The An infection Mod

Minecraft 1.4.2

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Welcome to The An infection mod! This mod is principally… A zombie apocalypse. But in addition has many different options!

  • Solely zombies, wolves, squid, slimes, villagers, silverfish, and witches will spawn.

    • All Nether mobs will spawn within the Nether.

    • All Finish mobs (Endermen, Ender Dragon) will spawn within the Finish (solely).

    • Mob Spawners will nonetheless spawn mobs which have in any other case been eliminated.

  • The zombie spawn price has been elevated a ton.

  • The zombies within the mod aren’t vanilla Minecraft zombies, they’re my very own sort of zombies!

  • Zombies have completely different uncommon loot drops, from iron ingots to string. There are others in fact, however I will depart you to search out them.

  • Zombies will spawn wherever! Day or night time, gentle or darkish, inside or exterior, they do not care! Should you depart your home for a bit, be weary whenever you return, as a Walker might have discovered its method inside when you had been away!

    • There’s a craftable torch you may make to forestall zombies from spawning inside a 7 block radius of it! This torch can even catch any zombies on hearth that come inside that 7 block radius.

  • A number of sorts of zombies:

    • Walkers: These are the essential zombies. Quicker and a bit weaker than the vanilla Minecraft zombies, however they spawn in giant numbers and teams! They’ll simply gang up on ya should you aren’t cautious!

    • Beefers: Giant fats disgusting zombies. They vomit at you from a distance and can chase you at a really sluggish velocity, but when they get shut sufficient their melee assault does numerous injury! They auto-retaliate when hit and are robust to take down even when decked out in full iron armor. These don’t spawn almost as usually as Walkers, however can, and infrequently do, spawn in teams of 2-4.

    • Contaminated Villagers: These are Villagers which were killed by different zombies. They’re quicker than Walkers and have extra well being, however are loads weaker attack-wise. They’ll by no means de-spawn (like Villagers) however will stray away from their outdated village. They do NOT spawn naturally and can solely seem when a traditional villager is killed by a zombie.

  • A brand new ore and gem that every include their very own new set of instruments.

    • Tyanite: A steel more durable than iron, although not very uncommon. It may be discovered under degree 45 or so. This steel is utilized in nearly all new gadgets launched with the mod. Tyanite instruments get round 500 makes use of earlier than breaking.

    • Enhanced Diamond: A really treasured and considerably costly gem! This gem prices 4 diamonds, 1 emerald, and 4 tyanite ingots to create simply 1. These gems might be grafted right into a sword and instruments as effectively (like tyanite can) and are far superior to diamond instruments! These instruments work shortly and get 10,000 makes use of earlier than breaking! In addition they have the possibility to get higher enchantments than diamond instruments.

This mod DOES work on servers and LAN servers as effectively!


Options & Updates

Revision 4

  • Up to date to Minecraft 1.4.5 (with a 1.4.2 model added as effectively!).

  • Mounted a bug the place zombies would NOT spawn in sure biomes.

  • Mounted the Beefer hit-box being too small.

  • Added the Tyanite ore/ingot/block/instruments.

  • Added the Enhanced Diamond gem/block/instruments.

  • Added a brand new torch that may stop zombies from spawning inside a 7 block radius and can burn any zombies that enter that radius.

  • Up to date issues to do with Villagers:

    • Villagers will now run away from zombies when HIT by them!

    • When a villager is killed it would now flip into an Contaminated Villager, these do NOT de-spawn.

    • Contaminated Villagers are quicker and have extra well being than Walkers, however have a weaker assault energy.

  • Made Walkers a bit quicker.

  • Made Beefers drop leather-based fairly incessantly, because it was beforehand un-attainable.

  • Re-added squids, since ink-saks had been un-attainable.

  • Made Endermen in a position to spawn in The Finish.

  • Eliminated the add-on performance. Sorry! Could re-add this if a big portion of customers request it again.

Revision 3

  • Up to date to Minecraft 1.4.2.

  • Mounted a bug the place vanilla mobs would nonetheless spawn in sure biomes.

Extra updates…



Set up

This mod requires Minecraft Forge!

  • Backup your .Minecraft folder!

  • Navigate to your .Minecraft/bin/ and open up your Minecraft.jar file.

  • Delete META-INF.

  • Obtain and set up Minecraft Forge

  • Obtain your required zip recordsdata of The An infection Mod and its required minimal model of Forge from right here

  • Put the downloaded zip file ( or into your .Minecraft/mods/ folder.

  • Carried out! Load up Minecraft and have enjoyable!



This mod and doc are copyright © 2012 and is the mental property of Tynarus™, who might be known as the “Owner” henceforth. This content material might not be hosted or displayed wherever apart from,, MinecraftForum.web, or Hypixel.web with out prior written consent from the Proprietor. Mod evaluations are allowed permitted Tynarus is knowledgeable of them earlier than or after their creation.


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