ME3: Leviathan Information

Questgiver: none

Technique of unlocking the hunt: decide physician Garneau’s whereabouts throughout your keep in Dr. Bryson’s laboratory within the Citadel.

After you permit the Citadel, go to the Caleston Rift and go to the Aysur subsystem. The asteroid you might be looking for is just not seen on the map of the system utilizing the scanner put in on Normandy and discover Mahavid. One can find it within the meteorite belt that surrounds all the space. Then go to the planetoid.

After you get there go straight forward at and take the elevate all the way down to the decrease degree of the constructing. Put together your self for a struggle with Reaper spawns – up forward you will note a brute and two marauders. There may be fairly a protracted distance between you and them, so you should not have any issues with exterminating them. After a second yet one more brute will flip the nook, however you should have no issues defeating him. If you happen to’ve misplaced an excessive amount of ammo through the fight, there’s a small deposit of it in the proper aspect a part of the room proper subsequent to the balustrade.

Climb the steps to the following degree of the constructing. Gather ammo and the medkit within the nook [100 exp]. Subsequent go to the passworded door (Shepard’s omnikey should not have any downside coping with it) and watch the cutscene. Folks you might be about to satisfy are trifle odd, however you do not want to fret about them-they is not going to hurt you. Don’t anticipate them, nevertheless, to assist you-none of them has ever heard about Dr. Garneau, and the elevate to the additional a part of the ability has been broken. In sensible phrases which means you could have a glance across the space and discover two datapads: to the proper [1250 credits] and on the left hand aspect of the room [2500 credits].

After you attain the damaged door on the finish of the room, you will be given a brand new mission: to restore the elevate. To take action, method the terminal of the restore drone that you can see to the left and a few of the robotic. While you see that pulsating sphere, direct it to the damaged set up. As soon as the impediment is eliminated you can be awarded [10 EXP], and a brand new space will open up.

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Cross by the door and begin the elevate. After you attain the upper degree, take a look across the corridor-to your the left will discover an deserted datapad [1250 credits]. Whatever the door you select, you’ll enter the mineral works. Within the nook of the room main as much as the crew’s quarters discover a terminal that offers you [1250 credits]. On the desk with flowers on it you can see yet one more datapad [1250 credits].

Go proper and previous the safety terminal. Open the passworded door and enter the room the place there’s a secret convention being held. On the remainder of the remainder of the sofa will discover one other datapad [1250 credits]. Undergo the door on the proper and make your self comfy in a small watch room. Ignore the soldier standing there and take a look on the datapad [2500 credits] within the armchair. Due to the datapad you’ll study the ability worker’s ID and you will get entry to the crew’s quarters. Go there and take ultralight supplies II (pistol). The datapads that you just discover there is not going to contribute in any strategy to your quest, so you possibly can ignore them.

Make your manner again to the convention room and break the password to the locker. After you enter it flip your consideration to the datapad [2500 credits] mendacity to the proper. Due to the datapad you will study the password to the safety terminal and you will be rewarded with [10 EXP]. In the exact same room you’ll find excessive velocity barrel II (SMG). After you loot the situation for all the dear gadgets, depart.

Go to the safety terminal. Use it and you can be given a go to the medical station and [250 EXP]. Cross by the convention room as soon as once more and open the door to the hospital that has been locked so far. As soon as inside, seize the medkit [100 exp] and take a look into the darkroom. At this second you will see a cutscene concluding within the escape of the possessed Dr Garneau [200 exp].

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Begin chasing the person. Open the locked door with a password and climb up the ladder. One can find your self standing outdoors of the bottom. Get able to put up a battle with a number of husks-keep them at a distance and use the staff energy. Subsequent soar over a gap between ranges and enter the pedestal. Gather the recoil system II (SMG) and soar over the barrier.

As you go additional remove two husks and prepare for a tricky fight with marauders and ravagers. There’s a complete lot of them, so you need to have to go between covers and successively remove subsequent enemies. When the second wave comes, anticipate much more enemies, and within the third one – two bloodthirsty banshees. Hold them at a distance and preserve firing your weapons at them. Keep away from the their projectiles – they’re toxic, and subsequently very harmful. While you cope with them, go to the door on the finish of the situation. Kill the ravager and two husks. Then take a look across the room-apart from the ammo you’ll find there a medical equipment [100 exp] and Cranial Trauma System II (pistol). While you attempt to open the beginning door, it should prove that somebody disconnected them from the power provide. You’ll be given [400 EXP] and a brand new mission- to move the restore drone to the broken turbines.

Don’t transfer far-off from the drone – if you find yourself outdoors of the attain of its radiation, the mechanism might be completely broken and you’ll fail the mission. That’s the reason you’ll want to comply with it, keep away from the enemies and hearth your gun and them on the similar time. It is not straightforward, as a result of hordes of marauders, husks and ravagers renew s on a regular basis. They may cease solely after each of the broken models are repaired. If you happen to’ve waited for too lengthy, you need to anticipate a struggle with a banshee-that’s no jokes anymore. That’s the reason you need to try to finish this a part of your mission as quickly as potential [400 exp]. If the fight proves troublesome you possibly can all the time use Reaper Blackstar, which you’ll find within the nook of the room-you can kill any enemy with only one spherical.

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Make it again to the door that has been blocked to date and stroll by it [200 exp]. Watch the minimize scene in which you’ll study the reality about Garneau and the ability you might be in. Discuss to the survivors and return to Normandy. You’re up for an additional investigation at Dr. Bryson’s laboratory.


Datapad I [1250 credits] – to the proper of the room During which you met the primary dwellers.

Datapad II [2500 credits] – to the left of the identical room.

Datapad III [1250 credits] – within the hall main as much as the mineral works, to the left.

Datapad IV [1250 credits] – Within the mineral works on the desk with flowers on it.

Datapad V [1250 credits] – Within the room the place the key convention is held.

Datapad VI [2500 credits] – within the armchair within the watch room subsequent to the room the place the key convention is held. Allows opening the crew’s quarters.

Datapad VII [2500 credits] – Within the password-locked locker subsequent to the room the place the convention is held. This lets you entry the safety terminal.

Terminal [1250 credits] -in the mineral works , Within the room main as much as the crew’s quarters, on the wall.

Ultralight supplies II (pistol) – within the crew’s quarters.

Excessive velocity barrel II (SMG) – Within the password-locked locker subsequent to the room the place the key convention is held.

Recoil system II (SMG) – outdoors of the constructing, on the ram through the chase after Garneau.

Cranial trauma system II (pistol) – outdoors of the ability, subsequent to the jammed door pressured by ravager and husks .

Reaper Blackstar – within the nook of the situation with respawning enemies, near the second one of many broken turbines.

Medkit I [100 EXP] – w Within the first location, on the steps.


Medkit II [100 EXP] – Within the medical station, close to the darkish rooms.

Medkit III [100 EXP] – outdoors of the ability, subsequent to the jammed door pressured by the ravager and husks.

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