Here’s a assortment of the very best minecraft horse mods! Are you searching for a solution to change the way in which your horses look and behave? Then you might be on the best web page as a result of we coursed by the web to convey you THE BEST horses mods for Minecraft! So with out additional ado, let’s start!

mcMMO Horses Minecraft Mod

Gameversion: CB 1.7.9-R0.2

Thee McMMO Horses mod is a plugin that introduces new skills for horses in Minecraft. So now you possibly can declare, title, summon and stage up skills in your horses together with agility (dodges extra assaults), swiftness (will increase the velocity), vitality (will increase the well being) and wrath (disables injury and will increase velocity). So set up this must-have mod in your horses and improve them to be the very best!


Craftable Horse Armour & Saddle

Created by: Captainhero5

Though the title of this mod is fairly self-explanatory, let me make issues clearer for you. This horse themed mod allows you to craft ALL TYPES of horse armours and saddles. The differing types or armors (silver, gold and diamond) present you totally different ranges or safety.


Horse Tweaks

Created by: Tamashi-Hyo and Amber Lund

Now you can enhance the talents of your horses by upgrading the saddles in some ways. This mod enables you to improve the saddles by crafting them with totally different gadgets relying on the development you need. A few of these upgrades will let your horse swim, stroll by leaves, stroll on water, and even Nether with out burning it. There are various extra upgrades that can really make issues very simple for you and your horse!


Netherite Horse Armor Mod

Gameversion: Forge

Do you wanna gallop across the Nether in your horse however don’t wanna flip it right into a barbecue? Properly then you might be on the proper place as a result of this forge mod incorporates a netherite horse armor with extra safety than diamond horse armor in order that your horse can run round netherite with out burning within the lava or flames. You may get the armor by combining diamond horse armor with a netherite ingot. So get your palms on this mod and shield your horse from burning!


Reasonable Horse Genetics Minecraft Horse Mods

Created by: KrittaKitty

Need your horses to look somewhat bit extra pure than an animation? This mod provides biologically correct genetics by textures. You possibly can management the colours, velocity, well being and even bounce energy by these genes. There are over 35 horse colours/patterns you can combine and match to make your horse look distinctive than the remainder!


Hwyla Addon Horse Information

Created by: TheSpartanCV

This addon mod offers you with the horse’s statistics corresponding to bounce energy and velocity information everytime you have a look at any horse. The addon nevertheless must be enabled in Hwyla plugin settings first. So get your palms on this mod to remain knowledgeable concerning the totally different horses roaming round you!


Higher Horse Hud

Created by: mistress miaura

The Higher Horse Hud is a mod that modifications the Minecraft heads up show each time you might be using on a horse or mounting it. By putting in this mod, it is possible for you to to see each your starvation and the horse’s well being whereas the bounce bar is hidden (except you might be leaping). So set up this mod when you wanna change your view whereas on a horse.


MyHorse Minecraft Horse Mod

Gameversion: 1.8

Do you wanna actually personal your horses? Then get your palms on this minecraft horse mods must-have to have extra management over your little horsy! Now you can title it, hold it protected from being stolen, make it invulnerable, make it unable to be leashed by others, put it on the market, teleport your self to it, teleport it to you and accomplish that rather more!


Skeleton Horse Spawn Minecraft Mod

Created by: me with assist of G7

Bear in mind the White Walkers in Recreation of Thrones and their skeletal horses? Now you can convey them to your Minecraft world with the Skeleton Horse Spawn mod. This mod permits a skeletal horse with a skeleton rider to spawn in your sport. You may as well make some modifications by configuring it to your wants! So good luck with creating the land of the lifeless! 


Horse Upgrades

Created by: pir2

This mod provides new and totally different sorts of carrots that may change your horses each time they eat them. For instance, the lapis carrot will change the horse colours (into black, gray or brown), the emerald carrot will change the horse sort (into customary, skeleton or zombie) and the diamond carrot will add a coronary heart of well being to your horse. So let your horses eat these magical carrots to remodel into cool horses!


Callable Horses

Gameversion: 1.7.10

As you possibly can guess from the title, this mod enables you to name your horse by urgent a key and it’ll immediately seem irrespective of the place it’s (so loyal, proper?). You are able to do this to your private horses. To personal a horse (or a llama), hop onto it and press P. If the horse doesn’t belong to anybody, it will likely be yours. So you’ll now be capable to press V and name your horse to you. So handy, proper?


Minecraft Horse Mod: “Horses”

Gameversion: CB 1.7.9-R0.1

In search of a sophisticated solution to handle your horses? This mod is a digital secure administration system that permits you to purchase, retailer and summon horses. You possibly can rename, shield, swap, purchase, and retailer your horses in secure. You may as well handle them by the breed sort and even tame them to be added to your secure. So get your palms on this very sensible mod to avail these and plenty of different options!


Horse Modifiers

Created by: Khettienna

The Horse Modifiers mod enables you to modify your horses and their breeds. You possibly can modify their breeds by including carrots that may change the horses’ attributes when eaten. This was once by breeding them amongst themselves however now you are able to do that by feeding them particular carrots to vary their qualities.


Netherite Horse Armor Minecraft Mod

Gameversion: 1.16.2

Do you wanna trip in your horse within the Nether however don’t wanna flip it right into a barbecued horse? That is yet one more Nether armor mod that provides extra safety than diamond horse armor in order that your horse can run round netherite with out burning within the lava or flames. You may get the armor by combining diamond horse armor with a netherite ingot to present it resistance to burning. Keep in mind although that the horse will NOT be fully protected. The extra armor it wears the much less weak it will likely be.


Horse Stats Vanilla (Cloth)

Created by: Paoloxxx

This easy minecraft horse mods merchandise modifications the way in which you view your horses. The Horse Stats Vanilla mod shows the horse stats together with its velocity, bounce peak and well being within the stock. The mod is fairly easy and primary to go together with the vanilla fashion. Now it’s means simpler to see the horse statistics and determine if you would like it or not!


Higher Horses Mod

Created by: KortniA

Are you bored and bored with the unique horses in Minecraft? Properly then it’s time to improve your mod and usher in all new kinds of horses. The brand new horses on this minecraft horse mods free obtain have many enhancements corresponding to an all new strolling, galloping, rearing, consuming and leaping animation to make issues extra enjoyable for you.


Silly Horse Stand Nonetheless

Created by: TheRealMaerlyn

Are you uninterested in your horses wandering away everytime you dismount them? This mod introduces a means you can also make your horses look forward to you each time they’ve a saddle on. So the following time you get off your horse, it’s going to look forward to you in the identical place because it was whenever you dismounted it, and act usually once more whenever you mount it. You possibly can do away with this characteristic and let your horse wander usually any time by eradicating its saddle! So get your palms on this mod to maintain your horse waitin for you. 



Created by: Nighthawk441

Nope, this minecraft horses mods must-have doesn’t have something to do with Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”, if that’s what you had been questioning. This mod is an easy plugin you can set up to spawn any sorts of rideable horses together with the darkish ones (zombie and skeleton horses) and trip them across the nation. So get your palms on this mod now by spawning mobs randomly and surprising individuals with these unnatural horses.


Horse Racing Plus Minecraft Mod

Gameversion: 1.12.2

Are you into horse racing? Then that is the proper mod for you as a result of it enables you to horse race with your folks by creating an enviornment with a end line. You possibly can even give out cash and gadgets as rewards to the winners and spawn a number of racing arenas in a number of worlds. Now THAT is one thing fascinating! 


Horse Debug Information

Created by: kuertee

This can be a good mod for you when you pay with Cloth and like taming your horses. The mod enables you to get your palms on the very best horse for you by evaluating its bounce distance, hp and velocity earlier than taming it. You possibly can see the horse’s stats by activating the debugging show (F3 button) and put the cursor on the horse to see detailed information. So let this mod make the horse choice quite a bit simpler for you.


Acquainted Horses

Created by: bbsnipo

Do you hate the horses launched in Minecraft 1.13? This mod will restore the gorgeous mannequin utilized by horses earlier than the Minecraft 1.13 was launched. So change the fashions of the next mobs and benefit from the good ol’ ones: 

  • Horses
  • Donkeys
  • Mules
  • Skeleton Horses
  • Zombie Horses

The mod additionally restores the previous armor through the use of customized textures.


HorseStats Minecraft Horse Mod

Created by: Basalt

This yet one more mod aimed toward displaying the horse’s stats additionally prevents horse grief and thefts, lets your horses teleport and permits alteration in its attributes.Punching a horse with a lead will present its stats in your chat window.


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