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  1. Night time 1
  2. Night time 2
  3. Night time 3
  4. Night time 4
  5. Night time 5*
  6. Withered*

Lively Enemies

Regular Mode:

  • Toy Freddy
  • Toy Bonnie
  • Toy Chica
  • Mangle
  • Balloon Boy
  • The Puppet

Blacklight Exclusives:

  • Withered Freddy
  • Withered Bonnie
  • Withered Chica
  • Withered Cunning

FNAF 2 is without doubt one of the recreation sections in . This mode brings the participant again to the location and requires the participant to play because the night time guard and survive till 6 AM.


Much like the FNAF 1 phase, the participant should keep of their Workplace and survive till 6 AM whereas defending towards the animatronics. The participant can test the cameras in addition to the hallway and the vents to observe the animatronic’s actions. Whereas the flexibility of closing the doorways is eliminated, the participant can put on the Freddy Fazbear Head to fend off the animatronics that enter the Workplace. The participant should additionally wind up the Music Field within the meantime, and shine their Corridor Mild in direction of Cunning that seems.

The Gameplay for FNAF 2 is completely different from . There isn’t a longer a flashlight (and subsequently no energy meter), and it’s as an alternative changed with three mild buttons on the desk. Withered Freddy, Withered Bonnie, and Withered Chica are not in the primary 5 nights, so the toy animatronics as an alternative develop into extra energetic with every night time.

Nonetheless, a brand new “Withered” night time was added to the Blacklight Ranges on September 14. Withered Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Withered Cunning (changing the FNAF 1 Cunning mannequin) make an look as further threats to the participant. There’s a lever that modifications the problem of the night time right here, having the choices of “Easy,” “Medium,” and “Danger.”

The Freddy Fazbear Head should even be manually grabbed (from the left aspect of the participant) and positioned on their face. The Music Field additionally winds a lot slower than within the regular recreation.

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Night time 1

Within the first night time of this part, Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica might be notably energetic. Identical to many of the animatronics within the recreation, the participant should put on the Freddy Fazbear Head to defend themselves when an animatronic is about to assault the Workplace. Toy Bonnie seems in the proper vent and Toy Chica seems within the left vent. The Puppet will even be energetic on this night time and must be taken care of by winding up the music field, however the Music Field solely begins to wind down after Telephone Man mentions it in his cellphone name. Others will keep inactive and keep in their very own respective locations.

Night time 2

In Night time 2, Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica develop into extra energetic. Toy Freddy, Balloon Boy, and Cunning additionally activate on this night time. Toy Freddy will stand within the doorway to the workplace for an prolonged time frame earlier than marching into the Workplace to assault, at which level he should be fended off with the Freddy Fazbear masks like Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica. Balloon Boy will seem within the left vent and might equally be fended off with the Freddy Fazbear masks, though if the participant fails to take action he’ll deactivate the lights as an alternative of outright killing you equally to how he behaves within the unique FNaF 2. Cunning can solely be fended off by shining the Corridor Mild at him. Mangle can seem on this night time as properly, however usually prompts very late into the night time and isn’t but a menace.

Night time 3

Night time 3 incorporates all the identical animatronics as Night time 2, with Mangle now extra actively pursuing the participant, which concludes each animatronic within the phase. Mangle’s habits is notably completely different from its unique counterpart in that it doesn’t emit any static noise and can behave equally to the opposite animatronics which can be stopped by the Freddy Fazbear masks, though it may well assault from both the proper vent or instantly from the hallway. As normal, all of the animatronics’ AI turns into extra aggressive.

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Night time 4

Night time 4 is identical as Night time 3 besides all animatronics develop into extra energetic.

Blacklight Ranges

Night time 5

In Night time 5, the Workplace turns into darker and the colour scheme being modified to a blacklight palette. Nonetheless, there are not any notable modifications in time period of gameplay aside from the extra aggressive animatronics AIs.


The colour scheme is pink, and the opposite withered animatronics are current, making the night time harder. Like within the unique recreation, Withered Bonnie and Chica should be warded off with the Freddy Head as quickly as they enter the Workplace and trigger the lights to flicker. Nonetheless, in contrast to Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica, they won’t seem within the vent entrance, giving the participant little time to placed on the Freddy Fazbear masks earlier than they provoke their assault. Withered Bonnie may also assault the workplace instantly from the hallway. Withered Freddy capabilities precisely like Toy Freddy, and Withered Cunning capabilities as he does in the primary nights. A lever might be pulled in order that the problem might be made simpler or more durable. In “Danger” mode particularly, Withered Cunning will all the time begin in one of many two doorways closest to the Workplace, that means that the participant can have much less time to fend him off earlier than he leaps on the participant and kills them.


  • There’s a coin hidden behind the monitor on the desk.
    • In Flat Mode, this coin is on the ground to your left subsequent to the bins.
  • If the participant places on the Freddy Fazbear Head, a coin will seem by the clock on the desk.
  • When the Puppet is on its strategy to assault, a coin might be discovered on the desk.
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  • Each Night time on this mode is 5 minutes and 14 seconds lengthy.
  • A tape used to sit down on the ground close to the field to the proper of the participant. It has since been eliminated.
  • Earlier than the withered animatronics had been added to the sport, Cunning’s basic mannequin was used as a placeholder for Withered Cunning. Withered Cunning’s mannequin was discovered within the recreation information, albeit unfinished.
  • Within the “Withered” degree (added September 14 by way of patch), there was a glitch the place Withered Freddy and Toy Freddy would stand in the identical place when they’re nearly able to enter the Workplace. This was later fastened within the subsequent patch.
    • Telephone Man’s Night time 6 cellphone name performs throughout this night time.
    • That is additionally the one degree within the recreation to have a problem lever.
  • Hardly ever, Endo-02 from the unique recreation will stand on the proper aspect of the Workplace for the whole thing of the Night time.
  • This recreation has the one time within the franchise that the animatronics really transfer on digicam as an alternative of teleporting after dimming the sunshine or displaying static.
    • Additionally, gamers can see Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, and Withered Freddy strolling exterior the Workplace within the hallway, Toy Freddy, Mangle, and Withered Bonnie shifting into the Workplace from the entrance hallway, Balloon Boy operating out of the Workplace after the participant wears the masks, Withered Cunning charging on the participant if they do not flash him, and the Puppet strolling down the hallway earlier than its jumpscare.

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