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Set up

FUEL was bought within the following platforms / variations:

  • Ps 3 (PS3)
  • Xbox 360
  • PC Steam

X360, PS3 & PC DVD-ROM set up needs to be straight-forward. (IE: All the things it is advisable set up ought to already be on the disc). Nonetheless, you could have to obtain/run some patch recordsdata to get the sport up-to-date after set up.

The sport is playable in each single-player/solo and on-line/multi-player:

  • PS3 model used GameSpy, which has been discontinued
  • Xbox 360 & PC used Xbox Reside (nonetheless GFWL/Steam in PC model of the sport).

FUEL on PC (Steam) Set up

Downside: After putting in FUEL from Steam, you may see the setup display, however if you attempt to run the sport both nothing occurs otherwise you get a pop-up saying:

lacking xlive.dll


The ordinal 43 couldn't be positioned within the dynamic hyperlink library C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32xlive.dll

Trigger: When Codemasters listed and supported FUEL on Steam it will auto-install GFWL if you put in the sport. However, when Microsoft introduced GFWL was retiring Codemasters patched GFWL out of their common video games whereas merely delisting much less common ones like FUEL. This implies titles like FUEL nonetheless want GFWL put in to play. Sadly, if you set up FUEL from Steam now the GFWL will not auto-install.

Resolution (Win 7/8/8.1)

  1. Begin the FUEL Launcher
  2. Click on “Games For Windows Live” button
  3. GFWL ought to set up itself

Resolution (Win 10)

The GFWL shopper that shipped with FUEL does not work in Win 10, however the final model you may obtain from Microsoft’s outdated GFWL website does. So, you may have to obtain and set up it from

FUEL – Video games For Home windows Reside (GFWL) Native Profile Setup

Downside: GFWL asks you to login when FUEL begins.

Resolution: You do not want a web-based account to play. You’ll be able to create an area profile.

  1. Begin sport
  2. On GFWL pop-up, choose “Create Profile”
  3. Scroll down, and click on “create local profile” hyperlink
  4. Get pleasure from

You may as well arrange GFWL to auto-login a profile. You may as well log your profile out, and create different native profiles to both experiment round or let different household and pals run their very own race profession w/o screwing yours up.

Downside: Recreation freezes on FUEL brand, and white “processing” circle icon does not spin prefer it’s speculated to. Atl-tabbing exhibits an error pop-up saying one thing about useful resource points, and see WinLiveNetPlayerManager_Z as a part of error message.

Trigger: MS’ updates to Win 10 appear to fully break GFWL for some FUEL gamers now (EG: Win 10 1903). Recreation hangs attempting to run GFWL.

Resolution: Neuter GFWL from FUEL by way of following information:

Steam Information: The right way to Play FUEL with out GFWL whereas nonetheless with the ability to Save

Information has a obtain for alternate xlive.dll & xlive.ini recordsdata you may put straight in your FUEL set up folder, which bypasses GFWL in FUEL. (Basically, you can begin FUEL w/o GFWL beginning.)

Video Choices

FUEL’s startup loader helps you to set Video Choices. Some work. Some do not.

  • Decision … (. Setting the next decision has a higher affect on FPS efficiency, but in addition has the best affect on visible look of some other choice obtainable.
  • Anti-aliasing … ( The “fx.phl” shader file has code for anti-aliasing, however it does not work. (you may actually delete these capabilities out of the file, and the shaders will nonetheless compile). Nonetheless, you need to use your graphics card’s management panel set some. (See “Advanced Setup” part under).
  • Texture High quality … (. Texture high quality is managed by way of the shader recordsdata. There are high-res textures saved within the DPC archives. FUEL runs them by the shaders which have a compression routine. This successfully reduces texture dimension by 1/2 (lower-res). This code is branched to permit compression or not enable it.
  • Anisotropic (Filtering) … (. Enjoying with the choices within the setup loader does nothing. You’ll be able to set this by way of your graphics card’s management panel, although.
  • Superior: :
    • Regular Maps … Makes some textures higher, eg: sure autos may have higher tire textures (bump mapping), and present panel harm when banged round an excessive amount of.
    • Grime Maps: When enabled, your car will get progressively muddier when working off-road, and cleaner when working by water. Your display borders additionally get progressively caked in dust and cleaned off.
    • (Ambient) Occlusion Maps: Supplies some additional shading round objects to present them extra depth/realism. Ambient Occlusion tends to have a fairly large FPS hit on older methods in some video games.
    • Shadow Maps: Dynamically generates shadows from objects primarily based on the motion of the solar.

Elective Graphical Enhancements

There’s just a few exterior issues you may set up to FUEL to assist punch provide you with extra choices to graphical goodness.

FUEL: RESHADED is a mod that re-works the FUEL shaders to scrub them up, optimize them a bit, add on/off switches to the most typical issues people like turning on/off (eg: bloom, dynamic eye adapt), and provides some enhancements (eg: rain sheen to make issues moist when it rain, darker nights, and so forth).

  1. Obtain the .zip file
  2. Go to your FUEL sport set up folder
  3. Go to “shaders” folder
  4. Save your outdated shaders in order for you (eg: make an “old” sub-folder to toss them into, or zip them up right into a file known as “” or one thing)
  5. Unzip the FUEL: RESHADED shaders into the shaders folder. (Inform it to overwrite the outdated shaders in the event that they’re nonetheless within the shaders folder)
  6. Open the “_setup.h” file if you wish to tweak choices.

A variety of the brand new options are already baked-in, like rain sheen results. Others you may tweak, like enhanced shadows.

ReShade is an ENB-like shader injector that works with FUEL. You may get it to work with FUEL by way of the next:

  1. Obtain the newest reshade .exe file from the positioning
  2. Run it .. it will begin itemizing video games .. DON’T choose FUEL.exe
  3. As an alternative, click on “browse”
  4. Go to your FUEL sport set up folder
  5. Choose “SecuLauncher.exe”
  6. Choose DirectX / D3D 9 as graphics kind sport makes use of
  7. Choose shader artist recordsdata to put in (can simply let it set up defaults for now)
  8. ReShade will obtain and save the shader recordsdata to FUEL folder
  9. Shut ReShade when it says it is carried out
  10. Launch FUEL
  11. You need to see a ReShade overlay letting you have a look at a tutorial on how you can use it, and checkboxes to activate totally different shaders. Urgent “HOME” key will present / cover ReShade menu. Fiddle and see which shaders you want utilizing. (EG: LumaSharpen is an inexpensive sharpening post-procesiing shader. Technicolor2 shader provides much more coloration to the sport.)

In the event you do not see the ReShade menu if you begin the sport, or if the sport crashes…

  1. Re-run ReShade.exe
  2. Ensure you choose “browse” and choose “SecuLauncher.exe” for FUEL
  3. Attempt deciding on DirectX / D3D 10 and let Reshade end.
  4. Then launch the sport. It ought to begin up w/o displaying the reshade menu.
  5. Exit the sport.
  6. Rerun reshade.exe, and now choose DirectX / D3D 9 once more.
  7. Let Reshade end it is setup.
  8. Rerun FUEL (ideally by working SecuLauncher.exe straight, not GameSetup.exe)
  9. You need to get the reshade overlay now.

(Undecided why, however after I initially setup FUEL with DX9 in reshade, it crashed. Then I attempted DX10, and it ran however w/o reshade. After I set it again to DX9, it ran reshade overlay wonderful. So, it is like doing that helps get reshades injector working in FUEL for some cause.)

Good shaders to check out in ReShade:

  • Bloom … Disable FUEL’s Bloom utilizing FUEL: RESHADED or FUEL: REFUELED, then allow one of many bloom shaders in ReShade. Some bloom the whole scene (even the UI) whereas others are much less heavy-handed. Most have the flexibility to regulate how a lot bloom they supply, so you may fiddle with them.
  • SMAA … Subpixel Morphological Anti-Aliasing. AA helps clean out jaggies on edges of objects. One of the simplest ways to decrease jaggies is to extend display decision. However, even at 1920×1080, SMAA helps clean out extra jaggies. In ReShade, transfer this to the highest of the shader processing record, so it can clean out jaggies earlier than different shaders, like Sharpening, attempt to add extra element.
  • Sharpening … A few of FUEL’s textures are low-res / smudgy. LumaSharpening, Filmic Sharpening or Anamorphic Filmic Sharpening shader will assist make them look higher-def. Even with video set to 1920×1080, a sharpening shader will make the sport look 2K. Make this run after any Anti-aliasing, so the AA can straighten up jaggies earlier than they get sharpened / enhanced.
  • Technicolor2.fx … disable FUEL: RESHADED’s “color saturation” post-processing impact, and check out utilizing ReShade’s Technicolor2 shader as a substitute. Punches up the colours and gives extra management over how a lot. (There’s different shaders that present saturation, distinction, and so forth management. Technicolor2 simply has defaults the place you may instantly discover the distinction with out having to fiddle with it.)
  • Curves …. This provides fake HDR (Excessive Dynamic Vary) lighting, the place it tries to offer extra distinction between colours to assist the scene pop. FUEL has an HDR algorithm within the post-processing shader, however this will help “unwash” the scene a bit extra.

Shaders that do not appear to work with FUEL:

  • EyeAdaptation.fx … Reshade has a dynamic eye adaptation shader, however it does not appear to work with FUEL. So, cannot disable FUEL’s to swap out for it.
  • Ambient Occlusion .. Reshade as a Display-Area AO and a MXAO (?) shaders. They do not appear to work with FUEL.


  • The minimal laborious drive area in PS3 and PC variations want 2301 MB (2.3gb) nonetheless the XBOX 360 model want 400KB , referencing as very sharper distinction of file sizes.
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