This information will present you all of the methods to earn rewards (Coach tokens, Match Tickets, and Booster Packs) from the Pokemon Buying and selling Card Sport (TCG) On-line.

Forms of Rewards

To start with, there are a number of forms of rewards or currencies in The Pokemon TCG On-line. Lets briefly go over each, their function, and the way to earn them.

Coach Tokens

The primary in-game reward is named Coach Tokens

You possibly can spend tokens on most any merchandise within the in-game Store. Youll primarily be utilizing tokens within the Store for Theme Decks, limited-time Bundles, locked Booster packs (10-cards), in addition to beauty objects, like deck packing containers, card sleeves, cash, and avatar objects to customise your character.

  • Theme Decks price 500 tokens
  • Locked Booster Packs price 200 tokens
  • Restricted-time Bundles rotate each week and often price 600-865 tokens, as much as 1,200 tokens.
  • Deck Packing containers, Sleeves, and Avatar objects fluctuate and value between 50-250 tokens or so.

Your Tokens will sync along with your Coach Membership account on the web site to spend on much more avatar objects.

Tokens are additionally used to put up Trades within the Buying and selling Submit. Every time you provide a commerce itll price 1 token per hour on the Buying and selling Submit, both 8 hours, 24 hours, or 48 hours. It doesnt price any tokens to just accept a public commerce, or to make or settle for a non-public commerce between associates.

Lastly tokens can be utilized for getting into token Tournaments. Token Tournaments price 89 tokens and youll have an opportunity at incomes some extra Match Tickets.

Match Tickets

Match Tickets are used for (you guessed it!) getting into Tournaments. Tournaments are the first method of incomes unlocked booster packs for buying and selling (extra on these later).

In addition to the 89 token Tournaments, Ticket Tournaments fluctuate in price, rewards, and Format.

There are all the time on-demand tournaments obtainable 24-7 for the assorted Codecs:

  • Theme Format (4 Tickets)
  • Customary Format (8 Tickets)
  • Expanded Format (8 Tickets)
  • Legacy Format (8 Tickets)

Every week one of many first 3 codecs (Theme, Customary, or Expanded) can be chosen to be an 89 token Match, rewarding solely tokens and Tickets (no Boosters). The remaining 2 Codecs and the Legacy Format price 4 or 8 Tickets and can provide unlocked Booster packs. The price rotates weekly on a 3-week cycle.

Sometimes (usually on weekends), a particular 24 Ticket Match can be held that gives much more rewards!

Booster Packs

How to Earn Tokens, Tickets, and Boosters in Pokemon TCG Online

Booster Packs come from the assorted growth units of the sport, and usually comprise 10 extra playing cards.

Particular person playing cards, in addition to Booster Packs within the Pokemon TCG On-line, may be both locked or unlocked.

Locked vs Unlocked Boosters and Playing cards

Locked playing cards and booster packs are yours eternally and can’t be traded.

Unlocked playing cards and booster packs may be traded.

Nearly all of playing cards and booster packs youll earn by enjoying the sport can be locked. This measure was put in place to discourage gamers from creating a number of accounts and buying and selling playing cards to themselves.

Something you buy utilizing tokens within the store, equivalent to Theme Decks and Boosters, or earn from Versus Mode and the Versus Ladder, can be locked.

Unlocked Boosters are additionally used because the video games forex. Most gamers will settle for unlocked booster packs in change for just about any card, different pack, deck field, card sleeves, or avatar merchandise youd like on the Buying and selling Submit.

For extra details about the alternative ways of acquiring Unlocked Booster Packs and a common overview of the video games circulate, take a look at the companion information: Newbies Overview.

Dont open your unlocked booster packs! Save them for buying and selling.

If youre on the lookout for a particular card from a set, say a Shaymin-EX from Roaring Skies, you’ll be able to as an alternative save your unlocked packs to commerce for one. Its impossible that youll discover one by opening the identical variety of packs its price within the Buying and selling market.

Gems (Canada Solely)

Gems are a way of in-game purchases, presently obtainable solely in Canada. Gadgets bought from the Store utilizing Gems as an alternative of tokens can be unlocked for commerce.

100 Gems = 200 Tokens.

Most gamers in Canada dont generally use Gems attributable to their extraordinarily excessive price. Gems have been in an prolonged beta check in Canada and attributable to their poor reception, are unlikely to be launched in different nations.

The way to Earn Rewards in Pokemon TCG On-line

How to Earn Tokens, Tickets, and Boosters in Pokemon TCG Online


The primary goal when beginning the sport is to finish the tutorials.

Theres 5 whole, and sure they are often skipped, however youll earn some respectable rewards if youre affected person. Heres the rewards for each:

  • 1st Tutorial: 25 tokens
  • 2nd Tutorial: 50 tokens
  • third Tutorial: 75 tokens
  • 4th Tutorial: 100 tokens
  • Ultimate Tutorial: 1 Random, Locked Booster Pack

Thats a complete of 250 tokens and 1 locked booster.

Coach Problem

The Coach Problem means that you can play varied Theme Decks towards completely different computer-controlled (AI) opponents.

Youll discover within the Coach Problem that there are 3 completely different Leagues: Gold, Platinum, and Metropolis Championship. For every League youll discover 12 completely different trainers with various kinds of decks.

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There are additionally 3 completely different issue ranges which change the power of the opponents decks. Additionally, the factors you earn for defeating a coach rely on the problem. The AI nonetheless makes questionable selections and tends to make use of each potential card in his/her hand every flip, even to their drawback. Due to this, I like to recommend you play on the Laborious issue.

Your first aim is to unlock the three Primary Theme Decks (online-exclusive): Born of Hearth, Crushing Present, and Hidden Depths.

Unlocking Primary Theme Decks

How to Earn Tokens, Tickets, and Boosters in Pokemon TCG Online

Youll have to play every of the three Primary Theme Decks towards 7 completely different trainers in any one of many Leagues, and win to unlock them. After every win, as much as 7, youll progressively unlock some new playing cards for the Deck.

As soon as youve received towards a Coach utilizing a sure Theme Deck, youll see a inexperienced check-mark crammed in below their identify.

After youve received 7 occasions with a Primary Theme Deck (7 inexperienced check-marks), its totally unlocked the playing cards are added to your assortment and you’ll play it in Versus Mode or in a Theme Match.

4-Starring Trainers

Youll additionally discover that for every of the 12 Trainers in every League have quite a few stars. The extra you play (and win) towards every coach, the extra factors youll obtain. Earn sufficient factors and achieve a star.

Listed here are the rewards for every star you earn towards every of the 12 Trainers in a League:

  • 1 star (1,000 factors): 1 token
  • 2 stars (5,000 factors): 3 tokens
  • 3 stars (14,000 factors): 10 tokens
  • 4 stars (30,000+ factors): 1 locked, random booster

You possibly can repeat this for every of the 12 trainers in a League and youll obtain a bonus of an extra 3 locked boosters. Rinse and repeat for every of the three Leagues for a complete of:

  • 504+ tokens
  • 45 locked boosters

As soon as youve 4-starred every of the Trainers (which can take fairly some time), you wont be capable to repeat these rewards, apart from a single token for every win. Subsequently, the Coach Problem is basically a one-time reward.

Incomes Boosters from Theme Decks

Along with the above rewards for 4-starring trainers, theres one other solution to earn extra locked booster packs. For every Theme Deck you get from the Store (for 500 tokens), in case you win towards 12 completely different trainers, youll get a locked booster pack from that Theme Decks growth set.

Every set has 2 Theme Decks (some older, unavailable units have 3), so youre in a position to get a minimum of 2 extra locked boosters per set via the Coach Problem.

At present there are 14 Theme Decks obtainable within the Store, for an extra 14 locked booster packs.

Extra Theme Decks can be obtainable when the ultimate XY growth set launches in November 2016: XY Evolutions.

Versus Mode

How to Earn Tokens, Tickets, and Boosters in Pokemon TCG Online

Versus Mode is the place youll spend most of your time within the TCG on-line. After youve completed the Tutorial and the Coach Problem, youll be capable to play matches towards actual folks on-line, anytime.

In Versus Mode, you’ll be able to play within the Theme Format, Customary, Expanded, or Legacy. If youre a newbie, odds are you dont have many playing cards or have constructed any aggressive decks, so its extremely advisable that you simply begin enjoying Versus Mode within the Theme Format.

You possibly can selected any of the Theme Decks youve unlocked or bought from the Store. The preferred Theme Decks are the next:

  • Crushing Present
  • Hidden Depths
  • Battle Ruler

Along with these decks, you may even see different gamers use XY Primary Inexperienced/Blue/Purple/Yellow. These Theme Decks have been retired and are not obtainable to new gamers. One other widespread Theme Deck is Darkish  Hammer, which is from an older (now in Expanded format) set that was eliminated the Store in September 2016.

In Versus Mode there are two most important methods to earn rewards: from the Versus Ladder and from the Victors Wheel/Thriller Field Prizes.

Versus Ladder

The Versus Ladder has quite a few rewards that you may earn by incomes versus factors.

You earn 10 factors for each Versus Match you win, and 15 in case you win and had been at a drawback (decided by your participant rank and tough ability in comparison with your opponent).

If you happen to lose a match, you get 1 Versus Level for every Prize card you took (0-5). Win extra video games in a row to extend your Win Streak. The upper your Win Streak, the extra Versus Factors youll earn!

Factors are additionally reset each 21 days, together with a change within the obtainable prizes.

You earn progressively higher rewards the extra factors you obtain within the 21-day ladder, as much as a Full Artwork Supporter Card at 2,000 factors.

Right here’s an inventory of the whole rewards you will get from ending a Versus Ladder (2,000 factors in 21 days):

  • Tokens: 1,000
  • Tickets: 16
  • Boosters: 9 Present-Set Boosters, locked
  • Chests: 6 (5 Unusual, 1 Holo, locked)
  • Playing cards: 10 (7 common, 2 EX, 1 FA Coach, locked)

For extra in-depth details about the Versus Ladder Rewards learn the principle article.

Victors Wheel and Thriller Field Prizes

How to Earn Tokens, Tickets, and Boosters in Pokemon TCG Online

Observe: The Victors Wheel for Versus Mode has been retired. As a substitute, an easier Every day Versus Reward system is in place. See under this part for extra data.

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Every time you win a match in Versus you get to spin the Victors Wheel. The Victors Wheel has ten completely different wedges and 10 completely different prizes you will get.

Every wedge has a Thriller Field Prize in addition to 1, 3, or 5 tokens.

So, for every time you win a match, youre assured 1-5 tokens, plus an extra token in case you win and had been at a drawback.

For the primary match of every day, win or lose, youll additionally get 10 tokens.

The Thriller Field prizes can solely be obtained as soon as a day, and theres 10 obtainable every day. If you happen to spin the wheel and it lands on a spot youve already been on right now, youll earn the 1, 3, or 5 tokens, however not the Thriller Field Prize.

Every Thriller Field Prize can comprise one of many following rewards:

  • 25 tokens
  • 50 tokens
  • 100 tokens
  • 375 tokens
  • 1 Ticket
  • 2 Tickets
  • 4 Tickets
  • 1 Random, Locked Booster

As you’ll be able to see with a little bit luck, you’ll be able to simply get loads of coach tokens (and Tickets) from Thriller Field Prizes!

Every prize has completely different odds, and you’ll solely stand up to 10 a day. For extra data, learn my put up about Thriller Field Prizes.

Every day Versus Reward

To interchange the Victors Wheel in Versus Mode, an easier system was created. As a substitute of spinning a wheel (and presumably getting a spot for a win that resulted in no prize), now youll get a set reward for every win!

On your first 11 wins every day, youll get a complete of 5 Thriller Packing containers, 1 Match Ticket, and 65 tokens! For every win after that, youll get an extra 5 tokens.

This reward system ensures that youll get a reward for every win, however fewer potential Thriller Packing containers every day. Simply as earlier than the Every day Rewards have a degree of diminishing return to discourage extended enjoying in someday. As a substitute, gamers are inspired to play for a comparatively brief period of time every day.

Defeat Wheel

Observe: Similar to the Victors Wheel for Versus Mode, this method has been retired. As a substitute you’ll not get 1, 3, or 5 tokens for a loss, however a Versus Level for every Prize Card you took.

If you happen to lose a match and didnt concede, youll get an opportunity to spin the Defeat (or Losers) Wheel. The Defeat Wheel has an opportunity to get 1, 3, or 5 tokens, however no Thriller Field Prizes.

If you happen to conceded a match, it will need to have lasted a minimum of 5 minutes (whole time for each you and your opponent) as a way to spin the Defeat Wheel.

Additionally, regardless in case you conceded or not, there must have been no quick-turn or easy-loss situations, equivalent to in case you repeatedly move your flip with out enjoying playing cards, attaching vitality, and so on.

Occasions: Token and Ticket Tournaments

How to Earn Tokens, Tickets, and Boosters in Pokemon TCG Online

Match Type

All tournaments include 8 members over 3 rounds, single-elimination type. On-line tournaments are additionally obtainable on demand, 24/7. Whenever you be part of a match youll briefly wait till 8 gamers have joined, and the primary spherical begins!

The gamers are paired up and start a match. The victor strikes on to the subsequent spherical, whereas the loser is eradicated.

After every spherical, win or lose, every participant will get to spin the Match Wheel.

Match Wheel

The Match Wheel is proven after every match spherical, whether or not you win or lose, and no matter Match format and value.

The Match Wheel has 10 wedges and may reward you with the next:

  • 40%: 25 tokens
  • 40%: 1 Ticket
  • 20%: 1 Thriller Field Prize (25, 50, 100, 375 Tokens, or 1, 2, 4 Tickets, or 1 Random Unlocked Booster)

Match Rewards

89-token Tournaments

  • 1st Place: 3 Tickets
  • 2nd Place: 2 Tickets
  • third/4th: 1 Ticket
  • 5-Eighth: 1 Unusual Chest

4-Ticket Match (Theme Solely)

  • 1st Place: 2 Present Set Boosters, 1 Random, Customary Booster
  • 2nd Place: 1 Present Set Booster, 1 Random, Customary Booster
  • third/4th: 1 Random, Customary Booster
  • 5-Eighth: 1 Unusual Chest

8-Ticket Tournaments (Customary and Expanded)

  • 1st Place: 3 Present Set Boosters, 3 Random, Customary Boosters
  • 2nd Place: 2 Present Set Boosters, 2 Random, Customary Boosters
  • third/4th: 1 Present Set Booster, 1 Random, Customary Booster
  • 5-Eighth: 1 Unusual Chest, 50 tokens

The Legacy Tournaments often price 8 Tickets and as an alternative provide rotating Legacy and Expanded Boosters.

24-Ticket Tournaments (Particular Occasions)

  • 1st Place: 12 Present Set Boosters, 8 Random, Customary Boosters
  • 2nd Place: 8 Present Set Boosters, 4 Random, Customary Boosters
  • third/4th: 4 Random, Customary Boosters
  • 5-Eighth: 4 Unusual Chests, 200 tokens

Match Rotation Schedule

How to Earn Tokens, Tickets, and Boosters in Pokemon TCG Online

Tournaments rotate as soon as every week on Mondays at 12:00 PM PDT.

First Week

  • Customary, 8 tickets
  • Expanded, 8 tickets
  • Legacy, 8 tickets
  • Theme Deck, 89 tokens

Second week

  • Customary, 89 tokens
  • Expanded, 8 tickets
  • Legacy, 8 tickets
  • Theme Deck, 4 tickets

Third Week

  • Customary, 8 tickets
  • Expanded, 89 tokens
  • Legacy, 8 tickets
  • Theme Deck, 4 tickets

The prizes for Legacy tournaments rotate each Monday as effectively.

Every day Challenges

How to Earn Tokens, Tickets, and Boosters in Pokemon TCG Online

Every day Challenges can be found every day at 12:00 AM UTC. You possibly can solely settle for 1 Every day Problem a day, no matter your Participant Degree.

Every day Challenges every have a sort (for every of the 11 Pokemon varieties) and quite a few EXP they provide or rarity, both 1, 2, or 3.

The primary 4 Every day Challenges are pre-determined. After these, youll be capable to settle for a random each day problem every day. The upper your stage, the extra the Challenges will reward you, and the extra youll have to select from.

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Your first Every day Challenges

  • Win a Match utilizing a Water Theme Deck, supplies 2 Water EXP and 25 tokens
  • Win a Match utilizing a Hearth Theme Deck, supplies 2 Hearth EXP and 25 tokens
  • Win a Match utilizing a Lightning Theme Deck, supplies 2 Lightning EXP and 25 tokens
  • Knock out 2 Pokemon utilizing your Psychic Pokemon, random locked booster.

Random Every day Challenges

  • The widespread challenges present 1 EXP and a few coach tokens. They require you to do a specific amount of harm utilizing that kind of Pokemon.
  • The unusual challenges present 2 EXP and extra coach tokens. Youll must evolve a sure variety of that kind of Pokemon.
  • Lastly, the uncommon challenges present 3 EXP and a random booster pack. Youll must Knock Out a sure variety of Pokemon utilizing that kind of Pokemon.

The upper your Participant Degree, the extra every of the challenges present in rewards, in addition to the variety of challenges youll have to select from and may have energetic on the identical time. Keep in mind you’ll be able to solely ever settle for 1 Every day Problem per day.

For Participant Degree 0-5

  • Widespread Problem (1 EXP): Do 500 Harm utilizing &lt,Sort&gt,. Reward: 25 tokens
  • Unusual Problem (2 EXP): Put 5 &lt,Sort&gt, Evolution playing cards into play. Reward: 50 tokens
  • Uncommon Problem (3 EXP): Knock out 5 opposing Pokemon utilizing your &lt,Sort&gt, Pokemon. Reward: Locked, Random Booster

For Participant Degree 6-15

  • Widespread Problem (1 EXP): Do 750 harm to opposing Pokemon along with your &lt,Sort&gt, Pokemon. Reward: 30 tokens.
  • Unusual Problem (2 EXP): Put 7 &lt,Sort&gt, Evolution playing cards into play. Reward: 55 tokens.
  • Uncommon Problem (3 EXP): Knock out 12 opposing Pokemon utilizing your &lt,Sort&gt, Pokemon. Reward: Locked, Random Booster

For Participant Degree 16-30 (max)

  • Widespread Problem (1 EXP): Do 1,000 harm to opposing Pokemon along with your &lt,Sort&gt, Pokemon. Reward: 35 tokens.
  • Unusual Problem (2 EXP): Put 10 &lt,Sort&gt, Evolution playing cards into play. Reward: 60 tokens.
  • Uncommon Problem (3 EXP): Knock out 16 opposing Pokemon utilizing your &lt,Sort&gt, Pokemon. Reward: Unlocked, Random Booster

Participant Degree and Sort Ranges

How to Earn Tokens, Tickets, and Boosters in Pokemon TCG Online

Your Participant Degree determines the kind of Every day Challenges you will get. You stage up your participant 1 stage every time you stage up one of many 10 varieties (Regular kind isnt included).

Every Pokemon kind may be leveled as much as 3. Theres 10 differing types, so a max Participant Degree of 30.

To begin, every participant has a Participant Degree of 0. Youll get 1 random Every day Problem per day and may have 1 Lively problem at a time.

  • Degree 0: Select 1 Every day Problem a day, 1 Lively at a time
    • Widespread: 25 tokens | Unusual: 50 tokens
  • Degree 3: Select 1 from 2 Every day Challenges a day, 1 Lively at a time
  • Degree 5: Select 1 from 2 Every day Challenges a day, 2 Lively at a time
  • Degree 6: Every day Challenges issue and rewards improve.
    • Widespread: 30 tokens | Unusual: 55 tokens
  • Degree 8: Select 1 from 3 Every day Challenges a day, 2 Lively at a time
  • Degree 10: Select 1 from 3 Every day Challenges a day, 3 Lively at a time
  • Degree 16: Every day Challenges issue and rewards improve.
    • Widespread: 35 tokens | Unusual: 60 tokens
    • Uncommon Challenges now have Unlocked Random Boosters for a reward.
  • Degree 30: Max Degree! (No particular rewards)

Particular Challenges

Sometimes (some occasions as soon as every week), and for each main replace to the sport, theres an extra Particular Problem.

Particular Challenges usually take for much longer to finish than Every day Challenges, however usually provide a lot better rewards. Theyre additionally timed, from 1 day to five days. Usually each participant could have the identical Particular Problem(s) when theyre obtainable.

Particular Challenges may be accomplished alongside Every day Challenges, and dont depend in the direction of your restrict of getting so many simultaneous energetic Challenges.

Some previous rewards have included 2 Locked Boosters from a particular set, 300 tokens, 2 Tickets, and a few random, locked boosters.

Some Particular Challenges have a number of components, so are actually a number of challenges every with their very own rewards, accomplished separately.

Every day Login Bonus

How to Earn Tokens, Tickets, and Boosters in Pokemon TCG Online

Every day by merely logging into the sport (and clicking on the bouncing Pokeball on the principle web page), youll get a reward!

Your first few rewards a pre-set, after which comply with a 5-day cycle.

First Every day Login Rewards

  • On-line-exclusive Theme Deck, presently Psychological May (Psychic) (Psychological May is not obtainable to new gamers.)
  • 25 tokens
  • 5 Locked, Random Boosters (from normal units)

Every day Login Bonus Rewards

  • 5 tokens
  • 10 tokens
  • 15 tokens
  • 1 Ticket
  • Locked, Random Booster

Incomes Tokens at Web site

You may also earn tokens on the web site. Tokens are synced between the Pokemon TCG On-line and the web site.

Earn tokens on-line by enjoying some browser-based video games or by incomes badges, equivalent to by viewing Information articles, utilizing the Pokedex, or watching the anime on-line free of charge.

There’s a max restrict of incomes 15 tokens utilizing the web site per week.

You possibly can spend your tokens on the web site, which has a a lot bigger collection of avatar customization objects. You can not spend tokens on the web site for Theme Decks, Boosters, Bundles, or different in-game Store objects.

Whats Subsequent?

Its time to take a look at some extra in-depth sport mechanics, together with how you can get the actual rewards, unlocked booster packs. Learn the Newbies Overview.



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