Halo 2

Basic Data


First-person shooter


  • Xbox
  • Xbox 360 (backwards appropriate)
  • Home windows

Recreation modes

  • Marketing campaign
  • Multiplayer
  • Map Editor (PC Solely)

Web site


Technical Particulars

Goal framerate

  • 20-30 FPS (Xbox)
  • 60 FPS (PC)


  • Xbox: 480p
  • Home windows: 4K


Halo 2 Engine

Splitscreen assist

4 participant

(Console Solely)

LAN assist


On-line performance

  • On-line aggressive multiplayer

Manufacturing Data


Microsoft Recreation Studios


  • Bungie Studios
  • Employed Gun (Home windows)

Undertaking Leads

Lead designer(s)

  • Paul Bertone
  • Jaime Griesemer

Lead author(s)

Joseph Staten


  • Martin O’Donnell
  • Michael Salvatori

Score Data


Mature (M) for Blood and Gore, Language, Violence


16 for Violence

— tagline.

is a First-person shooter online game developed by Bungie Studios for the Xbox online game console and is forward-compatible with the Xbox 360. It’s the second installment of the Halo trilogy and the sequel to . includes a newly-built graphics engine with the addition of latest components to the sport. was some of the profitable and actively performed video video games for the unique Xbox console, with 8.46 million copies offered as of November 2008. The sport’s on-line servers had been discontinued on April 15, 2010, when the unique Xbox Dwell companies had been shut down.

was ported to the PC as Halo 2 Vista. The Marketing campaign and 6 of its multiplayer maps had been remastered as a part of in for Xbox One and later PC.

Marketing campaign

The sport begins on , the cellular capital metropolis of the Covenant. The previous Supreme Commander of the Fleet of Specific Justice, Commander Thel ‘Vadamee, is being tried earlier than the Excessive Council for his failure to guard Halo. Regardless of his insistence that the Flood hampered his talents, the Hierarchs who lead the council, the Excessive Prophets of Reality, Mercy, and Remorse, deem him responsible of failing to guard the Sacred Ring. ‘Vadamee is then stripped of his rank and branded with the Mark of Disgrace by Tartarus, the Chieftain of the Jiralhanae.

The story then turns to Earth’s Orbital Protection Platform , the place Grasp Chief Petty Officer John-117 receives the brand new MJOLNIR Mark VI armor from the Grasp Gunnery Sergeant. Avery Johnson, lately promoted to Sergeant Main, arrives to take John-117 to an awards ceremony overseen by Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood for the twin functions of awarding meritorious acts and boosting the morale of the surviving human inhabitants and famous as a battle hero (John-117 has already obtained all medals apart from the “Prisoner of War” medal). The festivities are quickly interrupted by Cortana reporting “15 Covenant Capital Ships holding position just outside the kill zone,” signaling the begin to the Covenant Siege of Earth. UNSC Marine forces together with John-117 shield the station from the invading Covenant Naval infantry however different stations had been destroyed by the Covenant. After sending the bomb that the Covenant had positioned on the station again into area (destroying a number of ships) he landed on the UNSC after which they head to the floor of Earth to New Mombasa to struggle off the Covenant Military, led by the Excessive Prophet of Remorse. After the Covenant invasion pressure is halted by the us defenses, the Prophet of Remorse flees Earth with Miranda Keyes, Captain Keyes‘ daughter, and her detachment in pursuit on the UNSC . The hasty in-atmosphere leap devastates the town of New Mombasa; destroying the Area elevator and scattering its wreckage for miles round.

The story then turns again to the disgraced Sangheili Commander, Thel ‘Vadamee, who’s given the possibility of redemption by the Excessive Prophets of Reality and Mercy in taking on the mantle of Arbiter, together with the approaching mortality of the duty. The brand new Arbiter accepts and turns into the need of the Prophets, looking for to finish the unimaginable process assigned for redemption from his crimes. Thel ‘Vadamee is tasked with the assassination of a Heretic Chief, who’s disillusioned with the Covenant following the occasions of Set up 04 as much as its destruction. Thel ‘Vadamee tracks the Heretic Chief all through the gasoline mine (battling the Heretics and the Flood) the place the Heretics sought refuge. When Thel ‘Vadamee is lastly in a position to face the Heretic Chief, ‘Refumee asserts his perception that the Prophets have lied in regards to the Nice Journey, punctuating this with the entry of 343 Responsible Spark, whom each Sangheili take into account to be an Oracle of the Forerunners, the traditional race the Covenant maintain as gods. Earlier than Thel ‘Vadamee might study extra of the claims, the battle resumes, and the Heretic Chief is killed earlier than any significant discourse going down. Tartarus seems to extract him and Responsible Spark, stopping Thel ‘Vadamee from studying any info from Spark. He leaves, not understanding what brought about the Heretics to betray their sacred oaths to the Covenant.

Turning again to John-117’s story, Keyes exits slipspace in her ship undetected with the Prophet of Remorse unaware that he had been adopted. To the shock of the pursuers, they uncover that Remorse led them to a different Halo Ring. Keyes quickly determines that their goal is to Seize the Prophet of Remorse and cease the Covenant from firing the Halo Rings; John-117 is dropped onto the floor of Set up 05 with ODSTs to take away Remorse. In the middle of pursuing Remorse, John-117 discovers with the help of Cortana that the Prophet intends to personally activate Halo, within the perception that it’ll propel true believers on the Nice Journey. Keyes decides that the brand new revelation about Remorse’s intentions warrants his demise, which John-117 efficiently achieves. However earlier than with the ability to make his escape, the Covenant and , which has simply arrived, try to kill John-117 by glassing the world, and he jumps into the lake surrounding Remorse’s location. Incapacitated from the shock of the Covenant bombardment, John-117 is final seen being dragged into the depths of the lake by the tentacles of the Gravemind, an historic and extremely smart Flood kind.

The story now shifts again to Thel ‘Vadamee on , in orbit across the ring. The Hierarchs had declared Remorse’s demise to be the Sangheili‘s failure, they usually had been eliminated because the protectors of the Prophets, who bestow the function to the Jiralhanae, inflicting extra pressure between the Jiralhanae and Sangheili who’re already at odds with one another. With the brand new ring found, Reality and Mercy inquire Responsible Spark on easy methods to activate it, and dispatch Thel ‘Vadamee to recuperate the Sacred Icon which can gentle the ring. Making his manner by means of the Quarantine Zone dealing with scores of Flood and Sentinels on the floor of Set up 05 looking for the Activation Index, Thel ‘Vadamee makes his manner into the Library and captures the Index together with Keyes and Johnson after they recovered it from its protecting housing. Earlier than he can take possession of the Index, Tartarus once more intervenes in Thel ‘Vadamee’s process. After taking the Index into his personal private possession, Tartarus then reveals that the Hierarchs supposed for his demise to oust the Sangheili. His treachery revealed, Tartarus knocks Thel ‘Vadamee unconscious down a shaft within the Index chamber to the abyss beneath.

Beneath the Library, John-117 finds himself within the clutches of the Gravemind, the creature that acts because the sentient intelligence of the Flood. Though Thel ‘Vadamee had fallen from an incredible peak, he’s saved from plunging to his demise by the Gravemind’s tentacles. It’s throughout the Gravemind’s chamber the place Thel ‘Vadamee and John-117 meet. As well as, the Prophet of Remorse is contaminated and assimilated into its mass. Additionally launched is 2401 Penitent Tangent, Monitor of Set up 05. Each characters act as exposition to Thel ‘Vadamee, as Remorse stays steadfast to his religion, and the Monitor is absolutely conscious of its standing as a weapon. Thel ‘Vadamee is additional led to query his religion by each John-117 and the Gravemind itself, as they each attempt to persuade the Sangheili that the Covenant’s perception on the Halos is a lie, revealing that the Halos destroy life, not reserve it. This info, as nicely the knowledge of the approaching genocide of the Sangheili lead Thel ‘Vadamee reluctantly becoming a member of John-117 within the mission to cease the ring from being activated. The Gravemind sends each the John-117 and Thel ‘Vadamee to completely different areas to assist cease the Index from reaching its vacation spot. John-117 was despatched to Excessive Charity to retrieve the Index whereas Thel ‘Vadamee was despatched to the Management Room of Set up 05 to halt the Covenant from activating the rings.

John-117 then enters in the course of Reality’s broadcast. The Prophet, after escaping assassination, flees to the Dreadnought, chased all the best way. John witnesses the battle between the Sangheili and Jiralhanae, and saves a couple of Marines alongside the best way. In the meantime, the Flood, below the management of the Gravemind, crash into Excessive Charity utilizing the UNSC . John witnesses Reality’s escape on a Phantom, and Mercy contaminated by the Flood; the Prophet tells the Spartan that Reality goes to Earth to “finish what we started.” After boarding the Dreadnought by means of an vitality conduit, he leaves Cortana behind, however guarantees that he’ll come again for her.

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In the meantime, Thel ‘Vadamee is teleported near Halo’s management room. There, he finds many lifeless Sangheili, which had been killed by the Jiralhanae. With the assistance of some deployed Sangheili, and sympathetic Unggoy and Mgalekgolo, he fights his option to meet Rtas ‘Vadumee, who’s shocked to listen to that the Jiralhanae murdered the Sangheili Excessive Councilors. They struggle their option to a Scarab, managed by Sergeant Johnson, who forcefully initiates an uneasy alliance between the people and the Sangheili. By the mixed efforts of Johnson and ‘Vadamee, they efficiently breach the Management Room doorways, and ‘Vadamee enters the Management Room to confront Tartarus. Within the Management Room, he hears the reality of the Halos instantly from 343 Responsible Spark. Nonetheless blinded by religion, Tartarus compelled Miranda Keyes to activate Halo. Many Zealots and Excessive Councilors fought with ‘Vadamee in his last struggle towards Tartarus, and finally managed to kill him. As soon as Tartarus is defeated, Miranda grabs the Index simply in time to cease Halo from firing. Nonetheless, 343 Responsible Spark says that this has activated a failsafe protocol, inflicting the Set up to ship a sign to the remainder of the Halo Array, placing all of the Halos on standby for distant activation from the Ark.

The Forerunner dreadnought arrives at Earth with John-117 on board. He alerts Admiral Hood of his presence, and tells him that he’s “finishing this fight.”

In a scene after the credit, it seems that has been fully taken over by the Flood, as hundreds of Flood spores are seen all through the air, floating alongside the view. The Gravemind speaks of satisfaction of being freed from his “empty grave,” and instantly Cortana seems as a hologram on a pedestal within the room. The Gravemind then states that there are questions that linger in his thoughts, which Cortana should reply. Cortana replies, “Alright…shoot.” The display screen then turns black earlier than any query is heard.


The defeat of the Covenant within the first Halo recreation was solely a brief victory, because the alien attackers have renewed their mission to wipe out all of humanity. Regardless of the human army pressure’s and John-117’s efforts, the Covenant have breached the Earth’s defenses and have left its inhabitants in a dismal scenario. Within the midst of desperation, gamers assume the function of Grasp Chief and lead the resistance towards the Covenant to avoid wasting the individuals of Earth from a ugly demise.

options an immense and epic single participant mode, because the story picks up shortly after the ending of the primary recreation. The story delves deeper into the society of the Covenant, their objectives, beliefs, and alliances, in addition to persevering with Grasp Chief’s story to place an finish to the Covenant risk on Earth in addition to one other Halo ring. additionally introduces the Jiralhanae, they’re proven in-campaign as massive, furry, ape-like beasts; though they don’t sport Power Shields just like the Sangheili, their immense bulk and energy nonetheless yield them as formidable foes.


Along with the only participant mode, additionally includes a redesigned multiplayer mode. Whereas the primary recreation restricted gamers to LAN connectivity, takes multiplayer on-line by means of Xbox Dwell. The participant can play the marketing campaign alone on a single-player mode or on a split-screen co-operative mode. The sport follows a linear sequence of episodes that differ from . The participant will play as each John-117 and a brand new character, a troubled Covenant Sangheili named Thel Vadamee, however identified solely as The Arbiter in recreation. The participant has an adjusted arsenal of weapons, a few of which have been altered or faraway from , and new weapons being launched.

One of many largest alteration to game-play is probably the power to Twin Wield small weapons; this permits for twice the firepower on the expense of being unable to throw grenades or melee with out dropping the left weapon. When it comes to autos, all autos from the primary recreation stay besides the M12A1 Warthog LAAV (Rocket Warthog) from the PC model, and the Spirit Dropship. Additionally, a couple of new autos are launched. In , nonetheless, the beforehand indestructible autos can now be destroyed and the participant is ready to “board” an enemy car by climbing on and knocking the motive force out or, within the case of tanks, punching the motive force to demise to assert the car, or shoving a grenade into the cockpit to destroy it outright. The identical may be achieved by an enemy to the participant when driving.

Marketing campaign

When taking part in because the Arbiter, the participant’s flashlight is changed with a chargeable Lively camouflage that lasts for ten seconds, giving the participant a preemptive benefit on unsuspecting enemies.

The participant can have quite a lot of allies; if they’re taking part in as John-117, they are going to be assisted by UNSC Marines, and infrequently ODSTs. Nonetheless, the Arbiter is joined by Unggoy, Kig-Yar, Mgalekgolo, and different Sangheili, permitting for deeper perception into Covenant tradition.

The marketing campaign consists of 15 ranges, 14 of that are playable.


In contrast to its predecessor, allowed gamers to compete with one another over the Xbox Dwell on-line service, along with the unique’s assist for split-screen and System Hyperlink multiplayer. ‘s Xbox Dwell mode supplied a novel strategy to on-line gaming that’s supposed to alleviate a few of the issues which have plagued on-line First-person shooters prior to now. Historically, one participant units his or her pc or console up as a recreation server (or host), specifying the sport kind and map and configuring different settings. The sport software program then used a service like Xbox Dwell or GameSpy to promote the sport to the world at massive; different gamers select which recreation to affix primarily based upon standards such because the map and recreation choices every host is providing in addition to the ping instances they’re able to obtain.

In , Xbox Dwell gamers don’t select to host video games, and they don’t get to specify particular person maps and choices to seek for. As an alternative, gamers join “playlists” which can be geared to completely different of play. For instance, the “Rumble Pit” playlist presents quite a lot of “free-for-all” recreation sorts, primarily Slayer or variations there of; “Team Skirmish” presents a lot of 4-on-4 workforce video games, that are primarily objective-based video games like Seize the Flag; “Big Team Battle Skirmish” is much like Staff Skirmish however permits groups of as much as 8 gamers. Different playlists permit varied issues reminiscent of matches between completely different clans. The Xbox Dwell servers create video games mechanically from the pool of gamers which have signed up for every playlist, selecting a recreation kind and map mechanically and deciding on one participant to function the sport’s host. Gamers can create small “parties” with their mates and enter video games collectively as teammates or, in Rumble Pit, adversaries. They will additionally play customized gametypes like common multiplayer. Unranked gametypes permit individuals on the identical Xbox console with out an Xbox Dwell account to play with them as “guests.” If the Xbox console internet hosting the sport drops out, the Xbox Dwell service mechanically selects a brand new host from among the many remaining gamers so the sport can proceed.

Since launching in November 2004, the service has been extremely popular with avid gamers. Whereas some gamers resent the lack of particular person management inherent in ‘s strategy to on-line gaming, others really feel it offers a considerably improved gaming expertise in comparison with extra conventional on-line First-person shooters. Bungie’s servers match gamers by ability degree, which produces notably balanced matches that gamers usually take into account honest and pleasurable. The automated host choice course of additionally eliminates the power of the host to exert outsize management over the parameters of the sport.

gamers with Microsoft Passport accounts can go browsing to bungie.web and procure extraordinarily detailed statistics on their efficiency, together with degree maps for a number of hundred of the participant’s most up-to-date video games that point out graphically the place and when the participant scored a kill or was killed him or herself.

On April 15, 2010, the multiplayer companies, together with all different authentic Xbox Dwell companies, had been discontinued. Nonetheless, 12 gamers had been in a position to maintain Halo 2’s multiplayer companies on-line[1] till Could 10, 2010, by leaving their consoles on, and related to the service, and had been supplied entry to the Halo: Attain beta by Microsoft.[2]


Participant Injury System

The harm system in is way completely different from what it was in . The participant has a regenerating defend and regenerating well being.

  • Power Shields: The defend in is stronger than it was in , additionally recharges at a better fee. It slowly decreases in energy because it sustains harm. After it takes harm, it begins to recharge 2–5 seconds after the final time harm was sustained. It can cease throughout recharge if the participant is harm throughout that interval. The ability is displayed above the movement tracker within the bottom-left of the display screen.
  • Well being: In , as soon as the shields run out, the participant additionally has a buffer of well being. In contrast to , the well being in regenerates after the defend. The quantity of well being left isn’t seen to the participant. Bungie’s clarification for this new system is the addition of a biofoam dispenser within the armor (so well being regenerates after time).
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There are two sorts of regular powerups accessible in :

  • Overshield: An enhanced, non-regenerating defend which provides a further two layers to your defend (crimson, then inexperienced). The Overshield capabilities on high of the common defend – when it’s energetic, the traditional defend doesn’t take harm. Nonetheless, the Overshield will step by step scale back in energy till it’s gone, at which level the participant’s regular shields might be weak to wreck. In contrast to , the Overshield powerup isn’t accessible within the single participant marketing campaign.
  • Lively camouflage: A powerup that makes the participant virtually fully invisible for a time period, making all however a faint define of him clear. This impact is decreased if the participant is hit by weapons hearth, if she or he fires a weapon or throws a grenade, or in some instances if she or he switches weapons. In marketing campaign mode, Lively camouflage is barely accessible in ranges wherein you play because the Arbiter. Nonetheless, word that the Power Sword will give away the person’s place, as whereas the participant is invisible, the sword isn’t.

: If the Overshield expertise and the Lively camouflage are utilized in conjunction the Lively camouflage isn’t refined sufficient to cover the improved over shields.




: Unique Soundtrack

There are two volumes of the soundtrack, one launched alongside the sport, and the opposite launched in Early 2006. You may normally discover them at any retail retailer that sells music or video games, or eBay.

Retail Editions


Normal Version

The usual version of the sport contains the disk and handbook, and has remained unchanged because the recreation’s launch. This version has ceased manufacturing, together with the authentic Xbox itself.

Classics Version

Because it was some of the famend video games for the unique Xbox, obtained an Xbox Classics version. This version featured all of the content material of the usual version, however at a cheaper price, and with completely different, commemorative field artwork. This version is now not produced.

Better of Classics Version

Even amongst different Xbox Classics video games, had an enormous quantity extra gross sales than most video games – 3 million greater than the following highest, . Due to this fact, it additionally obtained a Better of Xbox Classics version. This version is an identical to the Xbox Classics version, however with completely different field artwork. Together with all different editions of the sport, the Better of Classics version was discontinued with the Xbox‘s substitute with the Xbox 360.

Platinum Hits Version

Its record-breaking gross sales additionally earned a Platinum Hits version, which contained the identical content material as the usual version however with a gray plastic case (slightly than inexperienced) and commemorative field artwork. This version is now not being produced.

Restricted Collector’s Version

The restricted version of was accessible for pre-order earlier than the sport’s launch. This Restricted Collector’s version was produced in restricted numbers, and contained extra content material, reminiscent of a steelbook case, restricted version handbook, Conversations from the Universe booklet and Behind the Scenes DVD. This version stopped manufacturing upon the sport’s launch.[]



An early script is thought to exist and was briefly seen within the Behind the Scenes DVD. Marty O’Donnell was additionally quoted in a Bungie Podcast (Episode 13, at 21:00) saying that each one the actors had recorded the strains to the unique ending and that it nonetheless exists immediately, however he won’t ever present it.

Lower Content material

With the event of , many issues needed to be minimize out. has probably the most content material both minimize from the sport solely or redesigned fully as evidenced in lots of types of media. A minimum of a 3rd of the sport was minimize out.[3]

The next is thought minimize content material from the sport:

Advertising and marketing Promotions and Launch

I Love Bees

In the course of the summer time of 2004, the web site ilovebees.com was used as a publicity web site for , with the positioning being pointed to by adverts for the sport throughout film trailers. Ostensibly a beekeeper’s private web site, the server appeared to have been taken over by an unstable A.I. whose ideas are scattered on the positioning.


In 2002, Bungie launched the primary glimpse of in a pre-rendered CG trailer. The trailer featured John-117 in his new MJOLNIR Mark VI Armor making ready for battle in an area station. Cortana can be heard and has dialogue with John. It additionally featured Earth and -class battlecruisers in orbit. The us appear to be shedding within the battle. The occasions of this trailer had been featured within the last model of . A number of the occasions and dialogue of this trailer was modified to suit the completed storyline of the sport. Most of this now seems within the degree Cairo Station.


E3 2003

At E3 2003, Bungie launched footage of a playable in-game demo of the marketing campaign. The demo featured the battle on Earth within the metropolis of New Mombasa. John-117, Cortana, Sergeant Johnson, Corporal Perez, Main Easley, Gunnery Sergeant Stacker and Sergeant Banks had been all seen/heard within the demo. The demo confirmed off new options like Twin-Wielding (John-117 might truly maintain each his dual-wielded weapons when he switched to his secondary sidearm; this was modified for the ultimate product), Car Injury, and Boarding. Three new autos proven had been the Gauss Warthog, Shadow, and the Covenant Phantom, which on the time had just one plasma turret on its underside as a substitute of three.

Returning autos featured the Ghost, Pelican, Covenant cruiser, and Longsword Fighters. New weapons the Battle rifle, SMG, and Brute Shot had been additionally proven, though the ultimate Brute Shot design for was vastly completely different than what was proven on this trailer. New enemies such because the Jiralhanae had been proven on this demo, however as a secondary warrior race by the aspect of the Sangheili. The occasions of this demo had been featured within the last model of . A number of the occasions and dialog of this demo was modified to suit the completed storyline of the sport, such because the AA Gun changing into a Scarab. Most of this now seems within the degree; Metropolis.

E3 2004

At E3 2004, Bungie launched footage of a playable in-game demo of the multiplayer. The demo featured the multiplayer map Zanzibar and displayed playable character fashions the Spartan mannequin and the Sangheili mannequin. It additionally confirmed off a few of the weaponry of the sport and a few particular options. The Battle rifle, SMG, Needler, Rocket launcher, and Power Sword had been displayed. The Gauss Warthog and the Ghost additionally made an look. Some options included the lock-on function of the Rocket Launcher, the Twin-Wielding means, Explosive Barrels, Ghost’s boosting, car boarding, Warthogs horn and Gauss Cannon and Sword Lunging. Afterward, followers had been allowed to check out the demo.

Gross sales and Reception

was very profitable in gross sales. In firm with PlayStation 2’s hit of the yr, , it was probably the most sought-after online game amongst critics and avid gamers in 2004. Three weeks previous to launch, shops within the U.S. alone had pre-sold 1.5 million copies of the sport to shoppers. When it launched for the Xbox on the ninth of November, over 7000 online game, toy and electronics shops within the U.S. opened at midnight to welcome fanatical followers. Halo 2 immediately started to prosper. One nationwide retailer offered 8,500 copies of the sport in simply 11 minutes, and one other had offered 200,000 items by dawn. One single retailer offered 500 items in three hours, 350 of them being offered between midnight and 1 a.m.[5] Early on the launch day, Microsoft anticipated to generate more cash in 24 hours on retailer cabinets than any recreation had achieved earlier than. Moore stated “I’m calling a $100 million day on today.”

went on to be the success that Microsoft was anticipating, promoting roughly 2.4 million copies in North America in 24 hours, producing $125 million. The online game software program retailer GameStop offered greater than half one million copies in at some point. In Australia, the place greater than 42,000 avid gamers had pre-ordered the sport previous to its launch, shattered retail gross sales data by promoting greater than 104,000 items in no multiple week after launch, producing 9 million {dollars} and beating the earlier report holder by 38,000 copies.[6] In Canada, succeeded in promoting 222,000 items in its debut month, making it the largest premiere month for any recreation as much as . Earlier than its launch in New Zealand, greater than 8000 items of had been pre-sold.

Three weeks after its launch, had offered over 5 million copies,[7] making it the second-best promoting Xbox recreation, with roughly 19% of all Xbox homeowners possessing a duplicate of . The sport additionally had probably the most profitable opening night time of any recreation up till , and, later, . The sport had a usually superb reception, gaining a 9.7 out of 10 from OXM (10 out of 10 from its Australian counterpart), a 9.8 out of 10 from IGN, a ten out of 10 from Recreation Informer, a 9 out of 10 from Play Journal, and a 5 out of 5 from X-Play. It gained extra Recreation of The 12 months awards in 2004 than another recreation that yr. X-Play, in late 2006, included it as #3 of their high 4 biggest shooters of all time (#4 was , #2 , and #1 was ). In early 2007, it made #8 on their high 10 Video games of All Time countdown. The sport had a mean meta-score of 95 out of 100, making it the third most critically acclaimed Xbox recreation, proper behind and the Triple Pack. The video games multiplayer was held to be among the best of all time, staying constantly #1 probably the most performed Xbox Dwell title from November 2004 up till November 2006, when launched.


Usually, the sport was positively obtained. Multiplayer particularly was famous in being the most effective on Xbox Dwell on the time. Recreation Informer, together with quite a few different publications, rated it larger than . obtained a number of awards, together with Finest Console recreation of the month and in a GT Countdown Halo 2 was ranked primary in a countdown of the highest ten multiplayer video games.

Most critics famous that caught with the formulation that made its predecessor profitable, and was alternatively praised and faulted for this determination. Edge famous in its evaluate, “It is becoming that we’re in a position to steal a line from the script to sum all the things up. No spoilers right here, simply an epitaph, from the second Cortana turns to Grasp Chief and says this: ‘It’s not an authentic plan. However we all know it’ll work.'” Based on Xbox.com, the sport has obtained greater than 38 particular person awards. The sport’s marketing campaign mode has obtained some criticism for being too brief, along with some dissatisfaction with the abrupt, cliffhanger ending that units up the sequel, .

GameSpot famous that the story switching between the Covenant and Human factions made the plot extra intricate, but additionally distracted the participant from Earth’s survival and the principle level of the sport. There’s additionally some criticism of the sport’s on-the-fly streaming and degree of element adjustment, which might typically lead to textures loading erroneously and “popping in” when the digicam adjustments in cutscenes. Bungie has said that this concern had been mounted for and the Home windows Vista port.

In an interview with Edge journal in January 2007, Jamie Greisemer, considered one of ‘s design leads, stated that the principle purpose for ‘s shortcomings was a scarcity of “polish” interval close to the tip of the event cycle. Workers member Frank O’Connor admitted the cliffhanger ending was abrupt, noting “we drove off Thelma & Louise type.” Nonetheless, within the interview Greisemer promised that they’d make a greater than worthy successor.


was launched November 9, 2004. The sport was some of the extremely anticipated video games on the Xbox and went on to promote greater than the unique. On the morning of October 14, 2004, a leak of the French model of the sport was posted on the Web, and circulated extensively. Microsoft, the guardian firm of Bungie, tried to include the unfold, and pledged to convey authorized motion towards anybody who unfold the leaked model. Regardless, Microsoft later touted that there have been 1.5 million pre-orders for in america alone and that this assured it to have the most important first-day income of any recreation or film ever.[8] The sport offered 2.4 million copies and earned as much as $125 million US in its first 24 hours on retailer cabinets.[9] As of March 2006, the sport has offered over eight million copies worldwide.[10]


significantly expanded the plot launched in , and plenty of themes and parallels to the true world may be drawn.

Coping with the implications of society and authorities throughout the Covenant world, exhibits that expertise alone can’t win wars. Covenant society is deeply troubled with a corrupt authorities of Prophets who know greater than they inform and order an act of genocide towards their long-loyal Sangheili. Whereas the Covenant is way extra technologically superior than people, their society is split and races don’t get alongside. The people are proven as extra united and exhibit extra teamwork whereas making an attempt to cease the Covenant, regardless of being outnumbered and out-gunned. Taking part in because the Arbiter, the participant solely fights different Covenant, making it obvious that their forces will not be all centered on the people and their civil battle and disorganization makes them a weaker pressure, regardless of higher firepower. The Flood is usually a primitive race however continues to be in a position to infiltrate Excessive Charity and Cortana continues to be in a position to hack into their system as a result of the Covenant by no means created a stable basis and underestimated their enemies. The sport exhibits that the ability of dedication is extra highly effective than that of expertise. That is evident in each Grasp Chief’s plot line in addition to the Arbiter’s, who manages to outlive as a result of he always focuses on his goal. He tells Tartarus that the Index is his solely objective when he asks if he would search revenge towards John-117.

The sport additionally has component of a monomyth, a typical construction in lots of tales of journey. begins with Grasp Chief being awoken and known as for fight whereas the Arbiter is spared and is given the selection to change into a martyr. The Arbiter is put by means of a sequence of trials which he’s anticipated to fail; when he does not, he realizes that the Prophets have turned towards him and learns the place his true alliances lie, changing into a central function within the Covenant Civil Conflict. These occasions match into the outline of the primary half of a typical monomyth.


  • The “rope” that Miranda Keyes makes use of to make it to the Index is a Flood tentacle twisted up in an Enforcer wreck, presumably the results of some earlier battle between the 2.
  • Jason Jones is thought for establishing the quote: ” is a lot like, only it’s on fire, going 130 miles per hour through a hospital zone, being chased by helicopters and ninjas. And, the ninjas are all on fire, too.” This led to the well-known line of inside jokes, patches and T-shirts, person names, and memes of flaming ninjas.[11]
  • A track, often called “” at the beginning up display screen, (the unedited model discovered on the “ Unique Sound Observe Quantity 1″) simply occurs to play for precisely 1:17 (John’s service quantity) or 77 seconds.
  • There are 21,090 strains of dialogue, most of them randomly triggered throughout fight.[12]
  • has been said to be the explanation that there’s a restrict to the variety of mates on the buddies checklist, and to get round that restrict, Microsoft must finish authentic Xbox Dwell compatibility.
  • Within the last days previous to the deactivation of Halo 2’s multiplayer, Bungie added new sayings to the part of the foyer together with messages of because of followers for staying supportive for the half decade that it was energetic and hints about s gameplay. Many of those had been worded in a humorous method, although a number of had been outright jokes.
  • has been performed for about 100 million hours on Xbox since its launch.
  • In the event you’ve performed on this recreation along with your present LIVE account earlier than April 14, 2010, you’ll unlock the nameplate in .[13] It will mechanically be unlocked on Day 1.
  • was the primary recreation within the franchise to make use of ragdoll physics.
  • stays the one recreation within the Halo franchise to function songs created by musical artists as a part of its authentic soundtrack. (Artists featured embody Breaking Benjamin, Hoobastank, and Incubus.)
  • The credit of gave a particular because of Nightmare Armor.
  • The Restricted Version Collector’s Disc of confirmed the Hummer, which was an early model of the Warthog.
  • is the one recreation within the sequence that doesn’t function an MA5 sequence weapon.
  • At present, is the one recreation that includes a track not made by 343i or Bungie. An instrumental model of “Blow Me Away” by Breaking Benjamin performs through the battle that takes place within the through the twelfth degree, .
  • That is the primary recreation to function boss battles.

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