“It slimed me! God damn it! I’m covered in goo!”
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The Charger is a Particular Contaminated launched in . His important objective is to separate a gaggle of Survivors who’re shut collectively by grabbing one and carrying them away whereas crashing into the remainder of the group, sending them flying by way of the air. Whereas he matches the Survivors’ tempo, he accelerates significantly when charging. Nonetheless, the Charger can’t cease or flip throughout the cost till he hits a wall or travels a sure distance.

The Charger is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.[1]


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      • 4.1.2 Crash Course
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      • 4.1.4 Lifeless Air
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    • 4.3 Lifeless Middle
    • 4.4 The Passing
    • 4.5 Darkish Carnival
    • 4.6 Swamp Fever
    • 4.7 Laborious Rain
    • 4.8 The Parish
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The Charger is a big Contaminated, near the Tank in top and about half as extensive. Not like the Tank, the Charger’s legs are able to supporting all of his weight, and thus stands principally upright. His hairless pores and skin is a deep greenish-gray in coloration, and he wears bloodstained denim overalls with one damaged strap and a inexperienced sneaker on his proper foot.

Extent of Mutations


The Charger, as seen in-game

The Charger’s mutations seem just like the Tank’s mutations by way of elevated muscle mass, although noticeably asymmetrical. Most notably, the Charger’s proper arm and shoulder have grown considerably and have elevated in thickness, leading to his proper hand turning into a swollen lump with stubby fingers. This causes him to lean to the appropriate whereas transferring. His left arm, inversely, has atrophied to the purpose of being ineffective (presumably from his physique breaking it down so as to add bulk to his proper arm), hanging limply to the Charger’s facet and flapping round with each motion.

His legs are much less visibly affected by mutation, with solely his left leg gaining any form of additional bulk (to the purpose of ripping his overalls) whereas the appropriate leg’s proportions stay regular. The leg mutations are presumably to stability the Charger, equalizing the burden distribution all through the physique and enabling him to maneuver fairly quick.

As a result of Charger’s most well-liked methodology of assault, he has sustained a number of accidents, particularly on his proper arm―extended occasions of bashing and slamming into partitions has made the flesh of the Charger’s proper arm thick with calluses, scabs, and scars. Most certainly a results of his fixed charging, proper half of the Charger’s face is visibly broken. His skull has a big dent, he lacks enamel, and his nostril is totally eliminated, with blood operating from it.

Like different Particular Contaminated, the Charger has a particular sound. He’s loud, making noises vaguely just like human speech and barking at enemies in a high-pitched tone. He will even screech upon recognizing Survivors and launch a loud yell when charging.

The Charger equally to The Tank additionally seems to have retained some kind human speech as a few of his sounds will be heard as phrases like “Charging Hurts my Bones”, “Already Dead” and “Don’t Shoot Me” if listened fastidiously.[2]



The Charger throwing Coach in opposition to the ceiling

Whereas charging, the Charger will run shortly ahead together with his proper arm raised in entrance of him, utilizing it to seize a Survivor. He’ll run quicker than a wholesome Survivor whereas charging.

If he fails to a seize a Survivor, he’ll routinely cease upon operating 80-90 ft if no obstacles are in his means. If he does crash into an impediment, then he stumbles and takes 2 injury from his crash. Ought to he seize a Survivor, then they take 15 injury regardless in the event that they crash into an impediment or not. As soon as he grabs a Survivor and stops, he’ll start smashing them in opposition to the bottom, ceiling or wall repeatedly till they die. Close by Survivors will be despatched flying into the air if they’re close to the grabbed Survivor, dealing the identical quantity of harm to them, alongside any potential oblique injury.

Not like the Hunter, Smoker and Jockey who will be shoved to free the trapped Survivor, the Charger’s immense bulk implies that solely explosives will work in stumbling him.[3]



  • The Charger is resistant to melee shoves in each impact and injury, so do not attempt to shove him.
  • Find the Charger earlier than he fees so you possibly can put together to dodge him.
  • The Charger will be fought just like bullfighting. As soon as he fees, he will probably be unable to vary instructions and can run right into a straight line till he travels far sufficient or smashes into one thing. If he fees from a distance, this ought to be simple to tug off so long as nothing else is slowing you down.
    • Be cautious although, as a result of typically to get most accuracy a Charger could cost in point-blank vary the place it’s not possible to keep away from getting grabbed. AI Chargers usually do not point-blank cost, but when the Survivor strikes away, they might instantly cost as an alternative of following up with melee assaults.
  • Keep away from conditions the place the Charger can knock different Survivors off a excessive ledge, as it’ll both kill or incapacitate them.
    • Attempt to keep on dry floor on water-based ranges akin to Swamp Fever so you should have sufficient time to keep away from a cost for those who spot him too late.
  • Charger Bots are infamous for operating up in Horde assaults and meleeing gamers, just like the Hunter. Keep away from each pointless Charger’s melee assault, particularly on more durable difficulties the place it’ll deal extra injury. Solely use a melee weapon if you’re out of ammo in your main weapon or it needs to be reloaded, because it takes two swings with it to kill a Charger moderately than only one.
    • Generally, nevertheless, a Charger could go to punch a participant regardless that it could be finest to cost as an alternative. If this occurs, keep and battle him up shut. For those who attempt to transfer again, the Charger could cost at you instantly with nearly no likelihood of evasion. It will be higher to take injury which could possibly be recovered moderately than being pinned with none assist.
    • AI managed Chargers take 66% much less injury whereas charging. Survivors utilizing the Looking Rifle, the Sniper Rifle or any weapons with low ROF and/or low injury ought to be cautious about this when Charger fees at lengthy vary could take greater than a half/whole journal to kill until precisely scoring a number of headshots. Survivors low on ammo ought to ideally wait till Charger has stopped charging and than unload ammo on them because it’s simpler to hit them when not charging.
  • Even when a Charger misses and stumbles from a failed cost, don’t attempt to melee him. Much like the opposite Particular Contaminated, they might use their melee assault whereas being surprised and may end up in pointless injury.
  • Bots don’t make any try to dodge a Charger’s cost, so maintain them away from the Charger if one is current.
  • Leaping doesn’t keep away from the Charger’s cost, so don’t attempt to bounce previous one whereas it’s charging. Both you can be grabbed, making your bounce ineffective, or you can be launched into the air (if the Charger already grabbed somebody), inflicting pointless fall injury which may probably kill you.
  • A chainsaw swing to the pinnacle will kill a player-controlled Charger in a single hit. This won’t work on AI Chargers due to their coding reduces their injury taken by 66% much less injury whereas charging.
  • Like the Tank, components of the Charger could also be poking out of partitions once they spawn. This can be utilized to kill them since AI coding will forestall the Charger from doing any motion till a Survivor crosses an invisible boundary.
  • The participant won’t take injury for those who’re pounded by going Idle quickly by binding a key that may go to Idle Mode by typing “bind (any key) go_away_from_keyboard” on the console. Nonetheless, this won’t work on every other servers that disabled this command. This was patched within the The Final Stand Group Replace.



Rochelle confronted with a Charger

  • A Charger participant ought to all the time attempt to provoke coordinated assaults by the Particular Contaminated, since their cost can knock over different Survivors and depart them susceptible for different Particular Contaminated to assault.
  • Attempt to catch the Survivors in both a particularly slim or extraordinarily open house. A slim house―akin to a hallway―will help you knock over all of the Survivors directly. An open space―akin to The Park―allows you to carry a Survivor distant from the group. This may be mixed with a Jockey, Hunter, and Smoker to maximise disorientation and injury.
  • If an extended drop or deadly space is offered, attempt to cost a Survivor into it for an instantaneous kill.
  • Chargers work effectively in ambush conditions, as they will shortly take one Survivor removed from the group and delay their saviors.
    • Spawning too early could alert the Survivors to your presence prematurely because of the Charger’s loud grunts and different noises, ruining the component of shock crucial for a profitable ambush.
    • Selecting to not ambush Survivors is usually a poor selection, because of the different crew’s capability to sidestep your cost. Ambushes will maximize your likelihood at efficiently charging an enemy.
  • You should definitely cost when there are not any strong objects between you and your goal. Hitting something strong throughout it’ll nearly definitely interrupt your assault and depart you susceptible when you stumble.
  • Goal for the Survivor with probably the most well being and attempt to carry that Survivor removed from their teammates, as it’ll take longer for the weaker Survivors to assist them on account of their decreased strolling pace (until they’ve a Sniper Rifle).

The Charger’s perspective in Versus mode

  • Keep away from fees from an extended distance. The Survivors will react shortly sufficient to dodge you (until they’re distracted) or worse, cease you useless in your tracks. You might also not be capable of carry them far sufficient from their allies to do substantial injury earlier than you die.
  • Chargers can start their cost from a excessive place with out stopping. Use this to ship shocking ambushes.
    • Sure drops, if they’re excessive sufficient, could cease your cost for those who land on a Survivor. You’ll nonetheless seize the Survivor, however they won’t be carried from the place you first hit them.
  • The Charger can knock down doorways immediately by charging into them. Use this to shock Survivors on the opposite facet.
  • Attempt to cost a Survivor who’s performing an motion, akin to therapeutic or reviving an incapacitated teammate. These Survivors must cease what they’re doing and waste time, giving your teammates an opportunity to spawn in.
  • The Charger does injury to whoever they seize, in addition to any Survivors who’re knocked apart. Knocked Survivors are unable to fireside for a number of seconds, which suggests your important sufferer will take extra injury earlier than they are often rescued for those who handle to hit a number of folks.
    • Survivors which are knocked apart is perhaps incapacitated by hanging if they’re near a excessive ledge when they’re hit. Alternatively, if they’re knocked far sufficient previous the ledge, they might fall to their deaths.
  • A Boomer is a Charger’s finest good friend. Attacking when Boomer bile has simply coated the Survivors is a helpful tactic. Goal for the Survivors who aren’t coated, and, for those who carry them far sufficient away, you possibly can trigger important injury earlier than your loss of life.
  • The Charger has the second strongest melee assault of controllable Contaminated, delivering a strong 10 factors per strike, and able to punching as soon as per second.[4] This excessive injury can be utilized to weaken or incapacitate injured Survivors shortly, slowing them down.
  • After killing a Survivor or being stumbled by an explosion, the Charger has no recharge time; on account of this, you possibly can instantly cost into one other Survivor and separate the entire crew.
  • A great tactic to make use of with inexperienced gamers is to easily run up and begin punching them when absolutely charged, thereby taking them abruptly once you cost them from a really quick distance, making it not possible to overlook.
  • Every time doable, try to bowl by way of the Survivors when they’re developing an incline akin to a stairs or a ramp. If hit accurately, the Survivors will take fall injury may even be incapacitated.
  • For those who discover a Jockey teammate in hassle whereas using a Survivor, merely cost the Survivor in a course that can save the Jockey participant. Upon affect with the Survivor, the Jockey will probably be launched, just like a Survivor being punched by a Tank or hit by a Charger who has already grabbed a sufferer. This will probably save the Jockey and deal much more injury in addition to trigger extra confusion. Additionally, if the Jockey lands on one other Survivor, they might routinely trip that one as an alternative of ready for his or her capability to recharge.
  • When in a small space with many exits (akin to The Park in The Parish), do not cost. Your melee assault does quite a lot of injury and you may run away after hitting a Survivor. Save your cost for lone Survivors when it’ll take teammates a very long time to come back save their good friend.

Good Ambush Spots


The Charger

As a basic rule, all the time assault Survivors which are in a slim space, in a straight line, or in any other case tight clump. Reap the benefits of the bigger open areas; the additional away you possibly can take a Survivor, the more durable it’s for his or her crew to rescue them. Your cost is lethal close to ledges and cliffs.

No Mercy

The Flats

  • There are various chokepoints right here the place you possibly can cost into the group. You may as well disguise within the many rooms after which sneak up behind them.
  • The lengthy alleyway earlier than you hit the streets is an efficient place, but it surely’s additionally open. Strive dropping down from the excessive buildings surrounding you.
  • The stairway main all the way down to the protected room is an efficient place.

The Subway

  • Cover beneath the start protected room and cost the primary Survivor you see.
  • Use the set of stairs for a cost.
  • Cost the group once they’re going by way of the prepare automotive.
  • The Survivors will return out onto the streets after the Crescendo Occasion. Goal lengthy and cost one.

The Sewer

  • Search for lengthy, enclosed areas to cost down.
  • Cover within the room the place the Survivors drop down into proper after the Crescendo Occasion and cost one in every of them out the window.
  • Cost one of many Survivors down within the sewers. There are quite a lot of lengthy passageway that you should utilize.

The Hospital

  • Keep in mind: go for lengthy and enclosed hallways. There’s loads of these within the hospital.
  • Dying cost a Survivor once they’re up on the development flooring.

Rooftop Finale

  • It is a place the place you are able to do quite a lot of injury, particularly up on the rooftop.
  • Cover in one of many rooms within the lengthy hallway resulting in the elevator till the Survivors go by, then cost into them.
  • Dying fees are your good friend. Goal for a Survivor and cost them off the rooftop.

Crash Course

The Alleys

  • Lengthy alleyways are your good friend. Cost into the group and take the grabbed Survivor away.

Truck Depot Finale

  • Drop down behind the Survivors by way of the window once they’re on the minigun and cost one in every of them away.
  • Cost the Survivor who goes out to restart the generator.

Dying Toll

The Turnpike

  • Use the tunnel! It is darkish and lengthy, with some enclosed areas.

The Drains

  • Similar as ordinary — lengthy hallways which are enclosed are the most effective place.

The Church

  • There are quite a lot of open areas right here that you should utilize. Seize a Survivor and carry them away.
    • The road after the prepare automobiles is an efficient place for this.

The City

  • Extra open streets — extra room to hold a Survivor away.

Boathouse Finale

  • When the Survivors are going to the dock, cost into them proper earlier than the boat comes — it’s going to be an instantaneous kill.
  • Use the bushes as cowl to hold a Survivor away.
  • Cost one into the water proper behind the home. It isn’t an instantaneous kill, however you will be coated by the water.

Lifeless Air

The Greenhouse

  • Cost the Survivors off the rooftops for some loss of life fees.

The Crane

  • Similar as earlier than — cost them off the rooftops.

The Building Web site

  • No extra loss of life fees, however there are lengthy and open areas that you should utilize to hold a Survivor away.

The Terminal

  • Meleeing the Survivors is a good suggestion right here — simply run in and punch them.
  • Cost a Survivor by way of the alarmed gate — it’s going to set it off.
  • Cost a Survivor ahead previous the protected room — you will have an enormous Horde to cowl you.

Runway Finale

  • Carry a Survivor away from the group. Use the static fires as some extent to cost into.
  • If the Survivors resolve to be on the aircraft, cost one in every of them off — they’re going to take heavy fall injury.

Blood Harvest

The Woods

  • Cost a Survivor over the bridge.

The Tunnel

  • There are some lengthy areas that you should utilize to hold a Survivor away.

The Bridge

  • Cost into the Survivors once they’re going up the bridge.
  • The protected room door will probably be open — spawn proper subsequent to it and go in to shock the Survivors.

The Prepare Station

  • Similar as ordinary — lengthy areas to hold a Survivor away.
  • The bridge resulting in the protected room is a superb place to hold a Survivor away from the group.

Farmhouse Finale

  • The cornfield is your good friend. Bowl into the Survivors or carry one away.
  • Cost a Survivor to the bottom in the event that they’re in the home or the farm — they’re going to take falling injury.

Lifeless Middle

The Lodge

  • If a Survivor is by a window that does not have a railing on the ledge, cost at them, and you must deliver the Survivor to their loss of life.
  • On the primary flooring, attempt to pin them within the fireplace. You’ll survive for some time, and do quantity of harm to your sufferer. For those who can incapacitate them within the fireplace, the opposite Survivors may have a tough time saving them, shedding loads of well being themselves.
    • The hearth between the kitchen and the primary foyer does considerably elevated injury, and if a Survivor is incapacitated on this fireplace, they’ll die very quick. Teammates which are reviving the incapacitated Survivor will take large injury from the fireplace as effectively, and if the incapacitated Survivor is way sufficient within the fireplace, they are going to be incapacitated once more earlier than they will escape it. This hearth is an excellent spot to pin Survivors.
  • For those who handle to get the Survivors on one of many ledges, you possibly can carry a Survivor over the ledge to their loss of life and probably knock a number of further Survivors off as effectively.

The Streets

  • The perfect you are able to do is attempt to carry a Survivor distant from the group. There are many good spots for this.
  • Earlier than the gun retailer, there’s a lengthy straight path to cost the Survivors with little room of dodging.
  • Whereas the Survivors climb a ladder on the dumpster, climb up and cost at them; this can normally knock all of them again.

The Mall

  • Attempt to carry the Survivors off of the upper flooring.
  • Additionally attempt to cut up up the Survivors throughout the Crescendo Occasion; this could possibly be deadly to the crew.
  • Escalators are all the time nice factors to choke off Survivors’ progress. Anticipate all of them to begin going up/down, and as quickly as the primary Survivor reaches the top of the escalator, cost straight into the escalator and thru all of them. The teammates who’re despatched flying may obtain fall injury.
  • Throughout the Crescendo Occasion, you possibly can both attempt to loss of life cost the Survivors by way of the glass railings firstly or cost down the escalator when there are a number of Survivors operating up it, as you will probably knock one in every of them in the direction of the underside flooring.

Atrium Finale

  • Earlier than the Survivors get to the inventory automotive, attempt to seize them from the far facet of the hallway they have to undergo.
  • Whereas the crew is accumulating gasoline, one Survivor may go off by themselves on the higher flooring. You may knock them off the higher areas and kill them immediately.

The Passing

The Riverbank

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