Mom Base

Mom Base, 1974.


Offshore army set up


Command middle, R&D lab, residing quarters, hangar, mission help facility


Militaires Sans Frontières


Peace Walker Incident
Floor Zeroes Incident


―Kazuhira Miller to Massive Boss[src]

Mom Base, additionally known as Outer Heaven, and later as Outdated Mom Base, was an off-shore plant situated on the Caribbean Sea that the Militaires Sans Frontières used as a base of operations in 1974.

Historical past


The plant was initially constructed by an American college to be used as a analysis platform for Ocean thermal power conversion (OTEC), with some help from the U.S. Authorities. It was additionally initially deliberate for it to hyperlink up with related services if it succeeded. Nonetheless, they have been unable to unravel the thermal effectivity drawback, so the mission was in the end scrapped. Shortly thereafter, the plant fell into the arms of KGB agent Vladimir Zadornov, who was purported to have purchased the plant by a dummy firm. The plant was additionally designed to hyperlink up with different OTEC crops, indicating an intention to increase the plant.[1]

In November 1974, Zadornov, posing as College of Peace Professor Ramón Gálvez Mena, supplied the off-shore plant to the Militaires Sans Frontières to make use of as a ahead working base as down cost in change for his or her providers in Costa Rica.[2] It was initially rusted and the principle occupants have been seagulls. Nonetheless, the MSF managed to refurbish the newly-dubbed “Mother Base,”[1][3] finally upgrading the design to incorporate a hexagon-based design.[4][5][6] Its measurement grew over time, fueled by captured enemy materiél[7], and the plant basically grew to become a rustic in itself. Their house would additionally come to be generally known as “Outer Heaven“, a spot for outsiders that was not ruled by accepted norms.[8]

Mom Base was practically the goal of a nuclear strike by the unmanned Peace Walker weapon, initiated by CIA Station Chief Scorching Coldman. Nonetheless, the plant was inadvertently saved when Zadornov betrayed Coldman and altered the goal to Cuba. As well as, a lot of the MSF headed to Nicaragua to assist their commander Massive Boss thwart Coldman’s plans, with Huey Emmerich remaining on the base’s command tower with a skeleton crew. Huey later used the tools within the command middle to hack into the communications hyperlinks of NORAD and the Pentagon, after Coldman leaked false knowledge to the organizations.

A really temporary level afterwards, a missile raid was performed on Mom Base, which the MSF efficiently thwarted.

A short while later, Pacifica Ocean hijacked Metallic Gear ZEKE from Mom Base’s hangar, underneath the orders of Cipher, however was defeated by the MSF not lengthy after.

In late February 1975, Strangelove had resigned from the Mom Base workers as a result of AI Growth for ZEKE being accomplished and an absence of labor in AI improvement, although Massive Boss had not been made conscious of this on account of being on a mission that week. Per week later, Mom Base had been due for an inspection by the IAEA and the UN, allegedly as a result of they bought nuclear gas from Uzbekistan, though each Miller and Massive Boss knew the actual purpose was as a result of Cipher wished to search out ZEKE and its nuke, they’re being manipulated by Cipher as revenge for his or her earlier defeat. They initially meant to refuse, however after Huey despatched a letter behind their backs that indicated that they modified their minds, they have been compelled to organize for the inspection, together with eradicating all AFVs save for ZEKE and likewise having a number of rebellious personnel endure obligatory R&R with the automobiles, extending Amanda’s task in Cuba in addition to sending her Sandinista forces to reconvene along with her in Havana, and evacuating all civilian personnel apart from Huey, additionally getting one of many civilians, French ornithologist Cécile Cosima Caminades‘ papers prepared.

On March 16, 1975, the Mom Base was on account of be visited by UN nuclear inspectors for a routine inspection. Due to this improvement, in addition to it concurring with the seize of Paz by her former employers, Cipher, Massive Boss infiltrated Camp Omega in Cuba, with a view to retrieve her for interrogation, and to rescue Chico who had additionally been imprisoned there (with Chico being the principle purpose they’d undergone the mission at the moment, initially planning to infiltrate the camp after the inspection).

It was underneath the guise of the UN nuclear inspection that Mom Base was attacked by the army group XOF, coinciding with the return of Massive Boss from the mission at Camp Omega, although Kazuhira Miller, Massive Boss, Huey and one MSF soldier survived. No less than one strut sank throughout this time, as a result of strut pillars being rigged by C4 by an XOF advance staff beforehand.

The assault was sufficient to have smoke being seen from far-off, leaving the media in charge MSF as being a bunch of “money-grabbing private militias,” in addition to inflicting a scandal among the many United States and numerous different nations and teams when it grew to become obvious they have been among the many purchasers checklist. Nonetheless, america Secretary of Protection publicly denied that America or its allies had any involvement within the incident, with the UN and the IAEA making related denials when reviews got here out that IAEA inspectors had visited the positioning, and the opposite international locations avoiding any remark altogether. Formally, the casualty determine was unsure apart from there not being any recognized survivors, though army choppers had been sighted within the space each previous to and after the incident.[9]


Survivors of the assault have been discovered by Miller and reformed into Diamond Canines by the early Eighties. They might additionally create an analogous offshore base, additionally referred to as Mom Base, close to the Seychelles.

Performance and improvement


―Militaires Sans Frontières briefing[src]

Pre-hexagonal design

When Mom Base was first acquired by the MSF, it consisted of three sq. struts, patterned in a triangle. The highest-right most strut contained a cargo elevator, two hangar areas, and a small rectangular black constructing. The highest-left most strut contained three hangars, two miniature towers, a big white rectangular constructing, and a smaller, longer rectangular constructing. The underside-most strut contained a heliport in addition to an immense tower that additionally had a satellite tv for pc dish on the roof.

Shortly after assembling sufficient manpower, and making a Mess Corridor Unit, a strut was constructed to the highest and proper of the highest proper strut of Mom Base, which contained two lengthy hangars and a white rectangular constructing. Extra manpower additionally allowed for the event of one other strut to the suitable of the highest proper most strut with it barely being decrease in place. This explicit strut contained two small towers and an workplace constructing, and likewise had a path that had but to be absolutely constructed. After hiring some extra troopers into MSF, one other strut to the suitable of that one was constructed. This one contained two small towers, a big constructing, and a smaller constructing.

Hexagonal design

Finally, due to blueprints developed by the MSF’s R&D Crew,[4] Mom Base was upgraded with a hexagonal primarily based design. Kazuhira Miller’s reasoning was primarily based on MSF’s persevering with progress, because the design gave it extra floor space and made it simpler to plan expansions to the general plant. He additionally reasoned that the honeycomb design was one of many strongest, and that numerous militaries of that point have been even considering of utilizing it on tank armor.[6] Nonetheless, the conversion course of required plenty of GMP and recruitment to repay,[4] though they managed to pay it off by way of getting contracts from MSF’s fight unit.[5]

The primary hexagonal strut was initially related with the half-completed walkway. The second hexagonal strut’s completion, nonetheless, resulted in all however the two closest struts of the previous mannequin being demolished. These two have been finally demolished later.

Mom Base on this kind was additionally sturdy and durable sufficient to resist a missile raid if the missiles weren’t shot down. Nonetheless, it might trigger some harm nonetheless.[10] As well as, its struts nonetheless had some weakpoints that might trigger them to break down if exploited, reminiscent of blowing them up with C4.

Mom Base contained an indoor firing vary, in addition to a kill home. It additionally possessed a weapons programs terminal and a provides supply catapult terminal on at the least one strut in case one thing untold occurred, or if an assault on Mom Base was inevitable (as evidenced through the Metallic Gear ZEKE battle). The Mom Base additionally possessed a touchdown/takeoff runway deck just like an plane provider.

Personnel recruited by MSF have been assigned to sure sections of the Mom Base. Every MSF member had particular person attributes to help the group, by including capabilities to the bottom. Certainly one of these capabilities was weapon improvement, which MSF used to improve weapons and create new ones.

Command Middle

The command middle was the proverbial mind of Mom Base’s actions. It monitored the workers ranges. It contained a number of medium workplace buildings, some towers, and some paved roads. Nonetheless, its most distinguished construction was the tower proper on the middle of not solely the part, however Mom Base itself, with a communications dish on the prime. It additionally contained a photo voltaic power plant in addition to a manufacturing unit that utilized smokestacks. The command middle tower contained numerous tools that might be used to patch into different army businesses, reminiscent of NORAD or the Pentagon, and a video monitor to view pictures acquired from MSF operations.[11] It additionally had entry to army satellites, which might be used to determine any areas of bases within the neighborhood or whether or not they have been above floor.[12]

See also  Helmets

R&D Lab

This part acted as the middle for analysis and improvement of varied weapons, tools, and even meals. The part was outfitted with two cranes (one per strut, and 4 counting the 2 on the fourth strut), at the least ten round towers, two miniature hangars, two ports, a cargo elevator on two of the struts, and a small rectangular constructing.

AI Lab

The lab used to develop and keep the AI pod for Metallic Gear ZEKE, in addition to a spot to create backups of the AI ought to ZEKE change into broken. It contained numerous wiring and a central AI machine. After ZEKE was closely broken by Massive Boss throughout an inside revolt brought on by a Cipher agent, Strangelove monitored the AI and analyzed the harm when Huey arrived for a checkup, to which Strangelove reported relating to ZEKE’s AI possessing a backup copy.

Residing Quarters

This part was the place the Mom Base occupants lived. It contained at the least 9 towers (three small, 4 medium, two giant, and one additional giant), eight rectangular three story buildings, one rectangular one story constructing, eight miniature hangars, and two cranes. This was the place the Mess Corridor and Sick bay have been situated, together with their respective groups.

Sick Bay

The Sick Bay was a facility variously used to deal with wounded or sick personnel,and assist troopers get better from PTSD inflicted from a number of conflicts. Amanda Valenciano Libre, the Sandinista chief, was positioned right here after she sustained a damaged leg from an earlier battle with the Chrysalis AI weapon. When she demanded to depart, Massive Boss recommended to Kaz that they let her work on Mom Base.


The hangar was used to retailer and keep any struggle machines that the Militaires Sans Frontieres managed to acquire in addition to Metallic Gear ZEKE. This part was distinctive in that it was the one part the place one of many struts was not of the hexagon design, as an alternative being a runway strip. The hangar part additionally contained an “s” formed constructing, and at the least six towers. It additionally had two struts adjoining the runway strut that had what seemed to be two to a few small cargo elevators, a big cargo elevator, 5 cranes (two on one strut, one on the opposite strut and two on the dock), a helicopter pad, and a dock.

Mission Assist

This part was the place MSF’s Intel Unit operated from. It contained at the least two communication arrays in addition to a crane. It additionally contained missile turrets to be used in opposition to threats recognized by the operative, in addition to catapults for launching provides for troubles inside the base.

Launcher programs
  • transport catapults (2)
  • 12-rocket launcher modules (3)
  • anti-ship missile quad-canister launchers (2)
  • surface-to-surface anti-ground guided missile launch pads (2)

Metallic Gear ZEKE hangar

This hangar was used to switch and enhance Metallic Gear ZEKE.[13] It was about 4 tales tall with a movable platform containing ZEKE, in addition to possessing lockers and a few supercomputers. It additionally had some hooks, that are presumably used to decrease and lift a number of elements onto ZEKE or from ZEKE. It additionally had at the least two blast doorways that ZEKE may enter or exit from.[14]

Coaching facility

The Militaires Sans Frontières’ coaching facility was used to coach personnel in firearms and concrete fight. It consisted of 4 tales, and was cut up into two sections: the firing vary and the kill home.[15]

The firing vary had some supercomputers close to a flight of stairs, in addition to some catwalks. Some crates and cylindrical containers are additionally situated close to the exit. It additionally possessed 4 cubicles permitting for one member every. There have been additionally three sorts of pop-up targets that have been used within the coaching classes: common targets, surrendering targets (they’re recognized by their arms within the air and are suggested to not be shot at), and unidentified targets resembling squares within the air. A few of these targets additionally moved. Apart from firearms, the MSF may additionally practice with throwing weapons within the space apart from provide markers and strike markers.

The kill home had a number of constructions that resembled a maze, and any MSF members partaking within the coaching session needed to undergo every part to knock down every goal earlier than transferring on to the subsequent one, with some requiring using the second story catwalk. Usually, the coaching facility had a time restrict for these classes (three minutes for the firing vary, and 5 minutes and 24 targets for the kill home), however Miller typically gave limitless time (and within the case of the kill home, limitless targets as nicely) as a particular deal with to the MSF personnel.


The brig was a facility used variously to accommodate prisoners of struggle, enemy combatants, or these whose freedom was deemed a safety threat to Mom Base. The brig was the place captured enemies have been confined till hostilities ceased, reminiscent of KGB agent Vladimir Zadornov, on account of his involvement within the Peace Walker Challenge and his earlier try to kill Massive Boss. As well as, more often than not, the captured enemies, upon the hostilities ceasing, would additionally be part of MSF. One of many cells was broken throughout one in all Zadornov’s escape makes an attempt when he minimize a gap by the cell together with his prosthetic hand. He managed to flee confinement on a number of different events after his prosthesis was confiscated, on account of Pacifica Ocean’s interference. These despatched in have been often commandos or tank commanders and escorts.


The deck, additionally known as the Metallic Gear ZEKE deck,[16] is an space situated between the Command Middle and the Mission Assist sections. It was named as such as a result of cargo elevator that led to ZEKE’s hangar, as evidenced by the cargo elevator that ZEKE exited from after Paz hijacked it. Helicopters have been typically launched from and stationed right here to ship provides to operatives in areas out of vary of the availability catapults on the Mission Assist part. It additionally possessed laptop consoles used to function the availability catapults and numerous weaponry on the Mission Assist part, within the occasion that an assault or surprising occasion occurred on the deck.


The sauna, or bathe rooms, have been a location that had been put in someday through the Peace Walker Incident.[17] Massive Boss initially authorised of it, however finally determined in opposition to it throughout a mission, on account of it being extravagant and expensive.[17] Miller reasoned that its set up can be economical by filtering the ocean water, and slicing down on electrical energy prices, along with boosting morale among the many base’s Finnish personnel.[17] It generated steam after the room was heated, just like Finnish saunas.[17] The sauna grew to become the positioning of a brawl between Massive Boss and Miller, after the latter was confronted by the previous over his womanizing conduct, which disrupted morale on the bottom and brought on one in all their troopers to be hospitalized for a month.[17][18]

Behind the scenes

Mom Base seems in and serves as the principle hub from which the participant can entry missions, arrange recruited personnel, customise the plant’s format to extend performance, and develop new weapons. It bears an analogous design to the off-shore decontamination facility Massive Shell in , which each resemble British World Warfare-II period anti-aircraft marine stations.

The Mission Assist part of Mom Base was initially meant to be considerably completely different than the ultimate design, being composed of three most important struts and a lone strut jettisoning off to the left with a single bridge between it, and the struts decorations being considerably completely different.

The “Metal Gear ZEKE deck” was solely on condition that identify within the Japanese model.[16] Within the worldwide variations, Miller merely states that Snake ought to “Get up here, pronto!” with out naming what the strut was. In line with a blogcast for , the ZEKE hangar was initially meant to be a playable map, though it was minimize on account of time, and was later included into .[19]

There have been just a few scenes of Mom Base in early trailers for . One is an overhead shot of Mom Base nearing the tip of the TGS 2009 trailer. One other is a scene the place Massive Boss walks by some troopers on the ZEKE deck, with Kazuhira Miller trying down in disgrace, shortly after the AI weapons section of the trailer. A scene additionally confirmed numerous Hind D choppers (at the least 6) arriving at a accomplished Mom Base. Many of those scenes don’t seem within the last model of the sport, though it’s implied that the scene that includes MSF troops on the ZEKE deck happens following Massive Boss’s “assemble the men” dialogue, in addition to his post-credits speech within the sport’s second ending.

The Mom Base menu has three background music themes: the primary is performed firstly; the second is performed after Mom Base is totally transformed to a hexagon design; the third and final is performed after unlocking the second ending and replaying the sport.

Mom Base was briefly talked about within the story hints for , though the context made it ambiguous as as to whether the reference was a lead-in to the story for the sport, or if it might really reappear within the sport in some kind. As well as, Kojima, when unveiling , confirmed that the Mom Base gameplay mechanic would return in , with the added capacity to truly discover the growing base as an alternative of merely observing it by way of menus. Whether or not Mom Base itself would qualify for this mechanic as nicely, or if it might solely be utilized to new bases being developed was not revealed, though the GDC 2013 trailer for implied that the Mom Base ended up being destroyed by XOF. The March 2014 subject of additionally made the identical inference. The Inexperienced Band and Crimson Band trailer, depicting Massive Boss and Miller returning to their base after the previous rescued the latter in Afghanistan, nonetheless, depicted the bottom as possessing very related traits to Mom Base, suggesting it might need been rebuilt. The 2014 E3 trailer additional suggests this with their displaying an overhead shot of the bottom, displaying it to be an offshore plant in addition to their holding a funeral service for MSF troopers who died in battle. IGN’s writeup of the demo, Lucy O’Brien, in addition to Twinfinite all referred to the bottom as Mom Base.[20][21][22] As well as, Hideo Kojima confirmed in an interview with that gamers can increase their base in by rescuing hostages and scientists.[23]

An interview with revealed that Mom Base may be developed by way of the companion app. This was additional confirmed in a screenshot from Kotaku.[24] The Mom Base constructing facet is standalone, and comes with 5 struts: The Command Middle, the Barracks, the Manufacturing unit, the Hangar, and the Distribution. These act as the principle hub, housing MB workers, constructing AFVs (armored preventing automobiles), constructing and sustaining Metallic Gears, and importing supplies wanted to automobiles and Metallic Gears, alongside salvage services. The variety of workers a strut (Barracks) and the sorts of automobiles a strut can produce and retailer (Manufacturing unit) will depend on the strut’s present degree. Enjoying with connectivity with play time in consideration can also grant the participant the chance to have improve time shortcuts, even particular troopers and automobiles which can be often unavailable.

Strut kind
Rank 1
Rank 2
Rank 3
Rank 4
Rank 5
Rank 6
Rank 7
Rank 8
Rank 9
Rank 10
Command Middle


15000; 0:15:00


17000; Degree 5; 00:25:00

19000; Degree 10; 00:35:00

21000; Degree 15; 00:45:00


23000; Degree 20; 00:55:00

25000; Degree 25; 01:05:00

27000; Degree 30; 01:15:00

29000; Degree 35; 01:25:00


31000; Degree 40; 01:35:00



1000; 0:00:45


10000; 00:03:00

15000; Degree 2;  00:06:00


20000; Degree 7; 00:09:00

25000; Degree 12; 00:12:00


30000; Degree 17; 00:15:00

35000; Degree 22; 00:18:00


40000; Degree 27; 00:21:00

45000; Degree 32; 00:24:00


50000; Degree 38; 00:27:00

Manufacturing unit


1200; 0:00:45


12000; Degree 2; 00:05:00

18000; Degree 8; 00:10:00

24000; Degree 14; 00:15:00


30000; Degree 20; 00:20:00


36000; Degree 27; 00:25:00

42000; Degree 34; 00:30:00


48000; Degree 40; 00:35:00

54000; Degree 46; 00:40:00


60000; Degree 53; 00:45:00



30000; 0:15:00

15000; 0:25:00; Degree 7

22500; Degree 11; 00:35:00

30000; Degree 18; 00:45:00

37500; Degree 24; 00:55:00


45000; Degree 31; 01:05:00

52500; Degree 37; 01:15:00

60000; Degree 44; 01:25:00

67500; Degree 50; 01:35:00

75000; Degree 57; 01:55:00



1000; 0:00:45


10000; Degree ; 00:03:00


15000; Degree 4; 00:06:00


20000; Degree 11; 00:09:00


25000; Degree 16; 00:12:00


30000; Degree 23; 00:15:00


35000; Degree 30; 00:18:00


40000; Degree 37; 00:21:00


45000; Degree 44; 00:24:00


50000; Degree 52; 00:27:00

Unlockables embody Amanda at an total Mom Base degree of degree 5, Huey at an total Mom Base degree of degree 20, Strangelove at an total Mom Base degree of degree 40, Cécile Cosima Caminandes at an total Mom Base degree of degree 60, Armored Car: Customized upon finishing a Degree 2 Manufacturing unit, Most important Battle Tank: Normal upon finishing a Degree 3 Manufacturing unit, Assault Helicopter: Normal upon finishing a Degree 4 Manufacturing unit, a Most important Battle Tank: Customized upon unlocking a Degree 5 Manufacturing unit, Assault Helicopter: Heavy Normal upon finishing a degree 6 manufacturing unit, Armored Car: Heavy Customized upon finishing a degree 7 manufacturing unit, Assault Helicopter: Customized upon unlocking a degree 8 manufacturing unit, Most important Battle Tank: Heavy Customized upon finishing a degree 9 manufacturing unit, Assault Helicopter: Heavy Customized upon finishing a degree 10 manufacturing unit, Chrysalis upon unlocking a Degree 3 Hangar, Cocoon upon unlocking a Degree 5 Hangar, Peace Walker upon unlocking a Degree 7 Hangar, Metallic Gear ZEKE upon unlocking a degree 9 hangar, a Commando upon finishing a Degree 3 Barracks, a Heavy Armor Infantry upon unlocking a Degree 6 Barracks, and a sniper upon finishing a degree 9 barracks.

* The rise of officers don’t straight correlate with the development of the Command Middle, not like with the storage of salvage elements for the Distribution Middle, the storage of Metallic Gears within the Hangar part, the storage of AFVs within the Manufacturing unit part, and the houses of troopers within the Barracks part. That is simply positioned there for comfort functions.

Different appearances

Mom Base made an look within the smartphone sport , as a result of sport’s reusing the storylines of each and .

It additionally appeared in Versus Battle, the place it fought in opposition to Arsenal Gear and later Zanzibar Land.

―Mom Base’s bio on Versus Battle; throughout its combat in opposition to Arsenal Gear

―Mom Base’s bio on Versus Battle; throughout its combat with Zanzibar Land

Though Mom Base itself would not seem in , it in addition to the Seychelles model have been each not directly referenced throughout Miller’s spirit battle with the battlefield being set at Midgar.


The Command Middle is the one part of Mom Base the place its most rank of completion was higher than 4 (six). Mission Assist was additionally the one part the place leveling it as much as a sure degree is completely essential for finishing the sport (because it must be at the least Degree 2, earlier than Snake can combat Paz/ZEKE). Along with the assorted struggle machines that the participant captures, the Hangar may be used to retailer any AI head elements for Metallic Gear ZEKE that the participant salvaged (5 for every of the 5 head varieties).

Within the sport, the participant may acquire an insignia/emblem, referred to as WAC Coordinator, in the event that they both recruited solely feminine troopers or changed all male troopers on Mom Base with females (barring the distinctive troopers). That is additionally subtly referenced within the “Queen Bee” briefing file, when Massive Boss and Kazuhira Miller determined to create an “army of queen bees” after being unable to resolve whether or not Paz, Strangelove, Cecile, or Amanda can be the “queen bee” of Mom Base.

Mom Base has a listing of performance for administration functions.


Place an merchandise in a field and ship it to a different participant by way of wi-fi. You’ll be able to specify the date and time of supply. As much as ten separate weapons and/or objects will be despatched, with the choice of together with music. As well as, if the participant has shut connections with a CO-OP or VS participant, the participant can specify the deal with as “free.”

Outer Ops

Dispatch members of your energetic military to areas of battle which have requested your assist. After you’ve got fashioned your unit, it takes care of the fight robotically. Relying on the consequence, you will earn completely different rewards and should even unlock further missions. The unit members, ought to they survive the battle, can even change into extra highly effective.


Develop new weapons and tools. For those who improve the workers in your analysis and improvement wing, you will improve the velocity of improvement and the capabilities of the ensuing objects. You may also test the standing of your captured automobiles, the quantity of bullets you have got, uniforms, and key objects.

  • GMP: Quick for Gross Navy Manufacturing. That is VERY vital when growing weapons. GMP is similar factor as cash and to lift your GMP it’s essential to have extra troopers within the assault unit and to lift the troopers GMP by sending them to Outer Ops. The quantity of GMP stays the identical except you add or subtract troopers within the assault staff. GMP is MSF’s army price range; if in case you have 5000 GMP and also you wish to create a weapon that prices 3000 GMP, you’ll lose 3000 GMP till that weapon is created. When the weapon is created, you get your GMP again.


You’ll be able to hook up with wi-fi entry factors to acquire troop knowledge. To get the troop to affix you, you will should make her or him give up inside a sure time restrict. It additionally appears that there are some troops which may solely be obtained at sure entry factors. You must wait 2 days to hook up with the identical entry level. As soon as the entry level detects Troopers who want to be part of the Militaires Sans Frontieres, it unlocks the “AP Entrance Exam” which has Massive Boss going over to the previous Colombian Camp to combat the recruits (as they wish to see by his preventing stances if he’s certainly Massive Boss)[25] and beat them in underneath a minute earlier than permitting them to affix the MSF.


This exhibits the place all of your workers is situated inside Mom Base. You may also inspect the talents of every workers member and likewise select the place to assign the member to. By acquiring stronger troopers of the respective unit, you may elevate the extent of that individual unit. By elevating the extent of models, you may create stronger weapons and objects; the very best degree you may obtain is 99. The max quantity of workers you may get hold of is 300. If the participant determined to take away some workers, and confirms to take away them, Massive Boss might be heard saying “You’re fired!” Humorously, ought to the participant Fulton any new troopers/personnel to Mom Base, Kaz will inform Massive Boss over radio that the bottom is full, with the sound of many crowded folks within the again (to the purpose of actually overflowing, with folks falling overboard).

  • Ready Room (max 50-350): It is a ready space the place new recruits and people discharged from the Sickbay or Brig are stationed till they’re reassigned.
  • Fight Unit (max 100): That is the place you may ship troopers to Outer Ops in addition to missions.
  • R&D Unit (max 50): This is without doubt one of the important models, because the R&D creates weapons and tools. By growing the extent of the R&D unit, you may create stronger weapons and tools.
  • Mess Corridor Unit (max 50): The unit that takes care of the meals in MSF. A counter on the highest proper display screen exhibits the quantity of meals processed. If the proportion of meals is beneath 100, then troopers will begin defecting. However, elevating the proportion to a really excessive threshold might improve total stats of workers members.
  • Medical Unit (max 50): The unit that takes care of the wounded troopers from Outer Ops or POWs from missions, in addition to all sick personnel.
  • Intel Unit (max 50): The unit that takes info. By having a better degree, you may improve the quantity of things you get while you name for provide and learn the way many troopers in addition to their ranks for every mission.
  • Sick Bay (max 350): A hospital the place all of the wounded, sick, and troopers which can be affected by Put up Traumatic Stress Dysfunction go to.
  • Brig (max 350): A jail to maintain violent troopers.
  • Commerce room (max 50): A room to maintain the troopers you wish to commerce.


Troopers have to be recruited to increase Mom Base. At the beginning of the sport, MSF solely consists of Snake, Miller, and a handful of troopers. Employees members are designated by an abbreviation:

  • [NML] Regular workers consisting of captured Peace Sentinel troopers with the Fulton Restoration System. That is your preliminary technique of recruitment, although some cussed troopers might have time within the Brig earlier than they will come round.
  • [VOL] Volunteer troopers who be part of as your Heroism rises, or these obtained by way of entry factors.
  • [POW] Prisoners of struggle rescued throughout missions by way of Fulton Restoration. Some could also be injured on arrival and positioned within the Sickbay.
  • [COL] Employees obtained by way of passwords.
  • [TRD] Employees obtained by buying and selling.
  • [UNQ] The most important characters of . They are often assigned to Mom Base models, apart from Snake (who is just usable for missions), Scorching Coldman (who died through the occasions of Chapter 4), and Zadornov (who’s saved within the Brig till the ending of Chapter 5, when he dies).

Versus Ops

A six participant battle mode. Consists of staff survival and a variety of different guidelines. You can not deliver some objects reminiscent of stealth, bandanna, and so on.

  • Crew Loss of life Match
  • Loss of life Match
  • Seize Mission
  • Base Mission


Alternate workers with different gamers. You’ll be able to solely change workers that has been positioned in a particular ready room.


This exhibits your progress within the sport, your “friendship level” together with your “sneak friends,” the titles and decorations you’ve got earned and extra.

Mom Base Knowledge

This lets you see the standing of Mom Base’s improvement, in addition to the acquisition fee and ranges of the various groups of MSF, and likewise permits for a mannequin viewer viewing of Mom Base.

Crew Knowledge

This screens the information for every of the assorted models on Mom Base. Represented by a circle, and upon the completion of Mom Base’s Hex design, the Command Middle space. It contains the quantity of individuals of every unit, the present degree of every unit represented in each numbers and a big crimson bar graph, and a smaller orange graph representing how lengthy it would take earlier than it ascends to a brand new degree.

Employees Knowledge

This represents the quantity of workers on Mom Base. It’s represented by a human image, and upon the completion of Mom Base’s Hex design, the Residing Quarters strut. It contains the quantity of individuals presently employed divided to the overall restrict of Mom Base’s workers, the common morale of Mom Base, the gender ratio, the present GMP of Mom Base, the present proportion of meals provides, and the speed folks find yourself sick and the speed of these hospitalized.

Weapons Acquisition Price

This represents the present proportion of weapons developed and/or acquired on Mom Base. Represented by a wrench, and upon the completion of Mom Base’s Hex design, the R&D Lab strut. It’s divided into 9 classes, every representing the 9 weapons classes within the sport (handguns, shotguns, assault rifles, submachine weapons, sniper rifles, machine weapons, missiles, throwing weapons, and placeable weapons).

Objects Acquisition Price

This represents the present proportion of things developed and/or acquired on Mom Base. Just like the Weapons Acquisition Price submenu, it’s represented by a wrench and, upon the completion of Mom Base’s Hex design, the R&D Lab strut. It’s divided into 4 classes, every regarding the 4 most important merchandise classes within the sport (restoration objects, tools, radars, and uniforms).

Assist Knowledge

This represents the present degree of the Intel Crew’s help division. It’s represented by a cardboard field, and upon the completion of Mom Base’s Hex design, the Mission Assist strut. It lists the present help rank, the utmost quantity of help provides, the present quantity of usable help strikes, and the vary of the help strikes.

Assist Rank
Assist Provides







Assist Strikes







Assist Strike Vary

Radius of 1 m

Radius of two m

Radius of 4 m

Radius of 6 m

Radius of 8 m

Radius of 10 m

Mech Seize Standing

This permits the participant to view the overall quantities of enemy automobiles presently in MSF custody. It’s represented by three bars and, upon the completion of Mom Base’s Hex design, the Hangar strut. It’s divided into three classes: Armored Autos, Tanks, and Helicopters, with a quantity indicating the present quantity, with two representing a full car. Mom Base can carry as much as 50 mechs, with the Armored Car restrict being 16, the Tank restrict being 17, and the Helicopter restrict being 17.

Metallic Gear Head Components Acquired

This permits the participant to view the overall quantities of AI weapon heads salvaged/created and utilized for Metallic Gear ZEKE. Just like the Mech Seize Standing menu, it’s represented by three bars and, upon the completion of Mom Base’s Hex design, the Hangar strut. It’s divided into 5 classes: ZEKE, Pupa, Chrysalis, Cocoon, and Peace Walker, with 5 out of 5 whole being displayed for every head kind.

Participant Knowledge

The Participant Knowledge permits the participant to view their very own stats, in addition to mission outcomes, codenames and insignia earned. It additionally permits the participant to evaluation their highest CO-OPS play rely and the very best degree of Camaraderie amongst gamers (s)he CO-OPS with or these with the very best heroism.


A listing of reviews regarding Mom Base. as much as fifty of every class will be gained earlier than one is deleted. They’re divided into 4 classes: Personnel (which offers with reviews regarding recruiting a brand new member, will increase in a personnel member’s stats, or troopers being positioned in a brig upon being delivered to Mom Base), R&D (regarding the completion of varied weapons and tools, the event of Metallic Gear ZEKE’s elements, or a delay in improvement); Medical (regarding troopers both being put into sickbay or discharged from sickbay), and Different (stuff regarding new Mom Base choices, the completion of an Outer Op, or the completion of a strut onboard Mom Base).

Metallic Gear ZEKE

As you progress by the missions and attain sure situations, Mom Base will see further evolution, a brand new function that seems with the image “???” or “Metallic Gear Unit.” Right here you may create and customise your personal Metallic Gear. On AI boss missions, you’ll typically get hold of particular elements and you’ll use these elements to make your metallic gear.

Components Customise

  • Most important Components: Stroll Unit, Energy Unit, Foot Components, Head Components.
  • Choice Components: Jet Pack, Radome, Railgun, Armor.

TIP: earlier than including elective elements it’s essential to create the Metallic Gear first (assemble all the principle elements).


Within the additional menu, you may change what Metallic Gear ZEKE says utilizing the VOCALOID software program.

Coloration Paint

Right here you may change the physique coloration and the road coloration of your metallic gear.

AI Storage

While you combat AI bosses, you may go inside their AI pods to acquire their AI. You should utilize these AI in your Metallic Gear. Having extra AI signifies that the Metallic Gear turns into stronger, quicker, and has a better accuracy.


The Mom Base is playable in three areas: The Firing Vary, the Kill Home, and the Deck.

Most important Ops

ZEKE Battle

Further Ops

[001] Goal Apply: No Restrict



[002] Goal Apply: No Restrict



[003] Goal Apply: Rating Assault



[004] Goal Apply: Time Assault



[066] Missile Intercept Mission



[120] Metallic Gear ZEKE – Mock Battle



[128] Gear REX Strikes Again



Mom Base on app

Notes and references

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