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Be sincere… you thought I forgot about this immediate listing didn’t you?! I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN! Promise. It’s simply been a busy couple of weeks.

#99 and #100 from THIS listing: “I fell in love with you, not them.” [NOTE: #100 has inspired an entirely separate one-shot. Watch this space.]

WARNING for some colourful language and accommodates references to animal abuse.

@multi-fandomshipper101 I’m 100% sure that this was NOT what you had in thoughts if you gave me this immediate. And also you’re very VERY candy along with your compliments however my ‘brilliant mind’ largely simply makes cricket noises in between transient moments of nonsensical inspiration.

However… You need fluff?? I offer you: LITERAL FLUFF!!

The puppies have been all over the place. If Riley wasn’t cautious she was gonna stand on a tail. 

In these boots, that will be a catastrophe. 

This was completely the final scene she pictured when she awakened this morning. She figured the op could be easy: Simply surveil the goal and report again. However along with being an arms dealing scumbag, the goal turned out to be completely and utterly .

Significantly. What sort of individual dumps a litter of puppies right into a river?!

Mac didn’t even hesitate as he dove into the water and fought in opposition to the pounding present to avoid wasting them. Actually, it was one of the crucial heroic issues she’d ever seen him do. Riley yanked him by the collar and used all of the energy she needed to get him again onto the financial institution, a yipping and undulating black plastic bag gripped tightly in his freezing fist.

It was a miracle that all of them survived. Mac included.

Getting again to town had been fascinating. Mac’s truck would actually scent like moist canine ceaselessly. Riley spent the primary hour juggling driving with ensuring no puppies turned lodged behind the pedals or underneath her seat. Even after Mac acquired them settled down, Riley struggled to deal with the highway. She discovered it more and more unimaginable to not discover the best way Mac’s damp shirt clung to his torso, particularly when there was a soaking moist pet curled up on his chest. 

They known as Bozer from the highway, and by the point they pulled into Mac’s drive round midnight, he was ready on the porch with a bag that Riley assumed was stuffed with pet meals.

She turned off the engine and seemed to her proper. In some unspecified time in the future, Mac had dozed off. 4 of the pups have been asleep at his ft, wrapped within the picnic blanket from the trunk. The fifth one- a scruffy ball of black fluff and the smallest of the litter- was bundled within the criminal of his elbow. Riley smiled. The look on Mac’s face was completely serene. It was essentially the most relaxed she’d seen him in months. The urge to achieve out and stroke his hair again virtually acquired the higher of her.

Then Bozer appeared on the passenger aspect window and held up just a little purple and yellow ball. He squeezed it. 


Mac jumped awake on the excessive pitched squeak. Chaos erupted. 

Wrangling all of the pups after that had been… enjoyable. A very fast escape artist darted into the road and Bozer streaked after him, virtually knocking a supply driver off his bike. The little black one whined like loopy each time Mac tried to place her down so he lovingly zipped her into his hoodie whereas he helped Riley usher the opposite three into the home. 

That exact little bundle had undoubtedly taken a shine to her rescuer. Regardless of Bozer’s appreciable efforts to bribe her with a deal with, she wouldn’t go away Mac’s aspect. She shivered and cowered when anybody else tried to feed her. Solely Mac would do. 

And Mac was it. 

Now, as a tawny mutt pawed at Riley’s knee and one other little satan yanked at her shoelaces, she couldn’t rip her eyes away from the sight of Mac curled up on the couch together with his new furry pal. It was lovable. Even when the little bundle yipped like a maniac each time she or one of many different puppies tried to strategy them. Riley was attempting to not take it personally. 

Bozer chuckled. “Your new girlfriend’s a jealous one, Mac!”

Mac simply smirked and cupped the little snout in his palms. The yipping stopped instantly. Riley simply barely caught Mac’s phrases as he leaned ahead and whispered into the pup’s black curly ear. “I fell in love with you, not them,” he crooned. “Now shush, little one.”

And if that didn’t soften Riley’s insides. 

Apparently Riley was going to must develop a better tolerance for the picture of him with that pet or she was going to finish up doing one thing actually, silly. Proper now she was combating the urge to curve up with them and whisper related issues into ear. 

Yeah. She was completely fucked. 

Riley excused herself, leapt over the pet Bozer was calling Houdini and darted for the deck. She wanted to direct all her power some place else. And In that second anger was the one emotion that had even a sliver of an opportunity at successful out over her want. She yanked the cellphone out of her pocket. 

Matty would by no means give her permission to throw the arms supplier right into a river. Maybe just a little gentle waterboarding was a proportionate various? Riley sighed as she hit ‘call’. She’d most likely simply must accept seeing him behind bars.

“Matty,” Riley stated. She’d answered on the primary ring. “Promise me that I get to personally hunt down that human stain and make him suffer.”

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