Maya is without doubt one of the most comprehensively featured 3D functions obtainable. It’s huge and succesful, which signifies that as you study the workflow and navigate the menu techniques, sure duties will be more durable to finish.

This isn’t a failing, as artists working specifically fields will construct the muscle reminiscence to do what’s wanted, however for the various generalists who solely hardly ever use sure instruments, it may be irritating. That is the place the neighborhood comes into play, with both good artists writing scripts or canny builders recognizing the necessity to make odd jobs simpler.

There are lots of ways in which Maya can assist enhance your workflow (try our Maya tutorials for some concepts) however plugins are one thing most individuals are acquainted with they usually typically have higher help than random MEL scripts. Plugins are usually developed by corporations or bigger studios, with correct groups, improvement cycles and help obtainable.

Here we’ve rounded up some top plugins for Maya that can help with accomplishing specific tasks, from generating crowds through to helping you make the move from 2D to 3D. Costs for plugins can vary hugely, with some reaching prices similar to Maya itself, but many of them are free, or have at least a free trial.

  • 27 free 3D models

01. Animbot

Animbot is a good bunch of instruments for dashing up your workflow (Picture credit score: Animbot)
  • Value: 30-day trial / begins at $5 a month

Animbot, made by Alan Camilo, is a set of instruments for Maya aimed toward dashing up workflow. “It can really streamline your animation,” says Milk’s Chris Hutchison. “Say if you wanted a character to look more screen left and you’ve been animating him looking screen right the entire shot, all of a sudden you can just tweak one controller and it will re-adjust everything to go left instead of having to tweak each individual controller manually afterwards. There’s so many little useful tools in there.”

02. Studio Library

Studio Library is a free tool for managing poses and animation (Image credit: Studio Library)
  • Price: Free
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A free tool for managing poses and animation in Maya, Studio Library hails from Kurt Rathjen. “It’s able to store animation,” says Milk’s James Berkley, “so if you happen to’ve obtained poses, you may choose units and click on on particular poses, and it brings it straight up. If you happen to do all of the work beforehand, if you happen to set it up correctly, then it actually helps simply pace up the workflow.”

03. Massive for Maya

Crowd generator Huge is now absolutely built-in into Maya
  • Value:  Free analysis interval, then $3,500; renting obtainable for $500 per thirty days

If you’re a Maya artist there could also be many causes so that you can have to create crowds, small or massive, on your initiatives – not solely as a visible results artist, however if you happen to work in engineering viz or structure. There are a number of choices on the market for producing crowds however Huge for Maya is without doubt one of the best-known and it’s now absolutely built-in into Maya.

The Maya model offers you with the best workflow, utilizing Maya instruments, so you may navigate your scene attributes utilizing acquainted instruments just like the Outliner or Graph Editor. This makes for a streamlined and intuitive workflow with much less of a studying curve. Keep in a single utility to construct hordes of zombies or armies of mounted apes, or populate your streets, bridges and buildings with reasonable townsfolk.

04. Krakatoa

Krakatoa is capable of rendering millions of particles
  • Price: 15-day trial/ $1,000

The high-volume particle rendering plugin Krakatoa comes with full Magma support, higher particle counts, and PRT surfacing over and above the previous verions. Creator Thinkbox Software has also fine-tuned existing features so that all platforms are now feature equivalent and more than fully capable of handling anything artists throw at them.

Krakatoa can work with a single data source to then render in either voxel or point format, meaning that billions of particles have even more power and versatility than ever.

05. MGTools

Save effort and time with this animation device
  • Value: Model 1: Free; MG Instruments Pro3: from $70 

Designed by an animator, for animators, Miguel Winfield’s plugin MG Instruments has plenty of options that goals to make the lifetime of an animator that a lot simpler. By downloading this plugin, you may profit from a floating channelBox, specialised for animation, a number of constraint instruments to hurry up the method, a MG to MA converter, movement path animation calculator and way more.

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Dubbed the animator’s utility belt, MG Instruments can severely save time and create a extra environment friendly workflow. Winfield generously affords the primary model of this device as a free obtain (appropriate with Maya 7 to 2010), with the most recent iteration of the software program beginning at $70.

06. BHGhost

  • Value: Free

Onion skinning is a way utilized by animators to see a number of frames without delay. By utilizing this method, artists can simply see how one can alter or alter a picture primarily based on the earlier picture within the sequence.

This free script by animator and rigger Brian Horgan offers a special however useful strategy to onion skinning in 3D. Maya’s in-built ghosting device exhibits semi-transparent animated objects in a scene to present an summary of the animation created.

However BHGhost takes it one step additional, creating an onion pores and skin that creates precise 3D outlines of your animation within the Maya viewport, making it simpler to see the relation between poses and refine your animation even additional.

07. Maya Bonus Instruments

Access a variety of Maya tools with Bonus Tools 2019

Who better to get some free Maya tools from than the makers of the software themselves? The helpful folk at Autodesk not only provide a huge amount of supportive information on their online community site Area, they’ve also uploaded this brilliant free collection of useful Maya scripts and plugins.

Installation creates an additional pull-down menu, which provides easy access to a variety of every day tools and utilities. And so not to confuse you, tools have been organised to mimic the layout of the standard Maya menu sets, with each sub-menu containing a number of related tools, which can be torn off and floated just like standard Maya menus.

08. Miarmy – Crowd Sim Plugin

If you want to create your own battle or crowd scene but have no idea where to begin, crowd simulation software Miarmy may be just the solution. This complex Maya plugin offers a range of features, including the ability to enable agents to be affected by forces or Maya Fluids systems, for a believable performance.

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The full professional version will set you back almost back $2550. But, if you’re starting small, take advantage of the non-commercial licence, which is free. You can also take advantage of completely free demo scenes, presets, samples and tutorials, to get you up and running fast.

09. TweenMachine

Keyframe animation is made straightforward with tweenMachine

Each animator on the market will understand how time-consuming keyframe animation will be. Initially created by 3D character animator Justin Barrett however now within the palms of Alex Widener, the aim of Maya plug-in TweenMachine is to drastically simplify the method of making breakdown poses between key poses.

TweenMachine considerably reduces the quantity of steps it takes to create poses on your character with stepped keys. Barrett doesn’t declare TweenMachine creates good breakdown poses, however says it “helps you get closer to your goal a lot faster than other methods”.

10. Superior Skeleton

Since engaged on varied function animated movies similar to Completely happy Toes and The Legend of the Guardians, technical director Oyvind Nostdal developed Superior Skeleton to make character creation a way more environment friendly course of.

A set of Maya instruments for doing character setup, this convenient plugin creates a posh movement system from a easy joint chain. It is a sensible, time-saving device, and may have your characters up and working very quickly.

11. Blue Pencil 2

If you happen to’re a 2D artist making the transfer into 3D, you need to try this sketchpad for Maya, Blue Pencil, which offers 2D drawing to Maya’s 3D viewport. The helpful plugin incorporates a grease pencil device that permits artists to plan, annotate and illustrate photographs.

Like most portray instruments, Blue Pencil 2 advantages from drawing instruments that embrace the pencil, brush, eraser and eye dropper. It additionally has built-in pressure-sensitive controls of line thickness and opacity. However do not count on the standard of different 2D imaging software program similar to Photoshop, Blue Pencil is just a multi-purpose device designed for roughing out concepts.

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