Demon Hunter Alucard, one of the vital fearsome heroes in Cell Legends. What’s the rationale for that fame?

Effectively, Alucard is a hero able to destroying a whole enemy group even in a battle one vs. 5. So nice is his injury potential, in addition to his nice mobility, that he could be determinant in serving to your group win the battle.

What makes Alucard so harmful is his passive ability “Pursuit,” which permits him to focus the assault regularly on an enemy. So, it outcomes virtually inconceivable to flee as soon as he has put his eye on the goal.

Moreover that, Alucard is a hero that requires endurance and techniques as a result of he’s weak on early sport and could be killed shortly if you’re not cautious.


Pursuit (Passive)

When Alucard makes use of a ability, he offers 1.2x injury for hitting one enemy and 1.1x for 2 enemies. Moreover, his subsequent primary assault will cope with 1.2x injury and take him routinely near the enemy.

Groundsplitter (Lively)

Alucard jumps to the designated location, hitting and dealing 240 pts of Bodily Injury. This capability additionally slows down the enemy by 60% for 2 secs. Has a Cooldown of 9/6.5 secs.

Whirling Smash (Lively)

Alucard slashes at close by enemies and offers 230/380 (relying on stage) of Bodily Injury.

Fission Wave (Final)

This capability will increase Alucard’s Lifesteal by 20% and locks onto the enemy. Throughout this time, Alucard’s Lifesteal will increase by 100%. On the similar time, he releases a strong wave that offers with 440/760 pts of Bodily Injury to enemies throughout the space.

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Emblem Set

Since Alucard is a really farming and merchandise dependent hero, the very best Emblem Set for him could be “Custom Assassin Emblem Set.”

The above set will improve single-target killing energy, which is ideal for heroes with excessive injury stats — together with Assassins and Marksmen.

Strive additionally to benefit from Tier 3’s expertise Bounty Hunter. This one provides you with an additional 100 Gold every time you kill a hero and helps you farm sooner.



Teleport the hero from one place to a different in half a second.

That is preferrred for Alucard to flee from harmful conditions, particularly within the early sport.


This spell offers the hero a protecting defend of 720/1420 pts for 3 secs. It additionally offers 50% of defend pts to any close by ally hero.

This spell is particularly helpful for Alucard in the course of the early sport when some enemy heroes could be chasing him within the jungle.


Purify removes all destructive results from person and grants immunity to controlling results for 1.2 secs. It additionally will increase Motion Pace by 30%.

This merchandise is vital for Alucard since he’s a hero weak in opposition to management talents. Purify can assist you escape save from sticky conditions.


Pure Hunter Construct

Gadgets for Cooldown Discount:

Magic Sneakers

+10 pts Cooldown Discount.

Alucard doesn’t use mana, so we use this merchandise to permit his talents to be triggered extra steadily.

Infinite Battle

+65 Bodily Assault, +25 Magic Energy, +25 HP, +300 Mana, +5 Mov Spd, +15 Lifesteal

This merchandise is vital for Alucard, so attempt to get it early on. The consequences and passives from this merchandise make a superb synergy with Alucard’s talents, permitting him to endurance a bit of extra any battle.

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Gadgets for early sport:

Corrosion Scythe

+50 Bodily Assault, +400 Assault Pace, +15 Assault Pace

This merchandise additionally makes good synergy because of the vital discount of Motion Pace to the enemy.

Berserker’s Fury

+65 Bodily Assault, +25 Vital Strike Likelihood

This merchandise is especially for rising injury after Vital Strike.

Gadgets for Protection:

Wings of Apocalypse Queen

+15 Bodily Assault, +1,000 HP, +10 Cooldown Discount

A survival merchandise helpful when you find yourself low on HP.

Blade Armor

+90 Armor

Helpful when you find yourself farming and wish to hold enemies away from you to keep away from shedding your gold.

Be aware: You too can substitute some gadgets right here.

Warrior Boots

+22 Armor

You should use this merchandise as a substitute of Magical Boots because the first is nice for any fighter generally — it’s good for protection on early sport, which is appropriate for Alucard.

Haas’s Claws

+70 Bodily Assault

The additional Lifesteal impact it supplies is sweet when you find yourself in a solo battle in opposition to a number of enemies. You should use it as a substitute of Corrosion Scythe.

Blade of Despair

+170 Bodily Assault, +10 Assault Pace

You should use it as a substitute of Blade Armor when you find yourself positive you may farm with out worrying about any enemy attempting to offer you issues.

Tips about How To Play Alucard

As we mentioned earlier than, Alucard could be very farming and merchandise, dependent hero. He’s weak in early video games, so don’t get an excessive amount of excited at the moment attempting to kill enemies in solo fights.

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Your job as Murderer is to kill enemy heroes however attempt to focus first on farming and get stronger as shortly as you may. Attempt to use minions as a substitute of creatures to earn extra gold.

After getting sufficient stage (about 10), you may go and kill as you want. On this regard, it’s important you observe sufficient to grasp Alucard’s passive Pursuit — in mid and late video games, this shall be essential to “hunt” enemy heroes and inflicting them the utmost potential injury throughout group battles.

The extra pure option to make efficient use of Pursuit is alternating the applying of expertise with primary assaults regularly — one ability, primary assault, one ability, primary assault.

Watch out about attempting to be the king of the hill, keep in mind that Alucard hits exhausting, however he’s additionally weak in opposition to management talents. Attempt to play from a secure place (i.e., ready within the jungle till the fitting second is current to place in your palms a straightforward kill.)

One other tip is to keep away from utilizing your final ability on enemies with excessive HP. The right tactic could be ending the enemy when he’s low on HP or when he’s surrounded by your group — until you’re a expert participant.

Don’t get discouraged for those who’re steadily killed; that is typical when utilizing heroes with low protection stats like Alucard. Play secure and luxuriate in it!

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