We discover the opposite (principally) human sides, preventing for existence (and typically progress) within the blasted world of Neuroshima Hex

[Note: I slightly updated part I, because I realized that I had written it from more of an insider perspective and hadn’t listed out all of the tiles that I was talking about. So, I added a complete list for each faction, which is something I’ll continue here and in part III.]

Right here’s the place we’ll speak concerning the different (principally) human factions that inhabit the world of Neuroshima Hex, struggling towards the machine energy of Moloch and one another as they compete for the few remaining assets and even attempt to resurrect the world that has been devastated.


Vegas: 8 warriors (Mercenary x2, Bodyguard x2, Marksman x2, Guard x2); 7 modules (Agitator x3, Scout x2, Saboteur, Medic); 2 basis (Mines); 17 actions (Battle x5, Transfer x3, Push Again x3, Rotation x3, Castling x2, Sniper)

As many individuals are conscious of right now, Vegas is sort of a world unto itself. Within the post-apocalyptic world, they’ve mixed some parts of the outdated regime (firms and rackets) with the favored theme operating by means of town since its inception: Cash talks. Vegas has the fewest warriors of any faction exterior the bizarre ones (Dancer and Mephisto) at 8 and two of these can’t assault, leaving them with 4 ranged and a pair of melee models. They do have a mean variety of modules, although, and what makes up for that dearth of fighters is what three of these modules and the HQ can do: take over enemy models. When both the HQ or an Agitator module are touching the opposition in that particular place, the enemy unit acts for Vegas. That is stronger than nets or different models like Outpost’s Scoper. On condition that these management models can even rotate no matter they seize when it first happens, they’re capable of fairly simply flip poor positions into constructive ones, comparable to taking up a raised Anomaly and utilizing its assault to chop my double digit lead all the way down to a draw. Yeah. That occurs…

This facet explains many different tiles within the Vegas faction, just like the Guards to guard these Agitators and the Mines to forestall others from deploying to disrupt a Vegas formation and the Rotation tiles to place the HQ/Agitators in the suitable place to reap the benefits of the enemy. Together with Castling and Sniper, Vegas has 19 motion tiles; greater than anybody else however Dancer. That usually signifies that Vegas performs slowly, constructing formation(s) in a number of areas of the board and attempting to shut out video games close to the tip, when key models of the enemy are beneath their sway and the jackpot is just seen on the finish. I’ve discovered the important thing warrior models to typically be the standard Marksman and Bodyguard, who do nothing unique however are merely stable performers. Nevertheless, easy Mines and Push Again actions can be essential. However the true standouts will nearly at all times be another person’s key models. For those who get near Vegas, you typically keep in (with) Vegas.


New York: 16 warriors (Hammer x2, Metal Boxer x2, Sharpshooter x2, Cop x2, Spy-Shooter x2, Spy-Cleaner, Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, Shooter, Internet Fighter, Pusher); 7 modules (Officer I x2, Officer II x2, Scout x2, Sergeant); 2 basis (Mines); 9 actions (Battle x5, Transfer x2, Push Again, Sniper)

The opposite municipality that managed to carve out its personal bubble is, in fact, New York. The theme of town is very similar to the Outpost: they’re decided to rebuild the previous, have turned the stays of New York right into a fortress, and at the moment are venturing out to see how that fortress will be expanded. That’s sort of ironical, since their method to the sport is considerably much like Moloch, in that they’re all about highly effective taking pictures within the type of the Rocket Launcher and the Shotgun, in addition to the Sharpshooters with their namesake capability. Depart a New York taking pictures nest untroubled for too lengthy and the subsequent time a Battle tile rolls round, you’ll really feel it. Even for those who do handle to get some interference in play, use of the Sharpshooter capability, the redirection of the Rocket, and Sniper will imply which you can simply get picked aside.

What compounds that is the HQ’s capability to offer Toughness to something gathered round it, which nearly calls for taking pictures formations tight across the HQ; once more, much like Moloch. Moreover, New York additionally borrowed some ideas from Vegas with Mines and the converse of management, which is the Spy capability that lets them faucet opponents’ modules for bonuses. The presence of the Officer modules solely reinforces the torrent of energy that may come not solely from the highly effective ranged assaults, however from specialist melee models like Cops (initiative 3), Metal Boxers (2 assaults), and Hammers (2 harm.) Nevertheless, not like Outpost, they lack mobility, with solely 2 Transfer tiles, a Push Again, and the Pusher permitting them to disrupt opponent formations or change their very own. Cautious mixture play is vital to succeeding with New York. For those who’re quick sufficient to sluggish them down and/or their attracts are poor, they are often taken benefit of.

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Metal Police: 12 warriors (Choose x3, Pacifier x2, Riot Policeman x2, Wardog x2, Bandog, Predator, Executioner); 14 modules (Officer x3, Sergeant x3, Scout x2, Saboteur x2, Medic x2, Steroids Dispenser, Internet of Metal Launcher); 8 actions (Battle x5, Transfer, Push Again, Terror)

The SP are the Choose Dredd equal of the Hex world; legislation and order fanatics that take these ideas to extremes. Like most fanatic teams, their numbers are small, with solely 12 warriors to make use of. Nevertheless, they’ve the second-most modules within the sport, tied with Sand Runners and behind solely Mephisto (which is sort of a particular case.) These modules embody 3 Sergeants (further assault), which provides them an Outpost stage of lethality in plenty of battles. It additionally contains 3 Officers for almost all of taking pictures models that make up their ranks. And, equally to Outpost, Metal Police would like to get right into a taking pictures struggle with you, given the Armor current on a number of models. That means, they will reap the benefits of Reflection on their Judges (to rebound your pictures) and nonetheless disrupt opposing formations by dropping in replacements for Pacifiers and dropping the Executioner in on his personal.

That drop troop capability coincides quite properly with the HQ’s Metal Internet capability (therefore, the identify) and is why opponents can typically really feel just like the SP are OP. Few different armies can merely draw right into a tile that modifications the look of the map and provides one other pleasant unit, concurrently. More often than not, these results are restricted to motion tiles like Air Strike or Grenade and do not convey a physique with them. However a pair issues to bear in mind are that 1. The HQ capability requires the HQ to take harm to make use of it. No different HQ suffers from that downside on this sport of typically very slender margins. 2. If the Internet lands on a unit and that unit doesn’t die, then the HQ mainly has no capability. I’ve received a pair video games towards the SP by merely defending the unit that’s being netted and, thus, eradicating any benefit that an HQ would usually present to its faction. Plus, regardless of the wholesome dose of models, SP has few motion tiles and nearly no mobility in any respect. After they arrange, they’re arrange and never a lot goes to alter with out the sacrifice of a Pacifier or drawing the Executioner. That mentioned, in the suitable palms, the Metal Police will be fairly the phobia of the board (and a correctly timed Terror will be necessary for those who do not draw into warriors once you want them), particularly for those who can reap the benefits of the Riot Policeman Push Again motion each flip, to maintain distance between you and your targets.


Uranopolis: 16 warriors (Mechanic x3, Inferno x4, Guard x2, Electro Internet Fighter x2, Bulldozer, Drill, Hammerhead, Ravager, Mercenary); 9 modules (Fight Generator x2, Transport x2, Acceleration Generator, Medic, Doubler, Gauss Transformer, Wastes); 9 actions (Battle x4, Transfer, Push Again x3, Ray)

A uranium mining camp who’ve determined to guard their area with their large equipment, the engineers of Uranopolis are one of the crucial fascinating armies within the sport. For those who can unlock the puzzle of their deployment, their energy is nearly unmatched. However for those who’re hindered by not drawing a Energy Provide supplier once you want it, you’ve gotten plenty of lifeless weight on the board. With 16 warriors and 9 modules, you’re not missing for our bodies to play. The query is whether or not these our bodies will do something when you do play them. With that in thoughts, your essential (i.e. past ‘key’) unit will nearly at all times be the Mechanics, since they not solely present energy in two instructions, but additionally have Mobility, which the remainder of the military largely lacks (only one Transfer tile however two Transport modules (that additionally present energy)) and, when push involves crushing skulls, are additionally an honest melee warrior with 2 initiative. In fact, your HQ additionally offers energy, which may tempt you into doing the Moloch factor and organising on one aspect of the board. However, provided that your melee models are each bit as highly effective as your taking pictures models, you’d be denying your self plenty of alternatives, so inserting a minimum of one row ahead could also be in your finest curiosity. 

That is one in all my favourite factions, not just for the large splashes you may make in battles, nearly no matter formation (your most quite a few warrior is the Inferno (4 of them) with a double ranged assault and Toughness), however for the methods you possibly can execute towards strengthened positions of the enemy; with the Gauss Transformer turning an everyday ranged assault into the superior Gauss assault; with the Wastes module making your opponent take much more harm than the massive quantity you already dish out; and with the Ravager wiping out a complete wing of their formation. And, in fact, with one of many little thematic touches that the entire factions have: your solely warrior aside from the Mechanics that doesn’t want or present energy being a Mercenary. Nevertheless, other than the ability points, Uranopolis additionally has a low variety of Battle tiles (4), which signifies that your opponent is usually extra prone to dictate timing on any engagements. Correct use of Ray can often clear area for you when you’re ready to convey down the irradiated hammer.

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Iron Gang: 18 warriors (Lumberjack x5, Biker x4, Fanatic x3, Mountain x3, Ranged Internet Fighter x3); 5 modules (Officer x4, Boss); 11 actions (Battle/Order x9, Double Transfer x2)

The Iron Gang are, if something, even nearer to the Mad Max-style picture than Hegemony, because the IG even have bikers, in addition to the same old assortment of spikes and cobbled-together armor. The clouds of mud, the rumble of engines, the sensation of impending doom; that’s the Iron Gang throughout. They’re additionally one of many extra uncommon factions within the sport, since they concurrently have essentially the most warriors (18) and the fewest modules (4), which fits their cellular, swarm assault theme. Moreover, all of their motion tiles are distinctive to them, since each Transfer is a Double Transfer and each Battle tile can be an Order tile, which lets them struggle an everyday battle or activate the ‘Hidden’ options on their warriors, the commonest of which is the Chain assault, which lets them deal out wounds exterior of a struggle. So, similar to Uranopolis, deployment can have further emphasis for Iron Gang, since they don’t have any (regular) ranged models, which suggests they’d prefer to be aggressive and maximize their Chain wounds to interrupt down enemy positions. They’re aided on this by the Bikers’ Mobility being doubled (i.e. can transfer twice) however, like factions much like Borgo, you’d nonetheless most likely discover the benefit in inserting your HQ centrally, because it additionally Chains and also you’ll have extra alternative to reap the benefits of it. Chain is just not Gauss, so that you’ll solely be inflicting one wound, nevertheless it does so exterior of Battle, which suggests which you can extra simply arrange situations for once you do use an Order tile as a Battle tile. The truth that it may be used towards Basis tiles, like Mines, is only a bonus.

Exterior of the Bikers, one of many key models for IG will typically be Fanatics, since they are often positioned in ahead areas to Chain, have excessive Initiative, and their self-destruction impacts HQs (very uncommon within the sport for an space assault.) Mountains are additionally typically necessary to the faction for related causes, given their sturdiness, choice to Chain, and the numerous harm they will deal out whereas typically ignoring ranged makes an attempt to choose them off (and having to take two hits to do away with them, as effectively.) However probably the greatest models in all the sport needs to be the Ranged Internet Fighter. As these of you who’ve performed know, nets are fairly good. The draw back is that your web fighter is often trapped in the identical place as its goal. Not these guys. Not solely can they lob a web on any unit that they’re dealing with (not simply the primary one), however they will Rotate each flip to do it once more and their nets keep on the unit in query till the tip of the subsequent struggle. On prime of that, they will act like a Medic for any unit on the board and, even when they’re eliminated, the online stays (till the tip of the subsequent struggle.) Oh, and so they have Armor, too. They’re only a sensible unit. One factor to bear in mind is that the nets can solely be activated with an Order tile, so it’s important to area out your nets and your chains, like several correctly dressed ganger.


Mississippi: 13 warriors (Guard x4, Mutant x3, Poisoner x2, Shadow x2, Hitman, Internet Fighter); 10 modules (Boiler x3, Paralysis x2, Mutation x2, Medic x2, Zone); 1 basis (Poisonous Bomb); 10 motion (Battle x4, Transfer x3, Push Again, Transposition, Smokescreen)

As we start to achieve the perimeters of humanity, the place else can we go however the deep South? Mississippi, like New York (a phrase chances are you’ll by no means learn once more in another context), is a combo faction. They don’t dish out large quantities of injury, but when they’re capable of arrange the suitable mixture of tiles, they will slowly drain the life out of the opponent. Virtually like they’ve been poisoned (segue…) As one of many two factions within the sport that use Venom, Mississippi has the identical aim in each sport that Neojungle has: Poison the HQ! At that time, the HQ goes to be taking harm firstly of each battle, irrespective of who begins it, which is a big benefit. As they’re on the decrease finish of the warrior scale, with solely 13, Mississippi has to make their assaults rely. One actually efficient means of doing that’s with the Boiler modules, which make each assault by that unit an envenomed one. However maintaining their few models in play can be necessary, which is the duty of the HQ’s Push Again capability and the Mutation modules, which may maintain a unit alive (and keep in existence themselves) to an nearly ridiculous diploma.

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That’s particularly useful with probably the greatest warriors within the faction, that are the Shadows. Shadows are sluggish, however can goal any enemy in play. Hook them as much as a Boiler and so they’re damaging and poisoning any enemy in play, together with the HQ. I’ve had opponents concede halfway by means of the sport from a pair hits from a Boilered Shadow, which meant their HQ can be taking 2 factors of injury in each battle. It’s devastating, so that they’re first on the record in your opponent to take away. Their makes an attempt to take action will doubtlessly permit you to make larger use of your different modules, like Paralysis and Zone. Lowering your opponent to initiative 0 or making it to allow them to’t assault in any respect goes a good distance towards preserving your already pretty swift attackers, like Mutants and Guards. However take into account that Mississippi is often a faction for the long-term. My Shadow horror story however, the character of Venom makes it so that you simply’ll often be setting as much as not commit a ton of injury in battles that alter the state of the board, however moreso within the course of chipping in harm right here and there in order that the totals come out in your favor on the finish. Poisonous Bomb, one other space assault that may have an effect on HQs, is a light exception to that. Mississippi’s motion tiles are bent in that course, as effectively, because you solely have 4 Battles, however nonetheless can create particular moments with Transposition (He simply appeared out of the swamp mist!) and Smokescreen.


Sand Runners: 13 warriors (Optimist x3, Hammer x3, Vulture x2, Secateur x2, Area Medics x2, Set off); 14 modules (Scout (Optimist) x3, Medic (Area Medics) x2, Mirage x2, Officer I x2, Chieftain x2, Caravan x2, Officer II); 2 basis (Quicksands); 10 actions (Battle/Sandstorm x5, Transfer x3, Push Again x2)

Once more, barely throughout the constraints of the human situation, the newly-released Sand Runners have been the primary warriors despatched by the human race to struggle Moloch. Now, they’ve returned from the wastelands. They arrive as one of many extra uncommon factions within the sport, not least as a result of they mix warriors and modules like Dancer does, but additionally as a result of their HQ is double-sided. We’ve all been in that state of affairs the place we all know that the subsequent Battle tile goes to unleash 2 or 3 hits on our HQ earlier than it will probably take away the pesky enemies round it. The Sand Runners HQ can a minimum of deal with one of many largest threats with its extra aggressive aspect and, hopefully, stop being shot within the ass with its Armor. However the important thing to each the faction’s operate and its theme are the 5 Battle/Sandstorm tiles. When the Sand Runners start a struggle, they will place a Sandstorm on any area. That area blocks line of sight, consequently protects any unit that will have been in that area, and prevents mentioned unit from collaborating. It reduces the 19-hex board to 18. This may be completed to guard one’s personal models or to take away one which’s going to be an actual downside. This motion offers a exceptional vary of tactical choices when a battle is initiated by the Sand Runners.

And tactical choices appear to be what the faction is all about, from flipping the HQ to deciding when and tips on how to use the Area Medics, who’re beneath common melee warriors (0 initiative however tri-directional assault), but additionally are Medic modules. Equally, the wonderfully-named Optimists are respectable melee models (initiative 3 however just one course), whereas additionally being Scout modules. Ever have these moments when a warrior or module was an auto-discard as a result of both one doesn’t go well with the state of affairs you’re attempting to handle or plan for? Now you possibly can auto-keep one in all these and get the advantages of each. They’re a largely melee-oriented drive, however all of their ranged models use double assaults, both mixed with melee or all ranged, so there’s some benefit to be gained from preventing from distance. Given the Sand Runners’ total low initiative, I believe the Optimists will develop into highly-prized models for them and, with their Chieftain modules (further assault), create an actual menace from shooters just like the Secateurs. Sand Runners additionally use a basis tile referred to as Quicksands, At first look, it seems to be a lesser model of the Mines that Vegas and New York use, because the Quicksands don’t activate till the start of a battle. Nevertheless, they are often moved anytime a Sandstorm is initiated and, not like Mines, Sand Runners models aren’t affected by them, which permits for, once more, choices each in battle and in deployment. There’s so much left to be explored with the brand new faction, however these are my preliminary impressions from a pair video games.

Subsequent time: The mechs and the bizarre stuff and a few closing ideas.

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