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Rockman 8 FC’s title display.

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Rockman 8 Metallic Heroes Famicom (ロックマン8 メタルヒーローズ ファミコン), Rockman 8 FC for brief, is a fanmade 8-bit model of Mega Man 8 for PC. Like Rockman 7 Famicom earlier than, it’s a recreation of the conventional sport, besides sprites and backgrounds are transformed to the conventional 8-bit format, so it’s just like the previous Mega Man video games. As a result of this, there are not any FMVs.

There are additionally some extra similarities to Rockman 7 Famicom. There isn’t any “save progress” system and is changed with the widespread “blue and red dot” password system (passwords preserve observe of obtained gadgets and screws as nicely, so there are rather more crammed areas than empty areas). The store can also be featured, and screws are discovered all through the sport. Not like the conventional Mega Man 8 and in related approach to Mega Man and Bass, screws are extra mass-produced, and there’s no have to determine fastidiously between the gadgets. Additionally, E-Tanks can be found once more and may be purchased within the store.


Dr. Mild tells Mega Man a few new island known as Uncharted Island, as a result of it is not on any sort of map. When Mega Man travels to the island with Rush Jet, it looks like one thing crashed into the island. Mega Man tries to search out it, nevertheless it looks like Dr. Wily already discovered it. What’s obtained left behind is a mysterious damaged robotic (Duo). After returning to Dr. Mild, the physician tells him that he must go to Wily’s fortress whereas he is fixing the damaged robotic. However earlier than he can, it looks like Wily cut up the article he discovered (known as Darkish Power) on the island into 8 items and gave them to his new robots who, with the ability of the vitality, try to take over the world for Wily. Mega Man should cease the robots and defeat Wily as soon as once more!

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  • Some early builds of had compatibility points with Home windows 7 and thus solely labored on older working techniques, on account of it working with totally different drivers. This has been corrected on later builds and the sport now works correctly.
  • As a result of all of the Robotic Masters being selectable from the beginning, the later 4 have had their ranges barely altered to now not require particular weapons to navigate via them. For instance, the 4 trials in Sword Man’s stage can all be accomplished with simply the buster, and Search Man’s stage has Showing Block segments over jumps the place the Thunder Claw was necessary.
  • There are plans to incorporate Time Man and Oil Man on this sport, rather than Reduce Man and Wooden Man from the Saturn model. Not like the unique sport, it’s potential for the participant to acquire these Robotic Masters’ weapons after they’ve been defeated.
  • Tengu Man and Aqua Man misplaced most of their colours when transformed to 8-bit, with solely 3 colours every (not together with Tengu Man’s fan blades, that are inexperienced): pink, black, and white for Tengu Man, and blue, black, and white for Aqua Man.
  • The Flame Sword solely has one body of animation, versus the fifteen that have been current within the authentic.
  • Like Rockman 7 Famicom, there isn’t a intro or mid stage (as of now within the demo), with the Mega Ball being current at first of the sport, together with the Mega Buster.
  • Robotic Grasp intros within the stage choose have been barely modified (akin to Search Man, who now raises his gun and swipes it downward).
  • Some boss methods are additionally altered, akin to Aqua Man, who, when he stomps the bottom, causes the room to shake like Guts Man.
  • The most recent model of Frost Man‘s sprite is predicated on his cameo in .
    • His stage can also be shorter than its PSX/SS counterpart.
  • The present beta (v3.12b) is now absolutely playable as much as the ultimate boss and finish credit.
  • Many Robotic Masters had their stage altered, probably to higher imitate the graphics of a Famicom (akin to Clown Man, whose “clown gate” at first of the stage is now lacking, together with the key obtainable additional life).
  • The brand new stage choose system now features extra carefully to the choose display of , with Mega Man taking a look at sure instructions the place the Robotic Grasp is.
  • Whereas the earlier fan-made sport, , let gamers customise the sprites, this fan-made sport does not enable that.
  • There are powers which have misplaced their colours of their ps1 counterpart (for instance the ice wave that as an alternative of being gentle blue with yellow, within the fc model it’s gentle blue with white)
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