Newbie frameworks

One-shot downloads that include a number of instruments, in order to make it simpler for the person to get began with OpenGL.

Unofficial OpenGL SDK
A group of a number of cross-platform libraries, utilizing a typical construct system to simplify OpenGL growth. It distributes a number of easy-to-use libraries for GL initialization. It additionally has a library for OpenGL loading, picture loading, and extra.
Graphics And Physics Framework
German OpenGL primarily based graphics And physics framework.

OpenGL initialization

Creating an OpenGL context often requires writing platform-specific code to create a window. It additionally requires loading OpenGL capabilities manually from that context. These instruments simplify these duties vastly, usually offering cross-platform options.

Context/Window Toolkits

The creation of a window to render stuff in just isn’t coated within the OpenGL specification. That is dealt with by platform-specific APIs. These APIs have been abstracted in lots of toolkits.

These toolkits are designed particularly round creating and managing OpenGL home windows. Additionally they handle enter, however little past that.

A crossplatform windowing and keyboard/mouse handler. Its API is a superset of the GLUT API, and it’s extra steady and updated than GLUT. It helps making a core OpenGL context.
A crossplatform windowing and keyboard/mouse/joystick handler. Is extra aimed for creating video games. Helps Home windows, Mac OS X and *nix programs. Helps making a core OpenGL context.
Very previous, don’t use.

A number of “multimedia libraries” can create OpenGL home windows, along with enter, sound and different duties helpful for game-like functions.

Allegro model 5
A cross-platform multimedia library with a C API centered on sport growth. Helps core OpenGL context creation.
A cross-platform multimedia library with a C API. Helps making a core OpenGL context.
A cross-platform multimedia library with a C++ API. Helps making a core OpenGL context.
Ecere SDK
Gives rendering APIs for OpenGL, OpenGL ES and DirectX, 3D math and ideas like cameras, windowing and GUI widget library, wrapped in a compiler and IDE for its personal streamlined “eC” language that cross-compiles to desktop, cellular and net platforms.

Many widget toolkits have the flexibility to create OpenGL home windows, however their major focus is on being widget toolkits.

A quick and lightweight cross-platform C++-based widget library that’s tightly built-in with OpenGL. It features a graphical UI editor (fluid) that makes growth simple and environment friendly. It’s utilized in Bjarne Stroustrup’s ebook “Programming – Principles and Practice Using C++”.
A C++ toolkit which abstracts the Linux, MacOS X and Home windows away. It offers quite a lot of OpenGL helper objects, which even summary away the distinction between desktop GL and OpenGL ES.
A C++ cross-platform widget toolkit.
Recreation GUI
An OpenGL primarily based C++ widget toolkit with pores and skin help and built-in window supervisor for video games.
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OpenGL loading libraries

OpenGL loading libraries deal with the loading of OpenGL capabilities.

An OpenGL loading library for Home windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Irix, and Solaris.
An OpenGL loading library, specializing in OpenGL3/4 Core context loading for Home windows, Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD.
An OpenGL loading library which crashes with an error message as a substitute of segfaulting in the event you do one thing mistaken.
glad – Multi-Language GL/GLES/EGL/GLX/WGL Loader-Generator primarily based on the official specs.
A software (with a web-service) for producing OpenGL, OpenGL ES, EGL, GLX and WGL headers (and loaders) primarily based on the official XML specs.


There are numerous utilities that, whereas they do not depend on OpenGL very a lot, are helpful in making OpenGL functions.

Picture and Texture Libraries

  • DevIL: DevIL stands for Builders Picture Library. It helps many picture codecs for studying and writing, it helps a number of compilers and OS (Win, Linux, Mac OSX). The library has a OpenGL-like syntax. It has not been up to date not too long ago.
  • FreeImage: FreeImage is an cross-platform image-loading library, with very large help for picture codecs (together with some HDR codecs like OpenEXR).
  • OIIO: OpenImageIO (OIIO) is a library for studying and writing photos, and a bunch of associated courses, utilities, and functions. There’s a explicit emphasis on codecs and performance utilized in skilled, large-scale animation and visible results work for movie. OpenImageIO is used extensively in animation and VFX studios everywhere in the world, and can also be included into a number of business merchandise.
  • GLI: GLI( OpenGL Picture ) is a small cross-platform C++ picture library capable of load DDS textures (DDS9 and DDS10), compressed or uncompressed. It’s licensed below the MIT license.
  • glraw: glraw offers a command-line software that converts picture recordsdata into uncooked recordsdata, instantly containing plain OpenGL texture information (additionally permits for customizable file header). Thus, it permits for quick texture loading. It’s licensed below the MIT license.
  • GLAUX : this can be a very previous library that shouldn’t be used anymore. Most individuals who encounter GLAUX are individuals who see the NeHe tutorials which have not been up to date in years. NeHe makes use of auxDIBImageLoad() in an effort to learn BMP recordsdata. GLAUX is now not obtainable.
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Math Libraries

  • GLM: GLM ( OpenGL Arithmetic ) is a cross-platform C++ arithmetic library designed to match the GLSL math capabilities. It additionally offers vectors and matrices courses and capabilities to switch the deprecated OpenGL capabilities and plenty of extra options from half-precision floating level or quaternions. It’s licensed below the MIT license.
  • TVMet: The Tiny Vector Matrix library utilizing Expression Templates. This math library is targeted on efficiency by way of the usage of expression template metaprogramming methods and lazy analysis. It’s licensed below a modified from of the GNU LGPL license. The license modification particularly permits static linking with out having your complete program be topic to LGPL. The library has not been up to date since 2007.
  • Tuesday: The Tuesday C++ Vector Math and SIMD Library is a library of template courses and math capabilities with a give attention to physics and graphics functions. It offers information varieties generally utilized in video games and different simulations comparable to vectors, quaternions, and matrices, SIMD intrinsic wrapper courses fully separate from (however appropriate with) the opposite varieties, operator overloads for combining and manipulating all these varieties, in addition to another frequent mathematical capabilities. It was written to match the model of the C++ Customary Library and makes use of trendy C++ options (i.e., C++14) extensively.
  • cglm: CGLM ( OpenGL Arithmetic for C ) is optimized math library for C. There are inline and non-inline variations of capabilities. Most operations are optimized with SIMD directions. There are numerous handy capabilities to make code extra readable and make growth course of simple. Library is in lively growth and you might even see many new options by time.
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3D File Libraries

  • Open Asset Import: The Open Asset Import Library can learn quite a lot of 3D file codecs comparable to COLLADA (usually .dae), Blender3D native recordsdata (.mix), 3DS (.3ds), Wavefront Obj (.obj), and plenty of extra.
  • lib3ds: The lib3ds library is for studying 3ds recordsdata.
  • AssetKit (In Progress): 3D asset importer/exporter/util library primarily based on COLLADA/glTF specs. Its essential focus is COLLADA and glTF, it can full help COLLADA 1.4, 1.4.1, 1.5+ and glTF codecs plus it can help another codecs as further library (extension library).

Toolkits which can be Layered on high of OpenGL

Many programming interfaces are layered on high of OpenGL, offering wealthy and diversified performance. Not all can interoperate.

Scene Graphs Graphics Engines Recreation Engines/Toolkits
This scene graph works on all Home windows platforms, OSX, GNU/Linux, iOS, Android and IRIX.
Open Scene Graph
This scene graph works on all Home windows platforms, OSX, GNU/Linux, IRIX, Solaris and FreeBSD.
It is a scene graph which works on IRIX, Home windows and Linux.
Open Inventor – by VSG
Object-oriented scene graph API. Industrial implementation. Helps Home windows, Linux, OSX.
Crystal Area
Visualization Library
Visualization Library is a C++ middleware for high-performance 2D and 3D graphics functions primarily based on OpenGL 1.x-4.x, supporting Home windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
A cross platform C++ toolkit library with a BSD model license. Primarily the library affords a collection of various performance below a streamlined API.
A C++ 3D sport engine with Python bindings.


A crossplatform framework for the event and deployment of parallel OpenGL functions for big scale graphics clusters and multi-GPU workstations. PixelLight]
An open-source cross-platform framework utilizing OpenGL.
An open-source header-only library which implements a skinny object-oriented facade over the OpenGL (model 3 and better) C-language API. It offers wrappers which automate useful resource administration and make the usage of OpenGL in C++ safer and simpler.

Sound or Audio Libraries

OpenAL stands for Open Audio Library. It’s maintained by individuals at Artistic and nVidia and customers. Multi OS help (Win, Linux, Mac OSX). The library has a OpenGL like syntax so it’s simple to make use of. Closed supply and open supply parts. Entry to particular SoundBlaster options via extensions.
OpenAL Audio Framework
OpenAL primarily based Audio Framework.

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