A few month in the past, clockwork and I have been messing round and creating new hats to accompany the huge Builders Membership launch. Clockwork had the good thought of publishing a hat that was only a field, to see if anybody would purchase it. For enjoyable, we known as it the Mysterious Object and tried to promote it for 50 tix. The thought was that the thing could be a seize bag – folks would purchase it after which it could morph into one thing else later.

Loopy concepts at all times begin easy. We went out for lunch, talked concerning the Mysterious Object and what a cool thought it was. Once we got here again, we determined to create two extra. To make issues further mysterious, we determined to label our three mysterious packing containers as I, II, and IV. The apparent query: the place is field III? Very mysterious certainly.

After I got here into work the following day, I used to be astounded by the variety of thriller packing containers we had bought. I noticed that folks beloved the thought (who doesn’t love thriller?), and determined to offer them somewhat bit extra to chew on…

“Mysterious Objects Sighted!” proclaimed our August tenth Information submit. I figured that gamers who learn the Information part should get a leg up over everybody else who was making an attempt to resolve our thriller. Due to this fact, posted 4 Haiku, offering affordable hints for folks making an attempt to determine what was in every field. These clues ranged from straightforward to arduous.

Haiku #1 (straightforward)

Threaded fastener,

Twist round; face them! Maintain quick –

Lest they be sooner.

The primary line completely provides it away. It’s a screw. I imply, what number of objects are you able to consider which might be “threaded fasteners”, “twist around” and maintain issues tight? The poem performs on the truth that the phrase “fast” has many various meanings.

Haiku #2 (medium)

Curdled, however dauntless

Wrestle to your dignity

However watch out for mice

Haiku 2 was barely tougher. Most individuals picked up on the phrases “curdled” and “mice”, concluding that this was a cheese hat. This is smart since anybody carrying a cheese hat actually should “struggle for their dignity”. One other in style guess was that this was a moon hat, because the moon is manufactured from cheese.

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Haiku #4 (arduous)

Dios Achilleus:

One head amongst 1000’s when

Illium died in fireplace

The fourth poem didn’t give away all the reply, and required some area data of the classics. Individuals who figured it out both have taken college-level literature lessons, or are good at googling for data.

Dios Achilleus is an historic Greek epithet (it means “Godlike Achilles”) for Achilles. Illium is a reputation for the well-known metropolis of Troy. The haiku references the Iliad, the epic story of the sacking of Troy by a Greek military. Since all of the mysterious objects are hats, some folks have been in a position to make the inference that this field should comprise a Greek military helmet.

Since some folks have been having bother with this one, I gave you guys somewhat tiny bit extra assist by carrying a shirt with an image of a Hoplite on it for a number of days.

Mysterious Object III

Now all of the riddles are neatly solved. Or so thought many individuals. In actual fact, the actual recreation was simply starting…

Suggestively, there was a haiku #3, a poem which indicated that there is perhaps a Mysterious Object III in spite of everything. Quickly afterwards, some folks began to find there was a Mysterious Object III within the Not too long ago Up to date hats record, and, much more astounding, some folks have been discovering it and it the field of their stock!

Haiku #3 (unimaginable)

Void Star to zer0,

Foolishly dereferenced.

No name stack. All g0ne.

This poem talks concerning the taboo programming mistake of deferencing a null pointer (which causes a crash), however doesn’t give any actual hints as to the character of Mysterious Object #3.

The Quest

Thus started the search for Mysterious Object III. The Mysterious Object weblog submit informed customers the place to begin trying: one among my outdated locations, Sword Fights on the Heights.

On this degree, folks may discover 4 completely different bricks that, when touched, would print one of many 4 haikus. If one opened the map in Roblox Studio and located the script for brick #3, there was a mysterious remark on the finish of the code:

— Ah, the mysterious quantity three. Maybe probably the most mysterious of all. The Backyard of Proserpine. Lifeless goals of days forsaken…

This will appear arcane, however folks discovered this trace nearly instantly and posted it on the discussion board. Googling for “The Garden of Proserpine” will shortly discover the eponymous poem by Algernon Swinburne. This poem is concerning the Greek fable of Persephone (once more with the Greek stuff…).

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The massive leap of instinct that gamers needed to make at this level in our little treasure hunt was to search for a consumer named “Swinburne” on ROBLOX. There have been numerous useful hints to this impact on my profile web page, and within the description of Mysterious Object III.

Swinburne has a non-public friends-only place known as “HERE, where the world is quiet” (the primary line of “The Garden of Proserpine” – useful if anybody tried looking out on ROBLOX for it). Customers who messaged Swinburne with their right guesses for the contents of packing containers I, II, and IV have been made buddies of Swinburne, then they may get into his place to complete the hunt.

Customers who discovered Swinburne have been informed that the prize for locating Mysterious Object III would change relying on how many individuals discovered it. So anybody who received this far within the treasure hunt would not be prepared to share data. It’s a private quest from this level on.

Swinburne’s degree is the Backyard of Proserpine, a desolate piece of Underworld actual property. Hidden within the degree are 4 spheres which correspond to particular traces of The Backyard of Proserpine. You want to gather all of them within the right order, then make your technique to the Greek temple wherein Mysterious Object III is hidden. The traces of the poem are:

Lifeless goals of days forsaken,
Blind buds that snows have shaken,
Wild leaves that winds have taken,
    Pink strays of ruined springs.

1. Lifeless days of goals forsaken

This orb is on the high of a forsaken tower in the course of the map.

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2. Blind buds that snows have shaken

This orb is hidden within the snow-ensconced wheat area. 

3. Wild leaves that winds have taken

This orb is positioned on the base of the biggest tree within the forest. 

4. Pink strays of ruined springs

This orb is positioned in the course of a really harmful ruined lake. 

The Temple

You’ll be able to solely achieve entrance to the temple upon getting collected all 4 orbs.


Individuals who solved the puzzle discovered a glowing field that informed them to message Swinburne with the password “ALGERNON”. Individuals who did this by August sixteenth have been issued Mysterious Object III shortly thereafter. After that date, Swinburne stopped accepting buddies requests as a result of Mysterious Object III was for individuals who had solved some a part of the thriller themselves, not individuals who had gotten the reply from others.

The Winners

To be trustworthy, I didn’t anticipate anybody to have the ability to resolve my very advanced and arcane treasure hunt. Nonetheless, no fewer than 14 folks made all of it the way in which to the tip. They accomplished the puzzle within the following order:

  1. blXhd
  2. Koontay
  3. duck
  4. shanethe13
  5. Twila27
  6. Faust
  7. MetalMario
  8. Anaminus
  9. miked
  10. legofreak55
  11. lion
  12. intile
  13. GreenMachine
  14. MetalYoshi

All winners may have found at this level that there Mysterious Object III has turn into The Void Star Reward Field, and they’re going to have of their stock a fierce-looking crown referred to as The Void Star. It’s present market worth is 20,000 tickets. The Void Star is on sale now; the Reward Field is meant as a momento for many who solved my fiendish riddles. There are solely 14 in existance.

blXhd was rewarded a bonus of 1000 R$ for being the primary individual to resolve the puzzle – and the one individual to do it in lower than 12 hours. Dude, that was actually unimaginable; I do not know how you probably did that. Salute!

The Swinburne degree is now public and un-copy-locked, if anybody is curious to play by way of it, discover it, or dissect the scripts in it.

– Telamon

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