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Ever seen bizarre animals and monsters strolling within the server? That is the work of Mo’Creatures.

It provides lots of pleasant, impartial and aggresive monsters, and a few gadgets associated to them.

Water Mobs




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These mobs spawn within the water. We strongly advise to make use of a ship within the water as a substitute of swimming, as a result of these mobs could make the water very harmful.

Little fishes




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They’ve 10 totally different colours/patterns. Piranhas are purple and can assault something that falls within the water.

Fishbowls can be utilized to seize, transport and launch fish. You’ll be able to craft a fishbowl with 4 items of glass. An empty fishbowl may be stuffed with water.

A fishbowl with water can be utilized to seize fish. The fishbowl may be positioned on the planet and carried round in your head. If you wish to deliver a fishbowl again to your stock, good click on on it whereas holding a pike.

There are six totally different type of dolphins (from frequent to uncommon): blue, inexperienced, purple, darkish, pink and albino. The final two varieties are seen solely not often within the wild.

Taming Dolphins

You’ll be able to tame dolphins by feeding them uncooked fish. The rarer the dolphin, the extra uncooked fish it requires to be tamed. A blue dolphin requires 2 uncooked fish and an albino dolphin requires 12 uncooked fish. You may also tame dolphins b driving/breaking them. Rarer dolphins are noticeable quicker then frequent ones.

Though taming sounds cool, we strongly suggest towards it in multiplayer since it is extremely bugged. You’ll drown in a short time if you do not get off the dolphins fast sufficient.

Breeding dolphins

Tamed grownup dolphins can breed by feeding them cooked fish and holding them other than different creatures in an analogous fashing that the horse breeding. Younger dolphins cannot breed or be tamed/ridden.

Two dolphins of the identical shade will all the time have offspring of such shade. Dolphins have a ‘genetic worth’ from 1-6 (blue =1 and albino =6). For those who combine and match dolphins you’ve got 1/3 likelihood of acquiring a purple or darkish dolphin if the genetic worth addition of the dad and mom is 3 or 4, and you’ve got a 1/10 likelihood of acquiring a pink or albino dolphin if the genetic worth addition equiels 5 or 6. I.E. a pink dolphin(5) may be obtained in 1/10 of circumstances by combining a blue (1) plus a darkish (4) dolphin or a inexperienced (2) plus a purple (3) dolphin.

The sharks will assault something that falls within the water, besides squids or different sharks. Sharks have totally different sizes, if you happen to kill an enormous shark in simple problem or greater, you’ve got a ten% likelihood of getting a shark egg. Proper clicking on the shark eggs throws them. If the egg falls in water it should incubate and a tamed shark will hatch. Tamed sharks will not despawn and as soon as they’re large enough, will assault every other creature besides sharks or the participant.

Mantarays are peaceable creatures, they will not hassle you in any respect.

Stingrays will attempt to disguise on the backside of the water, they are often present in waters of most biomes besides the Ocean and snow biomes. For those who get too shut, you’ve got an opportunity of being poisoned. Simply avoind stepping on them!

Jellyfish will spawn in most waters. They’re translucent and propel with pulsating actions. They’re additionally luminescent at evening. You may get poisoned if you happen to get too shut. Jellyfish drop slimeballs. Simply watch the water, you do not wish to get poisoned!

Different mobs




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These mobs spawn on land. Some are pleasant, some usually are not. We simply advise you to be careful.

Ostriches spawn in plains and desert biomes. Yow will discover male, females and chicks. The males will combat again if attacked. The females and chicks will run away and conceal their heads within the floor if attacked.

Watch out for the usually passive feminine ostriches, they’re going to combat you if you happen to steal considered one of its eggs. Wild ostriches cannot be tamed, however if you happen to occur to amass an ostrich egg and hatch it, the chick might be tamed and can comply with you round.

You can provide your tamed ostrich chick a reputation. The title may be modified by interacting with the ostrich whereas holding a medallion or e book.

As soon as the chick turns into grownup, it should swap it is feathers to mirror its gender. You’ll be able to command your tamed ostriches by utilizing a whip.

For those who give an grownup tamed ostrich a saddle, you’ll be able to journey it. Whereas driving, if you happen to crack your whip on the bottom, the ostrich will dash for a brief time frame.

Male ostriches are quick and the uncommon albino ostriches even quicker.

There are eight totally different sorts of snakes together with a few shy snakes that may run away from t he participant and venomous snakes like corals, cobras, and rattle snakes. There are additionally aggressive pythons.

Totally different type of snakes spawn primarily based on the biomes. Rattlesnakes solely spawn in deserts, pythons spawn in swamps and jungles.

Snakes thoughts their very own enterprise, if you happen to get too shut they are going to alert and hiss, supplying you with time to run away. For those who do not, they are going to assault you.

A participant carrying a hen or mice will assault the close by snakes. They search out small creatures.

You’ll be able to get hold of snake eggs. A snake egg that’s dropped close to a torch will hatch and the newborn snake might be tamed and may be picked up. Tamed snakes will not assault the participant.

Goats are very easy to tame, simply drop any edible (meals) merchandise close by. As soon as tamed, you’ll be able to title them. You may also change the title by proper clicking on the goat whereas holding a medaillon.

Tamed and wild goats will comply with you if you’re carrying any edible gadgets in your hand.

You need to use a rope on tamed goat to make them comply with you.

You’ll be able to milk feminine goats. Feminine goats haven’t got a goatie and have shorter horns.

Do not attempt to milk a male goat. It will not prefer it and assault you.

Male goats will combat again if provoked. They will even combat between themselves. They will not combat to deaht and can settle down after a short time.

Goats are fairly omnivorous. They’ll eat ANY merchandise or floating blocks which are close by. Even diamonds. For those who die subsequent to a goat it should have a feast along with your dropped gadgets. You will have been warned!

Crocodils will roam round close to seashores within the swamp biomes, generally they are going to stay static. Do not be fooled by a ‘sleeping’ crocodile, they’re able to assault and their pace can suprise you. They’re very aggressive and quick within the water. Crocodils snatch prey with their jaws, they are going to attempt to carry their prey to the water, have been they’re going to carry out a dying roll.

If a crocodile has caught you, you’ll be able to attempt to get free by attacking it, however not all of the hits will land. It isn’t that simple to flee crododile’s jaws.

Crocodiles drop hides that can be utilized to craft ‘croc’ armor.

These shy little guys will disguise from every other creature greater than them. Turtles are immune to most assaults except they’re the wrong way up. For those who proper click on on a turtle, you’ll flip it. It takes a while for the poor man to flop.

You’ll be able to tame turtles by dropping watermelon slices or sugar cane close to them. As soon as tamed, they are going to develop slowly, comply with you round and in addition you’ll be able to carry them in your head.

Scorpions are nasty creatures that assault at evening or if provoked. When scorpions assault, there’s a likelihood of being poisoned. There are 4 totally different sorts of scorpions, inexperienced and browns which is able to poison you, blue scorpions discovered on snow that may gradual you down, and the purple scorpions discovered within the Nether and can set you on hearth.

Wild kitties will run from the participant. You’ll be able to throw cooked fish close to them and as soon as they eat it, they will not run away from the participant. You’ll be able to then give them a medallion to tame them. As soon as the medallion is given you’ll be able to title them. The title and well being bar may be toggled on/off individually by proper clicking whereas holding a pickaxe or globally by utilizing the in-game mod menu.

As soon as the cat is tamed, it should search for a kitty mattress with meals or milk.

You’ll be able to place beds and litter containers by proper clicking, and choose them up by proper clicking whereas holding a pickaxe.

You’ll be able to transport a kitty mattress or litter field in your head by proper clicking it with out holding a pickaxe. You’ll be able to transport kitties which are mendacity on the mattress or litter field that manner. The kitties will need both milk, or pet meals poured into the kitty mattress. Whereas the cat is consuming or consuming, you’ll be able to see the milk/meals stage shrinking.

Pet meals is any mixture of uncooked pork and uncooked fish. As soon as the kitty has eaten, it should search for an unused litter field.

The litter field will turn into ‘used’. This merchandise is a strong magnet for monsters. Nonetheless ogres will not stomp and creepers will not explode. Zobmies will chase and push it whereas skeletons will throw arrows at it. After some time an used litter field will return to its empty state. You may also use sand on an used litter field to scrub it.

A cat that has eaten and used a litter field, will roam freely. It could actually turn into hungry once more and search for meals in a kitty mattress once more, or it should go to sleep at evening, or attempt to climb a tree.

For those who use a whip close by cats, they are going to sit and will not transfer. You may also proper click on on a cat whereas carrying a whip to individually toggle sitting on/off.

If the cat has determined to climb a tree, you’ll be able to watch it climbing. A cat that climbs a tree, will ge trapped on high and can need assistance to come back down.

You’ll be able to choose up a cat in three other ways: if it’s a kitten, it should journey on high of your head. An grownup cat will go on the participant’s shoulders. For those who choose up a cat whereas holding a rope, you’ll carry it by its legs. Cats do not prefer to be carried that manner and might be irritated when you drop them.

Cats also can get irritated if they do not discover a litter field or a mattress with meals or milk, or if you happen to assault them as soon as they’re tamed. As soon as the cat is irritated, it should chase the participant and sometimes harm him/her. After some time the cat mood will enhance.

A cat will comply with you if in case you have a wool ball in your hand.

For those who give the cat the wool ball, it should play with it for some time chasing it and pushing it, till the cat will get bored.

You’ll be able to breed cats by giving them cake. As soon as cake is given, the cat will search for one other cat that can be within the temper (given cake). After some time considered one of them will turn into pregnant and might want to discover a kitty mattress.

After a short time within the kitty mattress, the cat will give beginning to 1-3 kittens. Kittens might be very playful and can chase any gadgets (not solely wool balls), will play with the participant and can chase its mother.

If a kitten is attacked, its mother will defend them.

Cats will show emoticons to offer you clues of what they’re considering. You’ll be able to flip emoticons off utilizing the in-game mod menu.

They’ll run away from all the things. You’ll be able to choose up a mouse by its tail. Mice drop seeds.

They’ll assault the participant at evening or in darkish areas, if you happen to assault one rat, all of the close by rats will assault you. They aren’t too robust and their well being is low. They drop coal.

The deer will run away from something greater than a hen. They’re peaceable creatures. Yow will discover feminine, males and fawn. They drop pork meat.

Large Cats




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Apart from female and male lions, there are Tigers, Cheetahs, Panthers, Snow Leopards and White Tigers.

Feminine lions and Tigers will all the time assault the participant if withing vary. Male lions, panthers and cheetahs will some occasions assault the participant. Large cats will assault solely when hungry. They will even eat uncooked pork or uncooked fish when hungry. As soon as they eat or kill a prey, they’re going to cease being hungry for some time.

Large cats of various breeds will combat amongst them. Tamed large cats will not combat amongst them.

Wild Cubs will seldom spawn. For those who throw uncooked pork or uncooked fish close to a small cub, and then you definately give it a medallion, you’ll tame it and it will not despawn or assault you. As soon as it grows to grownup measurement, it should combat mobs by itself. Cubs will assault every other animal smaller than themselves. Larger (nearly grownup) cubs will not be tamed.

Tamed large cats will comply with you and combat any mob that targets you. Large cats will drop large cat claws when killed. You need to use the massive cat claws to craft a whip.

Horses and massive cats will keep put when a whip is used close to them (inside 12 blocks). Additionally if you happen to proper click on on an enormous cat whereas holding a whip, you’ll be able to toggle them between shifting and staying.

For those who use a rope on a tamed large cat, it should comply with you and combat your enemies.

The primary metamorphic and multi-stance mob for Minecraft! Do not be fooled by his look and candy speak, they’re omnious! He drops wooden sticks or wooden instruments. At evening it should remodel into what you’ll be able to see beneath.

You’ll be able to see it in daylight, however it should remodel again into human type very quickly. The one method to kill this beast shortly is by utilizing gold gadgets (even with diamond instruments it should take a looooooong very long time). You will have been warned, do not face one if you do not have a golden weapon. It drops gold appels, stone or metal instruments.

  • A werewolf earlier than transformation, a hobo

  • A werewolf after transformation

  • A werewolf in attacking mode


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Spawns within the grass throughout daytime. It should assault you provided that provoked in simple difficutly or greater. It should additionally assault you at evening. It hunts all the things however lions and different bears.

Spawns throughout the evening time, solely outdoor. It should assault you at evening, and will not assault except provoked throughout the day. Hunts small prey, and naturally sheep!

Polar Bears




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Spawns solely on snow. A extra aggressive model than the common Bear, the Polar Bear will assault you on sight in simple problem or greater. Drops fish!

There are 2 forms of wraith, regular and flame.

The conventional wraith drops gunpowder, and flies within the air.

The flame wraith will set you on hearth for a short while. It drops weekend, and you may see them from a distance as a result of off the flashing flames.

There are 3 type of ogre’s, and they’re all very harmful. We propose you to remain away fromt hem so far as doable.

Regular ogre destorys blocks sparing ore blocks and obsidian. It drops obisidian ore.

Fireplace ogres are rarer then the common one. It destroys blocks and ignites the ground on impression. It’s hearth resistant. It drops ‘hearth’ as an merchandise so you’ll be able to craft chainmail.

Cave ogres spawns underground and has the largest harm space of all ogre’s. It drops diamonds.

Nothing particular, only a hen, however then a duck.

They assault smaller prey and if you happen to get near them, they will additionally assault you. Be warned!

They drop porkchop.

They’ve 4 totally different fur colours. You’ll be able to tame on by choosing it up. For those who maintain two tamed bunnies in an enclosed house, they are going to breed.

For those who drop a bunny whereas being chased by mobs, the mobs will goal the bunny.

One thing cool occurs if you happen to journey a horse with a bunny hat!

Birds add ambiance to the sport. There are six totally different varieties, they usually have totally different sounds. Dove, Crow, BlueGrossBeak, Cardinal, Canary and Parrot. You’ll be able to tame them by feeding them seeds (throw it on the bottom). As soon as tamed, they will not be afraid of you and will not despawn.

For those who choose up a hen, you’ll be able to glide safely from heights.

They’ll solely assault smaller creatures. It drops leather-based.

Horses are the primary controllable mount in Minecraft. You’ll need to tame them earlier than you’ll be able to journey them. As soon as tamed, they will not despawn. There are eight totally different type of Horses accessible. They’re listed right here from commonest to the rarest.

  • Gentle horse
Probably the most fundamental horse
  • Brown horse
Barely quicker then the common horse
  • Black horse
Sooner than the others, additionally tougher to tame
  • Unicorn
It is a uncommon discover! You will have solely 4% likelihood of discovering a mythic Unicorn. The unicorns are the quickest of the mounts
  • Pegasus
The very uncommon Pegasus, is the primary flying mount in Minecraft! Good luck discovering/taming one! You solely have a 1% likelihood of discovering a Pegasus (whenever you discover any given horse)
  • Pack horse
This horse can carry luggage (a transportable stock, very like the backpack however now on horses). You’ll be able to solely get one by breeding toher horses.
  • Nightmare
This horse is hearth resistant, and can set the bottom on hearth if you happen to feed it redstone. You’ll be able to solely get one by breeding different horses.
  • Black Pegasus
The most effective horse you will get, it’s hearth resistant, has a list and can be a flying mount. You may get one by breeding horses.

That is the way you craft the horse saddle:

Fast information on the right way to tame horses

The quicker/rarer the horse, the tougher to tame. That is what they require to be as docile as doable earlier than you mount them. Even after making them pleased, you’ll have to break/journey them till they settle for you. To maake them docile you’ll need to offer:

  • Gentle horses (1 bread or 4 wheat)
  • Brown horses (2 bread or 8 wheat)
  • Black horses (3 bread or 12 wheat)
  • Unicorns (4 bread or 16 wheat)
  • Pegasus (5 bread or 20 wheat)

Otherwise you can provide them an apple, that may tame them immediately. Feeding the horses apples, bread or wheat will restore their well being as nicely.

For the reason that horse driving has been improved permitting the participant to make use of weapons, gather gadgets and place blocks whereas driving, the one method to dismount a horse is by clicking the sneak key (shift by default).

Fast information on the right way to breed horses

  • The horses to breed needs to be stored shut (not more than 4 blocks away)
  • There needs to be no different horses round (8 blocks)
  • You need to feed them each to start out the method (appropriate meals are mushroom soup or pumpkins)
  • Each horses needs to be fertile (i.e. they settle for pumpkins/soup/cake)
  • You cannot be too shut (4 blocks) or they will not breed
  • It takes time (about 1/2 of a Minecraft day)
  • The outcomes of the breed relies on the genetic worth of the horses:
1 = Gentle horses
2 = Brown horses
3 = Darkish horses
4 = Unicorn
5 = Pegasus
6 = Pack horse
7 = Nightmare
8 = Black Pegasus

Relying on the sum of each guardian’s genetic worth you’ve got an opportunity of getting a uncommon breed.

If each horses are the identical type, they are going to have equal offspring, in any other case:

  • Sum equals 07 = likelihood of getting a packhorse
  • Sum equals 09 = likelihood of getting a nightmare
  • Sum equals 10 = likelihood of getting a pegasus
  • Sum equals 12 = Probability of getting a black pegasus
  • If the sum is not one of the above, you’re going to get a random horse with genetic worth 1-5

Fast information on the right way to use the horse’s stock

  • This works just for pack horses and the black pegasus
  • The horse must be tamed, and you might want to give it a chest (solely as soon as)
  • To activate the stock, you might want to have a stone shovel or torch in your hand (consider it as a key) after which proper click on on the horse

Methods to activate the Nightmare’s particular skill

It must be tamed, you might want to give it a redstone

After that, journey it and watch out!

You’ll be able to craft a rope that can be utilized to tie horses and massive cats, so they are going to comply with you.

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