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Women in these works are about to shoot you.

“There is just something sexy about a woman with a blaster, too bad my wife doesn’t agree to that.”

Star Wars: Knights of the Previous Republic

Women With Weapons describes a sub-genre of motion media that focuses on robust feminine leads being superior with firearms. Might or could not contain Heroic Bloodshed. It was developed someplace within the Hong Kong movie business and has since made itself a style that’s typically utilized in anime. Normally entails gun fights, stunts and martial arts.

Small Woman, Huge Gun is a Sub-Trope—Women With Weapons aren’t essentially small, and their weapons aren’t essentially massive. Yeah-heh.

Evaluate Superhero Packing Warmth and Army Moe. See additionally The Different Wiki‘s web page on the topic.

Observe that this web page describes a style, not a personality trope. Particular person examples of Women With Weapons go on The Gunslinger.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Soiled Pair is the Trope Codifier for anime. The Pretty Angels set the usual for ladies being superior with (laser) pistols.
  • Bee Practice and Koichi Mashimo particularly deserve a particular recognition for popularizing the style with their trilogy:notice Mashimo was additionally the director of the Soiled Pair Film Mission EDEN.
    • Noir
    • Madlax
    • El Cazador de la Bruja
  • Gunslinger Woman (although it’s best to have recognized that from the title)
    • The title of the intro theme to the picture album is “Ragazza Col Fucile” (the trope title (singular), in Italian).
      • Extra exactly, “girl with a rifle”.
    • The collection might nearly depend as a Deconstruction of the style, with the women changing into badass Baby Troopers although excessive psychological conditioning and Cyborgization, drastically shortening their lifespan to the purpose that none of them will dwell to see 18.notice Then once more, they’re additionally all victims of Italy’s prison underworld, so there is a advanced justification for the entire thing; these women would principally already be lifeless in any other case. There is a good quantity of fine old style ass-kicking, however the collection is usually about taking part in the premise for all of the tragedy it is value.
  • Aria the Scarlet Ammo includes a idea named Butei (“armed detective”) the place highschool college students are educated as a center step between cops and mercenaries. Its important heroines, like Aria and Reki, are firearms specialists.

  • Kite (and Kite Liberator, too), that includes a pint-sized little lady as an murderer and professional with weapons.

  • Burst Angel starring Jo, the titular Angel who’s a Bounty Hunter and gunslinger.
  • Grenadier has its important heroine always carry out spectacular feats with a revolver.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist has Lt. Hawkeye, firing a pistol on the viewer within the opening credit.
  • Shirow Masamune clearly has a fetish for Women With Weapons: although the boys get to play as properly, the primary characters in his books are often feminine, and spend a lot of their time toting, and being superior with, weapons. (Or in a single case, tanks). A few of his works:
    • Ghost within the Shell
    • Appleseed
    • Dominion Tank Police
  • Canaan includes a feminine murderer dwelling in Shanghai and having to defeat an previous good friend who turned on her. With triads and terrorists added within the plot, loads of shootouts observe.
  • Mezzo Forte and Mezzo DSA, the place the protagonist is a bounty hunter and Motion Woman who will get on shootouts in an everyday foundation.
  • Early Reins: Die Laborious on a practice, in The Wild West, with six women with weapons because the heroes.
  • Black Lagoon has Revy, Roberta, Balalaika, and your complete church of violence. Virtually each fighter that survives for greater than a episode is a girl. Probably a fetish given how curvy the ladies are drawn and the very fact Rei Hiroe can be a recognized Doujinshi artist.
  • Upotte!! is about women who ARE weapons.
  • Women und Panzer has women taking part in with very massive weapons… on tanks!
  • Stella Girls’s Academy, Excessive College Division Class C³ and Sabagebu! are about Japanese College Golf equipment revolving round weapons utilization (albeit not actual weapons) and mock battles with these weapons. One way or the other each these golf equipment are all-female, however given they’re set in an all-girls college
  • Sword Artwork On-line: Different Gun Gale On-line is a derivative of the bigger Sword Artwork On-line collection centered on the GGO taking pictures recreation, with the vast majority of the characters being women.
    Comedian Books 
  • Æon Flux primarily based on the MTV collection of the identical title, with the titular protagonist being an murderer and killing machine armed with twin weapons.
  • Angel Of Destruction starring Maria Ford as a budding rock star-turned-soldier and killing machine.
  • The exploitation movie Angels With Golden Weapons offers with supermodels kidnapped by a human traffickiing ring and battling their method out in a single gunfight after one other.
  • Unhealthy Women, about 4 Wild West prostitutes who’re needed by the regulation.
  • Bandidas. One of many women is afraid, and fairly garbage, with weapons, and so makes use of knives; however nonetheless makes use of one on the climax of the film. The opposite is unquestionably a gun type of lady.
  • D.E.B.S.. The 4 women within the D.E.B.S. squad carry computerized pistols when on responsibility and get in occasional gunfights with the opposition.
  • Colombiana starring Zoe Saldana as a lady who witnessed her dad and mom’ assassination and grows as much as develop into a killer.
  • Sucker Punch, amongst being many different issues. It is value noting the various shootouts, motion sequences and combating scenes happens within the minds of its lead characters.

  • Angel Enforcers, staring Sharon Yeung as a policewoman who kicks ass and stops crime. Sharon will later group up with fellow action-girl actress Moon Lee a couple of extra instances in her profession.
  • Anna: The titular character is an murderer, killing machine and professional with a gun.
  • Annie Get Your Gun: A biopic about Annie Oakly, a real-life nineteenth century entertainer and sharpshooter.
  • A Higher Tomorrow – The third film, A Higher Tomorrow III: Love and Dying In Saigon (Prequel to the primary film) options Anita Mui’s character, a gunslinger and deadly killing machine who conjures up Chow Yun-Fats’s Mark Gor to develop into a triad hitman.
  • Black Butterfly, the protagonist being a hitwoman {and professional} killer despatched to Taiwan in a covert mission.
  • Black Cat, starring Jade Leung because the eponymous character, a younger lady who finally ends up having a microchip implanted in her mind as a top-secret authorities challenge, turning her into an elite murderer and Skilled Killer.
  • Iron Angels and its sequels, starring Moon Lee and Elaine Lui. Your entire trilogy are actually Cult Basic amongst followers of the style.
  • Angel Terminators, a duology of Hong Kong motion movies which is a spin-off from the Iron Angels trilogy, with a number of the actors returning (though taking part in totally different roles).
  • Dreaming the Actuality starring Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima from the Angels collection, the place this time they’re a pair of feminine assassins raised from delivery to be shooters and killing machines.
  • Killer Angels and its sequel, Satan Hunters, starring Moon Lee once more, the place she is a tough-as-nails killer angel.
    • Satan Hunters is particularly notorious for a stunt gone improper, the place Moon Lee and Sibelle Hu jumps off from a tall balcony with an explosion goes off behind them. However the explosion is quite ill-timed, and since Moon and Hu did most of their very own stunts, each ladies finally ends up getting badly burnt of their backs, particularly Hu. Seen right here.
  • Magnificence Investigator, one of many final collaborations between Yukari Oshima and Moon Lee, the place the actresses respectively performs an murderer and a cop who finally ends up taking up the triads.
  • Bury Me Excessive, one of many higher-budget movies starring Moon Lee and Sibelle Hu, which ends with a full-scale battle involving tanks, helicopters, and exploding bunkers and munition piles.
  • The Dragon Fighter starring Sibelle Hu as a hitwoman and triad killer.
  • Fireplace Phoenix starring Sibelle Hu as a soldier discovering herself on the battlefields within the massive metropolis in opposition to mobsters.
  • Golden Queens Commando, a Taiwanese Style Mashup movie involving a legion of feminine commandoes battling a military.
    • Pink Pressure Commando is a Religious Successor to Golden, with the identical solid, crew and setting in addition to related motion scenes.
  • Mission Of Condor, a.okay.a Angel Pressure, Moon Lee stars on this motion flick with an Ensemble Solid the place everybody (Lee herself included) will get to fireside machine weapons at every part they see all through the movie.
  • Metropolis Cops starring Cynthia Rothrock as a Los Angeles detective taking up Hong Kong triads.
  • Lethal Goal starring Yukari Oshima and Sharon Yeung as feminine cops taking up Philippine mobsters.
  • Bare Killer, a fanservice-laden Hong Kong film on this style.
    • Bare Weapon is a Religious Successor to Bare Killer above.
    • And there is a third film, Bare Soldier.
  • Enter the Eagles, starring Shannon (daughter of Bruce) Lee, a bounty hunter who will get to group up together with her mentor (performed by Michael Wong) to tackle a whole crime syndicate. Shootouts, combat scenes, exploding automobiles comes a a lot all through the film.
  • Hannie Caulder, starring Raquel Welch. Most girl-with-guns movies with a Western setting is probably going a homage to this movie.
  • Leopard Searching, starring Yukari Oshima and Jade Leung, one of many final movies of this style from late 90s Hong Kong. The movie notably climaxes with Oshima and Leung main a whole group of gun-totting Motion Woman detectives to shoot up a triad gang.
  • Princess Madam, starring Hong Kong motion queens Moon Lee and Sharon Yeung, a buddy cop movie with Heroic Bloodshed components, which culminates with each actresses killing mooks by the handfuls with twin pistols.
  • TEN: The Secret Mission, an Indonesian motion movie a couple of band of feminine commandos (ten of them, like what the title says) happening a rescue mission.
  • Silk, starriing Cec Verell as a Hawaiian cop taking up the mob. Has a sequel 3 years later.
  • Shaw Brothers have a couple of movies of their heyday which is beneath this style.
    • Angel With The Iron Fists and it is sequel, The Angel Strikes Once more, starring Lily Ho because the titular angel, a superspy, murderer and gunslinger
    • The Drug Connection and it is sequel Woman Exterminator is a Overseas Remake of Coffy, with a lot extra shotgun-totting motion and shootouts from its heroine.
    • The Woman Skilled has Lily Ho from the Angel duology above, as a Skilled Killer who takes names with firearms.
    • Temptress Of A Thousand Faces has a kickass feminine cop taking up the titular Temptress and her minions, with loads of shootouts galore.
  • Surprise Seven, starring Michelle Yeoh as a mobster’s girlfriend who had a change of coronary heart and finally ends up becoming a member of a vigilante group to tackle your complete mob. Yeoh will get to fireside pistols whereas driving on a bike.
  • The Fast and the Useless has the Woman, who is usually remarked upon as she’s the one lady within the gunfighting match.

  • Referenced in Jackie Brown: we do not see the 2 feminine leads packing a lot warmth, however within the scene the place Ordell is launched he is watching a video of a girl in a bikini taking pictures an computerized weapon.
  • Deadly Panther and its sequel, Deadly Panther 2, starring Japan’s main deadly girls in Hong Kong taking up mobsters. Shootout after shootout ensues.
  • Mercenaries is basically a distaff counterpart to The Expendables and options copious quantities of weapons and women.
  • Nowhere Woman (2015), a Japanese movie starring Nana Seino as a schoolgirl who takes on total platoons of commandoes with machine weapons, culminating with Nana wielding a freaking rocket launcher!

  • Ultraviolet Violet counts together with her twin uzis.
  • The North Star, a 1943 struggle film, performs this completely straight with peasant women Marina and Sophia, who find yourself as snipers making an attempt to stall the Wehrmacht advance in Ukraine.
  • Deliver Me the Head of the Machine Gun Girl: The Machine Gun Girl is known as that for an excellent cause. She effortlessly outshoots each different character within the movie.
  • The Kick-Ass movie collection, that includes Chloë Grace Moretz within the function of Hit-girl.
  • Angel on Fireplace, an try to cash-in on the Iron Angels movies, starring Taiwanese motion star Cynthia Khan (funds Michelle Yeoh) because the titular angel.
  • Queens Excessive, starring Cynthia Khan because the daughter of a Hong Kong mob boss who seeks revenge on the rival triad who killed him.
  • Final Revenge, schlocky B-movie, additionally starring Cynthia Khan and Kim Maree Penn, the place Khan performs a supercop who takes on a whole smuggling ring, One-Girl-Military type.
  • She Shoots Straight by Corey Yuen is a extra sensible strategy on this style.
  • So Shut: The film was an try to revive the women this style that after attracted followers to Hong Kong cinema from everywhere in the world.
  • Particular Feminine Pressure, a collection of films starring Hong Kong’s elite police squad battling terrorists and gunrunners. Jade Leung from Black Cat (listed above) stars because the police lieutenant of each films.
    • There’s a sequel, Particular Feminine Pressure: The Deadly Raid (makes use of identical web page).
  • Razor Blade Smile includes a vampire murderer girl battling the Illuminati, lead by her sire.
  • The Villainess, a Korean movie starring Kim Okay-vin as a deadly hitwoman.
  • Miss Meadows: Whereas Miss Meadows is nearly comedically female, she’s a assured, robust younger lady more often than not. She additionally carries a gun in her purse always, which she makes use of unhesitatingly in opposition to the criminals that cross her path.
  • Zero Girl, a collection of 10 movies made in Nineteen Seventies – 80s Japan, revolving across the eponymous feminine fatale murderer.
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  • The quick story anthology A Woman’s Information to Weapons and Monsters (additionally options monsters)
  • The Sisters numbered 00001 to 20000 in A Sure Magical Index carry submachine weapons of their bookbags and sniper rifles (that may fireplace full-auto) in guitar circumstances.
  • A Brother’s Worth, when it is not being a Romance Novel, is that this because of a mixture of World of Motion Women and the invention of firearms.
  • Damsels of Misery: The title comes from the all-female mercenary gang. Of the six members, solely two should not acquainted with firearms.
    Dwell-Motion TV 
  • Sport of Thrones: Margaery performs upon this trope by feigning curiosity in Joffrey’s crossbow to attraction to his fetish for violence.
  • Revolution: Charlotte “Charlie” Matheson began out as an archer with a bow and arrow. By episode 10, she has dropped that weapon in favour of weapons.
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The title character is a lady who’s more durable than nuclear nails. A feminine cyborg typically acts as her companion.
  • Miss Fisher’s Homicide Mysteries. She’s typically proven on the duvet and title screens of the DVDs posing together with her gold-plated revolver. Miss Fisher carries this in her purse in her first journey, a lot to the consternation of Aunt Prudence. Normally is aware of the place it’s, however continues to be leaving it in unsecured locations.
  • Wynonna Earp focuses on the adventures of its gun-slinging titular character.
  • Mirri of X Firm is one in all these, though she additionally turns into adept with blades and unarmed fight.
  • On NCIS, a therapist pegs this as Tony’s sort. To which he responds: “Who doesn’t like girls with guns?”
  • Woman Gun Woman, produced by Bandai Spirits (makers of 30 Minutes Missions), goes for a deconstruction impressed by Battle Royale, the place solely the women that choose up and construct the Assault Woman Gun mannequin kits are secretly chosen, after which armed, to kill one another.
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  • Tommy Shaw‘s track, “Girls With Guns”.
    Tabletop Video games 
  • Macho Girls with Weapons
    • Together with the enlargement “Renegade Nuns on Wheels” that includes the Carmalite, sorry, Armalite, order of nuns.
  • Warhammer 40,000 has received a whole military of them, within the type of the Adeptas Sororitas. Followers often discuss with them as “Nuns with Guns” and “Bolter Bitches”.
  • Create a feminine Gunslinger character in Pathfinder, and that is what you get.
  • Annie Get Your Gun clearly.
  • Model by Henrik Ibsen has Gerd, the beggar lady, famously carrying a rifle and successfully ending the entire play with a single shot.
    Video Video games 
  • Tomb Raider with Lara Croft typically carrying her twin pistols.
  • Women Frontline is about you commanding a military of women who ARE weapons.
  • Good Darkish is a first-person shooter starring a feminine agent named Joanna Darkish who fights aliens.
  • Moist counts with its sizzling feminine mercenary Rubi Malone.
  • Mirror’s Edge has Religion, a runner who is aware of use weapons when she comes throughout them.
  • No One Lives Ceaselessly has Cate Archer an attractive feminine British Spy.
  • Jurassic Park: Trespasser has Anne who fights dinosaurs with varied firearms.
  • Metroid has Samus Aran together with her Energy Go well with and Arm Cannon.
  • Oni has Konoko who’s a cyberpunk cop.
  • Bayonetta has the witch protagonist of the identical title who twin wields pistols on her fingers and even her ft!
  • Bullet Witch has Alicia together with her massive, reworking lengthy gun.
  • Uncharted: The Misplaced Legacy has robust, foul mouthed and snarky Chloe lastly getting her personal recreation! Step apart, Nathan Drake, it is Chloe’s time to shine for as soon as!
  • Parasite Eve has Aya Brea an NYPD officer who is sweet together with her weapons.
  • Tabula Rasa has Sarah Morrison on this short-lived RPG shooter.
  • Concern Impact has Hana, a gun-toting murderer.
  • Satan Might Cry has Trish and Woman, Dante’s feminine companions in Demon Slaying. The Satan Might Cry 2 prequel novel featured a demon hunter named Beryl who fought with an anti-tank rifle.
  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 provides a machine gun to Rachel’s arsenal.
  • Resident Evil has quite a few examples with Jill Valentine and Ada Wong being essentially the most notable ones.
  • Neptunia has Uni the CPU Candidate of Lastation, who makes use of weapons in fight.
  • BlazBlue provides us Noel Vermillion, who fights with Weapons Akimbo and Gun Kata.
  • Honkai Affect third has Kiana Kaslana, who fights with Gun Kata. Ditto her ancestor Kallen.
  • Mortal Kombat X introduces Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs. Cassie makes use of common handguns whereas Jacqui prefers to go together with arm-mounted weapons.
    Net Animation 
  • RWBY options this strongly, specializing in 4 younger women who use hybrid weapons to hunt monsters.
    Western Animation 
  • Æon Flux is predicated across the titular sizzling feminine murderer.
  • Revisioned: Tomb Raider Animated Sequence is Tomb Raider in cartoon kind principally.
    Actual Life 
  • Kirsten Pleasure Weiss is an expert competitors shooter and well-liked youtuber.
  • Annie Oakley, the actual life sharpshooter and entertainer the movie Annie Get Your Gun is predicated on.

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