ?The well-known movie “Frozen”. The movie is made by Disney.After the movie, we can have lunch at Kando restaurant.Full the desk beneath. Correct nouns Frozen Widespread nouns filmThere are some extra correct nouns like days of the week, months of the 12 months, names ofmountains, rivers, lakes and festivals. 9

Unit 1 My neighbourhood Exercise 8(a) – I fill within the blanks with the right letters. I match every phrase with its corresponding image. A B ____ anuary (J, j) ___ og (D, d) ___ hristmas tree (C, c) ___ decrease (F, f) ___ ochester falls (R, r) ___ orry (L, l)Exercise 8(b) – I underline the correct nouns and circle the widespread nouns within the textual content beneath.Bruno lives within the village of Moka. He goes to St Mary’s Major College. Each Saturdaymorning, Bruno goes to Maryse Justin Stadium to play soccer. He meets his good friend Ali andRama close to Telfair College. They take the bus to hitch another buddies in Réduit. On theirway to the stadium, they cease at Miam Snack to purchase water and juice.10

My neighbourhood Unit 1Activity 9 – I be taught : Private pronouns as objects. Look fastidiously on the underlined phrases.Dixie : Pixie, Pixie ! Are you able to hear me?Pixie : I’m ready for you within the yard.Dixie : Jim and Dana will come to play with us.Pixie : Are you going to attend for them?Dixie : Sure, Dana will convey some toys together with her.Pixie : Are you able to ask Jim to convey his ball with him?Dixie : No, our canine will chew it. These are private pronouns used as objects.Exercise 9(a) – I fill within the blanks with the right private pronouns as objects. me you her him it us them(a) Please decide up this piece of paper and throw _________ within the bin.(b) Our trainer will give _________ our homework tomorrow.(c) My finest good friend at all times performs with _________(d) Listed here are the shells. Maintain _________ with you.(e) Shena at all times retains her doll with _________(f) I’ll by no means go on vacation with _________ once more.(g) That is Paul’s e book. It belongs to _________ 11

Unit 1 My neighbourhoodActivity 10 – I revise the easy current tense.Take a look at the images fastidiously and skim the sentences.Each morning the youngsters Evan performs soccer consumption their breakfast the afternoon. Nikita normally washes the dishes. Exercise 10(a) – I full the sentences with the easy current tense of the verbs. 1. Daily you _____________ a brand new e book. (to learn) 2. Dylan at all times ______________ in school early. (to reach) 3. Generally the fisherman _____________ large fish. (to catch) 4. Farah typically ______________ the garments. (to clean) 5. We ______________to the church on Sundays. (to go) 6. The solar at all times __________ within the east. (to rise)12

My neighbourhood Unit 1Activity 11 – I revise adjectives of color, texture and form. GrammarFill within the blanks after which say the sentences aloud!1. Dixie wears a _________ shirt. 2. Pixie wears a _________ gown.3. The lychee seed is ________. 4. The sponge is _________.5. This ribbon is _________. 6. The rock is _________.7. This can be a __________ soccer pitch. 8. I wish to purchase a ________ orange.Keep in mind Adjectives are descriptive phrases that give details about nouns resembling individuals, animals, locations, issues and concepts. These adjectives describe color, texture and form. 13

Unit 1 My neighbourhoodActivity 11(a) – I make a poster with completely different footage to indicate adjectives of color, texture and form. You’ll need: Glue or cellotape Lentils Scissors Cotton wool Colored pencils or crayons1. I draw and color a rainbow with its seven colors: pink, orange, yellow, inexperienced, blue, indigo and violet.2. I draw a rabbit and stick some cotton wool to make it fluffy.3. a) I draw an oval Easter-egg with sq. shapes on it. b) I color the sq. shapes in turquoise.4. I stick some exhausting lentils to embellish my Easter-egg.14

My neighbourhood Unit 1 15

Unit 1 My neighbourhood 1 Unit 1 Finish of unit Unit oneActivity 1: Put the letters within the appropriate order to jot down the right phrase.1. S ……………………. (S,m,r,u,m,e)2. D …………………….(D, g,a,t,u,h,r,e)3. L……………………..(L,c,e,y,h,s,e)4. S …………………… (S,u,v,o,i,e,r,n)6. P………………………(P,m,t,o,n,s,a)8. N……………………….(N,b,i,g,o,r,h,u,s,e)Exercise 2: Color the correct nouns yellow and the widespread nouns in blue. neighbour Fred truck bakery Pixie pharmacy Blue Bay market headmaster Pizza Hut woman Cathedral Port Louis hospital Milou locality16

My neighbourhood Unit 1Activity 3: Select the right private pronoun as object.1. I see ________________ (they, them ) on daily basis.2. Paul sits close to ________________ (I, me) in school.3. Sandra goes with ________________ (us, we) to the seaside.4. I like ________________ (she, her) very a lot.5. Mr Samy teaches ________________ (we, us) a phenomenal track.6. Pixie offers ________________ (him, he) many presents.7. Can ________________ (him, you) assist Pixie and Dixie do their homework?Exercise 4: Write the given verbs within the easy current tense.Each afternoon, when Rico ………………………. (to return) again from faculty, he………………..(to look at) cartoons on tv together with his little brother. Afterwards, Rico ………………… (togo) to the soccer floor together with his buddies. The buddies…………………… (to play) footballuntil sundown. “It ……………………………..(to be) late”, Rico ……………………… (to say). He……………………… (to wave) goodbye and ……………………… (to return) house.Exercise 5: Clap your arms whenever you hear the /eI/ sound.alien field bedhead chain Aprilcake pail breadeight jam platechair rain sand 17

Unit 1 My neighbourshood18

Our capital metropolis Unit 2Our capital metropolis 2 Unit two 19

Unit 2 Our capital metropolis Oral This can be a poem about our capital metropolis. Let’s learn it collectively.Exercise 1 – I take heed to and skim a poem. My Capital Metropolis After I go to my capital metropolis, I really feel very comfortable. Whereas strolling within the crowded market, I see mouthwatering vegatables and fruits in large baskets. It’s a pleasure to eat dholl puri, It’s filled with scrumptious curry. After I see the skyscrapers so excessive, It looks like they contact the sky. I can see the ships and boats within the harbour, I see the calm and blue water. On the Pure Historical past Museum I see completely different collections, This place is a superb attraction. Champs de Mars is a large place, That is the place horses race. Port Louis, my Capital Metropolis, It’s so busy, energetic, and filled with magnificence.20

Our capital metropolis Unit 2 ReadingActivity 2 – I take heed to and skim a narrative. Uncle Ted visits Port LouisLast Friday, Dixie, Pixie and their dad and mom went to the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam InternationalAirport. The twins had been excited to fulfill Uncle Ted who had come on vacation from Canada. Thefollowing day, the household determined to go to Port Louis. Uncle Ted was shocked to see how the capitalcity had modified.“Wow! There are many skyscrapers and the streets are wider. Look at all these vehicles!”exclaimed Uncle Ted excitedly.They first stopped on the Aapravasi Ghat, which is a World Heritage Website.“Uncle, last year my friends and I came here with our teachers,” Pixie mentioned. “Our teachers saidthat the immigrants stayed here for two days before going to the Sugar Estates.”“Yes, this is a part of our history,” replied Uncle Ted.After visiting the Aapravasi Ghat, they went to Caudan Waterfront to have lunch. Uncle Tedwas delighted to search out so many retailers, eating places, motels, places of work and cinemas. After lunch,Uncle Ted purchased some native crafts from the “Craft Market.”“Look uncle, there are many ships in the harbour!” Dixie shouted.They admired the ships for some time. Then, all of them went to Champs de Mars to look at horse races.Pixie and Dixie had been glad that their favorite horse had received the race. It was an exquisite day. Key phrases: wider delighted harbour Aapravasi Ghat World Heritage Website glad immigrants Sugar Estates skyscrapers admired Craft Market 21

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Unit 2 Our capital metropolis Exercise 2(a) – I write the right solutions in easy sentences. 1. When did Pixie and his household go to the airport? 2. The place did uncle Ted come from? 3. Who stayed on the Aapravasi Ghat earlier than occurring the Sugar Estates? 4. What did the household see at Caudan Waterfront? 5. How did uncle Ted discover the streets in Port Louis? 6. What did uncle Ted purchase on the “Craft Market”? 7. Why did the household go to Champs de Mars?22

Our capital metropolis Unit 2VocabularyActivity 3 – I match every underlined phrase with its appropriate that means.. Are you able to assist me discover the that means for every underlined phrase. B A highway congestion historic 1. Dippy was shocked to see so many individuals. port 2. There are a lot of skyscrapers within the metropolis. astonished 3. Vacationers like to go to the historic place. tall buildings 4. Pixie can see ships within the harbour. 5. The drivers are caught within the visitors jam. 23

Unit 2 Our capital metropolis Grammar Exercise 4 – I revise the plural types of nouns: ‘s’, ‘es’, ‘ies’. Dixie, take a look at this {photograph} that Uncle Ted took throughout his go to to Port-Louis. It’s a picture of mum and Aunty Sheela. 1. There are 4 ……………………………. 2. I can see three………………………. within the vase. 3. The …………………… are sitting subsequent to one another within the restaurant. 4. There are two………………….. of juice on the desk. 5. The…………………… are painted white. Exercise 4(a) – I select two phrases from Exercise 4 and I write easy sentences. 1. 2.24

Our capital metropolis Unit 2Activity 5 – I write the verbs within the easy previous tense.Let’s revise the easy previous tense for normal and irregular verbs.1. Yesterday, we ………………….the soccer match on T.V. (watch)2. I ……………… enormous piece of cake at Sophia’s birthday celebration final week. (eat)3. My aunt and my cousin ………………Casela Nature Park final 12 months. (go to)4. Two days in the past, we………………so comfortable when Dad introduced a pet house.(to be)Exercise 5(a) – I write the phrases in pink within the easy previous tense. I rearrange the phrases to make easy sentences.1. Pixie up Yesterday and wake Dixie late.2. Friday Port Louis Ted uncle Final go to. 3. a Uncle give Ted final and Dixie week. Pixie current 25

Unit 2 Our capital metropolis WritingActivity 6 – I full a reality sheet. Let’s full the fact-sheet by writing extra data. You possibly can select from the field of phrases given beneath the fact-sheet or add your personal phrases. COME AND VISIT THE PORT LOUIS CENTRAL MARKET The Central Market is a ______________ place. The market is split into ______________ elements. In a single a part of the market we will purchase _____________________________ _____________________________ We are able to even have scrumptious drinks resembling _____________________ ____________________________________________________________ In one other a part of the market, there are _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ Vacationers can even purchase ___________________. recent vegatables and fruits alouda hats baskets spices busy herbs crafts ornamental objects several26

Our capital metropolis Unit 2honics This is among the puzzles from our e book.Exercise 7(a) – I full the desk with the right phrases.Whereas buying in Port Louis, Pixie and Dixie purchased an enormous e book of video games and puzzles. Canyou assist them fill on this desk? ir ur shirt, woman, fur, chook, harm, burn, birthday, church, purse, first, turtle, dirtActivity 7(b) – I write the lacking letters to finish the phrases. I copy the phrases. _ u r_ _ i r_ _ _ _ i r_ _ _ i r_ _ _ _ _ i r _ _u r_ _ _ _u r_ _ _i r_ _ _ _ _ u r_ _ _u r_ 27

Unit 2 Our capital metropolis GrammarActivity 8 – I be taught: Adjectives of age, dimension and temperature. Do you bear in mind we learnt about adjectives in Unit 1, Dixie? There are some adjectives that give details about age, dimension and temperature. Grandfather is an outdated man! This can be a enormous candy! Port-Louis was sizzling yesterday!Exercise 8(a) – I fill within the blanks with appropriate adjectives.1. In winter, the climate is …………….( chilly, heat)2. Marbles are ………………in dimension. ( tiny, huge)3. The Aapravasi Ghat is an ……………….(new, historic) constructing.4. My grandfather is an ……………..( younger, aged) individual.5. The historic vase from the museum is ……………….. ( new, vintage)6. A whale is a …………………….mammal. ( gigantic , minuscule)7. The fan offers ……………air. (cool, sizzling)28

Our capital metropolis Unit 2Activity 8(b)– I discover the adjectives that describe dimension within the word-search.a d l o s w w d q b s bigl h u u o m w a i w e youthfulh n g r f o a g m i v smallb t a z r h v l q d i oldz r m r w e t v l e s massivec u a b okay a m u b j s widej n c d g okay x i o i a narrowe l u c s u n i m y m juniorr z t okay r r x l p e y minusculeb n a p p r l x c a jj u n i o r r s b b oActivity 9(a) – I circle the right phrases with the sound / dʒ/. honics Let’s play a recreation on sounds. One has been performed for you. airplane helicopter jet automobile van jeep 29

Unit 2 Our capital metropolis trousers denims shirt jungle forest wooden shark jellyfish crab jaguar tiger lion man big boy30

Our capital metropolis Unit 2Activity 9(b) – I identify and color the gadgets with the sound /dʒ/. Wow, you’re actually good at figuring out the /dʒ/ sound ! Are you able to assist us identify the gadgets with this sound and color them? JamActivity 9(c) – I underline the /dʒ/ sound in every phrase.Are you able to underline the /dʒ/ sound within the phrases Pixie and Dixie have learnt? web page cage badge 31

Unit 2 Our capital metropolis GrammarActivity 10 – I be taught: Prepositions ‘from’ and ‘to’.Pixie, Dixie and their household are having fun with their go to in Port Louis. The phrases ‘from’ and ‘to’ are prepositions. ‘From’ can be utilized with verbs that present motion. It can be used with verbs that don’t present motion, resembling be from and are available from.They stroll from the parking house to Caudan Waterfront. Caudan WaterfrontUncle Ted goes to the Craft Market. The others go to a restaurant. RestaurantAfter some minutes, Uncle Ted joins the others. “I got this souvenirfrom the Craft Market,” he says fortunately. The preposition ‘to’ reveals the route of the motion or the vacation spot.32

Our capital metropolis Unit 2Activity 10(a) – I full the sentences with the right phrases. Discover the right path for every character. One has been performed for you! 1 235 6 71. Uncle Ted walks from the Waterfront to the Craft Market.2. Pixie runs ______ the backyard ___ her __________.3. The airplane flies _______ Mauritius ___________ ___________.4. The boy cycles _________ his house_________ the __________.5. The bus driver drives ______ Port Louis ___ the ____________.6. The turtle swims _____ the ocean ____ the _____________. 33

Unit 2 Our capital metropolis Exercise 11 – I be taught: Preposition ‘against’. Pixie and Dixie are taking part in a recreation. They’re giving one another directions. Let’s play too! Put your bag towards the wall. Sit towards the large blue field. Put the small chair towards the couch. Lean towards the desk.34

Our capital metropolis Unit 2Activity 3: Fill within the blanks utilizing the adjectives beneath. younger, robust, chilly, outdated, tall, sizzling, small, blue1. The colors of the Mauritian Flag are pink, ……………………., yellow and inexperienced.2. Yesterday, my father purchased a ………………………..bicycle for my little brother.3. In summer time, Mala likes to drink ………………………. juice.4. I’m eight years outdated. I’m very ………………………………5. In January, the temperature is ………………………………6. The …………………………………. man is carrying a heavy basket.7. The woodcutter reduce a ………………………. tree within the forest.8. The ……………………… girl didn’t have any enamel.Exercise 4: I write a tongue tornado utilizing the phrases beneath.For instance: She dances in circles carrying a purple skirt.skirt circle birdpurple nurse circusthirsty church surf 37

Unit 3 The seaside38

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