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On this web page of our information to you will discover an in depth walkthrough of the second a part of Tending the Flames quest. It is one of many facet quests provided by The Bards School. After retrieving the King Olaf’s Verse you must return to The Bards School, however be in your guard, as a result of an enemy will stand in your method – King Olaf himself. Loads of conferences await you when you deliver the Olaf’s Verse to The Bards School.

New foremost goal: Return to the Bards School

Head again by way of the identical rooms, although watch out as inside one of many rooms you can be attacked by new Draugrs. Cease after reaching the beforehand ignored sealed door and watch for the ghost of Svaknir to unlock them (display above). I would in fact suggest utilizing the newly unlocked western passage.

Strategy the subsequent locked gate, the place you’ll have to remedy a symbols puzzle. The entire thing consists of setting three interactive rings within the right order. Open your stock, head to Misc and try the Ruby Dragon Claw that you just obtained originally of this quest to study the order. The total resolution could be seen within the above screenshot – the higher ring has to point out a wolf, the center a hawk and the decrease a wolf. In the long run use the claw to unlock the passage.

Head south and save your sport in your method. After reaching an enormous southern room you’ll have to participate in an extended struggle with Draugrs, consisting of some components. Begin attacking the undead who get up from their thrones (display above) and be aware that the ghost of Svaknir helps you. What’s extra, he can not die. Watch out, as with time you’ll have to face more and more robust Draugrs, together with 4 Draugr Scourges.

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In the long run you’ll have to struggle the principle boss of this quest – King Olaf One-Eye (display above). Assault him earlier than he may even increase from his grave and within the additional a part of the battle again out and let Olaf struggle with Svaknir. You might in fact take part, although you most of all need to deal with avoiding the boss’ assaults. Afterwards study his corpse and take King Olaf’s Treasury Key. Aside from that you just also needs to examine the close by Phrase Wall to study the Phrase of Energy – Fury, Whirlwind Dash.

Use the facet door, opening them with the important thing (display above). Contained in the treasury, you should definitely examine the content material of the principle chest. Afterwards pull the lever and comply with the slender hall due to which you’ll simply return to the crypt exit. Open the world map and journey to Solitude, or fairly The Bards School. Communicate to Viarmo and provides him King Olaf’s Verse.

New foremost goal: Assist Viarmo reconstruct Olaf’s Verse

As you communicate with Viarmo, it would prove that the verse is not full and your hero will robotically recommend utilizing a trick, or fairly falsifying it. The Headmaster will begin studying the verse and ask you twice how he ought to fill it up (display above). I would positively recommend selecting the dialogue choices linked with Speech (Persuasion). Fortunately if these try do not succeed, you’ll nonetheless be capable to use the “standard” dialogue choices.

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New foremost goal: Meet Viarmo on the Blue Palace

New foremost goal: Watch Viarmo carry out Olaf’s verse

Having completed the verse, Viarmo will resolve to take it to The Blue Palace and skim it to the Jarl, making an attempt to persuade him to return to the custom of the Burning of King Olaf. The Blue Palace could be discovered within the south-east a part of Solitude and you’ll comply with Viarmo or meet him there. Discover him and ask him if he is prepared. Comply with the headmaster into the principle corridor and watch for Viarmo to start out studying the verse (display above). No matter your alternative concerning the gaps, the Jarl of Solitude might be delighted and resolve to revive the Bard feast.

New foremost goal: Communicate to Viarmo

New foremost goal: Communicate to Jorn

New foremost goal: Communicate to Jorn after nightfall

Communicate to Viarmo and he’ll ship you to Jorn, in order that he begins preparation for the feast. Head out of The Blue Palace and return to The Bards School. Discover Jorn and communicate to him (display above). In case you meet with him after nightfall, it is possible for you to to advance to the subsequent a part of the hunt robotically. In any other case Jorn will ask you to come back again to him later.

New foremost goal: Attend the Burning of King Olaf

Head out of The Bards School and switch proper, going north-east. Cease by the small sq. and watch for all of the to collect and watch the dummy King Olaf get burned (display above). In the long run you’ll communicate with Viarmo, who will formally make you a member of the School and reward you in gold (the prize is dependent upon the “quality” of the verse, i.e. what number of Persuasion dialogue choices you had been in a position to make use of). Regardless of the mission coming to an finish, now you can maintain finishing three different quests of The Bards School, described within the additional a part of this information.

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