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What’s a “Ticking Entity”?

A Ticking Entity crash is brought on by a monster or creature that has grow to be corrupted within the knowledge recordsdata for the sport.

Entities is what Minecraft calls all monsters and creatures within the sport. Whereas the sport is operating. the knowledge for the entity can grow to be corrupted. This corruption may be so dangerous that any try by the sport to course of something associated to all of it will trigger the sport to crash. Whereas this corruption can occur even in “vanilla” minecraft, the main explanation for most Ticking Entities corruption is often a mod, or a mixture of mods, which are altering some core a part of the sport in Minecraft.

A tick refers to Minecraft’s course of for updating each creature, block, and international occasion within the sport for each “chunk” of the map.. The sport usually does this 20 instances per second. Everytime you do one thing within the sport, it’s only processed on a tick. Place a block, destroy a block, Shoot a monster, and so on.

A chunk is a column of terrain 16 blocks X 16 blocks large, that stretches from the bottom stage as much as the best stage. Your whole world in minecraft is made of those 16 x 16 chunks. The information for a bit needs to be loaded into reminiscence so you possibly can see it, transfer round in it, or construct in it.

Throughout every tick, the sport has to replace each block and each creatures within the chunk the participant is standing in, and it additionally has to do the identical for each block and creature in each chunk round that chunk, all the best way out to the max view distance. Whew, that is a whole lot of blocks. And it does this 20 instances a second. If any occasion occurs that retains the tick from ending correctly, it may possibly trigger the sport to crash.

This can lead to the sport repeatedly crashing each time you attempt to enter the sport, as a result of your spawn level on your character is in the identical chunk because the Ticking Entity. It tries to load the chunk into reminiscence, and as quickly because it tries to course of the corrupted data for the Ticking Entity, it should crash. Over and again and again each time you spawn into the sport.

Gamers which are in different chunks could possibly be part of the sport, however the identical factor occurs once more in the event that they transfer into any chunk containing a Ticking Entity, and the sport crashes.

“Ticking Block” and “Ticking World”

These two crashes are associated to the “Ticking Entity” Crash. “Ticking Block” is mainly the identical, besides that the problem is a corrupted block or “TileEntity”. These are sometimes particular block varieties added by a mod. Modded crafting desk blocks are a standard explanation for this crash. They’re mainly dealt with in the identical approach as an Ticking Entity.

“Ticking World” is probably the most extreme model of this type of crash, The sport is aware of that there’s a corrupted block or creature someplace on the earth, however cannot provide the precise location, as a result of it does not know the place it’s. It might be any block, wherever. That is probably the most tough to repair, and typically requires some fairly heroic steps to repair it or simply plain luck. In some circumstances, it is past fixing. Let’s have a quiet second of respect for the departed world, bury it, and make one other. “Ticking World” is that dangerous.

Can I Take away the Mods to Repair It?

No. It will not repair the issue.

Despite the fact that the mods might have precipitated the corruption, the corrupted Ticking Entity is now a part of the world knowledge, and your world is mainly your save sport for Minecraft. Eradicating the mods is not going to repair the corruption, and the corrupted entity will nonetheless stay on the earth.

Additionally, there isn’t any approach to inform precisely which mod might have precipitated the corruption. It would even have been a mixture of a number of mods that precipitated it. If you’re getting repeated Ticking Entity crashes, then afterward you may need to work out which mods are presumably inflicting it, and take away them at the moment. However eradicating the mods now will not repair the Ticking Entity.

How Do You Repair It?

The Ticking Entity must be faraway from the world knowledge. There are a number of methods to do that, starting from easy, to sophisticated, to apocalyptic.

Fortunately, if the sport has crashed due to a Ticking Entity, then it has almost definitely created a crash report. That crash report can have the next data (and extra):

  • Thesort of creature that precipitated the crash
  • Which area it is in
  • Actual X, Y, Z coordinates of the Ticking Entity creature.
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The crash report has every part you might want to discover and delete the Ticking Entity. Yeah!

Be aware: The X, Y, Z coordinates are solely correct as of the break up second earlier than the server crashes. At all times attempt to use the latest crash report, as older ones ,even when they’re solely minutes aside, will include data that is perhaps outdated.

“Ticking World”: When you have a “Ticking World” crash, the report will give no X, Y , Z coordinates as a result of… nicely, the sport has no clue the place the issue is. It might be any block or creature, wherever within the sport.

Easy methods to Discover and Learn the Crash Report

Relying on how the server crashed, it should often attempt to create a crash report (there are conditions the place the sport crashes so quick, and so arduous, it does not even have time to make the crash report). Within the case of a Ticking Entity, the sport often know precisely what precipitated the crash, and can inform you precisely the place to seek out the perpetrator.

If a crash report is generated, the sport will make a folder known as “crash reports” in the principle diretory. Every crash report will seem inside this folder and it is title will probably be a date and time stamp from when the crash occurred.

Open Minecraft crash report

Click on on a report after which click on edit to open it in a textual content editor. Alternately, you possibly can obtain the crash report and examine it with a textual content editor in your pc (however that simply takes longer).

When you open the crash report, you will notice the crash report header identifies it as a “Ticking Entity” Crash.

should you scroll down into the report, you will notice a bit labelled -- Entity Being Ticked --. In that part, within the purple bins we added, would be the precise identify of the monster that’s corrupted and inflicting the crash, and it is precise coordinates and area. This location can be utilized with world editors to mean you can delete the Ticking Entity. The precise identify will probably be helpful should you use the primary methodology of fixing Ticking Entities, described under (cofh killall command).

(be aware: The Blue bar is to hide the identify of a participant on the server that was variety sufficient to allow us to use this screenshot).

Identify erroring entity location in Minecraft crash report

The crash report can even assist you to decide what mod is perhaps including the mob, and assist you to diagnose what’s inflicting the Ticking Entities. Within the image under, I’ve outlined some key phrases in blue.

Identify specific erroring mod from Minecraft crash report

With just a little fast investigation, we discover that the Entity on this crash is from a mod known as “Special Mobs”, and that mod is developed by the writer “Fathertoast”. Bingo.

Identified erroring mod from Minecraft crash report

Now if this monster continues to trigger crashes, you possibly can search for potential options from others who bumped into the identical drawback with this monster, you may be capable to contact the writer of the mod, or just disable this monster within the config recordsdata for the mod.

1. Use the cofh killall Command to Eradicate the Ticking Entity

In case your modpack accommodates the mod CoFH Core then that mod can have added a particular model of the common Minecraft Kill command known as cofh killall. To make use of this command, the server should be capable to startup and run with out crashing. Your participant doesn’t have to be be linked into the sport to run the command. You may enter this command from the sunshine gray field on the backside of the console view on the Nodecraft management panel.

Using the cofh killall command in Minecraft console

This command has the flexibility to kill creatures even in unloaded chunks! . which may be very helpful contemplating a Ticking Entity will trigger the sport to crash if tries to start out loading a bit that accommodates one. CoFH Core is a required mod for any mod that makes use of RF energy, reminiscent of Thermal Enlargement or Thermal Basis, and is usually present in a whole lot of modpacks. Verify the /mods folder for CoFH Core to see if it is there, and if that is an choice.

If you do not have CoFH Core within the modpack, you may contemplate downloading and including the mod simply so you should utilize this command. It is a core mod, and must be appropriate with nearly any modpack, so long as the mod will work with that model of Minecraft. You will get the CoFH Core mod from HERE. Simply add it to the /mods folder and begin the server.

Use the next instructions within the console. It’s also possible to add an argument on the finish to focus on solely the precise creature sort talked about within the crash report.

cofh killall

cofh killall zombie

cofh killall Witch of Domination

Be aware: Creatures “killed” with cofh killall don’t drop loot, as they don’t seem to be truly being killed, they’re merely being deleted from the sport

You may strive utilizing the common Kill command, however not like the modded model from CoFH Core it has some big drawbacks:

  • The common kill command kills entities by inflicting an astronomical quantity of injury to them. Sadly, as a part of the method of inflicting harm, it has to course of all the knowledge for the entity… and If it is a Ticking Entity… (watch for it, watch for it)… that crashes the sport immediately, BEFORE the command truly kills it.

  • The vanilla model of “kill” doesn’t have an effect on unloaded chunks. When you bought shut sufficient to make use of the vanilla kill command, it might load the chunk with the Ticking Entity, and trigger it to crash.

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When you nonetheless need to strive utilizing the vanilla “Kill” command, be certain that to make use of the next command (as simply typing kill by itself will truly solely have the impact of immediately killing your participant character)

kill @e[type=enemy]


kill @e[type=zombie]

2. Cut back View Distance, and Set Minecraft to “Peaceful”:

One other potential repair for a Ticking Entity, which can work in some conditions, is to cut back the view distance (the vary of chunks being loaded in round every participant) whereas concurrently setting minecraft to “Peaceful” mode. In “Peaceful”, mobs spawn are turned off. If the participant then will increase the view distance, and strikes into the chunks that have been the earlier location of the Ticking Entity, the sport ought to take away it mechanically.

This answer was truly instructed by one in all our clients who learn this doc! Thanks for the suggestion Vanessa!

3. Teleport to the Creature and Kill it

That is the “low tech” approach to repair it, however sadly the least prone to succeed typically. Use the X, Y, Z coordinates from the crash report back to teleport to the creature’s location, and within the 1/4 second earlier than the sport crashes, kill the creature. Does it work on a regular basis? No. However it’s a very satisfying approach to repair the problem when it does work. DIE! DIE! DIE!. Very Cathartic. Nice approach to take your frustration from the crash out on the monster. Excessive fives for everybody, all the best way round. Woo Hoo! Nice job!

This may solely work if the sport isn’t immediately crashing on startup. When you’re character is spawning in the identical chunk that accommodates the Ticking Entity, the sport will crash earlier than you are able to do something. Over and again and again.

Your character might want to have the right OP stage or Permission node that permits them to make use of the Teleport command. Additionally, you will want a weapon that may kill the Ticking Entity in a single hit (you will not have time for a second hit). It is also beneficial that you simply swap the sport to artistic mode by utilizing /gamemode artistic within the console.

4. Use a World Editor Like MCEdit or NBT Explorer

You need to use a standalone Minecraft world editor to load a duplicate of your world, make adjustments to it, after which add it again to the server. This takes longer to do, however has just about a 100% likelihood of working.

Earlier than trying to make use of any world editor, it’s endorsed to make a backup of your whole server, or the world folder. Simply in case you might want to undo the edits. After the backup is completed, discover your world folder within the file supervisor, choose it, after which make a zipper file of it. Then obtain the zip file to a pc you could used to run the standalone editors on. This can’t be performed on the server itself. When you’re completed with the edits, you have to to re-upload the world save again to your server.


MCEdit will generate a coloured “wire-frame” view of your Minecraft world, and mean you can fly by means of it. It’s also possible to teleport to the precise X, Y, Z coordinates of the Ticking Entity, after which use instructions in MCEdit to pick out and delete blocks (just like the Ticking Entity). Once you’re completed, you save the adjustments, after which add the fastened world save again to your server.

  • Can solely be used on Minecraft world saves as much as 1.11. Variations 1.12 and 1.13 of Minecraft usually are not supported presently.
  • Doesn’t help Minecraft Bedrock version world saves (The model of Minecracft for Home windows 10, Xbox, Ps 4, Change, And many others.)
  • Requires you to have a minecraft set up on the identical pc as you’re making the edits on, because it makes use of the sport recordsdata to generate the wireframe view of your world.

NBT Explorer

A really highly effective editor, however not precisely consumer pleasant. No gui, or wireframe view like MCEdit. It shows the uncooked knowledge that makes up the saves, and you may make direct edits to that knowledge. You’ll have to perceive what you’re looking at, what it means, and impacts within the sport, and what it may be modified to. Actual directions on the right way to use NBT fall outdoors the scope of this text.

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Beneath is a pattern screenshot of the principle “level.dat” file for the overworld of a MInecraft world save.

Using NBTExplorer to access the level.dat for a Minecraft world

5. The Apocalyptic Methodology

One other potential approach to “fix” the ticking entity difficulty is to allow sure options of the Forge Modloader. Forge accommodates two settings that can order Minecraft to delete any creatures or blocks that may trigger a crash, in an effort to stop it from crashing.

Sounds nice, proper?

Uhm. no. No, no it is not. It is truly actually scary.

This methodology is totally uncontrollable. Forge is given permission to delete something and every part that ever checked out it humorous, and should you’ve ever checked out Forge messages within the console, Forge has a whole lot of points with nearly every part. Forge is a really grumpy program, like a indignant outdated man yelling on the neighborhood youngsters to get off his garden. Besides Forge now has a magic “Delete” button, so as a substitute of yelling on the youngsters, it simply… deletes them out of existence… And the Garden… and the whole neighborhood.

Beneath is a screenshot of the official warning message the creators of Forge put within the file about this characteristic.

Forge warning for removing ticking entity errors

They don’t seem to be kidding in regards to the potential harm. Something Forge deletes this manner is simply gone without end. Gone Gone. No approach to restore it. It is toast!

If it is actually that dangerous, why are we even telling you about it?? Properly, we’re simply providing you with all of the choices right here. Typically that is the final choice left. Each infrequently, turning these options on will solely delete the Ticking Entity, the remainder of your world is okay, and you may return to taking part in! Yeah! This course of nonetheless works sufficient instances for us to nonetheless suggest it, simply ideally as a final resort. Belief us, strive the opposite strategies first.

WARNING: When you try to make use of this methodology, make a backup of your server. We can’t stress how a lot harm this may do to your world, and the harm can’t be fastened. The one approach to undo these adjustments is to revive a backup made earlier than you turned on these settings in Forge, or by restoring a saved copy of your world. Buyer Help can’t restore any elements of a world deleted by Forge due to these settings, except you made a backup beforehand

To activate these settings, you should discover the file forge.cfg, which is often positioned within the config folder in the principle listing. Choose forge.cfg, after which click on the editbutton on the high of the file supervisor window. This may open the contents of the config file in a textual content editor. Scroll down till you see the next sections:

Discover the phrases false which are highlighted in purple, and alter to true. It is beneficial to solely activate the setting applicable to what you are attempting to repair: If making an attempt to right a Ticking Entity change the one one for removeErrorEntities to true, however depart the removeErroringTileEntitiesset to false. This may hopefully reduce the uncomfortable side effects.
Changing Forge settings removeErroringEntities and removeErroringTileEntities

Begin the server up, let it end operating. Then instantly shut the server down, open up forge.cfg and alter these settings again to false. Leaving them completely set to true can have steady uncomfortable side effects. Place a block, and it immediately disappears, as a result of forge did not prefer it and zapped it out of existence.

Strive connecting into your sport, and examine to verify every part is okay. When you see whole constructions and buildings gone, nicely, that is the harm we have been speaking about. Take a superb lengthy look, typically issues look good the place you first seem within the sport, however you go to a different part of the map, or one other dimension, and every part is simply… gone. Cue scenes of apocalyptic wastelands, with tumbleweeds blowing by within the wind.

Like we mentioned earlier, as soon as Forge had permission to delete something it wished to, it did. In every single place. So much. It deleted something it did not just like the look of. With excessive prejudice. Set turbo-lasers to : KILL! Launch the Hounds! Drop the Bombs! Cats and Canine Residing Collectively! Mass Hysteria! Oh, the Humanity! Arggghhhhhhhh…

Heavy Sigh. If this occurred, restore the backup made earlier than turning on the Forge settings, and take a look at one of many different various strategies of eradicating the Ticking Entity.

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