We’re executed with Eudora, as all the time bear in mind to ask me something you need I’ll depart right here my winrates and rank for anybody considering.

Keep along with your within the backlane of your group and attempt to hit as many enemies as you’ll be able to with Forked Lightning and the use your final . This fashion you will set off the 15% further injury to as many enemies as attainable.

Additionally there’s a little trick, due to the time that the last word takes to land, you’ll be able to Thunderstruck > Forked Lightning and it’ll set off the extra 15% injury of the last word.

If he’s attacking you, then maximize the injury utilizing this: Electrical Arrow > Forked Lightning > Thunderstruck

If you attain degree 4, all in along with your final the enemy laner, in the event you suppose that he’s going to run away go together with this combo: Forked Lightning > Electrical Arrow > Thunderstruck.

Push the lane, and injury the enemy. The combo I like to recommend pre-ultimate is first Forked Lightning after which Electrical Arrow, you’ll double the stun period, on this time you’ll be able to autoattack him twice to maximise the injury.

Bear in mind that you may go mid lane alone or to a duolane with a companion, each selections are okay.

Bear in mind to make use of your passive appropriately and don’t get caught alone, you often can’t 1 v 2 the enemy due to your low mobility.

Check out each skins:

Eudora has two skins Flame Pink Lips and Christmas Cheer . I personally want the second however it may possibly’t be purchased with diamonds and is tougher to get so in the event you don’t have persistence purchase Flame Pink Lips, however bear in mind, persistence is recompensed.

You can even CC chain to make an enemy stand for ages.

He’ll hook enemies for you and drag them in vary to all of your talents

– Each of you’ve got burst injury, so kills are secured in lane.

This time I’m going to speak about to heroes, however your preferences of teaming up are all the time a marksman or a heavy burst hero.

Offers 300-1000 pts of true injury to a specified hero (grows with degree).

Teleports a sure distance in a specified course. For 1s after the teleport, period of disabling results will likely be diminished 50%.

I’ll present right here 3 choices in case you aren’t excessive degree and also you don’t have a few of this spells.

Distinctive Passive Freeze Abilities that injury an enemy hero will carry a ten% decelerate impact. This impact lasts 3s and may stack as much as 3 occasions.

-A really helpful merchandise for recharging your expertise earlier.

Distinctive Passive, Timestream: After killing an enemy hero, instantly cut back cooldown time for all talents 30%.

I’ll present right here different magic energy objects you should buy as Eudora

Distinctive Passive Spellbreaker When HP is over 70%, the distinctive attribute for this gear will enhance 30%

Distinctive Passive, Exterminate: After a ability hits a goal, magic assault will instantly enhance 15%. The following ability injury will terminate this impact. This impact can last as long as 3s with a in-built cooldown time of 10s.

As Eudora you need to construct full magic energy, you don’t must construct tanky objects as a result of you will be the principle injury vendor of your group.

The superconductor impact makes this potential to deal much more injury, precisely 15%, that is the most effective impact of the passive you may get.

Right here we attain the highest of the hero. This mounted potential injury is insane, finally degree 1190 of base injury plus the scaling is basically mad. Additionally it offers space injury (in much less amount but additionally excessive sufficient).

Summons an awesome storm of lightning, dealing 600/880/1190 pts of magic injury to the goal. Different enemies across the goal will obtain 400/550/700 pts of magic injury. The ability will deal further 15%/15%/15% of injury to enemies who’re affected by Superconductor impact.

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The superconductor impact on this potential is unbelievable, it doubles the time of the stun period, that is an impact to be taken into consideration

Helpful for catching mispositioned enemies or bursting the goal with out react time. It needs to be mentioned that it is a mounted stun what makes the flexibility so highly effective.

Strikes an enemy with a bolt of lightning, dealing 280/300/320/340/360/380 magic injury and gorgeous the goal for 0.75s. Enemies who acquired a Superconductor impact will likely be shocked for an extra 0.75s.

The superconductor results lowers the magic resistance of the enemy champion by 15, that is the much less rewarding impact, as mentioned beneath.

Your principal injury potential. With Forked Lightning you’ll be able to insanely poke your enemies in lane, such a low CD and nice injury, you can also push the wave whereas decreasing enemy’s HP.

Makes use of forked lightning to deal 400/450/500/550/600/650 magic injury to enemies in a conical space in entrance of the hero, additionally inflicting enemies who acquired a Superconductor impact to lose 15 magic resistance.

-Principally on this potential is all of the magic of Eudora, mainly, in the event you haven’t perceive it, whenever you deal injury with one spell to an enemy hero, he’ll get “marked” and can obtain further results from the opposite talents.

Offers the goal a “Superconductor” impact which can amplify the results of different talents.

Eudora is a injury mage that may be very helpful in teamfights. She has burst injury and her final can destroy the enemy group in only a second. Additionally her passive is nice for buying and selling in lane and may make the laning section a nightmare on your enemy. It’s an awesome alternative if you wish to carry your group to victory and climb up some leagues.

Welcome to the one Eudora Cellular Legends information you’ll ever want. On this information, I’ll present you the most effective ideas and methods for Eudora that will help you dominate the competitors.

Whereas there are a lot of totally different characters to select from, Eudora provides a novel mixture of talents that may allow you to management the match’s stream and single-handedly win your group the sport.

Beneath is all of the data it is advisable get probably the most out of Eudora.


Eudora is a mage, which implies she interacts with different champions primarily via her spells.

She is assessed as a Reap/Harm sort mage, which implies she offers a excessive quantity of injury, particularly to champions which might be on the verge of dying.

Moreover, she has single-target crowd management that helps her win the sting within the laning section and management the tempo of the sport.

General, Eudora has the abilities to manage each a part of the sport. This information is right here that will help you find out how. Let’s start.

Hero Capability:

Eudora capabilities nicely with various talents.

Relying in your group composition, you’ll be able to select to safe kills with Execute, catch fleeing enemies or escape chasing enemies with Flicker, evade crowd management with Purify.

The 2 greatest talents on Eudora, nevertheless, are Flicker, as on most champions, and Execute. Flicker is a superb throughout potential, permitting you to safe kills which might be on the verge of escape.

Execute, nevertheless, is uniquely good on Eudora as a result of it permits you to lengthen your combo’s injury from 80% of your goal’s well being to 100% with good utilization.

General, I like to recommend Flicker, however virtually any spell can get helpful.


Eudora’s spells are all about management and injury.

Her passive influences every of her spells in numerous methods, which implies you need to combo them in key sequences relying on the state of affairs by which you end up.

Eudora’s passive is Semiconductor, and that is what provides a lot depth to Eudora.

Relying in your sequence of spells, you’ll be able to give attention to space of impact injury, crowd management, or single-target executes.

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Eudora’s first potential is Forked Lightning. This potential offers a excessive quantity of space of impact injury in a cone in entrance of Eudora.

If the enemy already has been affected by a spell, then Forked Lightning will decrease the enemy’s magic resistance by 25, sufficient to verify the subsequent spell in your rotation significantly hurts.

Use this potential to push waves, safe final hit gold on minions, harass the enemy in lane, and ideally, arrange your ult to deal its most injury.

Eudora’s second potential is Electrical Arrow. This potential offers reasonable single goal injury, however extra importantly, stuns the goal for 1 second.

If Electrical Arrow is used after every other spell within the rotation, the goal will likely be shocked for two seconds as a substitute of 1.

Use this potential to observe up your lane harass with Forked Lightning and forestall your lane opponent from buying and selling again.

This potential may also be used first in your combo to verify your opponent can’t escape the complete sequence.

Eudora’s final potential is named Thunderstruck. This potential offers an enormous quantity of injury, both to a single goal or in an space.

If Thunderstruck is used after every other spell in your rotation, it’s going to deal an extra 15% injury. If Thunderstruck hits just one goal, it’s going to deal an extra 15% injury.

And sure, these two results stack, which implies in the event you catch out somebody rotating between lanes within the river or the jungle, load them up along with your rotation and pop them into oblivion.

Use this potential on the finish of any combo, virtually on cooldown.

The one time to carry onto the flexibility could be if you realize a teamfight goes to interrupt out quickly or in the event you don’t have every other spell to prime the Semiconductor impact.

The most effective issues about Eudora’s ability set is that within the late recreation, in the event you catch a squishy out of place, you’ll be able to rapidly pop them earlier than the group battle by unloading your entire spells onto them.

Satisfying is an understatement.


As a result of Eudora is a mage, you need to play her solo within the center lane to maximise your expertise beneficial properties.

The upper your degree, the extra ranks you’ll be able to put into your expertise, and subsequently pressure your opponent out of lane to be able to dominate the remainder of the map.

As a mage, you might be squishy, however you deal excessive injury.

Eudora offers excessive space of impact injury and excessive single goal injury with crowd management, so you’ll be able to safely management group fights and roam freely in the event you take note of the place gamers are on the map.

The principle factor you want to pay attention to as a mage is your place relative to different gamers with crowd management.

If you happen to get caught and die, regardless of the place the remainder of your group is, finally rests in your positioning.

It is advisable bear in mind that chargers can bounce in your place or tanks can reposition you, so keep secure.

With that mentioned, abuse the mispositioning of the enemy group and punish enemy carries for opening themselves as much as getting caught.

Merchandise Builds:

Whereas Eudora offers excessive injury together with her talents alone, she turns into a monster with the appropriate objects.

Core objects on Eudora embody Guardian Relic, Blood Wings, and both Everlasting Scepter or Enchanted Talisman.

Guardian Relic is the only most necessary merchandise to get on Eudora as a result of it amplifies your entire injury by 15% for 3 seconds after utilizing a capability.

This makes your full combo SERIOUSLY harm, and it’s what ultimately lets you pop most enemies in a single rotation.

Nonetheless, I don’t decide up Guardian Relic first as a result of Eudora wants to choose up one other merchandise for mana regeneration. Your choices embody Everlasting Scepter or Enchanted Talisman.

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I want Everlasting Scepter as a result of it retains Eudora related into the late recreation with its scaling over time.

Enchanted Talisman can work by offering you extra uptime on the map due to all of the mana regeneration it provides you, nevertheless it noticeably falls off late recreation.

If you happen to do plan on choosing up Enchanted Talisman, your function adjustments from an murderer to a team-fighting poker due to the elevated cooldown discount and mana regeneration.

Finally, I discover Everlasting Scepter considerably higher at each level of the sport.

Blood Wings is critical as a 3rd or fourth merchandise to maintain you related within the late recreation, because it opens up the variety of targets you’ll be able to remove in a single rotation.

Boots choices embody Arcane Boots or Magic Sneakers, however I go for Arcane Boots most video games.

The added magic penetration helps Eudora kill squishy targets, and the cooldown discount from Magic Sneakers doesn’t have a noticeable sufficient of an impact that it beats out Arcane Boots’ pure injury potential.

So far as fifth and sixth objects are involved, any magic objects will do relying on the enemy group composition.

I sometimes discover myself constructing pure injury, as in Fleeting Time and Astral Wand, if I’m assured sufficient on my positioning versus the enemy group’s potential to leap onto me.

In any other case, magic objects with protection are choices, corresponding to Catastrophe Truncheon towards magic threats, Frost towards chaser threats, or Winter Truncheon towards marksman threats.

If the enemy group has tanks, construct Flame of Fury.

My last construct is often: Everlasting Scepter, Guardian Relic, Arcane Boots, Blood Wings/Flame of Fury, Astral Wand, and Fleeting Time.

General, the ultimate objects are yours to determine on the state of affairs you’re in.


Within the laning section, you need to give attention to final hitting minions to maximise your gold revenue to be able to rush your objects.

Your priorities within the laning section are harassing your opponent in order that they’ll’t safely farm, defending your tower from taking place to lane strain.

You additionally need to shove the wave in order that they’ll’t roam and gank the remainder of your group, and search for alternatives your self to roam to the facet lanes and snag kills.

If there isn’t anything to do, usually farm up the jungle.

As soon as the sport transitions out of the laning section, that’s, the primary facet towers have gone down and individuals are beginning to roam into the center lane to pressure your tower down, you need to prioritize group preventing and defending towers.

In a group battle, you need to both catch a squishy goal like a charger or reaper that steps out of place and pop them, otherwise you need to management the advance of tanks along with your Electrical Arrow and shield your marksman.

By late recreation, you must be capable of pop anybody that isn’t a tank in a single full combo, so attempt to concentrate to the minimap and catch out folks pushing too far or rotating between lanes.

In any other case, you ought to be aiming to mess around group fights, keep positioning that doesn’t allow you to get caught, and customarily management the tempo of the sport to be able to get out your injury and create benefits on your group within the type of man-advantages or positioning benefits.


Eudora is a implausible Hero who can management each a part of the sport in the event you play her to her full potential.

Management the lane, management the roam, management the group fights, and take down their base. Your group will thanks.

If you happen to loved this information, please let me know within the suggestions! Good luck in all of your video games, and present them how Eudora is actually the Lightning Sorceress!

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