A grouchy, previous witch has taken a younger boy’s ball hostage after being kicked into her yard. Are you able to assist retrieve it for him?

Official Briefing

Quest Launch Date: 27 February 2002

A younger boy who lives in Taverley has kicked his ball into the backyard of a scary previous woman.

He asks you to get it again for him. This proves tougher than it first sounds.

Important Information

Begin Level

27 February 2002

To start this quest, converse with the Boy in Taverley by the jap gates.


  • Abilities: Potential to defeat degree 24, 34, 54 and 70 enemies
  • Quests: None.
  • Gadgets: 1x Cheese, 1x Gloves (not Mime Gloves, Karamja Gloves, Ice Gloves, or RFD Gauntlets)


  • Problem: Intermediate
  • Size: Medium

Getting Began

First off, you will must discover a path to Taverley. The quickest can be to teleport to Taverly and stroll south. One other technique is by teleporting on to Taverly out of your Participant Owned Home (you probably have one).

He’ll be crying, so ask him what the matter is. He’ll inform you his story; apparently he kicked his ball over the hedge and into the backyard. He says the previous woman who lives there took the ball and locked it up in her shed. The boy desires you to get it again for him. Inform him you will see what you are able to do.

Breaking In

Now you are going to break into the Witch’s home. Head west out of your present place. Then observe the trail north to the primary home on the left. This is a map for extra particular instructions:

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Route from the Boy to the witch's front door

Strive opening the door; you will discover out that it’s locked. Happily, you are very observant! To the left of the door you’ll be able to ‘look-under’ a potted plant. Look below it to search out the important thing.

Look-under the potted plant near the door

Now open the door and you can go inside. There’s a Diary on the desk. Decide it up and skim it.

Take the diary off the table

Make sure that to learn all the factor (or simply click on via it). For those who did learn it, you will discover out the previous woman has a monster that she is feeding a mix of fungus, tar, and clay. It additionally mentions she has it residing within the backyard shed. She wrote about how the ‘pesky’ child retains kicking his ball into her backyard. Lastly, the Diary additionally reveals the important thing to the lock on the backyard door.

Now, go down the ladder, and put your gloves on. For those who forgot to convey gloves, search the bins and crates till you get some. Now open the gate (with Gloves on or you may be dealt injury), and search the cabinet on the wall to get a magnet.

Search the cupboard

Now, after getting the magnet, head again out via the gates and upstairs. Go to the small southern room. Use your cheese on the mouse gap. This may lure the mouse out of the opening; rapidly use the magnet on the mouse whereas it is out. When it goes again in its gap, the door to the backyard will unlock.

Use the magnet on the mouse

You’ll get a message if profitable, saying you hear noises contained in the partitions and whirring noises from above the door body. Now you can open the door and enter the backyard.

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Sneaky and Robust

That is really quite simple, simply be sure that the previous woman (Nora T. Hagg) would not catch you. Transfer from hedge to hedge whereas she is not round. When she walks by you, be sure to are within the heart of the hedge or chances are you’ll get caught.

Stand behind the hedge

For those who do get caught, you will be teleported out of the home and have to begin throughout. Whenever you do make it to the shed, you will discover out that it’s locked. Proceed hiding behind hedges on the northern aspect to get to the fountain. Be sure to’ve learn all the Diary. Then test the fountain for a secret compartment and you will find the important thing.

Check the fountain

Return to the shed as soon as once more and use the important thing on the door. Be ready for a combat. For those who suppose you are prepared, seize the ball and the primary type of the experiment, degree 24, will assault you. You’ll have to kill all 4 kinds to have the ability to seize the ball. The kinds are:

  • Degree: 24 – Odd Experiment
  • Degree: 34 – Spider
  • Degree: 54 – Bear
  • Degree: 70 – Wolf

The witch's experiment

For those who flee at any time, you’ll have to begin the battle over once more. As soon as you’ve got killed the fourth type (Wolf), you’ll be able to seize the ball. Seize the ball and exit the shed, you are not in a position to teleport.

Take the ball

Notice: If the Witch catches you, you may be teleported exterior, with out the ball. You’ll have to return in and get the ball once more, however you’ll not should combat the experiments once more.

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You will should sneak previous the witch to her home for the final time. As soon as at her home, undergo the doorways and depart. Now return to the boy. Speak to him and provides him the ball again.

Congratulations! Quest Full!

Congratulations! You have completed the Witch's House Quest!


  • 4 Quest Factors
  • 6,325 Structure expertise

Quick Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Converse with Boy
  2. [^] Look below flower pot left of Witch’s Home door
  3. [^] Go in door
  4. [^] Learn Diary on the desk, all the factor
  5. [^] Go down ladder and placed on Gloves
  6. [^] Open the gate whereas sporting Gloves
  7. [^] Open and search cabinet
  8. [^] Return up and into small southern room
  9. [^] Drop the Cheese and use Magnet with Mouse
  10. [^] Enter backyard
  11. [^] Make well past witch to shed
  12. [^] Shed is locked, make well past witch to fountain
  13. [^] Examine fountain
  14. [^] Use key on shed door
  15. [^] Attempt to seize ball
  16. [^] Kill all experiments that assault
  17. [^] Take ball and depart backyard with out getting caught
  18. [^] Give ball to Boy
  19. [^] Quest Full!

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