Purple Useless Redemption 2: New Hanover – World Atlas Map

Purple Useless Redemption 2 Information and Walkthrough

Key factors of Purple Useless Redemption 2 – Atlas – New Hanover

Necessary areas on the map

Beginning areas for the Stranger missions

Distinctive secret areas

1 – Horseshoe Overlook

2 – Valentine

3 – Annesburg

4 – Van Horn Buying and selling Submit

5 – Emerald Ranch

6 – Beaver Hole

1 – Valentine missions: The Noblest of Man, and a Girl I,II; Good, Trustworthy, Snake Oil (bounty hunter); Ellie Anne Swan (bounty hunter); Oh, Brother I,II

2 – Emmet Granger (gunslinger from the The Noblest of Man, and a Girl mission)

3 – A Check of Religion

4 – Smoking and Different Hobbies

5 – Treasure Hunter

6 – Arcadia for Amateurs III

7 – He is British, Of Course II

8 – He is British, Of Course IV

9 – A Fisher of Fish

10 – Arcadia for Amateurs V

11 – The Odor of the Grease Paint

12 – The Mercies of Data VI

13 – A Vibrant Bouncing Boy II

14 – Annesburg missions: The Noblest of Man, and a Girl IV; Do Not Search Absolution

15 – The Knowledge of the Elders I

16 – The Knowledge of the Elders II-IV

17 – The Knowledge of the Elders V

18 – Willard’s Relaxation widow (unofficial mission)

19 – Beaver Hole missins: Cash Lending and Different Sins VI,VII; The Course of True Love IV

20 – American Desires (one of many three crime scenes)

21 – American Desires (killer’s hideout)

This web page in our information to comprises the map of New Hanover. That is the primary area that you just go to after the prologue. Right here, Arthur can do varied most important and facet missions. This area additionally has, i.e. Cigarette Playing cards, Dinosaur Bones or lairs of Legendary Animals.

Common details about New Hanover

  1. You go to New Hanover after chapter 1. Dutch’s gang hideout is within the forest, within the western a part of this area. It stays lively solely throughout chapter 2 (after that the gang will transfer to a different place). The gang goes again to New Hanover in chapter 6. The new gang hideout is in Beaver Hole, close to Annesburg.
  2. Valentine city is without doubt one of the most essential areas in New Hanover. That is the primary city visited within the recreation. There, Arthur can full a number of most important and facet missions. Valentine additionally has a number of shops, a resort and, a steady.
  3. Annesburg is one other bigger city on this area. This one is within the jap a part of the state. It’s extremely possible that it would be best to go to this place throughout chapter 4.
  4. Fort Wallace, one of many restricted areas, is within the northern a part of New Hanover. Arthur shall be attacked robotically upon coming into the fort.
  5. All the most essential areas in New Hanover have railroad tracks close to them. This implies that you may journey with better ease by utilizing trains. Alternatively, you may determine to pay for a stagecoach.
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A very powerful areas in New Hanover

  1. Dutch’s gang hideout in Horseshoe Overlook

    – South of Valentine. Accessible solely in chapter 2. In chapter 3, the gang strikes out to Lemoyne area and set their camp in Clemens Level.

  2. Valentine

    – The primary city visited throughout the primary storyline. Right here, you may settle for missions, promote and buy items, and pay for varied providers.

  3. Annesburg

    – One other large city on this area. Moreover varied shops, this city additionally presents a number of quests.

  4. Van Horn Buying and selling Submit

    – A smaller location within the jap a part of the map. Right here, you can begin, i.e. one of many facet quests.

  5. Emerald Ranch

    – You go to this ranch throughout most important and facet quests. Later, the sport will unlock a novel fencer.

  6. Dutch’s gang hideout in Beaver Hole

    – This place turns into a brand new gang hideout in chapter 6. This camp stays lively till you full all the primary missions (excluding the two-part epilogue).

Searching wild animals in New Hanover

The vast majority of this area is roofed in timber and open areas. Arthur can hunt varied wild animals.

Distinctive animal species discovered on this area:

  1. Bison – may also be present in West Elizabeth
  2. Black Bear – may also be present in West Elizabeth
  3. Oxen – may also be present in Lemoyne
  4. Pheasant
  5. Pig – may also be present in Lemoyne
  6. Quail – may also be present in West Elizabeth

Facet missions accessible in New Hanover

We’ve got marked beginning areas of facet quests in addition to locations that help you proceed facet quests in New Hanover. Beneath, you’ll find the listing of all facet quests accessible in New Hanover, one of many areas in .

  1. The Noblest of Males, and a Girl – After doing half I, your objective is to search out 4 gunslingers. The subsequent elements of this quest shall be accessible in chapter 4.
  2. Good, Trustworthy, Snake Oil – This mission serves as a tutorial for Bounty Searching missions.
  3. Ellie Anne Swan – This can be a Bounty Searching mission, not a full facet quest. You even have to finish earlier than you are able to do this one.
  4. Oh, Brother – Elements I and II are in New Hanover. Half III, the final one, is on the market in West Elizabeth.
  5. A Check of Religion – A brief facet quest associated to one of many secrets and techniques. Add it to your log and begin in search of the bones.
  6. Smoking and Different Hobbies – This mission is just like the one above – it’s a must to search for collectibles – Cigarette Playing cards.
  7. Treasure Hunter – This mission is just like the one above – it’s a must to search for sure collectibles.
  8. A Fisher of Fish – This mission is just like the one above – it’s a must to search for sure collectibles.
  9. The Odor of the Grease Paint – Each elements of this mission are in New Hanover.
  10. Do Not Search Absolution – This mission will not seem earlier than chapter 5, and ONLY when your status (honor) is excessive. If you do not have it but, attempt to enhance your status earlier than you full all missions present in chapter 6.
  11. The Knowledge of the Elders – The subsequent elements of this mission will seem in 3 completely different areas.
  12. The Widow of Williard’s Relaxation – A novel mission – it does not seem in your log although the search is marked with a query mark icon. All through the course of this mission, Arthur will get an opportunity to fulfill with Charlotte a number of occasions.
  13. The Course of True Love (IV, V) – An fascinating case. Elements I-III have been compulsory missions. Elements IV and V are non-compulsory – learn letters within the gang’s hideout to proceed this quest.
  14. American Desires – The search marker for this mission will not seem close to Valentine till you study three homicide scenes in numerous elements of the map. Every of those locations has a map – accumulate all of them to be taught the killer’s location.

Our information has walkthroughs for all these missions. Keep in mind, not each quest is on the market robotically. A few of them might require you to, i.e. attain a selected chapter within the marketing campaign. All necessities for including them to your log are described in our information.

Distinctive secret areas in New Hanover

Beneath you’ll find varied hidden areas present in New Hanover – these areas are value exploring. The listing comprises easter eggs, uncommon areas with distinctive loot (i.e. outfit elements or weapons). Distinctive secret areas are marked with yellow dots.

1) UFO. There are a number of corpses inside the home – learn the word left on one of many our bodies. Return right here at 2 a.m. Keep in mind, the moon have to be in its half-moon section, not in full-moon.

2) Meteorite. This object is inside the home close to Roanoke Valley. The meteorite is contained in the crater with a number of our bodies mendacity round it.

3) Marko Dragic Laboratory. You possibly can study it after “A Bright Bouncing Boy” facet mission. Right here, you’ll find, i.e. a novel electrical lantern, notes, and a Cigarette Card.

4) Fort Wallace. This place is off-limits – you can be attacked as quickly as you get nearer to the fort. Inside, you can see a number of Cigarette Playing cards.

5) Black sheep. Look across the whole space. Kill the black sheep to get a golden ring.

6) Viking tomb. Close to Roanoke Valley. Go down the steps and enter the tomb. Right here, you may study a number of skeletons and take a Viking Hatchet.

7) Previous World Scripts. You possibly can attempt to decrypt the message.

8) Butcher Creek. A small settlement the place you are able to do one of many facet quests. Go to the butchery – you can see a novel pig masks. Right here, you’ll find, i.e. orchids and a Cigarette Card.

9) Ruined drilling tower. The principle character will draw this location in his journal. Go down the ladder – you can see one of many dinosaur bones.

10) Brush hearth. Right here, you’ll find, i.e. a gold bar and Unstable Hearth Bottle Pamphlet.

11) Odd tree. A tomb is close to that tree. There may be additionally a cabin with a Cigarette Card and a novel potion.

12) Previous deserted fort. This location has loot, i.e. Particular Horse Medication Pamphlet, Civil Struggle Knife, Civil Struggle Hardee Hat, and two Cigarette Playing cards.

13) Home with artifical mutant. The mutant is on the higher ground – climb it if you find yourself outdoors the constructing. This place additionally has one Cigarette Card.

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