Putting in Mods in your Avorion Server

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Avorion lately added the flexibility to robotically obtain and set up content material instantly from the Steam Workshop.

That is now the tactic beneficial by the builders of Avorion for putting in mods, for the reason that server (and the purchasers) will robotically set up, and robotically replace any mods from the Workshop. Mods not obtainable on the Steam Workshop can nonetheless be used on a server, they simply should be manually put in and should be manually up to date from then on.

Workshop mods (robotically put in)

The set up of mods from the Steam Workshop is managed by creating and modifying a file referred to as modconfig.lua in your server. This file must be created or uploaded within the avorion_galaxy(in case you have named your galaxy one thing apart from the default, this folder will correspond to your galaxy’s title.) listing on the server. If the server has not been began at the very least as soon as, you’ll not see the avorion_galaxy folder but. Simply begin the server up after which cease it, and the sport will create that folder.

Within the modconfig.lua file, you’ll listing mods by their Workshop ID numbers, and server will use that listing to robotically obtain and set up these mods.

Mods robotically downloaded this manner are positioned right into a workshop folder in your avorion_galaxy folder. This folder will must be created. The folders and information proven within the display shot under will all be made robotically by the sport, when it downloads Workshop mods listed in your modconfig.lua file.

Contained in the workshop listing, mods are saved within the content material folder, in a folder labelled 445220 (the applying ID quantity on steam for the sport “avorion”). All of the numbered folders contained in the 445220 listing would be the downloaded mods from the Steam Workshop.

Manually put in mods

As soon as you’ve got downloaded the mods you need out of your favourite mod portal, merely add these information to the mods folder, which can must be manually created within the avorion_galaxy folder on the server. That is the beneficial place to place all mods you add manually.

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In actuality, mods could be positioned in virtually any location, since you’ll specify their location in the identical modconfig.lua file talked about above.

Create the config file, modconfig.lua

In your avorion_galaxy folder, create a textual content file referred to as modconfig.lua. On the Nodecraft management panel, when viewing the file supervisor window, there might be a “create file” button close to the highest which you should utilize to make a brand new file. Or just add a file you create by yourself laptop.

In that file, copy and paste the next textual content as a place to begin:

modLocation = ""
forceEnabling = false

mods =
    {workshopid = ""},

allowed =

Every part of this config file, and what you might want to put in it, might be defined within the following sections.

modLocation = ""

This line is specifying the situation of a mods folder different then the default certainly one of /mods in your galaxy folder.

forceEnabling = false

It is beneficial by the builders of Avorion that power enabling be left turned off, as it could actually trigger some points which may result in damaged or corrupted save information. This can be a characteristic meant for these people who find themselves within the means of creating their very own mods.

mods =

For Workshop mods

Within the part that begins with mods =, put a line for every Steam Workshop mod in between the curly brackets beneath mods =.

Like for instance:

mods =
    {workshopid = "1691539727"},
    {workshopid = "1691591293"}

The format above is essential, the workshop ID quantity should be surrounded by quotes, and the complete line should start and finish with curly brackets, and be adopted by a comma, until it is the final line within the listing.

If you wish to briefly disable a selected mod, it is beneficial to remark out the road (see part under on “comment characters”.

For non-workshop mods (manually put in)

use the next strains within the mods = part of the config file, in between the curly brackets:

{path = prefix .. "modfilenamehere"}

It is potential to combine each the “workshopid” and “path” within the mods = part, like the instance under:

{workshopid = "1691539727"},
{workshopid = "1691591293"},
{path = prefix .. "mymod"}, 
{path = prefix .. "AnotherMod"}

allowed =

The allowed = part is for shopper facet (largely UI mods) which might be allowed on the server. It’s non-obligatory, and could be left clean, with nothing between the curly brackets.

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Listing Workshop mods in the identical format because the mods =” part above.

If you create the modconfig.lua, you may add remark strains through the use of the characters -- anyplace within the file. The -- characters will inform the sport to cease processing any directions previous these characters. Remark strains will seem as a lightweight brown textual content.

Feedback can be utilized initially or finish of a line. Simply keep in mind that something after the -- might be ignored by the sport.

For instance:

Utilizing feedback so as to add the precise title of the mod, like the instance of the second line “modlister, by koonschi”, can prevent a lot of time in a while if you might want to search for which workshop ID is which precise mod.

Disabling a line within the config

The developer of Avorion does say that disabling a mod could cause conditions that result in corruption of save information. It is beneficial to make backups of the server earlier than disabling beforehand loaded mods. Disabling a mod might be finest performed as a part of an investigation into points with the mods, or in preparation for beginning a complete new recreation.

By placing -- on the very starting of an current line, you may “turn off” that line.

In screenshot under, by added simply the -- on the very starting of the road, the complete workshopid = line is successfully faraway from the file. The server will attain the primary --, and skip the remainder of the road.

Though that line had a remark on the finish, by inserting remark characters on the very starting, the complete line is now only one massive “comment” (and might be skipped). Since that was the one line within the mods = part, the sport will now see that part of the modconfig.lua file as being “empty” and won’t obtain any mods.

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Begin the Server, and the Mods might be Downloaded

As soon as the modconfig.lua file has been created and added to the server, on the very subsequent startup the sport will try to obtain all of the mods listed within the file instantly from Steam. You will note every mod being downloaded, and the progress of that obtain within the “console” tab in your Nodecraft management panel to your Avorion server. The screenshot under reveals the progress of a single mod being put in.

Instantly following that might be affirmation messages for any new instructions being added by the mod, like the 2 instructions added by the mod proven above.

This mod merely lists what mods are put in on the server, and that is performed through the use of the instructions mods or outdatedmods in chat (if you’re licensed as an admin).

Gamers connecting to server can robotically obtain mods

After Steam workshop mods are efficiently put in in your server, any gamers that be a part of the server might be proven a listing of the put in mods and requested in the event that they wish to set up them onto their purchasers. In the event that they agree, the shopper will robotically obtain the matching mods to permit them to play on the server. Gamers merely have to click on the “connect & download” button.

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