Dawnguard Parallax ==FPS==
Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack ==FPS==
Bellyaches HD Dragon Replacer Pack ==FPS==
My favorite for dragon textures. Use this one or the mod under.
Dragon of Skyrim – Dragonskin retex by Darkdukla ==FPS== ==NEW==
Fairly unique facelift to dragons – select this mod or the one above.
HD Serpentine Dragon and Mesh Repair ==FPS== 
Thanatos as Durnehviir ==FPS==
Simply an incredible Durnehviir retexture in 2 variations.
HD Horker ==FPS==
Completely wonderful horker retexture from Pfuscher.
Distinctive Barbas Retexture ==FPS==
Photoreal Foxes 2K HD Retexture ==FPS==

Some variants for lockpicking retexture/transform. Select one:

Lockpicking Interface Redone ==FPS==
JS Lockpicking UI ==FPS==
I am utilizing this one.
Lock o Movement ==FPS==
EASIER LOCKPICKING – With out Dishonest – Nordic Retexture ==FPS==

Some variants for highway indicators. Select one:

Weathered Highway Indicators ==FPS==
My private favorite.
CC’s HQ Roadsigns ==FPS==
ElSopa HD – Distinctive Hand Painted Highway Indicators ==FPS==
Undoubtedly unique work, but additionally very vibrant and will look not lore-friendly for a lot of gamers. A matter of private style.
Rally’s Highway Indicators ==FPS==
Rally’s 5 Cities Highway Indicators ==FPS==
Mod from the identical creator – however with completely different roadsign font.
HD Legible Highway Indicators ==FPS==

Higher trying potions. Select one:

One potion/poison visible mod to rule all of them.
XxAwesome_PotionsxX ==FPS==
One other stunning potion replacer, with animations and far fantasy look.
Final and excessive potions ==FPS==
Yet one more potion fashions/textures replacer, however this time just for “ultimate” potions sort. You need to use this one on high of one in every of two earlier ones.

Metropolis indicators mods. Select one:

SkyFix – HD Blacksmith Indicators ==FPS== + SkyFix – Distinctive Inn Indicators HD ==FPS== + Lovely Honey Indicators ==FPS==
ElSopa HD – Distinctive Hand Made Indicators Overhaul ==FPS==
My private favorite. I would suggest to additionally set up desaturated pack of textures on high, from mod’s Recordsdata tab.
WiZkiD Indicators ==FPS== ==NEW==
Nice high quality and total look nearer to unique one on the similar time.
Skyrim 3D Indicators ==FPS==
Qualitative fashions and considerably ascetic textures. To make use of mod in LE, simply unpack the .bsa archives and run meshes by way of nif optimizer with “LE” possibility checked. Then pack the meshes folder, textures folder and .esp plugin in archive, add to your mod supervisor and isntall.
Mystical Illumination – Glowing Indicators ==FPS==
A [very] unique look of the indicators, high-fantasy, I would say. Be sure you’ve put in the right model of principal file.
Steady Indicators ==FPS==
This one you should utilize on high of others, if you happen to choose precisely this mod steady indicators over others.

Arvak look. Select one:

Arvak – Legendary Version ==FPS==
Arvak Exchange ==FPS==

Higher shrines look. Select one:

Rens HD Shrines ==FPS==
Remiros’ Shrines HD ==FPS==
JS Shrines of the Divines ==FPS== ==NEW==
I am utilizing this one.

Banners textures. Set up first one as base, then select one:

Designs of the Nords ==FPS==
Ennead – Banners ==FPS== ==NEW==
My private favorite for a lot of the banners lined.
Sigils of Skyrim ==FPS== ==NEW==
Identical instruction as above. Get solely the “Sigils of Skyrim – Banners” file if you would like solely banners.

Dragon corpse textures. Select one:

Enhanced HD Dragon Bones ==FPS==
Bloody Dragon Bones ==FPS==
I am utilizing this one.
Frankly HD Dragon Bones ==FPS==

Fort Volkihar textures. Select one:

Vivid Landscapes – Fort Volkihar ==FPS==
My private favourite right here – stunning, bumpy, volumetric fashions and textures.
Fort Volkihar HD Retexture ==FPS==
One other nice various.
CC’s Fort Volkihar Reborn ==FPS==
Mod works simply fin in LE – simply obtain manually, add to mod supervisor and set up, if you happen to prefer it over others.
Northfire’s Fort Volkihar ==FPS==
Identical right here.

Guard shields textures. Select one:

Frankly HD Stormcloak and Metropolis Guards ==FPS==
I am utilizing this one. It additionally bumps up high quality of stormcloak soldier armors.
CC’s HQ Guard Shields ==FPS==
Ennead – Shields ==FPS==
Sigils of Skyrim ==FPS== ==NEW==
Identical instruction as above. Get solely “Sigils of Skyrim – Shields” file if you would like solely shields.

Standing stones textures. Select one:

Rudy HQ – Standing Stones ==FPS== ==NEW==
My private favorite.
Astral Side – 4K Standing Stones ==FPS== ==NEW==
Decrease decision model are additionally out there.

Jewellery fashions & textures. Compatibility talked about under:

Gemling Queen Jewellery ==FPS== ==NEW==
Nice high quality replacers for vanilla jewels which preserves their unique look. Comes with installer and loads of choices.
DovahBling Jewellery -Rings – Necklaces – Bracelets ==FPS== ==NEW==
A unique sort or replacer with considerably “fancy” strategy. Default model isn’t suitable with Gemling Queen Jewellery, however you should utilize each nonetheless through the use of standalone model of this mod.
This mod can be utilized on high of mods above because it covers solely named amulets (Akatosh, Julianos and so forth).

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Dragon monks masks. Select one:

4K Dragon Priest Masks of Immersion ==FPS==
Masks of the Dovah Sonaak ==FPS==
I am utilizing this one. Inredible particulars. Vanilla-wise look. Lots of choices and nice compatibility with armor mods.
Apophysis Dragon Priest Masks ==FPS==
An excellent various – stunning texture and really unique look.
Distinctive Dragon Priest Masks – HD textures ==FPS==

Ships/boats look. Select one:

Pleasure of Ships ==FPS==
My private favourite.
DK’s Nord Ship Texture Replacers ==FPS==
Lovely Boats – 4K Ship Re-texture ==FPS== ==NEW==

Odahviing retextures. Select one:

Snow Hunter Odahviing ==FPS==
Armored Odahviing – Odahviing Reborn ==FPS==
Odahviing Enhanced ==FPS==
Historical Odahviing ==FPS==

Dragonbone objects – higher fashions and textures. Right here a few of mods might overlap, so attempt varied mixtures for personally finest most popular consequence:

Dragonbone Armor and Weapons HD by Natterforme ==FPS==
Dragonscale Armor Retexture – Lore Pleasant ==FPS==
Frankly HD Dragonbone and Dragonscale – Armor and Weapons ==FPS==
My private favourite for all the pieces moreover heavy dragonbone armors.
Dragonbone Mastery – Weapons Retexture ==FPS==
Dragonbone HD and 4k ==FPS==
This one I am utilizing for heavy armors.

Ingots/ore mods. Select one:

Sensible HD Ingots ==FPS== + HD Reworked Ores ==FPS==
HD Ore And Ingots ==FPS==
CC’s Enhanced Ore Veins ==FPS==
My private favourite – advisable to decide on “less glowing ore” possibility.
Metallurgy – Ingots Ore and Veins HD ==FPS== ==NEW==
One other various by gifted fadingsignal.

Alduin mods. Select one:

Extra Dramatic Alduin Retexture ==FPS==
Deathwing Impressed Alduin (Reloaded) ==FPS==
Imprefvicticious Alduin ==FPS==
Supreme Alduin ==FPS==

Imperial forts. Already lined in large texture packs, however it’s possible you’ll choose a type of. Select one:

Vivid Landscapes – Imperial Forts ==FPS==
Skyland – Imperial Forts and Dungeons ==FPS==
aMidianBorn Imperial Forts ==FPS== ==NEW==
My private favorite.

Home windows mods. Select one:

Seen Home windows ==FPS==
My favourite.

Highway maps mods. Select one:

A High quality World Map and Solstheim Map – With Roads ==FPS==
Paper World Map ==FPS==
You may additionally be serious about some addons for it.
Be aware: might trigger map glitches in some new land mods with personal wordlspaces. Has no points with base recreation. Due to Conor for mentioning this.
Topographic World Map of Skyrim ==FPS==

Sensible Boat Bobbing ==FPS==
Now you may benefit from the mild boats bobbing whereas not staring on the clipping objects.

83Willows 101BugsHD Butterfly Dragonfly ==FPS==
This mod may be very non-compulsory to put in. It provides tonns of various bugs to Skyrim making it look rather more alive. Somebody might like this, somebody not.
Additionally my private opinion is that it boosts Alchemy an excessive amount of as you may accumulate tons of of substances per minutes and a few of new potions from these substances are a bit overpowered. However there is a patch to repair this and convey some stability, you may get it right here: FIX PATCH.

Overwrite earlier mod information in the course of the set up.
Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul (HD 2K) – MOTO – With Colleges of Magic ==FPS==
Superior mod that’s retexturing mage outfits, if you happen to prefer it greater than earlier mod outcomes for mage outfits, set up it and approve overwrite.
aMidianBorn Guide of Silence ==FPS==
Probably the greatest retexture mods ever. It covers many armors, weapons, creatures and distinctive objects. Set up mod elements on this order:
1) ARMORS 2) CREATURES 3) DRAGONBORN DLC 4) UNIQUE ITEMS 5) WEAPONS. Approve overwriting. Additionally do not forget to put in all of the “hotfixes” information from MISC part to repair “purple textures” for some objects, and this texture upscale addon for armors.
Reflective Vanilla Armours ==FPS== 
SC – Cubemaps ==FPS== ==NEW== 
Assortment of high-quality cubemaps in several decision so that you can select from.
Elven Weapons for Silence ==FPS==
Ebony Weapons 2017 Retexture ==FPS==
Iron issues ==FPS==
Dwarven Black Bow of Fate – retexture ==FPS==
Remiros’ Ancient Falmer Armor HD ==FPS== 
Auriel’s Shield HD ==FPS==
Staff of Magnus HD ==FPS==
Auriel’s Bow HD ==FPS==
Important note: check out the whole profie itself (author of mods above – ancient falmer armor, auriel’s items and staff of magnus retextures), he now has even more amazing retextures!
Corpse burned UHD ==FPS==
Historical Nord Pickaxe Replacer ==FPS==
Subsequent 5 mods are non-compulsory, however positively look nice.
Actually Mild Glass Armor (feminine)==FPS==
Actually Mild Elven Armor (feminine) ==FPS==
Actually Mild Elven Armor (male) ==FPS==
Woman’s Heavy Armors ==FPS=
Nice stability between extra stunning and sensible armor look.
Bloodskal Blade Redone ==FPS== 
CL’s Lord Harkon’s Vampire Blade ==FPS==

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LeanWolf’s Improved Enchanter Candle Meshes ==FPS==
Enchanted Arsenal ==FPS==
This mod set up is non-compulsory. Badass visible mod that makes all ehcnantments (even these added by mods like Summermyst) have stunning animated visible fx.
RUSTIC OVEN – Hearthfires ==FPS==
Soulgem Stand Redone ==FPS==

Constellations Retextured ==FPS== 

Renthal’s Riften Mural ==FPS==
HD Stone Quarry and Clay Deposit for Hearthfire ==FPS==
Goal re-texture ==FPS==
Wonderful Dummies ==FPS== 
Enterprise Ledger HD Retexture ==FPS==
Critical Mammoth Bone Retex HD ==FPS==
Select this one or the mod under.
Unreal 4K-8K Mammoth Skeleton ReTexture ==FPS== ==NEW==Select this one or the mod above.
Darkish Brotherhood Tenets 16K 8K 4K 2K 1K 512 Redone ==FPS==
I really by no means tried 16k haha. However possibly you’ll? 😀
Rudy HQ – Miscellaneous ==FPS==
“More lights mods” from Rudy==FPS== 
Wonderful and always rising colelction of Rudy’s mods for a lot of objects to present them dynamic lighting – this grew to become potential because of new ENB characteristic. Seize all of them and approve overwriting if requested.
Snow Shrub Thicket Replacer ==FPS== 
Volcanic Tundra – Warmth Haze ==FPS== 
No Extra Ugly Vines ==FPS== 
Forgotten vegetation textured ==FPS==
Forgotten Herbs ==FPS==
Skyrim Legendary Suitable Mods ==FPS==
Forgotten Retex Undertaking ==FPS==
HD Big Mortar Texture ==FPS==
Superior Coinbags ==FPS==
Higher Falskaar and Wyrmstooth Map With Roads ==FPS==
Final HD Torch ==FPS==
Smoking Torches and Candles ==FPS==
Torches Solid Shadows ==FPS== 
This mod set up is non-compulsory. Learn the mod web page and see if you would like it.
Birds of Skyrim ==FPS==
Then set up patch for it (select USLEEP model)
Birds of Skyrim – Ruhadre Patch v1.43 (USLEEP Suitable)
Birds and Flocks fastened ==FPS==
Now with the repair launched, this mod is 100% steady. However it’s nonetheless non-compulsory and as much as you to put in it or not, because it provides extra birds to the sport.
Enhanced Blood Textures ==FPS==
For those who’re already use “Skyrim Immersive Creatures mod”, set up a patch for it (select it in the course of the set up course of). If you’ll use it, set up this mod after you Skyrim Immersive Creatures is put in. Identical applies for SkyBirds.
Lethal Spell Impacts ==FPS==
Spellbreaker Oblivionized retexture in HD ==FPS==
Refracting Stalhrim ==FPS==
This can be a meshes mod, meaning it must be suitable with every other stalhrim retexture mod.
Outlandish Stalhrim ==FPS==
Clear and refracting Glass Eqmnt CBBE UNP UNPB ==FPS==

Thieves Guild Armor HD revival ==FPS==
Darkish Brotherhood HD armor retexture ==FPS==
The completely finest DB armor retexture mod I ever seen in my life. I would suggest black model.
Opulent Thieves Guild ==FPS==
An attractive and distinctive mod that may make Ragged Flagon an increasing number of rich-looking in keeping with your Thieves Guild storyline development.
Deathbell HD – All-New Textures ==FPS==

Now select between the following 2 mods:
Hanging Moss replacer into plant by Pfuscher ==FPS==
Inexperienced Hanging Spanish Moss HD ==FPS==
Wonderful, let’s transfer.

Higher Nirnroot – Hello-Res 2K Textures ==FPS==
Scathecraw 2K ==FPS==
Tamriel Reloaded Grasses – Vegetation – Shrubs ==FPS==
This mod is non-compulsory at your style. Set up texture information basing in your style as lots of this mod vegetation can look oversaturated and never very lore-friendly.
Sensible Jazbay Grapes ==FPS==
Much less Ugly Tundragrass ==FPS==
Skyrim SE mod, nevertheless it’s a easy texture and so it really works flawlessly in LE – simply obtain the mod manually, add it to your mod supervisor and set up as ordinary.
Daedric Armor and weapon Enchancment ==FPS==
Evil Incarnate Daedric Gear by Omniel ==FPS==
Sensible HD Meals + repair patch for it ==FPS==
Sensible HD Baskets ==FPS==
Sensible HD Drinks ==FPS==
Sensible HD Mushrooms ==FPS==
Sensible HD Blacksmith ==FPS==
Flora Mod Assortment ==FPS==
A group of gorgeous flora mods from by Renthal311
CleverCharff’s Sky Haven Temple ==FPS== ==NEW==
Blacksmithforge water repair ==FPS== ==NEW==
Be aware: this mod folder construction isn’t fitted to mod supervisor by default. Obtain the archive manually someplace, unpack it and delete folders moreover “meshes” and “Eng”. Then go inside “Eng” folder, seize all 4 plugin information and place them in principal folder (so plugins might be subsequent to “meshes” folder). Delete empty “Eng” folder. Zip what you could have now, add resulted archive to mod supervisor and now, set up as every other mod.
ENB Water on Horse Trough and Blacksmith Forge ==FPS==
dire HD Excessive Hrothgar  ==FPS== ==NEW==
4K Parallax Excessive Hrothgar by Pfuscher  ==FPS==
alduins wall retexture – idea artwork ==FPS==
Historical Dwemer SteelAdditionally seize patches ==NEW== for SMIM and DLC assist.
Arri’s Snow Elf Ruins Retexture ==FPS==
Barset HQ ==FPS==
This mod additionally consists of “less saturation” possibility if you happen to don’t love saturated one.
Higher ropes for skyrim ==FPS==
Guide Covers Skyrim ==FPS==
Do not forget to have a look on patch assortment for mods you could have.
Treasure Maps of Skyrim ==FPS== 

Detailing the Eldrich – Greater-Res Apocrypha – Temple of Miraak – Black Books ==FPS==
Detailing the Eldrich – Greater-Res Riekling Structure ==FPS==
Retexture mod for puzzle doorways in dungeons.
Much less ugly Solitude Catacombs Stone ==FPS==
HD Whiterun Shack door
Completely must-have for mage playthrough! Gorgeous retexture of shock spells.
Voltage ==FPS==
Various shock retexture mod with very cool meshes.
Holy Wards ==FPS==
Ward spell retexture.
Falmer Ear and Hagraven Claw ==FPS==
Spider Egg Retexture ==FPS==
Taproot 1K ==FPS==
Skeever Tail HD ==FPS==
Hagravens ==FPS==
Earlier mod retextures Hagravens, this one retextures their constructing and different objects, so use them each.
Lovely deers retexture.
Massive Nordic Tent HD Retexture ==FPS==
Sensible Pores and skin Shaders – Falmer and Hagravens ==FPS==
Sensible Pores and skin And Hair Shaders – Giants ==FPS==
Farmhouse Chimneys ==FPS==
This mod isn’t a retexture mod really, it add chimneys, stunning and immersive. I like to recommend it defenitely 🙂
Frankly HD Miraak ==FPS==
HD Darkish brotherhood door ==FPS==
HD Mannequin Ship ==FPS==
Sensible HD Pickaxe ==FPS==
Hectrol SPIDER WEBS Deluxe HighRes Retex [or] WEBS prolonged ==FPS==
JS Dragon Claws ==FPS==
Leather-based LeatherStrips and Leatherrack ==FPS==
I like to recommend to put in it manually, leather-based and leatherstrips. Leatherrack has higher retexture from earlier put in mods.
Fallen leaves retexture (not the tree leaves).
Magic Runes HD ==FPS==
Whiterun Market ==FPS==
Clear and Refracting Icicle and Frost Atronach ==FPS==
Higher Formed Feminine Creatures ==FPS==
Nice meshes mod that provides extra female look to many feminine creatures.
nightingale circle ==FPS==
Nord Cattle – HD cows ==FPS==
Northfire’s Skidmarks 1K-2K ==FPS==
This mod retextures dragon footprints and ugly ditches dragons make after they crash.
PELTAPALOOZA – Pelts of Skyrim Growth ==FPS==
Undertaking Skyrim HD – School of Winterhold ==FPS==
Rens HD Flame Atronach ==FPS==
Earth Atronach Retexture ==FPS==
Be aware – works solely when you’ve got mods that provides any such atronachs.
Ice Wraith 2K ==FPS==
Gorgeous Statues of Skyrim ==FPS==
tamu75 Terrain Parallax Textures ==FPS==
This one if non-compulsory, have a look at screenshots and resolve if you happen to want these textures 🙂
HD Sensible Darkish Elf Urns ==FPS== 
Troll Cranium 4kHD ==FPS==
Improve for Massive imperial tent ==FPS==
Attractive Glazed Gadgets ==FPS==
Falmer Litter Texture Mod ==FPS== ==NEW==
Vandr Presents – HD Falmer Pod ==FPS==
Non-obligatory Falmer Glow ==FPS==
One tiny mod. One texture. Wonderful consequence.
WATERplants – retexture by Pfuscher ==FPS==
White Phial Replacer ==FPS==
Windhelm Enhanced – HD 4k Gray Quarter Flags ==FPS==
Windhelm Enhanced – HD 4k Metalwork ==FPS==
Windhelm Enhanced – 500 Companions Wall 8k HD Retexture ==FPS==
Skyrim Panorama Overhaul – Stone Partitions ==FPS==

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