Platinum Trophy
Get all Trophies.

Unlock all different trophies to earn platinum (DLC not required).

Detach all practice vehicles on the MOSCOW degree.

Whenever you board the practice close to the tip of Moscow, you’ll have the choice of detaching practice vehicles as you progress, that is indicated by the purple lever on the left of the two automotive doorways that you may use to detach, merely maintain when prompted and Artyom will detach the automotive, do that to each vehicles for the trophy.

Full the MOSCOW degree.

Story associated and can’t be missed.

You’ll earn this after finishing the Moscow degree.

Title the locomotive.

Story associated and can’t be missed.

You’ll earn this throughout the Winter degree after tuning the radio.

Get into a ship.

Story associated and can’t be missed.

On The Volga degree you will get in to a ship to traverse water, which you’ll have to do as a part of the story however they’re positioned throughout the extent as effectively when you select to discover first.

Get into the Trolley.

Story associated and can’t be missed.

You’ll earn this trophy after getting on to trolley automotive within the practice depot in Volga.

Pal of the Crew
Discover the guitar and teddy bear on the VOLGA degree.

Additional in to the Volga degree after speaking to Miller concerning the passenger automotive, go converse to the little lady referred to as Nastya and she’s going to ask you discover a teddy bear, the placement can be marked on the map.

The guitar is present in a bandit camp within the decrease a part of the middle space of the map, Fool and Damir or Stepan will mark it on the map for you as you permit for the passenger automotive. Scale the tower within the middle of the camp and you will notice the guitar leaning towards a railing on the prime, you’ll be able to’t miss it.

Lengthy distance passenger
Discover the passenger practice automotive.

Story associated and can’t be missed.

You’ll earn this trophy after attaching the trolley to the passenger automotive in Volga.

Kill the Catfish.

For this trophy you’ll want to kill the big mutated Catfish that may generally stalk you as you utilize boats round Volga. You can not kill it with weapons nonetheless and it have to be accomplished in a selected location. 

Within the depot the place the catfish will assault you a number of occasions, make your approach to the tip the place there’s a small space with the lever you utilize to re-position the tracks. Pull the bell close by to lure the catfish into the water forward, then lower down one of many our bodies hanging above and shortly pull the lever on the left to rotate the observe which can drop the particles on catfish, killing it.

Duke survives.

For this trophy Duke should survive the whole lot of the Volga degree. To do that you’ll want to keep on impartial floor with the cult and full the bridge part on the finish in full stealth. When you get noticed reload your recreation or Duke dies. Be sure you additionally play the church part in stealth by non-lethal means as effectively to be secure and get the ethical level.

If Duke doesn’t survive it’s advisable replaying the chapter and persevering with from there as it is going to lock you out of Full Power.

Decrease the Bridge
Full the VOLGA degree.

Story associated and can’t be missed. 

You’ll earn this after finishing Volga.

Righteous vengeance
Kill 90 cannibals.

At first of Yamantau proper after the cutscene the place you’re free of captivity by the crew, you’ll be ambushed by infinitely spawning cannibals. You’ll be able to select to disregard the others and preserve killing right here or attempt to unlock it naturally by progressing by means of the extent. There are dozens you’ll be able to kill as you’re on the trolley driving away on the finish, throw grenades or molotovs for a lot of kills right here too.

Spoiled dinner
Full the YAMANTAU degree.

Story associated and can’t be missed.

You’ll earn this after finishing Yamantau.

Drive the Bukhanka.

Story associated and can’t be missed.

This can unlock early on in The Caspian after coping with a Thug and taking his Automobile.

Make 50 kills with the Bukhanka.

You must begin engaged on this as quickly as you purchase the Bukhanka car in The Caspian. As you’re travelling from aims or different places enemies will spawn in roads or desert areas normally in teams of 4-6, run them over with the automotive to kill them with ease. When you don’t have this earlier than getting the oil simply drive round and kill enemies till it unlocks.

Curler coaster
Use the bucket carry on the CASPIAN degree to achieve the Oasis.

Whenever you go to the oasis as a part of the story, you’ll navigate a cave part and are available to an space with a bucket carry resulting in the highest of the Oasis. It’s essential to stealthily method the carry so await the couple of guards to maneuver away, when you get on it the trophy will pop.

Full highway map
Discover maps within the laboratory.

Story associated and can’t be missed.

This trophy will unlock upon discovering the maps within the bunker laboratory.

Damir stays with crew.

There are particular duties required so as to get Damir to stick with you on the finish of The Caspian chapter. These consist of ethical factors and fleeing slaves, in addition to enjoying stealthily, they’re listed beneath:

  • Knock out the thug who ambushes you early within the degree, DO NOT kill him.

  • If you find yourself exterior the Lighthouse be certain to knock out all slaves, DO NOT kill any.

  • Within the Bunker be certain to search out the photograph of Giul’s mom, it’s in a aspect room to the left of the collectible diary ‘Image Analysis’, confer with the Collectible Information for the placement.

  • Knock out all enemies within the deserted ship bandit camp that Anna marks in your map and free the slaves there.

  • Don’t kill any slaves on the Oasis, additionally when you attain the highest through the buckets be certain to save lots of the slaves from the cells behind from the place you climb up.

  • On the oil rig don’t kill any slaves. It’s also possible to achieve 2 extra ethical factors, one for killing the thug beating on the primary slave after being invited up by the Baron, and one other by knocking out the thug beating the slave lady additional up. This can flip some enemies hostile so simply run previous them (not sure if these are required however it’s safer to take action).

When you fulfill all necessities he’ll be a part of you on the finish of the extent which is a part of the great ending and the missable ‘Full Strength’ trophy. If he doesn’t include you and you’re going for the great ending be certain to right away replay the chapter afterward and fulfill the above necessities.

New order
Full the CASPIAN degree.

Story associated and can’t be missed.

You’ll earn this after finishing The Caspian.

Attend the marriage on the SUMMER degree.

Story associated and can’t be missed.

You’ll earn this after the marriage scene on the Summer season degree.

Destroy the largest statue in entrance of the kids’s camp on the TAIGA degree.

Early on within the Taiga chapter you’ll come as much as massive statue simply earlier than the small bridge the place the pirates warn you. Method it and melee it for the trophy.

Grasp of the Forest
Stand your floor towards the Bear on the first encounter.

The bear is encountered round 2/3 by means of The Taiga chapter. For this trophy you’ll want to deal sufficient injury to the bear so it flees, DO NOT go up the ladder or you’ll miss this trophy. If you’re going for the ‘

Forest Child

’ trophy then you’ll solely have the crossbow, on Reader issue it took round 25 bolts to deal sufficient injury, simply intention for the pinnacle and preserve operating away till it flees.

5 o’clock
Participate within the Admiral’s tea celebration on the TAIGA degree.

Within the Taiga chapter you’ll come to Admirals room as a part of the story. As an alternative of progressing ahead sit down when he prompts you to, now for the subsequent a number of minutes the admiral will ramble on about numerous issues. Finally you’ll have to play the guitar and the admiral will go to sleep, the trophy will then unlock.

Forest little one
Full the TAIGA degree with out attacking anybody or getting observed.

This trophy might be barely difficult relying on whether or not you’re combining it with ‘


’. It’s essential to end the whole Taiga chapter with out being noticed even as soon as or attacking any human enemies, this contains knockouts.

One of the simplest ways to method that is enjoying on Reader issue and solely sneaking by means of enemy camps at evening, when you do it throughout the day enemies will detect you from a mile away. You might be heard and enemies can catch a glimpse of you, so long as they don’t absolutely detect you and begin taking pictures it is going to be high quality.

The trickiest half is the boat part within the swamp camp. It’s essential to be certain the enemies aren’t dealing with you as even when it’s darkish they may discover you rowing the boat and listen to you, make use of fast saves and preserve making an attempt. In the event that they do discover you try to row away as shortly doable in order that they lose sight of you.

Alyosha doesn’t get wounded.

This takes place within the Taiga chapter. There are conflicting experiences as to what is going to or received’t void this trophy. I’ll record what I did to get it to unlock.

  • DO NOT kill any pirates or pioneers, sneaking by means of camps with out doing it will grant ethical factors.

  • Free the bandit from the submit firstly of the extent.

  • Free the prisoner from the camp earlier than the primary encounter with the bear.

Others have talked about that they killed many pioneers and pirates and nonetheless unlocked the trophy. Nonetheless, to be secure I like to recommend towards doing that particularly as you’ll be able to mix it with the ‘Forest Child’ trophy. When you fulfilled the necessities Olga will seem on the finish of the extent and Aloyosha can be unhurt and you’ll be on observe for the great ending and ‘Full Strength’ trophy.

Sword of Damocles
Full the TAIGA degree.

Story associated and can’t be missed.

You’ll earn this after finishing The Taiga degree.

Cross the putrid tunnel.

Story associated and can’t be missed.

Unlocks in The Lifeless Metropolis chapter. You’ll earn this after going by means of the tunnel with the slug enemies and tentacles on the boat.

Cross the Analysis Facility with out killing a Blind One on the DEAD CITY degree.

This takes place within the Lifeless Metropolis chapter. Blind Ones are massive gorilla enemies that look much like the Librarians within the earlier video games. You first encounter one in a QTE whenever you come to the ability. The apparent intention right here is to sneak previous them, they’ll’t see however they’ll scent and listen to you when you get too shut. Be careful for the damaged glass scattered by means of this part as it is going to alert them when you step on it. DO NOT shoot any you come throughout and the trophy will unlock after the QTE on the finish of the part.

Full Power
Duke and Damir stick with the crew, Alyosha doesn’t get wounded.


This trophy is missable is as a result of you’ll want to make sure you fulfill sure necessities on The Volga, The Caspian and The Taiga so the respective crew members stick with you till the tip of the sport. That is greatest mixed with ‘Your Destination’ as at the very least 2 must survive for the great ending anyway. Check with ‘Duke, Damir and Alyosha’ for the particular trophy necessities.

When you fulfilled all 3 particular person character necessities then the trophy will pop upon finishing the sport. When you miss any character necessities within the playthrough you are trying this trophy and the great ending on, I like to recommend replaying the related chapter once more and persevering with from there.

Full the sport in Ranger Hardcore mode.

Ranger Hardcore is the very best issue within the recreation and accessible from the beginning. It’s a appreciable step up when you performed on Reader issue / Simple prior. Under are normal suggestions and recommendation that will help you survive.

  • Quicksave is disabled. Nonetheless, checkpoints will not be and they’re fairly beneficiant. When you really feel you possibly can carry out a piece higher make a backup of your save and restore it, this will alleviate the shortage of quicksave to a level. To again up the save go to PS4 Settings > Utility Saved Knowledge Administration > copy to USB or PS+ Cloud (when utilizing PS Cloud ensure you disable computerized uploads for Metro Exodus to keep away from it overwriting the backup save).

  • Proceed for the primary aims and don’t stray for aspect missions. Assets are far much less frequent so it’s greatest to only go for major aims for essentially the most half. Use sources primarily for ammo crafting and filters when wanted.

  • Enemies have higher imaginative and prescient and consciousness, at all times use stealth the place doable and keep away from enemies not in your direct path.

  • Within the necessary gun fights make use of weapons with good charges of fireplace and energy just like the bulldog, grenades and molotovs, and use a shotgun for melee speeding enemies resembling on Yamantau.

  • All the time have a silent weapon with you for stealth within the ranges with human enemies. The revolver works effectively sufficient, shotguns are additionally extraordinarily helpful for fight towards melee vary enemies, like most forms of mutants.

  • Some good upgrades to go for are the Ammo Vest, Armoured Helmet, Prolonged Filter, Further Vivid Flashlight (for spider areas), Consumables carriers. Upgrades don’t stack so it’s a waste to go for all of them.

Be aware that this issue additionally limits the HUD. You’ll be able to see it however it’s greyed out slightly. Workbenches are additionally much less frequent so it’s possible you’ll must drop your weapons for enemy weapons in the event that they turn into too degraded however it shouldn’t be a lot of a difficulty in case you are avoiding fight as a lot as doable.

Exploit: It has come to mild that there’s an exploit that may permit you to get this trophy along with the dangerous ending with ease. To do that you want the bodily model of the sport and should play on model 1.00 with out putting in any updates on your 2nd playthrough, this can’t be accomplished on the digital model. I’ve listed the steps beneath, credit score to danielwang008 for locating this exploit!

1. Full the sport with the great ending (recreation model doesn’t matter, however do the great ending now since you’ll be able to’t get it utilizing the exploit).
2. Uninstall the sport, disconnect out of your console from the community and re-install the sport so it’s on model 1.00.
3. Begin a brand new recreation on the identical save file on Ranger Hardcore, kill as many enemies as doable and end the Moscow degree to lock within the dangerous ending.
4. When getting into Winter, stop to the primary menu and also you’ll be capable to use chapter choose, load up ‘Finale’ and watch the ending cutscene, you’ll unlock the trophies for the dangerous ending and finishing ranger hardcore!

Everlasting Voyage
Save Anna by paying the last word worth.


This serves as the sport’s dangerous endings. You principally wish to do the alternative of the great ending selections and guarantee 2/3 members don’t stick with you till the tip. Any alternatives you got here throughout for ethical factors be certain to do the alternative, which includes killing surrendering enemies, captive slaves / prisoners and so forth. So long as 2 crew members die you’ll obtain this ending.

  • The Volga

    – Kill the cult members within the church and get detected on the bridge so Duke dies in The Volga. Kill the prisoners who provide the key within the bandit camp in the midst of the map.

  • The Caspian

    – Kill the thug who ambushes you from above, kill the slaves exterior the lighthouse, don’t free any slaves, kill different slaves you come throughout.

  • The Taiga

    – Kill the bandit tied to the submit early on, kill pirates and pioneers in camps.

I’m unsure if Alyosha getting wounded has any impression on the ending at present, as such I like to recommend getting Duke killed and ensuring Damir leaves.

Your Vacation spot
Assume command of the Order.


This serves as the sport’s good ending. It’s essential to guarantee at the very least 2/3 crew members stick with you till the tip of the sport and also you make good selections all through your playthrough which work in tandem with one another. Check with Full Power, Duke, Damir, Alyosha for extra info on having them survive your playthrough.

Make at the very least one kill with each ranged weapon.

 The outline for this trophy is barely deceptive, you’ll want to get a kill with each weapon within the recreation, not lengthy ranged weapons particularly. Listing of weapons beneath:

  • Revolver

  • A-shot

  • Shambler

  • Bastard Gun

  • Kalash

  • Bulldog

  • Gatling

  • Valve

  • Tikhar

  • Helsing (crossbow)

Some weapons you’ll be given by means of story development, specifically the Tikhar and Helsing, others might be discovered on enemies or as loot in every degree and you can even swap them out on the Aurora in later ranges. Merely get a kill with all 10 weapons for the trophy. The Rail Gun that you just get from Miller doesn’t depend.

Set up a modification of every class on a single weapon.

Weapons mods are discovered from different weapons within the recreation, you’ll be able to loot them within the recreation world or from enemy corpses. After you have a mod for all 5 slots of any weapon merely set up them and the trophy will unlock.

Spend 500 chemical sources on cleansing weapons.

When you attain the extent Volga, you’ll begin discovering sources across the recreation world, normally in containers. These can be utilized to scrub your weapons at any workbench. You need to be cleansing your weapons at each alternative. That is unlikely to unlock in your first playthrough as you typically spend not more than 5-9 sources in a single go. It can doubtless unlock in your 2nd playthrough as an alternative, if not then utilise the exploit beneath, due to TTG for pointing this out!

  • Chapter choose Volga on Reader issue
  • Have 2-3 weapons on you
  • Bounce into the water just a few occasions to get your weapons soiled
  • Discover the closest workbench
  • Affirm that every one weapons are max degraded and fast save
  • Change issue to Hardcore (this will increase the quantity of sources required to scrub weapons)
  • Clear weapons to max
  • Reload your fast save and repeat till the trophy unlocks

Spend 500 consumable sources on crafting.

When you attain the extent Volga, you’ll begin discovering sources across the recreation world, normally in containers and these can be utilized to craft throwable weapons, filters, med children and ammo. On decrease difficulties these sources are loads. Use them at any workbench you come throughout and the trophy ought to unlock fairly early within the recreation.

Dressed for Success
Discover all upgrades for Artyom’s go well with.


For this trophy you’ll want to discover all upgrades for Artyom’s go well with, these might be present in particular locations throughout the Volga and Caspian ranges. They supply Artyom with upgrades resembling further armour, extra ammo capability and so forth. For this trophy you’ll want to discover each, there are 8 in Volga and 5 in Caspian. Not like the diaries and postcards they don’t carry over when utilizing chapter choose making this considerably missable. When you miss any upgrades on Volga you then’ll must play from there up till The Caspian, gathering all go well with upgrades in a single playthrough. The places are included within the Collectibles Information linked beneath.


Metro Exodus Collectibles Information

Patch the Gasmask.

:l1: to seal the outlet which can unlock the trophy.

Generally in fight your masks can be broken by enemy assaults. You’ll be prompted to pressto seal the outlet which can unlock the trophy.

Final Breath
After operating out of filters in a hazard zone, craft a brand new one whereas suffocating.

You are able to do this in any space the place you need to put on your fuel masks. Merely wait in any space and preserve switching filters when prompted till you run out and start suffocating. Shortly press :l1: and :x: and craft a brand new filter together with your backpack which can unlock the trophy.

Kill 300 mutants.

Mutants are principally any non-human enemy, starting from watchmen, demons, shrimp, spiders and so forth. You’ll simply kill 300 of those naturally all through the course of the sport so don’t fear about this one.

Kill 50 enemies at lengthy distance.

It’s greatest to aim this utilizing a modded weapon with a scope resembling a revolver or valve on a decrease issue. It’s not clear what counts as ‘long distance’, however you’ll be able to kill loads of ghouls on The Caspian within the open areas utilizing a Valve / Revolver within the desert areas, or you’ll be able to choose off enemies in bandit camps the identical approach.

In The Caspian there’s a sniper nest that Anna will mark in your map. On the prime of the crane you’ll be able to take out the sniper and choose up his scoped Valve, climb on prime of the room and several other enemies will seem within the distance throughout the bridge. When you make a fast save right here you’ll be able to reload and preserve killing them till the trophy pops.

Silent marksman
Kill 30 enemies with Tikhar.

The Tikhar is given to you as a part of the story in Volga by Tokarev after chatting with Miller upon getting back from church. Kill any 30 enemies with it for the trophy.

Robin Hood
Kill 30 enemies with Crossbow.

The Crossbow (Helsing) is discovered on a statue firstly of The Taiga degree in plain sight. Kill any 30 mutant / human enemies with it to unlock the trophy.

Kill 300 human enemies.

Human enemies are present in abundance in most ranges nonetheless necessary fights with people are few. If you’re going for the great ending then it’s possible you’ll not get this naturally. You must unlock it throughout your dangerous ending playthrough. Merely kill enemies as an alternative of knocking them out.

Melee-kill or stun 50 enemies.

You’ll simply purchase this trophy naturally so long as you are taking a stealth method. Most enemy encounters within the recreation enable alternatives to carry out melee kills or stuns identical because the earlier 2 Metro video games. Merely method an enemy undetected and both maintain to knockout, or :tr: to kill. The sport introduces this very early on.

Kill 3 enemies utilizing sniper scope whereas sporting the Gasoline masks and utilizing the Evening Imaginative and prescient goggles.

Sniper scopes might be looted off weapons discovered within the recreation from enemies or in numerous different places and they are often utilized to your weapons. The Evening Imaginative and prescient goggles are positioned within the depot on the far proper of the map in Volga. As a part of the story you go to this depot. On the finish of the world after Anna radios you, there’s a partially opened door you’ll be able to undergo after which a subsequent door forward. You will note the goggles simply forward on a candle lit desk.

Put in your fuel masks, evening imaginative and prescient and equip any weapon with a 4x zoom or better scope, kill any 3 enemies like this for the trophy.

Kill a demon with fireplace.

Demons are massive flying creatures that appeared within the earlier two Metro video games. It’s advisable to aim this trophy on Reader issue because the Demon will take much less injury to be killed by fireplace. They are often present in numerous places resembling The Volga, and there’s a excellent location right here to get this trophy. There’s a demon within the backside proper hand nook of the map atop of a tower guarding the teddy bear wanted for the Pal of the Crew trophy. Merely climb the tower quietly and throw a molotov the place it’s resting for a straightforward kill.

Discover all 70 hidden Diary pages.

There are a complete of 71 diaries within the recreation, not 70 just like the trophy suggests (you want all 71 to unlock the trophy). They’re unfold all through all of the chapters, typically positioned on enemy corpses or tables all through the primary story path however some require exploration. Check with the beneath collectibles information.

» Metro Exodus Collectibles Information (Diary Pages & Publish Playing cards)

Previous world footage
Discover all 21 submit playing cards.

There are a complete of 21 postcards within the recreation unfold all through all of the video games chapters, they’re fairly small and infrequently exhausting to see on partitions / locker doorways and such. Check with the beneath collectibles information.

» Metro Exodus Collectibles Information (Diary Pages & Publish Playing cards)

Be part of us on air
Discover a tune on the radio.

:l-right: slowly till you hear some music. The trophy will then unlock.

You’ll be able to function the radio in between ranges on the practice resembling Winter, Spring, Summer season and Autumn. Tune the radio usingslowly till you hear some music. The trophy will then unlock.

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