Hello everybody, Quite a lot of time I see peoples who’s getting problens with Pokémon trades, or have to get X Pokémon however don’t understand how for this, I’m doing this little information to assist this folks, let’s go!

This submit is just not full, however for now train you to create one authorized Pokémon, I’ll replace this after!
Please ignore any english error, I’ll overview after too.

  1. Initially, you’ll need to know the place is you Pokémon save sport, you will get this doing this:

Proper click on over one sport in citra and click on in “Open Save Data Location”, and look the quantity in explorer bar like this:

In that case is 0011c500

In that case is

However that is all of the quantity and respective video games, I feel It’s all (thx to 3dsdb)

  • Pokémon X: 00055D00
  • Pokémon Y: 00055E00
  • Pokémon Omega Ruby: 0011C400
  • Pokémon Alpha Sapphire: 0011C500
  • Pokémon Solar: 00164800
  • Pokémon Moon: 00175E00
  • Pokémon Extremely Solar :001B5000
  • Pokémon Extremely Moon:001B5100
  1. Okay, you already know the variety of you sport, and I feel you will have PKHex now, if not simply obtain it right here.

Proper, Open you PKHex, and that is your interface:

And you’ll need open your save file, from any Pokémon sport
Word: Look, once I inform “any Pokémon game”, is actually any sport from “main” rpg, from GB, GBC, GBA, NDS and 3DS video games, Pokémon Crimson till Extremely Moon, you solely have to open the save file of the sport.

  • The native this protects (3DS video games runned in Citra) will keep, probaly is:
  • “C:Users YOURUSERNAMEAppDataRoamingCitrasdmcNintendo 3DS 00[…]000 00[…]000title 0040000”


  • Look the listing, and the file it’s essential to discover is a “main”


  1. And now, you will have the file loaded, I feel really easy to make use of this system, however I’ll clarify all I learn about it (IDK all of the options, and how one can use all PKHex, however I’ve a think about data about it)


  • 0- Right here you may see the save loaded, and model of PKHex
  • 1- Listed below are the Pokémon editor, for edit informations from any Pokémon to you place within the save
  • 2- Right here is the place your Pokémons are, by containers, social gathering, breeding and many others and the “SAV” I’ll go for this one time
  • 3- This tab might be diferent by the sport save of the sport you will have loaded, possibly not be the identical of Extremely Solar and Moon like mine.
  • 4- Misc to Load, save, and little issues
  • 5- Enhancing Pokémon Standing, the Pokémon and whether it is Authorized or Ilegal
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OK, I present you all this issues, and I’ve to inform one factor earlier than proceed, once you edit a Pokémon, this might be, possibly, a ilegal Pokémon, however wait, that’s not the tip of the world, pay atention, you CAN have a ilegal Pokémon, like one Pikachu that know “Surf”, one Pokémon that may’t be match within the seize native, with a ball this could’t be nonetheless inside, one mega evolution out of the battle, one ilegal shiny, however it’s essential to know you’ll CAN’T USE ONE ILEGAL POKÉMON ON ONLINE BATTLES OR FOR TRADE, now you already know this, we are able to proced.

  1. Now, you may simply edit this “Zeraora” or any Pokémon your PKHex is exhibiting for you, or choose one Pokémon to be a base, for this simply did this:

Proper click on over one Pokémon and click on “View”

  • That is the tab we are going to work for edit Pokémons:


  • 1- Is for edit stats from when you will have meet the Pokémon, native, lv, Pokéball and and many others
  • 2- It’s others info from the Pokémon, what’s the Pokémon, nickname, if is shiny, and different
  • 3- It is a tab for Stats, assault, protection, velocity, and many others
  • 4- Right here is the place you edit the strikes of Pokémon, Surf, Lower, Pound, and many others
  • 5- Different misc info of the Pokémon

Okay, from this information I’ll make a Zoroark, solely as a result of I would like lol


  • And look, if I click on over the Crimson triangle, the Pokémon is ilegal, now, our work is make this a authorized Pokémon!


  1. Okay I’ll begin from “Met”, cuz I feel it’s higher


  • Origin sport: The sport the place the Pokémon comes
  • Met Location: The native the place you’ve match a battle, and catch this Pokémon
  • Ball: Tha ball that you just used to seize the Pokémon
  • Met degree: The extent of the Pokémon once you catch him
  • Met Date: The date once you catch the Pokémon
  • Fateful Encounter: I feel it’s for occasions Pokémon
  • As Egg: If it’s a Pokémon got here from a Egg, by breeding or a present from NPC, Occasion Pokémon inside Egg
  • Egg Met Situation
    • Location: The native you acquired the Egg
    • Date: The date you acquired the Egg
  • Earlier than all, I’ve a “Joker card” for you employ if the Pokémon may be Breeded
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  • Essential you set the Pokémon to be “As Egg”, set meet degree for “1”, and you may test if it’s authorized by clicking within the pink triangle.
  1. Once more with our ilegal Zoroark, should you don’t need a Breeding Pokémon, you might be hardcore, you need a encounter Pokémon, you might be considered one of mines! YEAH! lmao

All the knowledge you need you may choose from websites like Bulbapedia, or the positioning I most like, Serebii

  • Right here you may see, Zoroark may be catch in Poni Grove, and should you click on in particulars you may see him catch particulars like degree
  • However I don’t need one merely Zoroark, no no, I’ve a protracted journey with him (In fact in fact)! I’ve catch a Zorua and advanced in a Zoroark!
  • By this, I’ll look Zorua location, and a Zorua may be catch in Route 1, specifity in Coach Faculty with lv 5-8! Okay, now we put this in PKHex


  • The Pokémon may be catch in Extremely Moon, test
  • Native is appropriately, test
  • The ball is appropriately, test
  • Met degree is okay, test
    All proper, test if it’s all okay by clicking in pink triagle within the aspect of Pokémon


  • And for now we solely have to edit the strikes to be a authorized Pokémon!

However, we go to edit a issues earlier than finish this


  • The Star by the aspect of “PID” make a shiny Pokémon
  • PID: is the ID of Pokémon, you may re-roll if you would like
  • To vary the gender of Pokémon, click on within the Gender Icon on the aspect of Pokémon PID
  • Species is the Pokémon that you really want, we now have choosed earlier than, the Zoroark
  • Nickname is for you give actually a Nickname for Pokémon if you would like
  • EXP: is all exp the Pokémon have in all his life, however, I feel is healthier you edit in “Level” on proper, for any degree you need to make the Pokémon
  • Nature you edit for any you need
  • Held Merchandise, you’ll give to Pokémon a merchandise
  • Friendship is how a lot pleased with you the Pokémon is
  • Capacity IDK how one can use, sorry
  • Language: is the language from unique nation the Pokémon have been catch
  • Is Egg if the Pokémon is a Egg, Contaminated if this have Pokérus, Cured if the Pokérus time have been expired
  • Nation is the native of the 3ds/sport is configurated
  • Sub Area is if you wish to set it, It’s not crucial
  • 3DS Area: is the area of 3DS


  • Okay I need a Shiny Zoroark, test
  • Feminine, test
  • Nickname if her is Black Fox, test
  • Stage is similar of regular, test
  • Nature is Mild, test
  • Held Merchandise is one Darkinium Z, Examine
  • Friendship, how we now have a protracted journey, clearly is 255 (The max)
  • Capacity, simply in case, hold with Phantasm (2)
  • Lenguage hold
  • Her is contaminated and cured by Pokérus
  • And all the remainder hold

All proper, completed this, go to Stats.

Okay right here is the Stats of Pokémon, Self explanatory, however I’ll put not abbreviation of phrases

  • HP: Well being Factors
  • Atk: Assault
  • Def: Defese
  • SpA: Particular Assault
  • SpD: Particular Defese
  • Spe: Pace

You possibly can set IV to max 31 in a single Stat, and EVs to max 252 in a single Stat, and max 510 in sum of all EVs
You possibly can randomize IVs and EVs simply clicking in “Randomize” buttons
(The Contest Stats, is for Contest “battles”, ORAS video games)


  • Okay, I would like 31 IVs in all, and 252 EVs at Assault and Particular Assault, and extra 6 EV in Pace, test

Time to edit the strikes!


  • When have strikes that the Pokémon can’t be capable of use, and have this pink triangles, simply click on contained in the white retangle, not in any strikes, and never outdoors the retangle, simply inside, like my cursor


  • Settle for the Strikes advised


  • If have Relearn Strikes, do the identical what you probably did earlier than with Present Strikes


  • And now you will have a Authorized Pokémon!

To save lots of the Pokémon in a Slot, good click on over one empty slot, or over one Pokémon (This can subistitute the Pokémon) and click on “Set”

Or, drag and drop the Pokémon, like this:

  • And for save the sport did this:


  • And save the file over your “main” file
  • For at this time It’s all, I’ll replace this submit after, however with this, you may make a authorized Pokémon, the Main tip is, learn the messages in pink triangle, and search about this, if is telling the strikes are improper, it’s essential to edit strikes, the ball, the sport origin, and different X issues, PKHex is just not a hydra, should you learn what this system are wanting, and search about info of the Pokémon you might be modifying, you’ll capable of edit and create any Pokémon in PKHex!

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