Clearly everybody needs to play as a Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hero, regardless of having to place within the floor work first as a daily trooper. Whether or not you are saving up sufficient Battle Factors so you possibly can slip into their heroic boots in Galactic Assault, leaping straight in as a foremost character in Hero Hunt, or simply rattling by means of a session in Arcade, you will need to make sure you’re getting essentially the most out of your time along with your chosen Heroes in Star Wars Battlefront 2. This imply selecting the right Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hero Star Card builds for every of them, to spice up their distinctive talents additional and offer you that edge in multiplayer. Learn on for a collection of Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hero methods primarily based on our prime Star Card builds for every character.

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Anakin Skywalker

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If you want to clear your way through crowds with Anakin Skywalker then equip Control The Force, as this increases the blast radius for your Heroic Might and lets you deal with groups more easily. Adding in Tenacious will provide you with additional health to remain in the fight for longer, and Attraction increases the range of Pull Dominance so you can grab enemies from further away.


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BB8 is small and cute, so it is exhausting to withstand utilizing the droid despite the fact that it does not have the best set of playing cards obtainable. You’ll be able to redress the steadiness considerably with Self Repairs, which is able to improve your most well being regeneration as soon as you’ve got been in some scrapes. Including in Uncover signifies that enemies revealed by Resistance Backing will obtain extra injury, and Spared Batteries will increase the injury dealt by the Shock Prod for each streak of three enemies defeated which might stack up.

Boba Fett

The factor about Boba Fett is that he is extraordinarily cellular and will be powerful to take out if used correctly. So the primary card you must decide is Blaster Disabler, which knocks out the weapons of anybody hit by his Concussion Rocket. Which means you are not possible to shoot down whereas flying. Subsequent up, take Intense Barrage to extend the efficiency of your barrage. And, given the way it’s powerful for regular troopers to take you out, why not double-down on protection with Anti-Hero Rockets, which offers you an edge in opposition to lightsaber-wielding enemies.

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Gotta love Bossk. Certain, he is within the films for about 5 seconds – however in Battlefront 2 he is a superb strategy to spend your Battle Factors. It is best to goal to mess around his Predator Instincts capacity, so the primary card to take is Final Predator. This extends the ability’s use after each enemy killed. Complement that with Predator Resilience to remain alive longer throughout Instincts, and Unrelenting Predator, which makes your different talents cost quicker whereas utilizing the ability. You will be unstoppable, particularly when you make use of Journey Mines to cowl your again when you hunt.

Captain Phasma

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She’s already an absolute badass due to her blaster rifle and its night vision scope, but you can increase this threat further with the right choices. Start off with Easy Shots, which reduces your blaster heat for every enemy defeated with it, and makes it a great boost for dealing with a steady stream of opponents heading to an objective. Safety First provides a health boost while using Survivor, and Come Closer rounds things off by increasing the shock radius of the sentry droid if you defeat three enemies while its active.


Chewie is not a lot for bonus powers, however his Bowcaster is among the greatest weapons throughout all of the Heroes and might smash by means of waves of enemies. Livid Bowcaster – an enhanced model – is the highest decide of his talents, so use Echoing Roar to increase its use-time after each kill. Hold your self alive throughout Livid Bowcaster (which makes you progress slower) with Livid Resilience. Prime off the construct with the straightforward Bonus Well being card.

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Darth Vader

Everybody needs to be Vader, and he is a real Darkish Facet menace on this recreation. Whereas not as quick as Kylo Ren or Darth Maul, he can stand up to way more punishment and dish out large injury. We advise making him more durable to kill with Bonus Well being, then doubling down on his Choked capacity. Punishing Grip makes it more durable to interrupt from Choked, so you are going to do injury in common and Hero Hunt modes with that. And Final Gasp enables you to take out teams of enemies extra successfully (it grants bonus injury for 2 or extra victims).

Emperor Palpatine

Palpatine is among the weaker Darkish Facet heroes, however you possibly can flip him right into a crowd-killer with a number of alternative Star Card picks. Go for Lightning Absorption, which leeches enemy well being throughout Chain Lightning; that’ll maintain you alive longer. Subsequent, decide Prime Electrocution, making Electrocute shock enemies for longer, and Lightning Attain, which supplies you extra vary on all of your Lightning assaults. That ought to offer you an honest sufficient set-up to deal large injury in opposition to teams of troops.

Han Solo

Other than his nice one-liners, Han is thought for having a heavy blaster that does critical injury per shot. Reap the benefits of this potent firepower by equipping Closely Modified Blaster, which reduces warmth build-up, that means it’s a must to reload far much less typically. Subsequent up, enhance his Sharpshooter capacity by including Sharpshooter’s Calm (use Sharpshooter photographs extra) and Sharpshooting Frenzy (which implies each SS kill really reduces the flexibility’s cooldown so you should use it once more sooner). Principally, this construct will imply you not often must cease capturing. Besides possibly to quip.

Iden Versio

The hero of the story mode, Versio does not even have particular powers, so all her talents revolve round weapons and devices. It does make her one of many weaker Darkish Facet characters, however she’s nonetheless tremendous efficient in opposition to troops. Take Cooled Blaster to cut back the warmth buildup in her TL-50 blaster (fewer reloads), and enhance that weapon additional with Various Strategies (which lets you use secondary hearth extra typically). Given her lack of celebrity powers, prime all of it off by equipping Pulse Cannon Mastery so she will be able to reveal enemies on the map with each hit.

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Kylo Ren

As the principle antagonist of the brand new films, Kylo Ren has been given some first rate powers in Battlefront 2, and he is a preferred alternative amongst gamers. His freeze energy is especially efficient, particularly when mixed with frenzy and a few of his faster assaults. As such, Stable Freeze – which grants an even bigger space of impact – and Complete Management (which grants longer freeze on three or extra enemies) are must-haves. And if you are going to freeze giant teams, Bloodlust will help you strike your victims extra instances utilizing Frenzy, which makes for a frighteningly highly effective mixture.

Lando Calrissian

You will need to love Lando. However in actuality, he is a weak character – except for his Sharp Shot capacity, which can be utilized to take out a number of enemies with a single button faucet. Maximized Effectivity will cut back the cooldown of the flexibility when you handle to hit three targets in a single burst. Very useful. Vast Eyed will allow you to try this by rising the space on Sharp Shot. And when you take Scorching and Chilly, Lando will be capable to enhance his well being to remain alive longer.

Leia Organa

Of all of the Hero characters, Leia is the one one who focuses on protection over assault, so she’s very useful in sure eventualities. Simply possibly do not take her into Hero Hunt, yeah? Excessive Spirit means she’ll over-regenerate well being, making her powerful to take out. Other than that, decide Relentless Firing and Insurgent Coronary heart to let her use the E-11 blaster longer and take much less injury whereas doing so.

Luke Skywalker

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