Flowey introducing himself.

Flowey (/ˈflaʊi/)[1] is the primary main character that the protagonist encounters in . Flowey serves as the principle antagonist for almost all of the sport, particularly the Impartial and True Pacifist routes, and might be thought-about a deuteragonist for the Genocide Route. He offers an introduction to the mechanics of encounters by sharing “friendliness pellets,” which are literally dangerous bullets, revealing his philosophy of “KILL or BE KILLED“.


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  • 2 Fundamental Story
    • 2.1 Ruins Begin
    • 2.2 Ruins Finish
      • 2.2.1 If The Protagonist Spared Toriel
      • 2.2.2 If The Protagonist Killed Toriel
      • 2.2.3 If Genocide Route Necessities Are Met
      • 2.2.4 If Toriel Has Not Been Fought
    • 2.3 Impartial Route
    • 2.4 True Pacifist Route
    • 2.5 Genocide Route
    • 3.1 Pre-Battle
    • 3.2 First struggle
  • 4 In Battle
    • 4.1 Assaults
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Flowey mimicking the protagonist.

Flowey has the looks of a acutely aware golden flower. His construction has a white androecium, six yellow petals, and a light-green stem. Flowey can contort his face to indicate numerous expressions and might mimic the faces and voices of different characters. He mimics Toriel and Asgore in some conditions, in addition to his outdated self on the finish of the Genocide Route. He additionally mimics the protagonist’s face earlier than the Impartial Route’s ultimate battle.


I’m wondering… What occurs when one thing and not using a SOUL features the will to dwell?

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Flowey winks on the protagonist simply earlier than sending some “friendliness pellets” their means.

Initially, Flowey operates underneath a facade of friendliness and politeness. He usually greets the protagonist with southern slang, reminiscent of “Howdy!”, calls himself “your best friend,” and, like his father, appends well mannered phrases reminiscent of “gosh” and “golly” to the ends of his sentences. Each time he drops this guise of friendliness, he usually calls the protagonist an “idiot.”

Flowey has a malevolent and merciless disposition, berating the protagonist for not following his “kill or be killed” philosophy. Regardless of this, he additionally criticizes the protagonist on the finish of the Ruins in the event that they killed any monster.[2] He’s manipulative, devious, a crafty planner and delicate if the circumstances require it.[3] He retains his recollections between SAVEs as a result of he used to have the ability to SAVE himself. He’s additionally proven to be extraordinarily cowardly, as he kills his former father to appease the protagonist in a useless try to avoid wasting his personal life within the Genocide Route’s conclusion.

The primary motive for Flowey’s spiteful and maniacal habits is because of his bodily lack of ability to take care of folks. As a soulless flower, he’s neither human nor monster. As a result of he has no soul, he’s unable to really feel compassion, love, or any purely optimistic emotion in the direction of folks, and might solely search enjoyment from an intricate and disturbing curiosity that stems from his capability to “reshape the world” by his dedication.

Fundamental Story

Ruins Begin

Flowey exhibiting his true colours earlier than trying to kill the protagonist.

Flowey introduces the idea of the Bullet Board and calls his bullets “friendliness pellets.”

  • If the protagonist dodges 3 times, his pleasant act slips and he hypocritically snaps on the protagonist for leeching off of him.
    • The background music lowers by one semitone every time the bullets are dodged, earlier than slowing, decreasing the pitch, and stopping solely.
    • Earlier than his third assault, Flowey questions the protagonist’s psychological capability,[4] earlier than bellowing in frustration “RUN. INTO. THE. BULLETS!!!” earlier than shortly trying straight at his textual content and altering the “BULLETS!!!” within the speech bubble to “friendliness pellets.”

If the protagonist runs into his bullets, he proclaims his central philosophy.[5] No matter whether or not the protagonist dodged Flowey’s bullets or not, he then makes an attempt to kill the protagonist with an unavoidable ring of bullets, however Toriel intervenes and saves the protagonist.

If the protagonist killed Flowey on a earlier Impartial Route (or in the event that they aborted the Genocide Route, even when they spared him), he doesn’t work together with them once more till the protagonist reaches New Residence once more. If the protagonist spared him, he seems to start with of the Ruins once more and advises them on what to do. If the protagonist gained EXP, he reminds them to not kill anybody.[6] If the protagonist gained no EXP, he reminds them to befriend everybody.[7] Resetting the sport earlier than finishing a Impartial Route causes him to repeat his “tutorial” after assuming that the protagonist is pretending to not know who he’s.[8] Resetting once more causes Flowey to turn into aggravated and query if the protagonist has something higher to do.

If the protagonist resets a Genocide Route at any level after exiting the Ruins and earlier than the route’s completion, Flowey says “” earlier than leaving.[9]

Ruins Finish

On the exit to the Ruins, Flowey judges the protagonist’s actions as much as that time. Flowey doesn’t seem to evaluate the protagonist if he was killed in a earlier Impartial Route or if the protagonist aborted the Genocide Route in a earlier playthrough.

If The Protagonist Spared Toriel

(If they’ve earned EXP)
(In the event that they haven’t earned EXP)
(If the protagonist killed Toriel earlier than)

If The Protagonist Killed Toriel

(First time)
(Second time)
(Subsequent occasions)
(If Toriel was spared earlier than)

If Genocide Route Necessities Are Met

Flowey seems even when he was killed in a earlier Impartial Route.
An audio clip then performs of Flowey exclaiming “Hmm…That’s a wonderful idea!”

If Toriel Has Not Been Fought

Flowey’s sound is heard repeatedly and dialogue field can’t be closed by “Z”[10]

Impartial Route

Should you let me dwell… I am going to come again. I am going to kill you. I am going to kill everybody. I am going to kill everybody you’re keen on.

Flowey, if spared after his boss battle.

After the Ruins, Flowey is seemingly absent till the top of Asgore’s battle. Nevertheless, backtracking in some rooms permits the protagonist see Flowey burrowing again into the bottom on the sting of the display screen.[11]

Flowey’s message on an Echo Flower if Toriel was killed.

Flowey additionally leaves a message on an Echo Flower within the vertical room earlier than the bridge in Waterfall that modifications if the protagonist spared or killed Toriel.[12][13]

Flowey absorbs the human SOULs.

If the protagonist decides to kill Asgore, Flowey seems, destroys Asgore’s SOUL. If the protagonist spares Asgore, Flowey seems and kills Asgore himself. Both means, he absorbs the six bottled human SOULs and transforms into Photoshop Flowey. Then, the sport crashes and Flowey’s battle begins after opening the sport once more.

After he’s defeated, the protagonist has the possibility to spare or kill Flowey. Flowey requires the protagonist to supply him mercy a number of occasions earlier than he flees, not sure why the protagonist is being good to him.[14]

If the protagonist masses or finishes one other Impartial Route, Flowey doesn’t take in the SOULs as a result of he is aware of that they’d insurgent once more.[15] As a substitute, the protagonist is ready to exit the room and obtain Sans‘s Impartial Route cellphone name.

Properly. You DID do what I advised you. I assume it is as much as me to get you a REAL glad ending.


Flowey’s response if spared.

If spared after his battle, Flowey offers recommendation to the protagonist on what to do throughout subsequent Impartial Routes.[16] If the protagonist gained EXP earlier than his battle, he asks the protagonist to show his philosophy mistaken, as he thinks it might be meaningless.[17] Flowey additionally presents distinctive dialogue if the protagonist solely killed Asgore and tells the protagonist that they wasted everybody’s time.[18] If the protagonist earned no EXP, but they haven’t met all the necessities for the True Pacifist Route, he mentions that the protagonist ought to get nearer to one of many essential characters, relying on who they beforehand befriended.[19]

The protagonist can then get well their earlier SAVE file and comply with his recommendation.

The protagonist killing Flowey on the finish of the Genocide Route

If the protagonist kills Flowey, he acknowledges that the protagonist can kill[20] earlier than changing into “just a regular flower.”

If he was killed after his battle, Flowey doesn’t go away a message for the protagonist after the credit shut, and, after a reset, doesn’t seem till after the decision of Asgore’s battle. Flowey then berates the protagonist for considering that killing him solved something. He explains that he was introduced again when the protagonist loaded their SAVE file and that they nonetheless can not obtain their glad ending. [21]

If the protagonist aborts the Genocide Route, Flowey turns into upset with the protagonist.[22] Nevertheless, he then proclaims that the protagonist simply needed to see all the things within the Underground and can ultimately return to their malicious methods.[23]

True Pacifist Route

Genocide Route



First playthrough
  • Howdy!
  • I am FLOWEY.
  • Hmmm…
  • You are new to the UNDERGROUND, aren’tcha?
  • Golly, you should be so confused.
  • Somebody ought to show you ways issues work round right here!
  • I assume little outdated me should do.
  • Prepared?
  • Right here we go!
Repeat playthrough
  • Howdy!
  • I am FLOWEY.
  • Hee hee hee…
  • Why’d you make me introduce myself?
  • It is impolite of you to behave like you do not know who I’m.
  • Somebody ought to show you correct manners.
  • I assume little outdated me should do.
  • Prepared?
  • Right here we go!
Subsequent playthroughs
  • Do not you may have something higher to do?
Resetting after an aborted Genocide Route
  • Actually, <Identify>?
  • Properly, do what you’ll…
  • I will be ready for you!
Resetting after sparing Flowey in a Impartial Route with EXP
  • Hey. Keep in mind.
  • DON’T kill anybody.
  • I am unable to consider it is a REAL factor I’ve to remind you.
  • Hee hee hee…
  • Good luck!
Resetting after sparing Flowey in a Impartial Route with out EXP
  • Keep in mind…
  • THIS time you’ve got GOT to turn into mates with everybody.
  • OK?
  • Should you do not, you will be depressing FOREVER.
  • And we would not need THAT, would we?
  • No… We simply need you to be glad, proper?
  • Good luck.

First struggle

  • See that coronary heart?
  • That is your SOUL,
  • The very fruits of your being!
  • Your SOUL begins off weak, however can develop robust in case you achieve a whole lot of LV.
  • What’s LV stand for?
  • Why, LOVE in fact!
  • You need some LOVE, do not you?
  • Don’t be concerned! I am going to share some with you!
  • Down right here, LOVE is shared by means of…
  • Little white… “friendliness pellets.”
  • Are you prepared?
  • Transfer round! Get as many as you may!
If Protagonist avoids bullets as soon as
  • Hey buddy, you missed them.
  • Let’s attempt once more, okay?
If Protagonist avoids bullets a second time
  • Is that this a joke?
  • Are you braindead?
  • Run.
  • Into.
  • The.
  • BULLETS!!!
  • *Flowey seems on the textual content field and modifications the “BULLETS!!!” to “friendliness pellets.”*
If Protagonist avoids bullets a 3rd time
  • You understand what is going on on right here, do not you?
  • You simply needed to see me endure.
  • Die.
If Protagonist runs into bullets
  • You fool!
  • On this world, it is KILL or BE KILLED.
  • Why would ANYONE cross up a chance like THIS!?
  • Die.

In Battle


As a flower, Flowey makes use of solely three assaults: a five-bullet unfold that barely dwelling in on the protagonist’s SOUL, a big ring of bullets which encompass the SOUL and can’t be dodged and a vertical row of bullets which come from the aspect of the Bullet Board, from outdoors it. This assault is barely used earlier than his battle as Asriel Dreemurr. He can velocity up the unfold though the boundaries of his assaults and velocity are unknown. Getting hit by his five-bullet unfold in his first encounter offers 19 harm per bullet whereas the unavoidable ring assault 19 HP no matter whether or not it hits the protagonist. Earlier than his battle as Asriel Dreemurr, the bullets deal 7 harm till 6 HP the place it’s 5.




  • Flowey and Mettaton characterize the 2 characters with voice clips; Flowey says “That’s a wonderful idea!” on the finish of the Ruins on a Genocide Route, plus two unused audio clips.
    • This phrase is a higher-pitched clip of an outdated McDonald’s business originating from the Nineteen Sixties.[24]
    • There are different clips inside the business which additionally match voice and sound clips inside the sport. Examples are occasions 2:47 and three:05, the place Photoshop Flowey’s “hurt” sounds originate.[25]
  • Flowey’s snigger will not be a brand new asset and might be acknowledged in different media. It was initially a Warner Bros. sound impact largely utilized in cartoons and has appeared in titles such because the PlayStation title [26] and the soundtrack , additionally by Toby Fox.
    • It will also be heard as a part of the background music on web page 7677 of Homestuck.
  • If the participant makes an attempt to title the fallen baby “” the display screen reads “I already CHOSE that name” and prevents the title from getting used.
  • In Exhausting Mode, Flowey seems alongside the Annoying Canine after the protagonist finishes Toriel’s boss struggle.
  • In a joke thread on Starmen.Internet, when was referred to as “” it was revealed that Flowey was deliberate to be the reincarnation of “Face,” who was the protagonist of the non-existent hack, .[27]
    • The artbook mentions that Flowey was partially impressed by Face from the “NES Godzilla Creepypasta” written by Cosbydaf.
  • Flowey’s character could be impressed by flowers from , which Toby did embody in certainly one of his hacks.

A screenshot of speaking flowers from Toby Fox’s . These flowers are seen in .

  • Flowey has essentially the most battle sprites of any character; he has dozens of expressions that he makes use of within the battle room.
  • Within the Japanese translation, Flowey makes use of “boku” and refers to an individual with “kimi” alongside his previous self Asriel.[28]
  • When Flowey surrounds the protagonist with a circle of friendliness pellets throughout his preliminary encounter, he instructions them to “Die.” That is noticeably written in a font that could be a no-spacing variant of the Korean typeface Gulim Che in daring, making him, Sans, Papyrus, and W. D. Gaster the one characters with the flexibility to talk in a typeface completely different from Willpower Mono, the usual typeface of .
    • It must be famous that Flowey nonetheless often speaks in Willpower Mono; he solely speaks on this font as soon as.


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