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Title: Anvil Studio
Model: 2013.03.01
Creator: Willow Software program
Lisence: Freeware
Up to date: Mar-04-2013
Homepage: Anvil Studio
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Anvil Studio is a MIDI-composing software.

With Anvil Studio you’ll be able to create new MIDI-songs simply, both by including notes one after the other or recording them in realtime. It is also potential to make use of common keyboard or an exterior MIDI-keyboard to emulate piano keys.
The ultimate soundtrack might comprise a number of simultaneous devices. It’s also potential to open and edit any *.mid file.

Obtain from program’s web site:

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Change log :

Adjustments in model 2012.10.06:
* Added assist the fretboard, TAB editor and Percussion editor when the Copy Me accent is lively, in order that when the mouse strikes over a be aware, the right fret place or drum is highlighted, and when the Step button is pressed or MIDI occasion happens, it really works with these editors as properly.
* Dragging notes from the palette to the employees now works correctly when the Triplet, Quintuplet, or Septuplet checkbox is ready.
* Improved beam strains.
* When Professional-Combine is put in, and a pair of or extra MIDI Out ports have the identical identify, e.g. USB Midi, Anvil Studio remembers which synthesizers have been related to every from one session to then subsequent.
* A number of refined enhancements.

Adjustments in model 2012.10.02:
* Capable of load extra VST-Devices together with Proteus VX.
* Now runs on programs that do not have .Internet 2.0 put in, however do have .Internet 4.0 put in.
* Improved capacity to pick out, transfer, and stretch symbols like slurs, crescendo, and so on.

Adjustments in model 2012.09.02:
* Improved the Workers editor’s Chord Builder software.
* Print-Sheet accent now permits extra header strains.
* Some minor issues have been additionally fastened.

Adjustments in model 2012.08.08:
* To set the amount/stability for a number of tracks to fixed or change them by a share, both:
** press and maintain the Shift key whereas clicking on a observe’s quantity management, or
** right-click a observe’s quantity management and choose the popup menu merchandise Change Quantity for a number of tracks.
Issues fastened on this model:
* View / Observe Automation / Reset All: Automation for all tracks in music generally did nothing.
* When a number of notes have been chosen solely within the treble or bass clef and the Properties pop-up was chosen, it generally missed some notes.
* Since model 2012.08.01, rhythm tracks have been reverting to Instrument tracks.

Adjustments in model 2012.08.06:
* Anvil Studio now works properly with extra VST-Devices, together with the Garritan Aria Participant.
* File / Restore Tune deletes redundant, pointless occasions.
* File / Save deletes all EndOfTracks besides the final one.

Adjustments in model 2012.08.01:
* Added Chord Builder software to the employees editor.
* Insert tempo modifications on the present music place by clicking the Tempo icon on the prime of the display screen.
* Made a number of minor enhancements to the employees editor.
Issues fastened on this model:
* File / Export Blended Audio generally generated distortion when set to ASIO mode.

Adjustments in model 2012.07.01:
* Added checkbox to Key Signature and Customized Time Signature dialogs to permit modifications to use to all tracks.
* Enhanced Observe/Merge menu – it consists of an choice to merge all enabled tracks, and helps filtering out brief notes.
* Added a Zoom management to the TAB viewer.
Issues fastened on this model:
* Since model 2012.06.01, the View / Lyrics menu would generally not trigger lyrics to be seen.
* Extra VST-Devices at the moment are supported, together with the Korg M1 Le.
* Works properly with extra VST-Instrument Editors.
* Different minor issues.

Issues fastened in model 2012.06.03:
* Mounted some bugs with modifying be aware properties with the employees editor and shortcuts that have an effect on be aware properties.

Adjustments in model 2012.06.02:
* When taking part in a music that has VST-Instrument tracks and no audio tracks, adjusting the Audio Combine Vol slider whereas the music is taking part in not causes the music to pause. Adjusting this slider can get rid of VST-Instrument distortion.
* Received round an issue the place some VST-Devices would crash when bringing their editor by way of the View / Mixer’s FX button.

Adjustments in model 2012.06.01:
* Added View / Choices / Workers / Robotically generate tied notes checkbox, which modifications employees in order that if two notes are displayed in the identical measure of the identical clef,
e.g. a half be aware begins at beat 1 and quarter be aware begins at beat 2, the half be aware is displayed as 2 tied quarter notes.
* Audio samples might be dragged from Home windows Explorer folders to the employees editor and dragged proper/left throughout the employees editor.
* Audio information will also be dragged to Audio editor and piano roll’s Edit Samples window.
* Added assist for Locrian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian modes to the prevailing Main and Minor keys.
* With the Professional-Combine accent, in case you right-click Edit Midi Results and choose Pitch Bend, and set the checkbox Reset pitchbend on the finish of the be aware, it now works higher.
* When utilizing Observe Properties to alter the period for a spread of notes, it was shifting following notes.
* Utilizing the Lengthen/Shorten be aware shortcuts keys now works higher when working on a number of a number of notes.
* Mounted a number of different bugs.

Adjustments in model 2012.05.08:
* When dragging a be aware from the palette to the employees, a big show now present’s the brand new be aware’s time and be aware’s identify as you drag the mouse.
* You possibly can lock the be aware’s pitch by urgent the shift key after which persevering with to tug the mouse to pick out the time.
* If the Ctrl secret is pressed whereas dragging the be aware, you’ll be able to insert the brand new be aware at places that overlap with current notes the place the Present: discipline controls the time-increment steps.
* An instance the place that is helpful can be, if a measure had two half notes, and also you needed so as to add 1 / 4 be aware to the final beat of the measure.
* Audio Samples can now be dragged to the Workers from the Audio Samples listing beneath the employees.
P* unch-In now helps MIDI recording the identical means it has all the time supported audio recording.
* Not all VST-Devices reply to MIDI occasions for Quantity and Left-Proper Steadiness (PanPot) so we added a checkbox named This VST-Instrument responds to MIDI Pan and Vol to the View / Synthesizers display screen.
* That is set by default. When you uncover {that a} VST-Instrument doesn’t appear to answer the View / Mixer display screen’s Quantity or L/R Steadiness management’s, uncheck this checkbox. That may trigger Anvil Studio to make use of these controls to change the observe’s Audio quantity.
* When utilizing View / Observe Properties to alter the period for vary of notes, if the checkbox Shift Following Notes is unchecked, the situation of the notes is not going to be modified.
* When altering to ASIO mode, Anvil Studio now first releases the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synthesizer so that it’ll not forestall the ASIO Driver from accessing the Audio Out gadget.
* Some enhancements have been made to how tied notes are displayed on the employees.
* In earlier variations, some songs whose tempo modified over time went silent when performed to VST-Devices.
* A bug was fastened that prompted the File / Open and Play menu to report the file was not discovered when the folder was totally different from the place the earlier music had been loaded/saved.

Adjustments in model 2012.04.09:
* When dragging notes from the palette to the employees, because the mouse is moved left and proper, a field on the prime of the window tells the time the place the be aware can be inserted.
* The employees displayed when –no grid– is modified has been improved.
* A extra helpful message is displayed when an error happens whereas utilizing VST-Devices.

Adjustments in model 2012.04.08:
* Added splitter bars and scroll bars to Piano Roll editor to make it simpler to resize panels and scroll to desired notes throughout the panel.
* Elevated the utmost quantity of samples when performed again in a music.
* For tracks performed by a VST-Instrument, altering the observe’s Pan/Quantity now has an impact even when the VST-Instrument doesn’t reply Pan/Vol MIDI Occasions.
* MIDI results parameters can now be edited inside a loop with Professional-Combine.
* Added a Lock Rating checkbox to the Piano Roll / Rhythm editor.
* Issues fastened on this model:
* When utilizing the Audio editor’s Filter / Change Quantity, if the choice was made right-to-left as an alternative of left-to-right, it was not altering the right choice.

Issues fastened in model 2012.04.07:
* This model now helps extra VST-Devices.
* When a observe was assigned to a VST-Instrument, composing by taking part in notes on an exterior keyboard. was not inflicting the notes to be echoed by the VST-Instrument.
* File / Print / Rating Choices would incorrectly report an error in model 2012.03.01.
* File / Save would generally warn that two tracks had totally different time signatures, however wouldn’t accurately report what the time signatures have been.
* FX button / Properties / Save Presets button would incorrectly report an error.
* In Percussion employees editor, in model 2012.03.01, addint a brand new drum to the palette would incorrectly report an error.
* File / Restore Tune was generally eradicating the fallacious redundant pitch bend occasions.
* Since model 2012.04.02, File/Export Blended Audio was doing nothing.
* Metronome was generally not working correctly.
* Added View / Choices / Make Anvil Studio my .MID file participant.

Adjustments in model 2012.04.01:
* Improved the Equalizer impact.
* With Professional-Combine accent put in, VST-Devices assist automation of impact parameters.
* View / Observe Automation’s Management selector provides new buttons that: Present the following management that has been modified, Reset Automation for: all tracks, present observe, a particular impact, a particular parameter of an impact.
* Issues fastened on this model:
* When a VST-Instrument was added by urgent the FX column, it was not echoing entered notes when composing.
* A number of different bugs have been fastened.

Adjustments in model 2012.03.01:
* This model doesn’t uninstall the 2011 model, and you may transfer forwards and backwards between the 2011 and 2012 variations.
* Each variations have appropriate file codecs. After you are feeling snug with the 2012 model, you should utilize the Management Panel to uninstall the 2011 model.
* Added Undo/Redo for drawing in automation window.
* Added Duplets and Septuplets to the employees editor.
* Mounted these issues that started occurring within the 2012.01.01 model:
* Enjoying songs that included audio samples was not working proper.
* Enjoying Playlist information.
* It generally couldn’t choose the final be aware on a observe.
* File / Print, and altering the variety of staffs per web page might trigger Anvil Studio to incorrectly report that the music had file format errors.
* Different issues fastened on this model:
* VST-Devices wouldn’t echo entered notes after playback.
* Utilizing View / Performer to run a program utilizing an exterior MIDI keyboard to play sampled sounds was not working correctly.
* Utilizing View / Performer with Arpegio software generally failed.
* Latency with CoreAudio generally reported Audio Out latency of near 1 second when it ought to have been near 0.

Adjustments in model 2012.01.06:
In variations since 2012.01.01, File / Export Blended Audio would generally fail when music had no audio tracks and output was not set to stereo.
File / Save gives choice to maintain time signatures in all tracks constant.

Issues fastened in model 2012.01.03:
* With some VST-Devices, it could erroneously complain that it was unable to combine and play quick sufficient.
* Edits to a loop generally didn’t immediate to avoid wasting modifications earlier than closing the file.
* In variations since 2011.11.01, deleting a observe appeared in View / Mixer’s observe listing earlier than a observe that had loops might trigger loop references to turn into invalid.
* File / Export Blended Audio and View / Latency / Analyze / Begin generally complained that there aren’t any Audio In gadgets although none have been wanted for this operation.
* View / Improve Anvil Studio would generally report that it was unable to re-launch Anvil Studio as a result of a file was not discovered.
* Improved the Assist / Tutorials menu.

Adjustments in model 2012.01.01:
* The free model of Anvil Studio now consists of entry to a single VST-Instrument. This gives a wealth of recent sounds and overcomes latency issues with the Microsoft GS Wavetable synthesizer.
* With the Professional-Combine accent a music can play to a number of VST-Devices and MIDI Out ports on the identical time.
* The free model helps audio pattern charges as much as 48,000 samples per second.
* With Multi-Audio 1/8 accent, it helps pattern charges as excessive as your soundcard helps, as much as 192,000 samples per second.
* View / Choices / Common can now assign Ctrl+V to shortcuts, e.g. Edit / Paste Insert, Edit / Paste Over, Edit / Paste Combine, Edit / Paste Particular, and so on.
* The menus Edit / Insert Rests into All Tracks and Edit / Delete Choice from All Tracks at the moment are additionally enabled when modifying Audio tracks. * When used, they ask if change is to use to all Audio and/or all MIDI tracks. It lets you choose models from Measures, quarter notes, … Audio Samples, Milliseconds.
* When the Multi-Audio 8/16 is put in, you’ll be able to file to MIDI and Audio tracks concurrently.
* When a number of show displays can be found, Anvil Studio begins up in the identical monitor it was in when it final closed. In earlier variations, it all the time began up within the major show monitor.
* The brand new model works with extra VST-Devices together with DSK_SF2. Works higher with 32-bit int ASIO drivers.
* You probably have a VST-Instrument or DirectX impact that does not work with Anvil Studio,
please let know, and we’ll handle it.
* An issue with the Piano Roll / Rhythm editor’s Snap-to-grid management was fastened.

Adjustments in model 2011.11.10:
* Higher Direct X assist.
* Improved metronome. Now you’ll be able to specify Audio clicks or a VST-Instrument to play the metronome clicks. The metronome makes use of Latency settings to maintain in sync with notes being performed/recorded.
* Improved File / Print.

Adjustments in model 2011.11.08:
* Added new choices to the CopyMe accent.
* The per-track Steadiness management was not working accurately for tracks assigned to VST-Devices.
* Simplified the choices when it shows “The Audio device you have selected for Anvil Studio is different from the default Windows Control Panel device.

Changes in version 2011.11.03:
* You no longer need to choose between the staff editor and having loops within tracks. You can move seamlessly back and forth between the Piano Roll / Rhythm and the Staff editor. From Staff editor, select the menu Track / Loop this track.
From Piano Roll / Rhythm editor, right-click a loop and select Edit this loop with the Staff editor.
* Added 3 more symbols to the end of View / Composer’s symbol palette.
* When a song is looping, e.g. because it was started by right-clicking the play button, the staff editor cycles through verses each time the song repeats, which can be useful while learning to sing a new song.
* Made changes so that files saved by Anvil Studio can always be read by Casio’s SMF Converter tool.
* Added an octave of additional notes you can select when adjusting guitar tunings via the View / Keyboard & Guitar Properties menu.
* Fixed several bugs.

Changes in version 2011.10.15:
* File / Export Mixed Audio would fail sometimes when song had VST-Instrument tracks.

Changes in version 2011.10.08:
* With Pro-Mix installed, you can now record from more than one MIDI In port at the same time.
When used with the View / Options / MIDI / Record each channel to its own track, you could simultaneously record 64 or more tracks where each one captured the notes from a different MIDI In device. This could be useful in a classroom setting.
* After using the Sync tool to select a MIDI Master clock, Anvil Studio will calculate the tempo for the recorded events and insert Tempo changes.
* Improved View / Synthesizers / Test MIDI Connections.
* Improved the View / Options / MIDI / Master Slave Sync Properties. Now
It lets you select which MIDI In port to use as the MIDI Master clock.
when recording from a MIDI Master, note durations are identical to their duration on the MIDI Master device and tempo events can be recorded.
* Problems fixed in this version:
** View / Options / MIDI / Record No Rests was not working.
** Lyrics were not being printed correctly for some songs with multiple verses and hyphens.
** When exporting mixed audio in a format other than the soundcard’s default setting, it could generate an Out of memory error.
** Error 80041206 was sometimes reported.

Changes in version 2011.10.05:
* You can now change the Staff Style property among Treble+Bass, 2 Treble, 2 Bass multiple times per track.
* Edit / Undo menu describes action that will be undone. Same for Redo.
* Added several options to pop-up menu shown when you right-click a track in View / Mixer’s track list.
* When right-clicking note(s) in the staff editor, and selecting Move to other track, it defaults to the previous track you selected.
* In previous versions, this moved all notes that occurred at that time, but now if a single notehead is clicked, it is the only note that gets moved.
* When using the staff editor, when selecting a new track, it preserves the time displayed at the left margin, making it easier to compare 2 different tracks.

Changes in version 2011.10.01:
* Shows status in toolbar when data is received from a MIDI IN port, and when data is sent to a MIDI OUT port.
* Improved Edit / Insert MIDI Event / System Exclusive
* Added checkbox Synth is too slow to echo incoming events which replaces the Echo Midi Events to all synthesizers checkbox.
* This is set true by default for high latency (slow) synthesizers such as the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synthesizer, but it can be changed.
* If the active track is assigned to this synthesizer, when recording from an external MIDI keyboard:
** if this is checked, the keyboard will generate its own tones without delay rather then using this slow synthesizer.
** if this is unchecked, the keyboard generates no sound, and Anvil Studio uses the active track’s synthesizer, program, and channel to play the notes.
To do this, Anvil Studio sets the external MIDI keyboard’s Local Control setting.
When a song is played back, Anvil Studio always uses the Synthesizer assigned to the track to generate sounds. The tracks can be kept in sync in spite of the synthesizer’s high latency by using the View / Latency screen.
* Added a new icon at the top of the View / Mixer screen has red arrows that show when a MIDI event has been sent to a MIDI port, or received from a MIDI port within the last half second.
* For the View / Synthesizers screen included with the Pro-Mix accessory:
** Added button Assign all tracks to this synth, which when pressed, assigns all tracks in the current song to be played on the selected synthesizer.
** Added button Set Default Synth, Bank…, which allows you to select the synthesizer, MIDI bank, and MIDI program to use when creating new tracks.
* For synthesizers that support them, added the ability to refer to 128 different drums in the Rhythm editor rather than the set of 47 General MIDI drums.
* It no longer asks you to decide where to save an untitled song file immediately after recording an audio track, or when selecting the File / Export Mixed Audio menu. You can now leave the song Untitled until you exit, select File / New, or load another file, at which time you will be prompted to save it.
* Problems fixed in this version:
** It was leaving around files named UntiXXX.wav which it now cleans up.
** Sending System Exclusive messages to external synthesizers sometimes failed.
** Playing starting to play a long, starting in the middle, where the song had with lots of notes, Anvil Studio would sometimes incorrectly report unable to play this song in perfect sync when the song finished, even though it did play it in perfect sync.
** File / Repair Song sometimes reported non-errors.
** When loading a song file with audio tracks, it would sometimes incorrectly report that an audio track’s file was in use by another program.
** Quite a few minor problems.

Problems fixed in version 2011.09.03:
* When Sustain Off occurred at the same time as Sustain On, the Sustain Off event was getting filtered out, leading to way too much sustain.
* In version 2011.09.01, a bug was introduced that frequently caused it to ignore attempts to change a track’s instrument.

Problems fixed in version 2011.09.01:
* You can now tie triplet or quintuplet notes.
* When recording a MIDI track, recording began at time 0 rather than the current song position.
* When editing an unquantized recorded track, selecting rests and deleting them sometimes deleted an adjoining note.

Changes in version 2011.08.07:
* Improved Piano Roll / Rhythm editor scrolling.
* When you click an instrument in the instrument selection window, a brief sample of the sound is played so you don’t need to click OK just to find it is not the instrument you wanted. This can be turned off with a checkbox in the same window.
* The Edit / Redo menu item was added.
* Problems fixed in this version:
* Adjusting the volume of a selection of notes, the volume of the first next note (outside of the selection) was also changed.
when deleting a selection of notes, the first next chord label (outside of the selection) was getting deleted as well.
* When going back from a note after measures of rests, it sometimes ignores the rests and goes directly to the previous note.
* Times were displayed and parsed as Measures:QuarterNotes:Ticks, and now they are displayed and parsed as Measures:Beats:Ticks.
* When using the Left Arrow key at the left margin, it sometimes skipped over one or more measures of rests, going directly to the previous note.
* Ctrl+Right Arrow would sometimes not cause scrolling past the right margin.
Changes in version 2011.08.05:
* When the mouse hovers over volume and balance controls, their current values are displayed.
* When mouse hovers over a note, note info is displayed as a popup.
* The track column resizing control now only appears when the mouse is over the top row.
* The menu File / Repair Song now works well on files that have rhythm / Piano Roll tracks that have loops.
* Problems fixed in this version:
** The text displayed to the left of the volume and balance controls while they are being adjusted sometimes disappeared.
** Open and Play, after changing folders, sometimes reported File cannot be found.
** File / Print / Conductor’s Score / Track list was partially blocked.
** When using Core Audio, adjusting master volume while a song was playing sometimes caused the song to pause.
** The menu Track / Insert Chord Labels was sometimes ignoring the checkbox “Title labels as if observe was in the important thing of C Main”
** The menu Edit / Set Record+Play Start+End times was sometimes ignored when recording.
** Problems with the Music Drills / Exercises accessory’s menu Practice / Scales / Key Signatures, and Practice / Timing / Drill.
** A measure that contains a Time / Key signature can now be combined with Begin / End Repeat, Double Bar, and Double End Bar notation.
** PacketTooLarge error sometimes occurred when using ASIO with some soundcards.

Problems fixed in version 2011.07.09:
* Fixed some MIDI and Audio sync problems.
* It was not responding to changes in View / Options / Audio / #output buffers.
* Since version 2011.06.10, a bug caused device latency settings to be ignored.
* Added button to remove a VST from the list of frequently-used VSTs.

Problems fixed in version 2011.07.04:
* With some VST-Instruments, only the first few bars could be heard.
* View / Options / MIDI / shortcuts could not be set.
* With Percussion tracks, sometimes a very low note would be displayed as a tie.
* Fixed several places that reported You have uncovered a bug in Anvil Studio”

Adjustments in model 2011.07.01:
* Observe Properties’ Transfer notes to different clef checkbox is now enabled when a couple of be aware chosen.
* Added View / Possibility / Workers checkbox In grid mode, click on on employees to insert be aware. When not checked, clicking simply repositions the insertion level.
* By inserting the cursor on the finish of the present music earlier than deciding on File / Merge, it provides the choice to merge all tracks of the brand new music so they start taking part in after the currently-loaded music ends.
* Added a checkbox to ASIO Properties Twice as many mono ASIO enter gadgets. When not checked, ASIO inputs are handled as half as many stereo gadgets.
* When modifying the percussion employees, the Add new instrument to palette button has extra choices.
* Issues fastened on this model:
** The Add new instrument to palette button was all the time setting the drum to Excessive Bongo.
** Proper-arrow at proper margin with zoom=2 was not advancing the employees cursor.
** Start Repeat image was misplaced when mixed with a NewLine image.
** Corrected some audio issues that prompted it to generate the message You might have encountered an error.
** Print Sheet accent would generally might enable the first line left / proper headers to be set to clean.

Adjustments in model 2011.06.15:
* Dragging a be aware on employees highlights the drum, piano be aware, or guitar string & fret.
* View / Choices has a brand new checkbox to test for and optioanlly set up new variations of Anvil Studio and its equipment each time Anvil Studio begins up.
* Variations 2011.06.10->12 have been reporting an error throughout File / Exit primarily based on a localization bug that solely occurred in a couple of international locations.

Adjustments in model 2011.06.09:
* Observe / Add Chord Labels now permits you to point out that chords ought to be named as in the event that they have been in the important thing of C-Main, even when they’re in one other key.
* In Home windows Vista or Home windows 7, now you can [un]plug a USB sound adapter and Anvil Studio will react gracefully.
* If a observe has a couple of Program Change MIDI occasion, the right program will now be displayed within the observe listing primarily based on the music’s place.
* With the Professional-Combine accent, clicking on the Gadget or Instrument column, after which the Synthesizer listing, a brand new entry add new synthesizer permits you to add a VST-Instrument or MIDI synthesizer with out deciding on View / Synthesizers.
* Edit / Insert Notation / Repeat / … can now be added to the identical measure that has an Up Beat image.
* When window is resized whereas the Piano Roll or Loop Editor is lively, Anvil Studio now does a greater job of reallocating display screen area to varied features.
* Issues fastened on this model:
** If a VST-Impact and VST-Instrument had the identical identify, e.g. Kore Participant, Anvil Studio might solely load one or the opposite. Now it could add each to the identical music.
** Keyboard generally flickered.
** Starting with model 2011.05.05, modifying a tempo map had sluggish response, however not does.
** Loading songs with a number of MIDI channels in the identical observe might generally turn into very sluggish, to the purpose the place the pc seemed to be hung. It’s now almost instantaneous.

Issues fastened in model 2011.06.03:
* The menu View / Edit lyrics in window with no notes now works with Karaoke information.
* The menu Observe / Ear Coaching / Voice was not working accurately.
* The menu Observe / Break up Observe into a number of .WAV information was not working accurately.
* Mounted an issue with menu Edit / Paste to all Tracks.

Adjustments in model 2011.06.02:
* Improved display screen structure
* Added menus Edit / Copy from all Tracks and Paste to all Tracks to Piano Roll and Rhythm editors. They have been already within the Workers editor.
* When printing single-clef tracks with a number of strains of lyrics, the underside strains of lyrics weren’t all the time seen.
* It’s now potential to Edit / Insert Notation / New Line and
Edit / Insert Notation / Repeat / … on the identical measure.
* Observe Notes generally incorrectly reported errors
* Added new drag & drop icon for Prima Volta mixed with Seconda Volta.
* Added menu gadgets View / Ring Tone (SP-MIDI), and
* View / Energetic Observe’s Highest Polyphonic Calls for
to make it simpler to generate cell phone MIDI ring tones.

Adjustments in model 2011.05.09:
* Added menu merchandise Edit / Stretch or Compress time which lets you choose a spread of notes and stretch/compress by an absolute or fraction quantity. For instance, choose 3 quarter notes and alter them to a set of three triplets.
* Made extra enhancements within the structure of beamed notes.
* Made enhancements to the Observe Properties window.
* Minor key signatures have been getting drawn twice.

Adjustments in model 2011.05.08:
* Added trusted certificates authority signed code to guard the code from modification, and so browsers will not complain about downloading from an unknown supply.
* Issues fastened on this model:
** Some spacing/structure issues with printing sheet music.
** A restricted variety of MIDI-0 information bought loaded with 2 channels on one observe.
** Beamed sixteenth notes have been generally displayed as eighth notes.
** The menu Observe / Align notes with measures generally did nothing.

Adjustments in model 2011.05.05:
* The Edit / Insert MIDI Occasion menu has been enhanced and all options of it can be found within the free model.
* File / Print Issues fastened on this model:
* Per-track and per-file settings are saved constantly so that they default to the values used the final time the observe / music was printed.
* Typically when Finish-Repeat notation occurred on the finish of a line, it was barely off.
* Beamed notes take much less horizontal area and the angle of beam strains isn’t massive.
* Different Issues been fastened on this model:
** It was generally considering {that a} VST was actually a VST-Instrument.

Adjustments in model 2011.03.03:
* With the Multi-Audio 1/8 or 8/16 and a appropriate soundcard, now you can file 24-bit at charges as much as 192,000 samples per second.
* Up to date some assist information and stuck some bugs.

Adjustments in model 2011.03.01:
* Simplified View /

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