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Notice: this tutorial was initially written for Storytelling Alice, an
older model of the Alice programming software program. When you can nonetheless obtain
Storytelling Alice at,
it’s not formally supported. You’ll be able to obtain the latest model
of the Alice software program and entry the newest tutorials at

(from Carnegie Mellon College) is an thrilling 3-D laptop programming atmosphere that lets you create your individual animated tales and video video games which you’ll share along with your family and friends. Whereas the phrases would possibly sound slightly intimidating, it actually is not! If you should utilize your mouse to pull and drop objects on the pc display screen, you’ll be able to create a pc program to animate characters on the display screen. This assist information will stroll you thru the best way to obtain Storytelling Alice, in addition to the best way to use lots of the options you will want to create your individual animations.

Downloading and Beginning Storytelling Alice

  1. Go to the Carnegie Mellon College Storytelling Alice web site,, to obtain Storytelling Alice. If you happen to aren’t utilizing your individual laptop, be sure you have the pc proprietor’s permission to obtain and set up this program.
  2. The Storytelling Alice information are compressed (zipped) right into a small file, so you should “unzip” the information so you’ll be able to entry all of them. It is best to have the ability to right-click and discover a command to unzip the information (equivalent to “extract to…”). In case you are unfamiliar with zipped information, have an grownup provide help to with this step.
  3. As soon as the information are unzipped, click on on the Alice icon. This launches the Storytelling Alice 3-D programming atmosphere. You’re going to get a pop-up that asks you to run Storytelling Alice. Click on on the button.
  4. Be affected person, you may need to attend about 10 seconds for Storytelling Alice to launch. As soon as it does, you will see a inexperienced display screen informing you that Carnegie Mellon College is supplying you with the present of Storytelling Alice.
  5. As soon as the atmosphere is launched, a Welcome to Alice panel will seem on the display screen (see Determine 1). This panel provides you entry to Current Worlds, Templates, Examples, and Tutorials. Shut this panel by hitting the button, situated to the decrease proper. You’ll now see simply the Storytelling Alice interface, proven in Determine 2.

The welcome display screen in Storytelling Alice contains 4 examples: basketball, kiss, a number of scenes and strolling. Different out there tabs are a tutorial, current worlds, templates and open a world.

Determine 1. The Welcome to Alice introductory panel.

Screenshot of the scene building window in Storytelling Alice

This system Storytelling Alice has choices to construct a scene the place occasions will be programed upon opening the scene and particulars of the world will be modified. Within the prime navigation bar a tutorial is highlighted underneath the assistance tab.

Determine 2. The Storytelling Alice interface.

Utilizing and Getting Snug With Storytelling Alice

  1. There are 5 areas within the Storytelling Alice interface: and the editor space (proven as in Determine 3). See Determine 3 to take a look at the totally different areas. Desk 1 beneath describes every space in additional element.

A scene building window in Storytelling Alice with options to program the scene

The scene constructing window in this system Storytelling Alice has choices select a world, add or take away objects, create occasions, add actions or strategies to things and an enhancing space the place this system is compiled. The interface for programming occasions is a drag and drop methodology.

Determine 3. The 5 areas within the Storytelling Alice interface.

Areas within the Storytelling Alice Programming Atmosphere Out there Actions in Every Space
Objects Space Incorporates an inventory (additionally known as the ) of the character objects, surroundings objects, and digital camera positions which can be out there within the scene which you could select within the window. The tree begins with all the objects on this planet. You’ll be able to click on on an object from the world in the event you want to get extra particulars about that object.
Scenes Space Reveals the totally different scenes of the animation and your world. In case your animation has a number of scenes, you’ll be able to entry all the scenes from this space. By clicking on the inexperienced button (not the “add new objects” button within the space), you’ll be able to add characters (additionally referred to as objects) to your scene from a web-based gallery and manipulate their positions.
Occasions Space Tells Storytelling Alice which a part of your animation to execute (or run). It additionally permits occasions or actions to execute primarily based upon person enter, equivalent to clicking the mouse on an object or character in your scene.
World’s Particulars Space Gives details about the assorted actions, or strategies, that the characters and objects within the animation can carry out. Once you click on on an object within the Object Tree, the actions or strategies that object can carry out are listed right here.
Editor Space Means that you can put collectively what you need to have occur in your animation or film in Storytelling Alice. That is the place you’ll add the directions to create your animation. The title of the primary tab within the editor space is “World.scene 1 method” and it’s the fundamental web page the place you’ll do your programming.
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Desk 1. Every space of the Storytelling Alice atmosphere is described above.

  1. To be taught extra about these 5 areas, and to discover ways to get began creating your animation, run all three of the tutorials which can be out there to you in Storytelling Alice. It is best to first undergo the tutorials so as. However after you have gone by all three and as you need extra data on a sure subject, you’ll be able to choose the tutorial that you just want to assessment.
  2. To get to the tutorials, click on on the Assist menu, situated on the higher left of the display screen on the toolbar, as proven again in Determine 2. Then click on on This may get you again to the Welcome to Alice panel proven in Determine 1, above.
  3. Click on on the tutorial that you just want to view.
  4. After you have completed the tutorials, attempt to make a fast and easy animation to get an concept of how Storytelling Alice capabilities.
  5. First select the world wherein your animation will likely be set.
  6. Return to the Assist menu on the toolbar and click on on tutorials once more. This may convey you again to the Welcome to Alice panel. Click on on the tab. You will note the panel proven in Determine 4. For a fast instance, click on on the dust scene, then click on This scene would be the world wherein this primary easy animation will likely be set.

Screenshot of Storytelling Alice program with template options

The templates tab in this system Storytelling Alice has six world templates to make use of that every one have a blue sky within the background and totally different terrain (dust, grass, sand, snow, house and water). As soon as a scene is chosen they are often opened with an “open” button within the backside proper nook of the window.

Determine 4. Decide a scene from this panel.

  1. Now you may have an empty background in your animation. Time so as to add characters and surroundings! Click on on the inexperienced button so as to add surroundings objects and character objects to the dust scene. You’ll have a selection of getting into the character gallery and the scenes gallery. Click on on the scenes gallery and look by the alternatives. In Determine 5, you’ll be able to see blended and matched surroundings objects from the Egypt scene (Sphinx and pyramid) from the Metropolis scene (buildings).
  2. The buttons to the appropriate of the scene (which we’ll name the ) assist you to manipulate the place of every of the surroundings objects. For instance, if you’ll want to flip your character object round, then click on on the third button from the left (the face with the arrow going round it) after which return to the Scenes window and click on and drag on the article till you may have it positioned to your liking.

Screenshot of the scene building window in Storytelling Alice showing scene objects

Within the scene constructing window, objects will be added to the left sidebar and titled objects seem within the Scenes window. Underneath the scenes window, digital camera controls assist you to shift and rotate perspective within the scenes window. To the appropriate of the scenes window are buttons to maneuver objects across the scene. The file folder button above the screens gallery permits customers to return to the galleries folder to pick a distinct scene to make use of.

Determine 5. The beginning of a brand new animation in Storytelling Alice.

  1. Now it is time to add character objects to the scene. Go to the character gallery and select the Massive Unhealthy Wolf from the Scary characters. The Massive Unhealthy Wolf will then drop into the scene. You should utilize the buttons to the appropriate of the Scene Window to place him.
  2. As soon as you’re completed including objects to the scene, go forward and click on the button situated towards the appropriate of the display screen. This may get you again to the Storytelling Alice interface.
  3. You’ll be able to return and add objects to your world by clicking on the inexperienced button at any time through the creation of your animation.
  4. Discover that all the character objects and surroundings objects in your world are listed within the Object Tree, situated on the prime left of the interface.
  5. Click on on the Massive Unhealthy Wolf file within the Object Tree. Discover {that a} new checklist seems within the space. This checklist describes all the actions or that the Massive Unhealthy Wolf can carry out or execute.
  6. Now go to the space and click on on the say methodology, drag it to the editor space, and drop it. This line of instruction within the editor space is named a When you drop it into the editor space, you may be requested to decide on what the Massive Unhealthy Wolf ought to say. You’ll be able to select from “Hello,” “Goodbye,” or one thing of your individual selecting. It’s also possible to select the font dimension, the font shade, and the period (size of time) the textual content will seem on the display screen by clicking on the “more…” drop-down menu. Determine 6 depicts a Massive Unhealthy Wolf methodology name that’s in place within the editor space, with two drop-down menus.
    A big bad wolf character is added to the scene window in the Storytelling Alice program

    When an enormous dangerous wolf character is added to the scenes window in Storytelling Alice, the article file seems within the objects part within the prime left nook of the window. Proper clicking on a way within the enhancing space within the backside proper of the window permits extra choices to customise the scene (equivalent to altering the textual content shade of an object).

    Determine 6. Dragging and dropping a Massive Unhealthy Wolf methodology.

    1. A could be a single methodology or it may be a bunch of strategies strung collectively that get an object to carry out an motion.
    2. A is whenever you a personality to carry out a way or motion.
  7. To execute the tactic calls which can be within the editor space, merely click on on the button situated on the prime left, slightly below the toolbar. A separate window will open and executes the checklist of methodology calls from the editor space so as. Click on on the button to see the Massive Unhealthy Wolf talking the phrases that you just wrote within the say methodology. Shut the window when the animation is full after which go on to the following step.
  8. It is not a lot enjoyable to simply have methodology name, so discover the totally different strategies for all the character objects and surroundings objects which can be listed within the Object Tree. Add extra methodology calls to the editor space to see how your objects act. As you drag and drop strategies to this system, you’ll discover a inexperienced line within the editor space that denotes the placement of the place you’re dropping the tactic. Use the road to ensure that the tactic goes in on the right location. Figures 7 and eight present the outcomes of a barely extra advanced checklist of methodology calls.
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A list of methods are added to a scene that involve a big bad wolf in the Storytelling Alice program

Strategies will be added to animate objects (i.e. the Massive Unhealthy Wolf) within the Storytelling Alice program. Loops will be added to strategies to permit characters and objects to repeat actions on display screen. The instance methodology proven has the massive dangerous wolf say some dialogue earlier than blowing on the pyramid. The pyramid then strikes backward and rolls to the appropriate. Lastly, the Massive Unhealthy Wolf delivers extra dialog.

Determine 7. A extra advanced checklist of strategies is proven within the editor space.

A window plays a scene involving a pyramid and a big bad wolf in the Storytelling Alice program

A screenshot of an enormous dangerous wolf scene reveals the massive dangerous wolf dealing with a pyramid that has been turned on its facet. There are alternatives within the window to pause, restart, cease and take an image of the scene.

Determine 8. This pop-up window reveals that the Massive Unhealthy Wolf huffed and puffed and the pyramid begins tumbling over!

  1. At this level, you may have sufficient data to begin by yourself animation. The checklist of methodology calls proven within the editor space in Determine 8 present a assemble and a You’ll be able to entry these constructs, in addition to others, from the toolbar slightly below the editor space. Merely drag and drop them the place you want them within the editor space. Desk 2 beneath describes all the out there constructs.
Assemble Motion
Do In Order Executes a way name or a block of methodology calls in sequential order. This can be utilized to create difficult actions like blinking.
Do Collectively Means that you can have Storytelling Alice carry out two or extra methodology calls on the identical time. To be taught extra in regards to the assemble, refer again to tutorial #2 (with Trevor and the Ogre).
If/Else Often known as a Utilizing “If,” if a sure situation is true (or false, relying on the way you arrange the assemble), then Storytelling Alice will carry out the tactic name(s) that you just request. Utilizing “Else,” if the situation is fake (or true, relying on the way you arrange the assemble), then methodology name(s) will likely be carried out. You’ll be able to select to don’t have any methodology name(s) listed within the a part of the assemble.
Loop Means that you can have an object carry out one or an inventory of methodology calls repeatedly for a specified variety of occasions. Within the instance proven in Determine 7, the Massive Unhealthy Wolf object performs the methodology thrice utilizing the Loop assemble. Consult with the primary instance, basketball, to be taught extra about loops. See step 20, beneath, to discover ways to entry the Storytelling Alice examples.
Whereas Retains executing a way name or a block of methodology calls whereas a situation is true (or false relying on how the situation is written).
For All in Order Goes sequentially by an inventory. Every merchandise within the checklist, one after one other, is requested to carry out a way or a bunch of strategies.
For All Collectively Goes sequentially by an inventory. Every merchandise within the checklist are requested to all collectively carry out a way or a block of strategies.
Wait Stops execution of this system for a specified period of time.
Print Prints a line of textual content to the display screen.
Feedback Permits the programmer to completely describe this system she or he has simply completed writing. To ‘remark’ your program, merely drag the button with the 2 ahead falling slashes to the placement the place you want to add textual content. Commenting your program is an excellent apply as a result of it describes to the reader what every a part of your program does.
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Desk 2. The out there constructs in Storytelling Alice, described above, may also help customers program enjoyable and interactive animated tales and video video games.

  1. If you want your character objects or surroundings objects to carry out a way that doesn’t exist, then you’ll be able to create it your self in Storytelling Alice. First, go to the Object Tree and click on on the article that you just need to give a brand new methodology. That object’s particulars will pop up within the space. Click on on the button underneath the article’s space. This may open up a brand new tab within the editor space the place you’ll be able to combine and match strategies to create the brand new methodology that you really want. The title that you just give the tactic would be the title of the tab within the editor space. This lets you simply preserve observe of the totally different strategies you create. To be taught extra about creating totally different strategies, refer again to tutorial #2 (with Trevor and the Ogre).
  2. To discover ways to do extra difficult actions (create extra difficult strategies), check with the 4 Storytelling Alice examples. Click on on the Assist menu on the toolbar and select Right here you will discover out the best way to make new strategies for objects and the best way to create and name for various scenes in your animation. It’s also possible to obtain this Massive Unhealthy Wolf instance.
  3. After you have gone by the examples you are prepared to begin creating any animation you’ll be able to consider.
    1. If you happen to’re searching for a science challenge which makes use of Storytelling Alice to make an animated story strive
      Storytelling Alice: As soon as Upon a Time in a Laptop-generated Land….

Extra Animation and Sport Making Sources

Storytelling Alice is simply of the free programming environments out there to make animated tales and video games. If you happen to’re all in favour of studying about others see our desk of
Child-Pleasant Programming Environments.

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